Gene / The Albums: 8LP or 9CD box sets

8LP coloured vinyl SIGNED • 9CD set with bonus material

Gene / The Albums 8LP vinyl box set

Nineties British group Gene see all their albums reissued in a limited 8LP coloured vinyl box set – with signed print – and via a nine-CD box set, which includes an extensive amount of bonus material.

The vinyl package features all four studio albums – Olympian (1995), Drawn To The Deep End (1997), Revelations (1999) and Libertine (2001). It also features the 1996 compilation To See The Lights. Three out of those five are double albums, so that gives us an 8LP vinyl set.

These sets are limited to 1000 units and come with a 12″ x 12″ print signed by the band. It also includes a booklet with notes written by each band member and a piece by journalist Keith Cameron, who signed the band to his Costermonger label back in 1994.

The albums are pressed on coloured vinyl and the colours are as follows: Olympian (white), Drawn To The Deep End (maroon), Revelations (green), Libertine (pink) and To See The Lights (gold).

The nine-CD box set offers all of the above and adds bonus CDs for the following albums: Drawn To The Deep End, Revelations and Libertine. Live album Rising For Sunset (due to be issued on yellow vinyl for Record Store Day this year) is the ninth and final disc in the CD box. The bonus material replicates most of the content from the 2014 individual deluxe CD editions, but not quite everything. For example, the Revelations-era BBC ‘Live In Concert’ is notable by its absence. Like the vinyl set, this CD box comes with the booklet with notes.

Both Gene: The Albums box sets will be released on 14 August 2020.

Gene / The Albums 8LP vinyl box set

Gene: The Albums 8LP coloured vinyl box with signed print


Side A

1.Haunted By You
2.Your Love, It Lies
3.Truth, Rest Your Head
4.A Car That Sped

Side B

1.London Can You Wait?
2.To The City
3.Still Can’t Find The Phone
4.Sleep Well Tonight
6.We’ll Find Our Own Way

To See The Lights

Side A

1.Be My Light, Be My Guide
2.Sick, Sober & Sorry
3.Her Fifteen Years
4.Haunted By You (Live -Helter Shelter 6/7/95)
5.I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me

Side B

1.To See The Lights
2.I Can’t Help Myself
3.A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
4.For The Dead (Version)
5.Sleep Well Tonight (Live -Forum 31/3/95)

Side C

1.How Much For Love
2.London, Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
3.I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
4.Child’s Body
5.Don’t Let Me Down (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)

Side D

1.I Say A Little Prayer (Live -Glastonbury 25/6/95)
2.Do You Want To Hear It From Me
3.This Is Not My Crim
4.Olympian (Live -Forum 31/3/95)
5.Child’s Body (Live -Forum 31/3/95)

Drawn to the Deep End

Side A

1.New Amusements
2.Fighting Fit
3.Where Are They Now?

Side B

1.Speak To Me Someone
2.We Could Be Kings
3.Why I Was Born

Side C

1.Long Sleeves For The Summer
2.Save Me I’m Yours
3.Voice Of The Father

Side D

1.The Accidental
2.I Love You, What Are You?
3.Sub Rosa


Side A

1.As Good As It Gets
2.In Love With Love
3.Love Won’t Work
4.The British Disease
5.Fill Her Up
6.Something In The Water

Side B

2.The Looker
3.Little Child
5.The Police Will Never Find You
6.You’ll Never Walk Again


Side A

1.Does He Have A Name
2.A Simple Request
3.Is It Over?

