George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice delayed again

The reissue of George Michael‘s Listen Without Prejudice has been delayed once more.

This new version of the album was originally supposed to be a 25th anniversary edition but for one reason or another the re-release took a while to see the light of day, and was eventually announced in September 2016, for release in November of that year.

The box set and deluxe edition was then subject to an ill-fated re-scheduling (March 2017) which George was sadly destined not to be around to witness. The album is now slated for reissue in October 2017.

With George only just buried, the re-scheduling isn’t surprising, although this set is starting to resemble a mirage – are we ever going to get there?!

Listen Without Prejudice may or may not be reissued on 20 October 2017.

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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: 3CD+DVD super deluxe


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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: 2CD edition


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George Michael

Listen Without Prejudice: remastered vinyl


George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice reissue - super deluxe box set

Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1 – 3CD+DVD super deluxe

CD 1 Listen Without Prejudice remastered
1. Praying for Time
2. Freedom! ’90
3. They Won’t Go When I Go
4. Something to Save
5. Cowboys and Angels
6. Waiting for That Day – George Michael / The Rolling Stones
7. Mothers Pride
8. Heal the Pain
9. Soul Free
10. Waiting (Reprise)

CD 2 – MTV Unplugged
1. Freedom! ’90
2. Fastlove – George Michael / Patrice Rushen
3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
4. Father Figure
5. You Have Been Loved
6. Everything She Wants
7. The Strangest Thing
8. Older
9. Star People
10. Praying for Time

CD3: B-Sides And Mixes (super deluxe only)
1. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit)
2. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix)
3. Freedom! ’90 (Back To Reality Mix Edit)
4. Fantasy ’90
5. Freedom! ’90 (Edit)
6. Cowboys and Angels (Edit)
7. If You Were My Woman
8. Too Funky (Edit)
9. Crazyman Dance
10. Do You Really Want to Know
11. Happy
12. Too Funky (Extended)
13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
14. Fantasy ’98
15. Heal the Pain – George Michael with Paul McCartney
16. Desafinado – George Michael with Astrud Gilberto

Disc: 4 – DVD (super deluxe only)
1. The South Bank Show 1990
2. Freedom! ’90
3. Praying for Time
4. Freedom! ’90 (MTV 10th anniversary)

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What we could do with is a remastered edition of MAKE IT BIG with remixes and out takes, the cd version I have of the original album sounds terrible surely there has to be a great sounding version out there somewhere!


did they delay Listen once again? On Amazon Italy it is not available while some days ago the release date was 20/10/17…. Thank you for a kind reply.


I pre-ordered the Japanese Blu-spec CD2 deluxe edition in January and apparently Sony Music Japan has now confirmed that it will be released on 18 October.

Online shop CDJapan is taking pre-orders again for this item. The Japanese edition is extremely limited so there are only a few copies left for pre-order.


As I understand, GM was putting the finishing touches to the documentary film ‘Freedom’ in November which was by then scheduled to be aired in March. That’s why the re-issue of LWP was then postponed until March as well because they wanted it to coincide with the broadcast of the film.

I can imagine that that’s the reason why the re-issue is now delayed yet again. I assume the tragic turn of events on 25 December has made it necessary to make adjustments to the documentary film as well.

Chris Squires

Having never made a documentary and little to no clue as to how difficult one is to make. Everything will have to be looked at I guess, right down to the tense of the interviews. Talking of George in the present “He is” rather than “He was”. Would all interviews have to be re-shot? I would imagine it would be tough to release a finished documentary knowing that the subject has since died, that changes everything.

mark browne

do we know were the listen without prejudice documentary is up to, and was it completed, and will it ever be released…any info Paul?

Scott Van Leeuwen

Sony or whoever is causing the delay in this release will simply have the public who enjoyed George’s music not interested by October 2017. True fans will most probably purchase this, but I can only assume that by then, bootleg material will surface and this entire project will be a failure. Just like Sony did with the promotion of Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 when it was released. This is such a shame. I do not hold any hope of this project ever coming to be released.

