Gentle Giant / Three Piece Suite

Late in September, British prog rock band Gentle Giant will release a new blu-ray+CD collection called Three Piece Suite which focuses on 1970-1972 and the first three albums (Gentle Giant, Acquiring The Taste and Three Friends). Content includes Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes of some (not all) album tracks, hi-res flat transfers of all three albums and more…

Unfortunately, despite extensive research, not all multi-track tapes could be found, therefore of the 21 album tracks, nine have been remixed in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound surround sound plus a tenth song called Freedom’s Child which is a a previously commercially unreleased song taken from the first recording sessions with producer Tony Visconti. The 5.1 album tracks are:

  • Giant (from Gentle Giant)
  • Nothing At All (from Gentle Giant)
  • Why Not? (from Gentle Giant)
  • Pantagruel’s Nativity (from Acquiring Taste)
  • • The House, The Street, The Room (from Acquiring Taste)
  • Schooldays (from Three Friends)
  • Mister Class And Quality? (from Three Friends)
  • Peel The Paint (from Three Friends)
  • Three Friends (from Three Friends)

All ten tracks are additionally offered in remixed stereo (on the CD) and instrumental stereo (96/24 PCM) on the blu-ray element along with the previously mentioned flat transfers and animated videos for all of the remixed tracks.

The booklet contains extensive liner notes by journalist Anil Prasad, including interviews with band members, original album producer Tony Visconti, and Steven Wilson.

Three Piece Suite will be issued as a blu-ray+CD combo and will also be issued as a 2LP set (with the new stereo mixes). Interestingly, since this was announced, uber-fan Dan Bornemark has claimed (on the Steven Wilson Remixes Facebook page) that he has multi-tracks for the first album. Regardless, this set is due for release on on 29 September 2017.

Disc 1 – Blu-ray Audio

1. Giant (Steven Wilson Mix)
2. Nothing At All (Steven Wilson Mix)
3. Why Not? (Steven Wilson Mix)
4. Pantagruel’s Nativity (Steven Wilson Mix)
5. The House, The Street, The Room (Steven Wilson Mix)
6. Schooldays (Steven Wilson Mix)
7. Mister Class and Quality? (Steven Wilson Mix)
8. Peel The Paint (Steven Wilson Mix)
9. Three Friends (Steven Wilson Mix)
10. Freedom’s Child (Steven Wilson Mix)
11. Giant (Instrumental)
12. Nothing At All (Instrumental)
13. Why Not? (Instrumental)
14. Pantagruel’s Nativity (Instrumental)
15. The House, The Street, The Room (Instrumental)
16. Schooldays (Instrumental)
17. Mister Class and Quality? (Instrumental)
18. Peel The Paint (Instrumental)
19. Three Friends (Instrumental)
20. Freedom’s Child (Instrumental)
21. Giant (Original Mix)
22. Funny Ways (Original Mix)
23. Alucard (Original Mix)
24. Isn’t It Quiet And Cold? (Original Mix)
25. Nothing At All (Original Mix)
26. Why Not? (Original Mix)
27. The Queen (Original Mix)
28. Pantagruel’s Nativity (Original Mix)
29. Edge Of Twilight (Original Mix)
30. The House, The Street, The Room (Original Mix)
31. Acquiring The Taste (Original Mix)
32. Wreck (Original Mix)
33. The Moon Is Down (Original Mix)
34. Black Cat (Original Mix)
35. Plain Truth (Original Mix)
36. Prologue (Original Mix)
37. Schooldays (Original Mix)
38. Working All Day (Original Mix)
39. Peel The Paint (Original Mix)
40. Mister Class And Quality? (Original Mix)
41. Three Friends (Original Mix)

Disc 2 – CD
1. Giant (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
2. Nothing At All (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
3. Why Not? (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
4. Pantagruel’s Nativity (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
5. The House, The Street, The Room (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
6. Schooldays (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
7. Mister Class and Quality? (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
8. Peel The Paint (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
9. Three Friends (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
10. Freedom’s Child (Steven Wilson 2.0 Mix)
11. Nothing At All (Steven’s 7” Edit)

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Robin Z.