Side B

1.O Lover
2.Let Me Rest

Side C

1.We’ll Get What We Deserve
2.Walking In The Shallows
3.Yours For The Taking

Side D

2.Spy In The Clubs
3.Somewhere In the World

Gene: The Albums 9CD box set

CD 1: Olympian

1.Haunted By You
2.Your Love, It Lies
3.Truth, Rest Your Head
4.A Car That Sped
6.London Can You Wait?
7.To The City
8.Still Can’t Find The Phone
9.Sleep Well Tonight
11.We’ll Find Our Own Way

CD 2: To See The Lights

1.Be My Light, Be My Guide
2.Sick, Sober & Sorry
3.Her Fifteen Years
4.Haunted By You (Live Helter Skelter6/7/95)
5.I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me
6.To See The Lights
7.I Can’t Help Myself
8.A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
9.For The Dead (US Version / Remix)
10.Sleep Well Tonight (Live Forum 31/3/95)
11.How Much For Love
12.London Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
13.I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
14.Child’s Body
15.Don’t Let Me Down ( Radio 1 Session 01/02/95)
16.I Say A Little Prayer (Live Glastonbury 25/6/95)
17.Do You Want To Hear It From Me
18.This Is Not My Crime
19.Olympian (Live Forum 31/3/95)
20.Child’s Body (Live Forum 31/3/95)
21.For The Dead (Hidden track, as per original release)

CD3: Drawn To The Deep End

1.New Amusements
2.Fighting Fit
3.Where Are They Now?
4.Speak To Me Someone
5.We Could Be Kings
6.Why I Was Born
7.Long Sleeves For The Summer
8.Save Me I’m Yours
9.Voice Of The Father
10.The Accidental
11.I Love You, What Are You?
12.Sub Rosa

CD 4: Drawn To The Deep End – Bonus Tracks

1.Drawn To The Deep End
2.Autumn Stone (Small Faces cover)
3.Cast Out In The Seventies
4. Nightswimming (REM cover)
5. We Could Be Kings
6.Dolce & Gabbana Or Nowt
7.Wasteland (The Jam cover)
8.As The Bruises Fade
9.The Ship Song (Nick Cave & The Bad

CD 5: Revelations

1.As Good As It Gets
2.In Love With Love
3.Love Won’t Work
4.The British Disease
5.Fill Her Up
6.Something In The Water
9.The Looker
10.Little Child
12.The Police Will Never Find You
13.You’ll Never Walk Again

CD 6: Revelations -Single Edits & B Sides

1.Toasting The Union
2.Man On Earth
3.All Night
4.To All Who Sail On Her
5.Pass on To Me
6.Touched By The Hand Of Havoc
7.Common As Air
9.Town Called Malice

CD 7: Libertine

1. Does He Have A Name
2. A Simple Request
3. Is It Over?
4. O Lover
5. Let Me Rest
6. We’ll Get What We Deserve
7. Walking In The Shallows
8. Yours For The Taking
9. You
10. Spy In The Clubs
11. Somewhere In the World

CD 8: Libertine Bonus Tracks

1.Let Me Move On (Long Version)
2.If I’m A Friend
3.Left For Dust
4.Supermarket Bombscare
5.Little Diamond
6.Rising for Sunset (Unreleased Studio Version)
7.Who Said This Was The End?
8.From Georgia to Osaka
9.With Love In Mind
10.Welcome to Dover
11.Baby I’m Sorry (Unreleased Studio Track)
12.Man Seeks Life (Unreleased Demo)
13.6 am (Unreleased Demo)
14.Skin Parade (Unreleased Demo)
15.You (Chapel Studio Version)
16.Does He Have A Name (Demo)
17.Simple Request (Demo)
18.Is it Over (Demo)
19.Spy in the Clubs (Demo)
20.Walking In The Shallows (Demo)
21.Let Me Move On (Demo)
22.O Lover (Demo)

CD 9: Rising For Sunset

1.Does He Have A Name? -Excerpt
2.Fill Her Up
3.The British Disease
4.Where Are They Now?
5.London, Can You Wait?
7.As Good As It Gets
8.Your Love, It Lies
9.Rising For Sunset
10.For The Dead
11.Be My Light, Be My Guide
12.Speak To Me Someone
14.You’ll Never Walk Again
15.Somewhere In The World

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I’d go with the already released double CD reissues if I was buying for the first time.


