George Harrison / The Vinyl Collection / 18LP vinyl box of solo years


This February, Universal Music will issue The Vinyl Collection, an 18LP vinyl box set that collects the solo work of George Harrison.

This set starts with George’s two experimental works (released while ‘the quiet one’ was still in The Beatles) Wonderwall Music (1968) and Electronic Sound (1969) before moving on to his post-fab-four solo work of the 1970s which started with the critically acclaimed triple album All Things Must Pass. The artwork for that record reverts to the original black and white cover and not the colourised version used for the 2001 reissue.

George issued four further albums in the 1970s (all included here, of course) and his his first of the next decade (1981’s Somewhere In England) contained All Those Years Ago, a tribute to John Lennon who had been murdered just six months earlier. The track which also featured Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney reached number 18 in May ’81.

When We Was Fab was originally a 12-inch picture disc

No singles from the following year’s Gone Troppo would repeat the success of All Those Years Ago, but George would see a spectacular return to the charts in 1987 with the Jeff Lynne produced Cloud Nine which almost delivered a transatlantic number one in Got My Mind Set On You (number one in the USA – T’Pau‘s China In Your Hand kept it off the top-spot in the UK). The nostalgic When We Was Fab was another minor hit.

Perhaps in recognition of the popularity of those singles, both are included in this Vinyl Collection box set as 12-inch picture discs, replicating the design of the original picture discs that were issued at the time.

1992’s Live in Japan is the only non-studio album in this set which is completed by George’s last album Brainwashed (2002).

Packaging wise we are promised “exact replicas” of the original releases and in terms of mastering, the message is that “the original analogue master tapes were used” for the new re-masters and were cut at Capitol studios. That’s somewhat ambiguous and therefore open to interpretation. This set is the high quality type with the inner drawer to hold the albums, although any kind of book is notably by its absence. The video above suggests a lenticular cover on the box set.

The Vinyl Collection will be released on 24 February 2017. The Amazon UK price (as at 17/1/17) should come down by around £90-£100 within the pre-order period (possibly more). As things stand the Canadian price is the best deal.

Compare prices and pre-order

George Harrison

The Vinyl Collection [VINYL]



In The Vinyl Collection box set:

  • Wonderwall Music (1968)
  • Electronic Sound (1969)
  • All Things Must Pass (3LP) (1970)
  • Living In The Material World (1973)
  • Dark Horse (1974)
  • Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)
  • Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
  • George Harrison (1979)
  • Somewhere In England (1981)
  • Gone Troppo (1982)
  • Cloud Nine (1987)
  • Live in Japan (2LP) (1992)
  • Brainwashed (2002)


  • Got My Mind Set On You (12-inch picture disc)
  • When We Was Fab (12-inch picture disc)

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Be great if these get offered as individual LPs, too, at some point!


I would love to see Bangladesh re issued.


Here is hoping that Paul can find a insanely wonderful and inexpensive deal like those Rolling Stones Mono LP’s.


At £350 or so, a mere £20 per album. LOL

Philip Cohen

The “All Things Must Pass” vinyl release of a few years back was, visually, an incredible reproduction of the early 1970’s original. Everything exact: the catalogue number, the font on the labels and the ring mark under the labels. It may well have been pressed on equipment formerly owned by Capitol Records. The only way to distinguish this edition from an original is the slightly thicker box. But the vinyl L.P.’s themselves were pressed by the dreaded “Rainbo Records”, who pressed issue-plagued the U.S.A. edition of The Beatles’ stereo box. The surfaces are somewhat noisy; hardly audiophile product. Still, I’ll make do with it, my original 1970’s L.P.’s of “Electronic Sound” & “Living in The Material world” & my early 1970’s UK L.P. of “Wonderwall Music”.
I long ago got rid of my other George Harrison L.P.’s when the albums were released on CD. The ones that I kept were for nostalgia.


I, too, have questions about the mastering. Stating that “the original analogue master tapes were used” does not automatically mean that a full analog path was used. It’s far more likely that they created digital masters for LP production from the original analogue master tapes.


I’d love to grab the “All Things Must Pass”, but that U.S. $69.98 price is very unrealistic. IIRC, there was a 180-gram 2010 reissue which cost about half that amount (and I’m feeling sorry I didn’t grab it).

But maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad…I see the U.K. version of this 2017 release is on Amazon for a certifiably insane £106.99 as of this writing. Living in the material world indeed!

