Genesis / Seconds Out half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl

Genesis / Seconds Out half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl

Band’s most famous live album set for reissue.

Genesis’ live album Seconds Out is set for a new vinyl reissue.

Originally released in October 1977, the bulk of Seconds Out was formed from recordings from their four dates at the Palais des Sports in Paris in June 1977 as part of the Wind & Wuthering tour. It also includes a recording of ‘The Cinema Show’ recorded in 1976 at the Pavillon de Paris during their A Trick of the Tail tour, which also featured Bill Bruford on drums.

The album was significant for coinciding with the departure of Steve Hackett during the album’s mixing, and thus Genesis becoming the trio of Phil, Mike and Tony. With Tony joking that Hackett’s guitar was mixed out of the recordings, although in truth you can actually hear it albeit quite low down.

Seconds Out will be the first time the album has been fully mastered for vinyl* and has been half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, and as with all the Universal half speeds, it comes with an Japanese style ‘OBI’-strip and accompanying certificate.

Seconds Out is released 7 June 2019.

* A quick update on the mastering, since it has been discussed in the comments. I reached out to Miles who told me that this new version has been remastered with vinyl in mind, whereas the 2012 cut was “a byproduct of the digital versions done for SACD in Europe & DVD-A in the US”. He confirmed that his new cut has less compression and “absolutely no digital peak limiting.” Also this is a new remaster of the Nick Davis mix. Hope that helps everyone.

Seconds Out half-speed mastered 2LP

LP 1

Side A

The Carpet Crawl
Robbery, Assault and Battery

Side B

Firth of Fifth
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
The Musical Box (Closing Section)

LP 2

Side A

Supper’s Ready

Side B

The Cinema Show (Pavillon de Paris – 23 June 1976)
Dance on a Volcano
Los Endos

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Sid Too

LP arrived yesterday and i now have the house to myself to revisit this oh so wonderful album. I have the previous releases and really liked the 2012 version so what can the new one bring?
Comparing the 2012 artwork the new versions colours are more vibrant. How do you store the OBI? Well i can happily say this is the best sounding version so far!
The stereo separation of the drums makes it easier to follow the patterns. Symbols and bass drum have definition and POWER! Phils tambourine is more prominent, tonal balance of the whole soundstage is spot on. Guitar and keyboard sections are jumping out at me! Thanks to the Abbey Road team a very fine job indeed.

Brian Scott

I’m totally with Colin on his assessment of the live version of Firth of Fifth from the That’s all 12”. Well worth picking up if you come across it. Easy to forget what a great drummer Phil was. Like others have said this was a great concert and a must buy for me. I have a few of the Abbey Rd half speed remasters now and they have all been excellent so this could be a bit special.

Steven Roberts

@Brian Scott For those that don’t have a turntable, the FoF live version to which you refer is also available on CD:-



Hi @ Brian Scott, Good to know someone is listening! Thanks for the nod! Colin.


Wish there were lossless digital versions of these new masters…

Tom M

Won’t ship to the U.S. ? Ugh!

george glazener

They won’t? Bloody Hell.!! What’s up with that?? Will I have to make a trip to London just to buy this? I mean, if I HAVE to go visit London for 2 weeks this summer, I guess I’ll have to make the best of it. Who’s got an empty flat I can borrow?

SDE Hall of Fame

I’d consider putting this on the SDE shop if there is the demand from friends in the USA … but the retail price would be £33 and shipping to US about £13.50. So not cheap, but cheaper than flying over here :)

Alane Zuppa

I just bought a copy at Bull Moose in Portsmouth New Hampshire

george glazener

Well, looks like it CAN…

This title will be released on June 7, 2019.
Pre-order now.
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.
This item can be delivered to United States. Details
1 new from £31.56


Mic Smith – Re. Carpet Crawlers. The band played three performances over two evenings at Leicester DeMontfort Hall (hard to believe that they played a matinee performance. That was highly unusual, even back in ‘77). I don’t suppose you know which performance the version on Seconds Out comes from?

Mic Smith

CJL – I’ll check if the exact gig is listed within the details I have. I also think Cinema Show might be from Glasgow not Paris actually.

Mic Smith

I’ve checked the details and it doesn’t specify which date Carpet Crawlers is from. It does confirm Cinema Show is from Glasgow 9/7/76.


So they squished Supper’s Ready on one side. I guess they followed the original pressing and kept it together instead of maybe splitting over 3 LPs and Supper’s Ready over 2 sides.

Mic Smith

Re: Paris sources for this recording. This is true for all but Carpet Crawlers which was recorded at Leicester although no mention of this on the sleeve. Suppers Ready is a compilation of 5 sections from 4 performances.


Really interesting info.
Have you got some other details (exact dates) regarding the 4 different performances of Suppers Ready?


This is a must have @ any price!! Also, do you remember 3 Sides Live? In the UK the LP actually had 4 Sides Live. The first tour I saw was the Trick of Tale & it was amazing. Thanks Paul!!


Will be great if they put all of the live LPs together …in a Abbey Road half-speed masters boxed set (like the Police Albums Collection). Well, maybe even worth thinking of the same treatment for the studio albums (I don’t like the recent Universal Vinyl releases). The best sounding versions IMO are the Classic Records 180g releases (although only Trespass to Lamb were released).