Glad to see the LP box ($210), CD box ($84), and best-of vinyl ($42) all available on Amazon US! They’re probably cheaper than if Amazon UK charged shipping of 32GBP or more to US.

Jorje Chica

I was going to pass on the vinyl box (see my original comment below) when it was first announced, for the same reason. But I quickly changed my mind when the Amazon US pre-order was posted. True, I already have these albums on their original vinyl (plus the blue reissue of Olympian), but I’m a sucker for Gene and had to get it. I can justify the purchase as a birthday present to myself (shout out to my fellow Virgos). I’ve been pleased with Demon vinyl releases so far, so here’s hoping!

However, I am still very disappointed that the Rising For Sunset vinyl reissue (first time on the format) is only available for UK RSD, which means I’ll be paying an eBay or Discogs flipper to get a copy, and hope it makes it to the US in good shape. I get the problem with rights on one side of the pond versus the other (bah blah blah), but I’m still disappointed. I was at the shows themselves, so I really want that one on vinyl! Okay, done with rant.

Jeff Partain

Been waiting for the Gene LPs and now I’m gutted this won’t ship to the U.S.


You can preorder on Amazon over here for $210


The small promo video on amazon mentions at the end there will also be a double best of LP out titled ‘Yours for the taking’. I can’t seem to find any other details though?

Chris Brown

Yours For The Taking is on Amazon UK now – 22 tracks (in chronological order, yay!) including all the singles. No announcement on whether they’re the actual single versions though.


I saw this – a bit annoying though that this on Vinyl only as looks a good compilation

Mark F

Fair play to the band, they’ve issued a Q&A, which confirms the albums will be released individually on vinyl later this year or in ’21. Presumably that will be on black vinyl.

There’s no excuse to issue this expensive box without download codes though. I wouldn’t need them as I have the CDs, most of them twice over, but anyone paying £135 deserves downloads IMHO. Lossless ones at that!

Jon Mansfield

Ordered – fantastic band & can’t wait.
However, I do hate having to turn records over after 2 or 3 tracks – DTTDE was originally issued as a double & I guess they’re staying true to format.
I bought the original ‘Parklife’ & ‘Blur’ albums recently for this very reason. Paul, can’t you launch a campaign?! I’d still pay the stupid prices – just better on a single vinyl…


WTF?! USA cannot order from Amazon.co.uk…I need this!

David Bly

This must be for some special reason, cause Amazon UK stopped the non-delivery to the US/Canada thingy.
Note, it’s only the LP set – you can order the CD version/


I just do not understand the dismissal of Genes later albums. Libertine was nearly as good as the debut for me. Packed full of great singalong tunes and a wonderful atmospheric opener.

Revelations has one of the greatest album closers in history with You’ll Never Walk Again one of my favorite songs of the 90’s.


Agreed on ‘Libertine’, a really good album.

Overall I’m not a huge fan of ‘Revelations’ but “You’ll Never Walk Again” is excellent. Can’t remember if the version they did for John Peel is on the BBC Sessions CD, I do have it on a minidisc somewhere taped off the radio at the time.

Iain McCarthy

The version they did for John Peel is on the Deluxe version of ‘Revelations’ issued a few years ago. You can hear him (faintly) introducing the band on stage before it.


Totally agree. You’ll never walk again is perhaps their best song and a truly epic closer to a great album.


A very decent band from the 1990’s.
I have around 500 cds of U.K. related bands from the 1990’s or so and only a few crossed
over to America- Oasis being the biggest. Do some research and you’ll find so much great music that was lost in America during the grunge years and never made it over.


Ordered the vinyl box set. Absolutely stoked for this. Have Libertine on vinyl but the others only on cd and TSTL not at all. Every album is brilliant IMHO. One of the best British classic ‘britpop’ bands, not a bad song really. Very pleased to see a box set done although it could have been ever better if they’d added a few additional vinyl with the extra bonus tracks from the cd version. Still, shouldn’t complain too much ;).