I haven’t seen any hint of a CD version of the box set, but it’s worth noting for CD collectors that Universal Japan is releasing all 13 titles on the SHM-CD format in mini-LP replica packaging (also on Feb. 24).
If the price of that vinyl ATMP doesn’t come down considerably, I may console myself with the SHM-CD. A mini version of the original black & white box packaging WOULD be nice to have. It’s still consolidated onto 2 CD’s though, so I assume the 3rd (Apple Jam) inner sleeve will just be an empty one.

Imagine…we’ve come to the point where the prices of vinyl are SO outrageously bloated that Japanese imports are actually cheaper now!


@Mick, I see that those SHMs are using the vinyl master. I cannot see a CD version coming out of the box set so soon after the Apple Years (now seems to be going for silly money) and reissue of the Dark Horse years on CD. I am quite happy with both of those, packaging and sound wise.

I am tempted by the GH SHMs though, (I bought the Lennon ones even though I already had the Signature box) but will wait for the reviews. The whole set of GH SHMs comes in at less than £300.

Yes RJSWinchester, I am one of those people you refer to LOL.


Interestingly, the images shown online for the ‘Somewhere In England’ LP in the box set have the first officially released cover, while if you browse the individual album pages (the Harrison official store, and the UMe store), both show the this record with its initially rejected cover. Are there to be two different versions, one in the box, and the different (initially rejected) one if purchased separately? See: http://bit.ly/2iFwNrx

Freebie J

No facsimile balloons or replica pin badges no t shirts or replica tour passes. Is the message finally getting through?

Charles K.

Those things seem to be filler for CD box sets most of the time. The fact that this one has picture discs is a bit of a rarity.

Alan Wilson

There’s also a re-issue of the I Me Mine book (Expanded) £26 from Amazon, and a limited edition Pro-Ject Turntable for £429 from the George Harrison Store

Paul W

If it was on cd it would be yes ,but vinyl whats the point


Having bought as many versions of each solo Beatle’s records over the years (standard editions, interesting international variations, limited editions, re-released heavy vinyl, RSD etc) not to mention various formats not just vinyl…I found myself last year needing to cull for a number of reasons.
I found that on the whole only good quality originals had increased in value. Obviously a few real scarcities command a high price too – but my point in this case is that a fan would likely have all/most of these and their originals will keep their value better than this box. If they have a few scuffs and scratches there are good quality ones around at a fairer price than these rerelease.
That said, if the pressings are good then there might be better sound than on some of the 1975-1989 flimsier vinyl. But the point has been made about the equipment we play it on, not to mention the equipment inside our ears being good enough to notice.
I’d only buy this if there was a book or a collection of rarities- and even then I’d need to sell the first pressings I have to justify it.


Any idea how many will be made?


As much as possible. Or like the Beatles vinyl Mono Box “limited” but in a such high number that also years after the release they are available. Or it is “limited” in a small number – like the Queen vinyl box set. But it it is sold out they just produce a second edition etc.


Aesthetically beautiful George Harrison box set! But I would suppose that anyone who is willing to pay the extravagant pre-order price for this vinyl set, can probably also afford Mr. Harrison’s McLaren F1 sportscar too. I’m going to wait until the price comes down to something more reasonable.


Then buy the box, slam it against the wall until the right one comes rolling out, eh.


Nice set, but an extra disc containing b-sides and stray singles would have been most welcome.


I only want the first 2 records of All Things Must Pass.

Jon Blore

Paul, do you know whether Wonderwall Music will be mono or stereo?
I’m guessing stereo…


Record companies are playing crafty like they did when CDs first came out…you had the vinyl version of an album but the cassette and the CD versions contained extra tracks….So now record companies have turned the tables….No cassette edition fair enough an inferior format anyway BUT you do have the CD release and a download but now the vinyl release has bonus tracks ONLY available on that vinyl edition….recent examples are…Chris De Burgh’s latest album “A Better World” 2 LP which has 2 bonus tracks ONLY on this edition and NOT even on a download…Simple Minds “Acoustic” CD and download but the Vinyl version has 3 Bonus tracks only available on the vinyl release and NOT on a download…So if you are a fan of those artists and you want the songs you have to buy the vinyl edition to get those songs and most of the time you are paying twice the price for the vinyl edition compared to the CD or download…failing that just hope somebody uploads on a file sharing website the vinyl rips of those albums for the bonus tracks…Record Companies listen to us we DON’T all want Vinyl editions and we want the bonus tracks at least on a download to be made available separately…slapped wrists record companies enuff said.

paul simmons

Often you can find extra songs on YouTube just save as a favorite unless you must burn cash and have a physical.

Marshall Gooch

I’d love to have this but will probably just pick up a few of the individual albums. Don’t need a third All Things Must Pass on vinyl, but would like a better Dark Horse, Electronic Sound and Wonderwall Music.