Charles Hodgson

Just wanted to say, whilst I didn’t spend too much time thinking about or appreciating George Michaels talents when he was alive (unfair casual dismissal on the basis of musical tastes I suppose), it has become obvious since his passing what a diamond we had amongst us, and what a terrible loss he will be.
Also shocked to discover how much harrassment he suffered at the hands of the tabloid media. They have a lot to answer for.


When you are a fan of what seems like a lifetime, artist like George become part of your DNA as they make up such a large proportion of your memories.

For this reason if George had decided this track listing then I’d rather it be left as it is – after all, it is the final part of him we have.

Further deluxe editions and compilations will come and go, but only this final project (along with the film) had his blessing – so leave it as intended.



Listen Without Prejudice (Super Deluxe Boxset)

CD 1 – The Album
1. Praying For Time
2. Freedom ’90
3. They Won’t Go Where I Go
4. Something To Save
5. Cowboys And Angels
6. Waiting For That Day
7. Mothers Pride
8. Heal The Pain
9. Soul Free
10. Waiting (Reprise)

CD 2 – Listen Without Prejudice, An Interview With George Michael

CD 3 – B-Sides, Edits & Remixes
1. If You Were My Woman
2. Freedom (Back To Reality Mix)
3. Freedom (Back To Reality Edit)
4. Freedom (WFM Remix)
5. Fantasy
6. Too Funky (Extended)
7. Too Funky (Digital Mix)
8. Too Funky (Too Jazzy Happy Mix)
9. Cowboys And Angels (Edit)
10. Soul Free (Edit)
11. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with Elton John)
12. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)

CD 4 – Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 2
1. Too Funky
2. Disco
3. Crazyman Dance
4. Do You Really Want To Know
5. Happy
6. Pieces (Instrumental)
7. Calling You
8. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with Elton John, Live Aid July 13 1985)
9. Killer
10. Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone

CD 5 – Rarities & Unreleased
1. Galaxy (Alternate Mix ’90)
2. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (George Solo Version)
3. You Slipped Away From Me George’s First Take ’88)
4. Waiting For A Heart (Take 2)
5. Tonight (Live)
6. This Kind Of Love (George’s Second Take ’88)
7. One Day I’ll Know (George’s First Take ’93)
8. Maybe It’s Not Your Time (George’s First Take ’93)
9. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
10 Ain’t No Stopping Us Now (12″ Version)
11. So Damn Hard
12. Lonely Nights
13. Day And Night

CD 6 – Cover To Cover Tour Wembley 19-03-1991)

Sony, take note!


It contains a lot of unreleased material such as demos, outtakes, even a live version of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me without Elton and a demo of Too Funky. I am not allowed to share the rare stuff so that leaves the album, the interview disc and the b-sides, edits and remixes disc. I will make a tracklisting.


I have made a LWP super deluxe boxset myself. 6 cd’s with the album, interviews with George on the album, b-sides edits & remixes, LWP vol. 2, rarities and unreleased material and a complete Cover 2 Cover tour concert from wembley 1991. That’s how it should been done and that’s what i did. I even made some lovely artwork to go with it.


is there any way to get your deluxe edition?


To be completely frank here, This is a good opportunity for those involved to re-think the contents of this package.
As it stands this is a deeply flawed collection and should not be released.
Honestly a strong package packed with material that is currently available only in sub standard quality on youtube, be it, live or studio, or unreleased, would be a much better tribute than including a misplaced Unplugged concert and a few mixes and b-sides every George Michael fan already has.
This was a pivitol point in his career where things began to unravel, due to record company politics, personal or whatever, the material he intended to release never came out…. it is time for his stuff to come out, so we can all listen without prejudice. Sure we can listen to what has already been released, but there really is a much bigger story here, and that story has not been told properly.


Does anyone know if a Cover to Cover concert was professionally filmed?


Saw the Cover to Cover concert and it was fantastic. There has been no release of any of that I know of (aside from some B-sides that I cherish and some videos on YouTube). Hoping that will see the light of day, either as part of this release or another, separate comprehensive release. GM was a great interpreter of other artists’ material.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hopefully they use the time / chance to overwork the bonus tracks.
too many interesting things ( demo’s / alternate versions / instrumental version of “cowboys and angels”….. killer + promo remixes – i still have ) are not on the list.
and the “unplugged” concert should re-placed with the “cover to cover” concert.