I think it’s fairly suspect that you can somehow fit Olympian and Revelations on single LPs and yet Libertine and Drawn to the Deep End are dragged out over 4 sides each to make it a bigger set – surely they could have been single LPs and leave room for some of the bonus material. Will the vinyl set at least have a download for the bonus material given the significant price difference or are they hoping people who want vinyl stump up for both?

Chris Brown

The albums do vary quite a bit in length – Olympian is only about 40 minutes but Drawn To The Deep End is 53 minutes and the longer tracks are loaded toward the first half so you’d have an uncomfortably long Side 1.

Funnily enough when Demon re-issued the first Cast album on vinyl, they reduced it from the original double to a single LP.


I just streamed “Olympian” and a few other random tracks. It was better than I thought it would be. I can see why they were compared to the Smiths (vocals wise, anyway), but they really don’t sound like them.

It’s times like this I wish I had a better paying job, so I could just say “what the hell” and buy the box, based off of what little I’ve heard!


And now it’s available again ! Must have been some changes of mind on the preorders


Glad I ordered early as coming up unavailable know

Craig Hedges

Wish they would do box sets like this for Dubstar. I’ve got the original cd singles but it would be nice to have them all collected in one place. Most of their best stuff was on B-sides.


Agreed about Dubstar!

Metal Mickey

I liked Gene a lot, though it’s undeniable that they were following the template of The Smiths, from the use of appropriated images on their record sleeves (at least the first few albums), and even making their 2nd album a “Hatful Of Hollow”-style mop-up of session tracks, b-sides etc.

That said, “Olympian” and “To See The Lights” are both excellent albums, and even “Drawn To The Deep End” has its moments, though it was diminishing returns somewhat after that… great live band too – I saw them 3 or 4 times, and even saw one of Martin Rossiter’s solo gigs and had a chat with him afterwards – a really nice guy!

David Charalambidis

Cd version currently unavailable on Amazon UK…Hope this will change soon

Richard K

Oh, looks like the vinyl box is sold out on amazon already. I guess it’s not such a big surprise considering the original pressings go for a fair bit so fans were probably waiting for something like this to come along.


Both versions are back up for pre-order. Just placed mine for the signed vinyl.


This set looks pretty good. They were derived as being Smiths copycats but their songs have stood the test of time. I have the ‘Olympian’ cassingle in front of me and the b-sides to that are superb.

Really wish The House of Love could get the same treatment as this. Surely there is interest in someone picking up the Fontana years and giving us something along these lines?

Peter Muscutt

Blimey, never realized they’d released so many albums!!

Martin Carritt

Massive fan of the band and have ore-ordered the vinyl. Simply do not understand the logic of releasing the CD’s given the previous double sets with more material. Those Gene fans who are familiar with a site called


will know there is a wealth of other live and studio material available which could have been used to enhance the CD sets.
Overall a missed opportunity on one level but a great price for the uninitiated.


It is funny about that. The cost and the red tape increased, so no sale to 3rd parties and the tapes rot in the vaults, while the people working the labels could not care less. One would think that only diehards would buy scrappy leftovers and so, allow these to find a physical market and make a profit while that avenue is still available. My guess is even if the major labels get their dream and everything is eventually streaming, they will not care about a lost Gene session track, or a live recording that is not already mastered and ready to go, and the basic fan will have enough top shelf algorithm based dirge bombarded at them at any given moment that obscure stuff will never leave the vaults.

Arthur O'Brien

Who? Another artist I’ve never heard of in the U.S.

Kevin from Edinburgh


(Hope you’re doing ok in the lockdown; keep up the good work!)


Have you heard of Google?


I never listened beyond their debut and To See the Lights and don’t intend to, but Olympian is a fine album and it still sounds just as good 25 years later.