Why not release it all on CD? Who the hell listens to music on Blu Ray (or DVD for that matter)?


This was a waste of time 10 tracks off 3 albums should of left them on the original mixes. If the complete multi tracks exists for the other albums up to Interview. He should of attempted those. This is just too incomplete for a multi track mix project.


To Rik K:

Which type/serial of OPPO you are referring to ?


While this Franken-project sounds mildly interesting and also frustratingly incomplete, I think I speak for a number of fans who would prefer Wilson tackle some of their other classic titles like In a Glass House and Free Hand…

Rik K

There are 4.0 Quad-mix CD/DVD-A packages of “Free Hand” and “Interview”, easily found. Not sure what the present legal status of “Glass House” is, being issued on a different label than the other albums were. I’m pleasantly surprised that this early material is coming out in a deluxe package, and will happily take whatever 5.1 tracks are included.

My favourite GG album is “Acquiring the Taste”; pity that only 2 tracks from that are in 5.1. I’d even be OK with “faux surround” for the balance if nothing else can be worked out.

To those who complain about blu-ray, just do yourself a favour and buy an Oppo already! Then you can sell off every other disc player you own. The Oppo is moderately affordable and plays all kinds of CDs, SACD, Blu-ray, and DVD. It even reads/plays those oddball DTS-CDs that were briefly around at the turn of the millennium.

Nicholas Love

I wish we could get the “original mixes” also on CD format, because, to my ears, there hasn’t been a great sounding CD release of either their debut or Acquiring the Taste. BGO released a two-fer several years back that was decent, but even that is uneven as the initial pressing contained errors on Acquiring the Taste that forced them to correct and repress.

L-O Ström

It was I that made them do that! :)


This is great news! GG are a group of extremely talented musicians who are not recognized often enough IMO. Easily one of the best debuts produced!

If Dan Bornemark is in possession of the multi-tracks for the first album, I would absolutely love to hear their first album reissued in a Super Deluxe Edition CD/Blu-Ray box set and 4LP Vinyl box set with…
CD1 – Tony Visconti remaster
CD2 – Steven Wilson Remix
CD3 – Live at King Alfred’s College 1971
CD4 – additional disc of related material such as…
– “Freedoms Child” [from the “Under Construction” compilation]
– “Hometown Special” [from the “Under Construction” compilation]
– “Weekend Cowboy” [from the “Under Construction” compilation]
– “Bringing Me Down” [from the “Under Construction” compilation]
– “Giant (Vocal Mix)” [from the “Scrapping The Barrel” box set]
– “Alucard (Derek, Master of Ceremonies)” [from the “Scrapping The Barrel” box set]
– “City Hermit” [BBC Sessions, July 1970]
– “Isn’t It Quiet And Cold?” [BBC Sessions, July 1970]

and a Blu-Ray of Steve Wilson’s 5.1 mix.
Oh, to dream.


Funny to read comments such as “Bluray format is elitist” or “not everybody is equiped like a pro” on a website dedicated to (generally) expensive and overpriced reissues ! :)
Come on guys: the first price for a Bluray player (here in Europe at least) is as low as 30€.
You can buy three of them with just the price of an average box set reissue of your favorite album with only limited bonus material :)

Charles Christopher

I’m pleased to see that the title of this set is in keeping with the band’s usual punning album titles.

I’m baffled at some of the criticisms here – are blu-ray players that rare in the UK? In the US, the players are very cheap, and the discs themselves are at least as common than the DVD versions of movies (if not more so). In fact, how many releases on this site invite moaning when the deluxe edition video content is only on DVD instead of blu-ray?

Is the real issue that many SDE readers don’t have 5.1 surround capability? Those sorts of set-ups are easily available and I can’t imagine the audiophile who’s not interested in the format. I can understand some readers here being disappointed that some SDE sets include this if they’re not interested in it (like the sets that include vinyl I’ll never play) – but I can’t fathom the blu-ray format being called something “no one is interested in” or “elitist”, as that’s clearly untrue.