As regards the price, you don’t have to order it today and you don’t have to buy it from Amazon, there are other outlets available.


Surely the release date for this collection is April 1st


Great boxset, and it’s a nice inclusion the 2 picture discs. What would have been even cooler is to add also a 7″ or another picture disc of one of his gem not available on this set. I’m talking about Cheer Down. Such an awesome song with the greatest slide guitare solo ever.

Bassel hassouna

Such expensive products from the person who wrote “living in a material world”….


Well, I don’t imagine ‘he’ had much say in the pricing of this one.

Ian Nipper

Well, it’s his music but, unless he’s acting from beyond the grave, it’s not him releasing it.

Nuno Bento

The price for “All Things Must Pass” is outrageous! :o


Very happy days for record companies again. People literally queueing around the block to pay over the odds to buy music that they already own!


EXACTLY my point. They self-corrected their impending unemployment.

Ben Williams

That’s why we all visit this site cos we love it! hehe


Paul, the title of his 2nd solo album was Electronic Sound (which doesn’t make it better)


I find the inclusion of the two facsimile picture discs rather pointless. The originals are not particularly rare and well, copies are copies! Now, if they’d included a facsimile of the Japanese 7″ promo picture disc of “All those years ago”, that would have been a sexier proposition!

Ben Williams

I agree, I actually think putting ‘picture discs’ in such a lavish looking set actually cheapens it.. Would have been better to have 1 extra vinyl LP in a nice exclusive sleeve design that contained missing A & B sides not on his albums… Sort of like the Bowie ReCall albums.

El Nino

Has vinyl changed since I stopped buying it back in the 1980’s?

The sound quality could be good (although I don’t buy into the ‘vinyl better than CD’ argument at all) but quality of pressing was often poor.

Would like this set on CD but just don’t see the point in vinyl anymore.

Is anyone still buying 78’s?


yes vinyl has changed since the 80s.
quality has gotten worse !
in the rush to get things to market manufacturing quality is generally poor.
consider yourself most fortunate if your new purchase is both flat and quiet.
add the fact that most remasters sonically suck and that most new records are overpriced and you might well wonder why bother.

Billy Dojcak

I recall buying records towards the end of the 80s and the quality was terrible. At least in the US. That’s how we were suckered into buying cds. But now it’s come full circle. Records sound better and a lot of cds sound worse.
Now I’m buying more records than cd. They don’t need to be 180g, but it helps when they go through the post.
And I’m still puzzled how Electronic Sound can be considered a George Harrison album. He played nothing on it. One of my favorite early synth records anyway. I do have an original pressing. Years ago these were easy to find cause nobody wanted it.


Did it ever occur to anyone else that the renewed interest in vinyl is one massive hoax, driven by the record industry, to help keep them reselling back catalog AGAIN only to keep themselves in business? If this hadn’t happened, record companies would be out of business, we would still be buying CD’s, and the artists themselves would be marketing their own product and making more money. And don’t tell me “vinyl sounds better.” I would venture to guess that less than 5% of the people buying vinyl today have an audio system capable of reproducing the advantages vinyl can offer over the same material on CD on an average system.


`And don’t tell me “vinyl sounds better.” then `the advantages vinyl can offer over the same material on CD`, make yer mind up Dale. It dosen`t take a £5000 rig to make vinyl sound better than CD. I have built my system up over the years but when I had a `cheaper` system you could hear the superior sound on vinyl. When CDs appeared in the `80`s I had an Aiwa music centre with built in turntable and even on that system (it cost £300) LPs sounded better than CDs.

The MASSIVE hoax is that we fell for the CD con, well I did and it has cost me. Myself and others heard the clear cold sound on CD playback was good. So good we sold or gave away our LPs. Over time the sound on CDs has improved, not to the quality of sound on vinyl IMHO. Oh yes there are LPs that sound crap but that`s the same with CDs. The thing is Dale you are bringing up that stupid old vinyl versus CD thing. It`s what your ears tell you is the best, for you CDs for me the sound of vinyl, the art, gate-fold sleeves (for some) and yes the sound on CD. Where CDs come into their own is with Box Sets, the `B` sides, out-takes, demos, alternate versions, see Dylan, Tears For Fears, Beach Boys and many others. Yes I have CDs, in fact for every LP I have and I have many, I have 5 CDs. I also have George`s CD Box Sets which came out FIRST and I didn`t see LP enthusiasts coming on here complaining so what the f%@k are you moanin` & groanin` for.