Rich P

Bought the vinyl editions without a moments hesitation as I’ve always wanted these on vinyl. At only 1000 copies these won’t be around for long. If you are unsure, I’d make your mind up fast – the price will be silly on ebay I’m sure.
Thanks for the heads up!


Why no Rising For Sunset in the LP box set?

CJ Feeney

Gene aren’t my thing, but Johnny Cash has done a similar thing. Will there be room in the box for the RSD lp?

Jorje Chica

Gene were one of my favorite groups in the 90s early 2000s, and they are still the band I’ve seen live most (10 times), which is no mean feat considering I live in Southern California.

The vinyl box is nice, but I’ll pass because a few years ago I went on a spending spree and bought all the original vinyl releases plus all the original seven inch singles. And I already have the deluxe cds released by Edsel, which, as others have already pointed out, contain more bonus tracks than the new cd box. So I’ll pass on the cd box as well.

I am still annoyed that the Rising For Sunset vinyl reissue is a limited RSD release in Europe only, and it is just the original cd track list on three sides and a useless etched fourth side. Why not use the fourth side to include the bonus tracks that were on the DVD plus the one track from those LA shows (I attended all 3) that the band made available as a free download? What a missed opportunity.

Steve Miller

I saw them once in California – at a club called Bimbos in San Francisco. Don’t suppose you were at that show?

Jorje Chica

No, Steve, I only ever saw them in Los Angeles (8 times) and San Diego (2 times) counties. Wish I had ventured up north to see them.

Steve Miller

For fans in the US, Matt James has said on twitter that Demon are aware of the inability re US ordering and are trying to put something in place.

Mark F

A great band, and the first 2 albums and To See the Lights are all excellent. Not a bad album among them, however I have no need for the CD set as I have the previous reissues, and I have limited enthusiasm for coloured vinyl box sets. I’m not a fan of live albums on vinyl, and I can’t think I would play Revelations or Libertine very often.

Does anyone know what Demon’s record has been for selling black vinyl (as a box, but specifically separately) after a limited colour vinyl box? Suede was released on colour and black box sets, and they’ve all been released separately, am I right? Any others?

Grave Maurice

Rather than add anything this actually omits material previously released! Oh, it’ll be 180 gram coloured vinyl. Zzzzzz…

Paul Francis

This is wonderful news for me. Easily one of the best bands I’ve ever seen.saw them 30 times live,always great. Their albums are all great. Fantastic singles band too. Very classy songwriting and the best guitarist of that era in Steve mason. I’ve ordered the vinyl. Demon do these sets really well. Might buy the cd box too, even though I’ve already got two versions of each album.


I’m upset the vinyl set is not shipped to the US. Wish you could get it in the SDE store, Paul! Immediate purchase!!


A few years back, I collected the hardback sets for most of these albums (all except ‘To See the Lights’), so I can’t really justify buying this CD box. But if anyone is on the fence, I can say that the music here is really superb. I saw Gene as also-rans back in the 90s, but now I am convinced that ‘Olympian’ is one of the best albums of the era, and ‘Speak to Me Someone’ is one of my favorite songs of all time. The bonus material is also good, especially for ‘Libertine’ – there’s practically another album’s worth of material there. Highly recommended.

graeme ewan

me thinks a record label or band is taken said wee wee.

graeme ewan

Because those deluxe editions are still available to buy via various outlets. “no one” said it was bad news. Just making peeps aware of different options if unaware.


This is an odd release as most of this was released in really nice hardback Deluxe editions on Edsel not too long ago. I have loved those reissues as Gene bonus tracks and b-sides were fantastic and they were really well done. So as a fan of this band do I want to pretty much buy them all over again just to have it in a box set and the answer is maybe. I’m in the process of talking myself into it. Problem is being in the US can’t order from the UK site which is where I bought most of these.

Also in regards to early 90’s britpop bands Cherry Red announced a Kingmaker box set that looks pretty comprehensive. Would be cool to see it featured here.