My favourite Saturday night record ever. Bought from Woolworths Bromley. It was either that or the Star Wars soundtrack. I made the right choice…..


Is a download card being included?

CJ Feeney

No, thee come with an Abbey Road “Certificate of Authenticity,” which, frankly, is a disappointing substitute.
I’ve just got the Elbow Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road 2LP which sounds fantastic.

CJ Feeney

Actually, my Elbow LP is a bit dodgy in places now that I’ve listened to all of it! Some surface noise and skipping. I’ll have to take it back.

Darren Vickers

Hope they take more care with the pressings, all my Gabriel Half Speed pressings have at least one disc that is warped. (As i was working overseas for 6 months before I checked them, was rather disappointed to be honest)

Kevin from Edinburgh

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the live albums were released on SACD in Europe (unlike the studio albums).
I agree that the wording ‘first time the album has been mastered for vinyl’ is nonsense; first time ‘remastered’ for vinyl makes more sense.
Have been hoping they would release a vinyl version of the live stuff to complement the other three vinyl boxes; maybe this is encouraging? After all, that’s what happened with the Police (i.e., put out one album, half-speed mastered, then later collected them all as a set).


I love this album, and agree that Genesis did some fantastic work after Gabriel’s and Hackett’s departure. My favorite live recording is London Lyceum 1980, the Duke tour, where they play “The story of Albert” (the Duke suite) in correct running order and uninterrupted. Those 30ish minutes give ‘Supper’s Ready’ as serious run for its money!!


Well surely this paves the way for the original Genesis Live album getting reissued on vinyl.
In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we get deluxe 50th boxes starting with Trespass next year. Featuring of course the original mixes on vinyl. Well I’m hoping.


The live version of Firth of Fifth on the B Side if the 12 Inch Single of That’s All (vocals by Phil Collins) is SIMPLY SUPERB! (Firth Of Fifth Recorded Live At The Savoy, New York 1981). The best live version of any song by any artist. Just my opinion. Check it out on You Tube if you get the chance!

Carl Jacobs

Ladies and gents, you have seriously got to be kidding me. There is only guitarist that should be allowed to play frankly THE greatest most beautiful guitar solo of any act and those that saw it played live in Europe this May 2019 and will see it played live several times in U.K. this Autumn will know that, dear friends, is Mr. Stephen Richard Hackett, king of sustain. Any other attempt is frankly rubbish. Twiddly bollocks or wee wee notes, as Zappa called it, is no substitute for the maestro. I have seen Stuermer attempt this several times including Old Trafford and screamed out for the torture to stop every time. Some years ago at Manchester Uni I shouted at two nefarious individuals talking over the solo by Hackett before he was lured into albeit great, re runs of Genesis stuff.
So please go listen to the real deal. On Seconds Out the mix was atrocious and criminally detrimental to Hackett by a petulant Mr Banks who has admitted as much.
Therefore I gave you the pre official release of Rainbow gig from 73 or the expurgated official box set version over the tripe suggested by Colin; no disrespect Colin.
P.S When is an LP version of the Rainbow gig going to be released?
I have said elsewhere in this great chat that we should have a double LP of Genesis Live and also a triple LP of SO to include AIAMN & OFTV and others that were missed off. Apparently the label didn’t like the idea of a triple back then. Hold on how many LPs in Yessongs? Oh yeah three.
Carl Jacobs


In my top ten live albums of all time ! Bought it when it came out on the open air market of Cambridge as a french student on holidays. Los endos from Seconds Out to be played at my funerals !

Phil Morris

How many do you intend to have? ;-)


My favourite Genesis live album and excellent condition original copies can easily be found for under £10. However, there are lots of superb soundboard bootlegs from this period some of which are superior to this. My understanding was that they recorded every rehearsal and gig so there must be plenty of top drawer material that could be released. There are certainly several FM radio broadcasts from this time which would suit an archive release programme.

Carl Jacobs

Fully agree the comments re “extras”. One of THE best live albums of all time. Now more than ever, us long suffering aficionados need a legitimate release of the full concert of either Earls Court and or Palais des Sport, including therefore, EEOM, OFTV, WM, Entangled, and FOAW. In other words the much rumoured and bootleged released triple LP as was originally planned.
So in one respect I laud the forthcoming release but in equal terms I beseech the keepers of the tapes to get the shows out on both vinyl and cd in their respective completeness.
Whilst we are on it,
Vinyl releases please for The Rainbow gig of 73 ; complete show and again the much rumoured and bootlegged double album of Genesis Live.
So here it is then we all fork out for this version and around Christmas time comes the Live Vinyl box of GL 2 LP, SO 3LP, plus TSL (EU version with the additional live tracks) LTWWW L&S and LIR
Here’s hoping.

Vinny Marino

If it’s the Nick Davis remix, forget it! I had to track down all of the original Virgin/Charisma CDs again after those box sets. The remixes were awful.


The Blu-Ray Audio Please…

Derek Langsford

…..in 5.1. The only way I’d buy this again.