@MINO DMC released short after his death two remix compilations (they did the same with Bowie and Prince)


Not officially I think!

william mckinley

Hopefully they are working out all the kinks. Don’t let it be like some of the box sets that have been coming out lately….with all those flaws.


Someone say that they are going to release a new cd with new material and a movie but I do not know about what (documentary or fictional)


“Imagine if ‘they’ remixed George tracks?!”
I think that George would love it! A “For the Feet” compilation wouldn’t be that bad with huge remixers but they should respect our soul Legend of course.
Probably they’ll add George’s death to the set in the video section…
A lot of unreleased songs and duets are surfacing the net so why not releasing them? Because George didn’t want that! But Man we miss you so much!


Waiting for that day…


I hope I’m not seeing a similar debacle to the awful ‘tribute’ album to Donna Summer, 2013’s ‘Love to Love You Donna’ – fingers and toes crossed. Imagine if ‘they’ remixed George tracks?!

Michael McA

His masterpiece – but should the ‘MTV Unplugged’ not be on a future ‘Older’ edition?

Michael khalsa

Love it as well. Probably my favourite of his. Happy to get the red hot & dance tracks as well which I haven’t even heard.

Phil Fogel

Noooo I hope it’s to add extra material otherwise why? I don’t see how it’s disrespectful since George had approved the release.

jerell shepherd

i remember that album when it first came out


I hope it is actually going to get released and not dumped.


Why are there only two videos in the DVD?


Well, as they added “Too funky” in the 3rd Cd, there is a 3rd video that’s not in… ;-)

The re scheduling of this box (again and again) is really surprising ans disappointing…
Did they really finish it ? Do they still have problems with some copyrights of pictures or songs? (as there’s been a suit with “Waiting for that day” ?)


There were fewer delays with the Michael Jackson posthumous material that wasn’t even finished at his death. If this is going to remain a straight-up re-issue of previous released material , then what’s the hold up? Please tell me the wait is because they’ve found ways to make it even better.

And wow I sound grumpy today.

Michael khalsa

Probably as they are releasing a documentary. They want to do at the same time. I hope Fantastic & Make It Big are expanded as well. Would love good transfers of TV show performances plus Foreign Skies.

elliott buckingham

hopefully removing the in 1990 mtv unplugged and adding all tracks from the unreleased volume 2


‘Unplugged’ project needs to be released as a separate product featuring CD+DVD(BD) and probably Paris Theatre show from 8th October 1996 as a bonus.

Michel Banen

The MTV Unplugged was my reason for ordering this….


Yeah saw the email from Amazon as well. Bummer. Even with these delays, something tells me this will still be released before the deluxe edition of Prince Purple Rain.

Henrik Kirkegaard

I sure hope it will be realeased
But after georges death I understand
Let us celebrate this giant
Still in shock that he is gone


On another note October could be considered too close to December and distasteful like the label is trying to cash in.

I would go for George’s birthday of June 25th as a way to honour him.


I doubt the label would care about that, judging by Prince and Bowie compilations from last year, something George Michael related will come out in the fourth quarter. I guess a new compilation is pointless since he barely had any new music since Twenty Five so they opted with this reissue.

Phil Wilson

I read somewhere this morning that they may be adding a disc to it?

Ben Williams

I’ve actually cancelled my preorder… I’ll just wait until I see this on the shelf of Badlands or HMV and then get it.

This is like the Prince Around The World In A Day vinyl, minus the £1.85 price tag! Keeps us guessing when the thing will come out.


This is very disappointing as I see it as a great way to honour George Michael.

I’m a massive fan and as such having this helps get through these terrible times.

BUT I totally respect why it would have been moved once more.

I only hope that at some point soon we can all start to celebrate George and smile once more when we think of him.

Chris Squires

Grief or re-organization?

Out of a horrible situation one might hope that something better than we have already seen might come. I suppose it depends on how far finalization of the original project has progressed.

Is it done and “waiting” or still being looked at?


RE: ”I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all sitting in a warehouse, somewhere…”…next to the Seeds of Love SDE Box Sets… :'(

Ben Keyzer

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