Good to see there’s a Kingmaker box set coming! I’ll check out the Cherry Red website! Thanks!

John M

Very excited about this. Their current vinyl output tends to go for quite high sums so I guess £135 isn’t too bad overall. I assume the box set is signed by all the band as there was a fairly acrimonious split ?


Fair point – the original vinyl LP’s are north of £50 on Discogs.

I’m in the process of talking myself into it as well…..


Replying to my own comment!

I’ve just ordered the vinyl set :)

Great to see so many Gene fans on here. Martin Rossiter is playing a ‘career ending’ gig at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town on 19th June 2021.

Paul Woodgate

Yep, that’s why I’ve ordered the vinyl set. I’ve had ‘Drawn..’ on my wantlist for ages, but it only becomes available rarely and then it’s about £60. This seems like decent value as long as the pressing is good. Looking forward to it.

Stephen Maynard

Love Gene but these CD’s have been reissued with more bonus material previously – in addition to these extra tracks on 3 CD’s many live and BBC session tracks and edits on each double CD set. (only rising for sunset not reissued as a double CD.

Nevertheless a great box set of an underrated band


Bought the LP set.
Saw them a good 6 or 7 times, never less than brilliant !

Steven Cacciaroni

This is devastating for me. “Due to COVID19, this item is temporarily restricted from being shipped to the United States”

Rik Skyline

I remember Gene received a lot of criticism back in the day for having a Smiths/Morrissey sound. To be fair, I think they released some great songs.


The first redord did have a Freddy Mercury meets The Smiths vibe, which is why it was so brilliant. One of the best albums of the Britpop era.

Larry Davis

So wait…the signed pic is just with the vinyl?? And only that set is limited to 1000?? Not the CD set?? Is that one limited too?? I recall having Gene’s debut CD Olympian in the 90s and dug it…but nothing else was released in the US…singer was very Moz but something else thrown in the mix…


Not one for me personally, but looks like a comprehensive and fairly priced set.

Demon are certainly going to town on Britpop-era releases currently. I believe they have a comprehensive Menswear set planned for later in the year, including the second album which was only released in Japan.

Rare Glam

Menswear? I liked the debut album but their Japan only sophmore effort was apparently in a totally diffrent style. Singer, Johnny Dean noted in a 2014 interview for the Guardian newspaper:

‘I didn’t want to know any more by 1998. For some reason, it was decided that our second album should be country rock. By then it was all causing us a lot of mental damage. It was doomed.’

Just so ya know! It will be interesting to see how these are made sense of by Edsel! Personally, from that era I’d like to see a kitchen sink and all super deluxe set of Placebo’s back catalogue.

Greg Nash

Can you shed some light on this? Johnny told me on Twitter recently I’ll be as happy as a pig in sh*t come autumn, I have everything they’ve ever done but I’ll guess it’s just one of the few bands I’ll buy it all again. Hay Tiempo would be good on vinyl, even though I don’t like it ha.

Any unreleased menswear stuff I would kill to hear, especially demos but more live tracks and radio sessions would be good too.

Also on the Gene stuff, is like the albums to be rereleased on vinyl separately, id absolutely love to pen Drawn To The Deep End, I’m an absolute sucker for that over produced super ambitious indie that we got. I own all the Edsel editions which are fantastic. Also, I watched Rising For Sunset again last night and remembered the extra tracks vs the CD release, such a lazy waste by just watching the logo on the fourth wide for RSD instead of the actual *full* show


Why this current trend for coloured vinyl?
Luckily the quality seems to be better than it used to be but I still feel more comfortable buying plain old back vinyl.


I was excited to see this as I was a reasonably keen Gene fan in the 90s, and have a lot of the singles and the first 3 LP’s on CD.

Can’t say I’d stump up £135 for 5 LP’s (even for ones stretched out over two discs). The CD box has more material plus the band written booklet, so that looks like the deal I’ll go for.


My partner, Scott, is going nuts over this.