Also, if one of us heard that only a few of our favorite band’s tracks were available for deluxe/5.1 treatment, there would be immediate calls to ‘just release all the ones you can’. Under these circumstances, I can’t get over complaints about the presentation of those tracks in the best format possible. Go figure.


Is it confirmed that the 5.1 is only DTS, not uncompressed DTS-HD master? I realy hope it is HD.


It’s been a while… so i’ll mention it… what a great cover!

elliott buckingham

i would now rather have bluray audio than sacd because I brought a sacd player for £300 a few years ago buts its only stereo whereas a bluray audio is 5.1 I’m running it through an 15+ year old technics 5.1 system with no optical input just the 5.1 analogue in so I had to purchase a digital 5.1 to analogue 5.1 converter works and sounds a dream and I’m only playing the discs through an xbox 0ne


FWIW I had amassed a few blurays but had no player and picked up a great Sony machine in a local charity shop for €30. Even if you don’t hook it up to a TV & surround you could connect it “blind” to whatever hifi you listen to things on and play it through there.


FWIW I had amassed a few blurays but had no player and picked up a great Sony machine in a local charity shop for €30. Even if you don’t hook it up to a TV & surround you could connect it “blind” to whatever hifi you listen to things on and play it through there.


I understand someone saying all this surround thing is crap and that all western music is coming from the front. What I don’t get it wanting surround and opposing bluray. So surround should only be released on SACD and DVD(-A)? Sorry I don’ get it.
Apart from that I haven’t got the clue about this compilation. I would prefer to wait for proper single album remaster (multitrack based or not).


There are already remasters of all 3 albums out. Just check discogs.com or amazon. I like the cheap BGO releases to have quite clear sound.

elliott buckingham

not sure how people can call a bluray disc eliteist its a format that is close to 20 years old get with the times.
on another point seems pointless making these sets 5.1 if they cant supply the whole set in this mix.


If Dan Bornemark is such an uber-fan how come he didn`t know about this project when it was in the planning? He`d have been able to supply/loan SW with the tapes. Uber fan? Nah, big fan? Probably.

Tongue in cheek comment aside, this is great news, SW scatters his Stardust again.

Fabrice Dray

Enough with these formats only a few care about. It is so stupid and elitist. I was happy to finally get those albums in a decent version and just like MiG found out it was bluRay only. I love Steven Wilson but he s given the idea to the heads of labels that everybody is equipped like a pro. Like the next guy, I love when an album has a huge sound and when a remaster is really worth it but thetruth is I listen to music much more in my car than anywhere else and I m sure I m not alone


MiG, Fabrice, you are talking daft! Elitist? You can pick up a Bluray player for the Less than £60 if you so wish. I am also sure that 99% of the people who visit the SDE site listen to most of their music at home. Equiped like a pro? The system I have is good but only because I have been able to build it up over time but equiped like a pro? I wish. There is a CD with this release, seems you both may not have noticed. Don`t want the Bluray disc? I`m sure you could sell it for 7€, £5, $8.

Fabrice Dray

All.the material is on the cd?


Fabrice, I recently bought The Beatles 1+ (2 bluray + CD) and my first Blu-Ray player to play them on, which I hitched up to my extant hi-fi in a matter of seconds. The cost was just under £70.

In real terms, the combined cost of the first editions of Beatles 62-66 and Beatles 67-70 on CD came to nearly £100. in today’s money. I didn’t even have to wait 28 days for delivery – I didn’t even pay for delivery!

Our culture has never been cheaper, more accessible and of better quality.


First reaction: Superb! I really enjoyed Wilson’s 5.1 mix of “The Power And The Glory” last year, making a forgotten album sound truly fantastic. “Nothing At All” is a lost classic so it’s great to have at least selected 5.1 mixes of those first three albums. Waves of excitement wash over me.

Second reaction: No thanks. It’s BluRay only, and I don’t have a BluRay player. So you lost a sale there, guys. I’ll go back to playing “Scraping The Barrel” and pretend this never happened.