Simon Stokes

I think Jose’ is spot on….:)

CJ Feeney

I currently own the 2012 LP (which sounds fantastic) and the Live Box (CD and DVD). I’m not sure how the half speed mastering can improve on the 2012 LP.

I’ve owned it on vinyl twice before that and had the 1994 CD before getting the Live Box, so I’m obviously in the target market for another vinyl version!

Steven Roberts

This is quite possibly my favourite album by anybody ever, so its purchase should be a no-brainer…

BUT! What exactly does “fully mastered for vinyl for the first time” mean? Weren’t ALL the pre CD vinyl copies fully mastered for vinyl?

Also – are we to assume this is the Nick Davis remix rather than the original mix?

SDE Hall of Fame

Update for Steven and anyone else who is interested in the mastering. Miles Showell gave me a personal update this afternoon on 2012 v the new one and I have updated the post to offer this new info. Hope that helps.

José A Sánchez Sanchez

Nunca se le hará justicia al mejor grupo sinfónico de la historia.no sonó en las radios de la época lo necesario. pero siguieron como hormiguitas desde la batería hasta los grandioso teclados. Fueron creadores del art rock y más genialidades.Espero justicia pero no cuando mueran.

Keith Milton

I love Seconds Out. My first ever gig was Earls Court. I got my little brother to record it on Capital Radio, which brings me to my complaint. This is crying out for bonus material. Eleventh Ear of Marr, Inside and Out and One For The Vine would be amazing in a third disc. How about Entangled, White Mountain or Fly on a Windshield from 1976? When Genesis appeared on The One Show to promote their BBC film Tony Banks said there was nothing left to release, but many of us have bootlegs of this stuff. Did They not record the whole gig or just wipe what they didn’t release?


In his autobiography, Phil mentions going to the hotel after each show to listen to the night’s performance. I can’t remember which tour he referred to, nonetheless, this suggests that they’ve been recording every performance at some point.

Charles Holmes

Phil was the keeper of the tapes and recorded every concert from early on.


Completely agree!

Donald Anderson

I was at Earl’s Court (my third Genesis gig in 12 months) but had to run for the last train and missed The Knife which I heard on a cassette which a friend had kindly recorded from Capital. The best version of Firth of Fifth I’ve ever heard. At least Steve included The Knife a couple of years ago in his tour.
My original 1978 vinyl still sounds ok.


They recorded around 10 shows in 1977 on multi-track so have many options to use Wind & Wuthering material.

Sadly the band don’t need to the money, so the hope that this will happen is zero along with the release of the often teased soundboard tapes which, as of my last visit, still sat in boxes at the Farm.

A full show release would be a dream, but I am still happy to have the Earls Court show from June 24th (which I also attended as my first ever concert) and I consider the EC version of Supper’s Ready to be the ultimate version (and without any over-dubbing!)

Seconds Out still remains my favourite live album by anyone.


I’d dearly love for them to release a discrete mix of this album. The Live Box version is the best I’ve heard, but it’s more of an “expanded stereo” with plenty of bass pedals coming from the subwoofer ; )


Wasn’t this remastered and issued on 180 gram in 2012? Amazing sound….

Phil Morris

Yes, it was. First time I’ve come across the term “fully mastered”. What on earth does that mean? I just hope the other live albums finally follow. I see no point getting this one, though. Fortunately, I have an obi on the original 1978 Jap pressing.


Ditto. I seem to recall that HMV imported the Japanese pressings and I $plurged on one; which is thankfully still in mint condition.


Wahey! Absolutely essential. My first proper rock gig was Genesis at Leicester DeMontfort Hall on the Wind & Wuthering tour, so this album has always been an absolute favourite. I’d purchase this no matter what the price

george glazener

@Nick; totally agree. Trick, Wind and Duke were awesome, essential Genesis. Right up there with SEBTP and Foxtrot. Tony Banks himself often says he ranks Duke + Wind as among his faves. I remember vividly when “Duke” came out in spring 1980, I was still enjoying Tony’s “A Curious Feeling” and was concerned that his solo LP dried up his well of good material for the upcoming Genesis LP. But I needn’t have worried.

george glazener

Wow…! Great News..!
This was the landmark LP which turned my 18 year old ears straight down the PROG path, a journey I’m still on. I’d just purchased “And Then There Were Three” in 1978, and heard hints of PROG-ness, on it, but SECONDS OUT was simply mind-blowing. Within 2 years, I had the entire 70’s Genesis back catalogue on vinyl. I wore out my original copy 30+ years ago, so this will be a welcome addition. It’d be nice if they add some fresh photos and inserts into the packaging.

What do we know about Miles Showell’s prior work? Can we expect a greatly improved sound from the old 1977 release?


Miles work is outstanding… he has done half speed projects for the Queen studio collection, the genesis studio albums. All the Phil Collins remasters were done by him also. Beatles Pepper and white album anniversary editions and I also think the last Stones vinyl box set was done my him too

Nick Love

My favorite live album. Most old school Genesis fans lament Gabriel’s departure but I feel their string of classic albums runs through Duke. Trick of the Tail and Selling England by the Pound would both probably make my all time top 10 list.