A massive money making hoax. However, people obviously still want to rebuy music thay already own so the labels will keep releasing things. I do think that in a lot of cases the most important aspect is owning a particular item rather than playing and enjoying the music. The enjoyment comes from the ownership. Coloured vinyl editions are the prefect example. No extra tracks or anything but the media is a different colour… Give it a few years and it’ll be Blu-Ray or it’s successor that’ll become the must have item (and Jimmy Page will remaster Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue yet again!). This is not a criticism of people who use this site, just an observation.

Steven Campbell

I know everyone comments about the price of these things but quite frankly this one is ridiculous. I never understand why Amazon puts these things on at a super inflated price only to reduce it and make you think you’re getting a bargain. This is a new record if you’ll pardon the pun after the Pink Floyd one, I mean who in their right mind can justify such a price for such a thing? What annoys me more is that because it is being released on vinyl everyone is jumping on the vinyl bandwagon and as such if an album is re-issued on vinyl or in this case a box set the powers that be can charge what they like for it and get away with it.

Tarek Sobh

I can’t believe my eyes!! Finally!! Will there be a difference between US and European releases?

Andy K

Live in Japan, Electronic Music and Brainwashed aside, it’s quite easy to find copies of the other LPs (in good condition) at reasonable prices. I’m afraid the only thing I’m really interested in would be Early Takes Vol 2, no word of which has been heard at all…

David M

Need another copy of ATMP and would like Wonderwall only. BTW All Those Years Ago got to 13 (not 18) in UK.

Nick Preece

Interesting to note, all these LPs are being released For sale individually on his website (but not the 2 Picture discs

Dave Cox

Well it no doubt is good to get the complete set of albums in pristine condition considering how old they are now. They find it necessary to include 2 x 12″ singles, very nice but what about the non album tracks and The Concert For Bangladesh? It would have been nice if they included an extra disc with the additional tracks from the CD release of “All Things Must Pass”, the “B” sides of singles, Bangladesh, Shanghai Surprise, I Don’t want to do it, Horse to water, etc, etc etc. The Complete vinyl collection I don’t think so. They did do for the reissue of The Traveling Wilburys vinyl reissue. It takes the shine of what could have been an excellent collection. Lets hope the bootleggers can put out an additional high quality disc of the missing tracks to fill the gap.

Mike the Fish

The Wilburys set was missing at least two tracks.

Dirceu Guerra Martins

I hope they release the new remastered Dark Horse albums as digital HD download. Never liked the sound of the 2004 releases.

Nick Preece

Priced at £369.99 on his web store georgeharrison.com – initial orders get 3 free Enamel Pin Badges

I’ll wait until a mid march Amazon Flash Deal! As it looks nice, but it’s still overpriced.


Wot!?! No marbles? I demand marbles!!

Antoine VEIT

The Concert For Bangladesh is missing. Maybe it’s not considered as a George Harrison release.

Philip Cohen

“The Concert For Bangladesh” is complicated by Apple Records & Sony Music’s shared custody agreement, due to Bob Dylan’s appearance on the album. Originally (in the 1970’s), Apple got the vinyl rights and CBS got the cassette rights.

Mr. Ska '57

I have the Japanese mini-LP version on Epic.


All I need is Live in Japan and Brainwashed


A couple of years back they reissued All Things Must Pass on Record Store Day and it cost 1/4 this box if I remember correctly. It was a princely some b/c it was numbered. But still! Nice package. I do hope there will be bargains in the future.


466 QUID! Ha!


You are mad enough Richie!!
If it was on CD at a quarter of the price I would be interested – maybe.


Not this time Big SteveT, but if it drops to £230, maybe and maybe I could sell the CD box sets, I would o0nly need another £300, Ha.

Fat Old Bloke

Bring on a box set of unreleased stuff!

Nuno Bento

I only need “All Things Must Pass” and “Living In The Material World”. ANy news on the individual releases?

Nick Preece

Yes, they are all available on his webstore too – georgeharrison.com all things Boxset is £79.99 and living in the Material world is £25.99

Ben Williams

Lovely looking set! My only wish is that they had done this as a CD version too.. I can never afford these massive vinyl sets.. I know they did the two separate CD boxes but this set looks great – and it has Brainwashed, and Somewhere In England in original artwork! Maybe I will win the lottery between now and the end of Feb..

Philip Cohen

In effect, they DID offer this material on CD, via 2 boxed sets “The Dark Horse Years” & “The Apple Years”. All of the albums have appeared on remastered CD’s.


Fabulous collection. …but the price ? ?

Paul lupton

I hope so Paul…. Fingers crossed for