George Michael’s Symphonica vinyl reissue pushed back to later in 2020?

In December, SDE speculated about whether George Michael‘s Symphonica album would be reissued early this year, thanks to some telltale early pre-order listings.

While the record label remain tight-lipped on the matter, Amazon France have a revised release date of June, and unlike previously, you can now pre-order on Amazon UK who are indicating that this will come out on 25 September.

The latter seems more likely, although of course without official confirmation there are no guarantees. Nevertheless, less than £25 to pre-order this double vinyl edition which features the full 17-track version of the album seems like a decent price, and there’s little to lose by ‘locking in’ to it now. The original vinyl and the deluxe CD are long out-of-print and neither is cheap to get hold of. Indeed, the vinyl’s median price on discogs is £350! So a reissue of this 2LP set would undoubtedly be very welcome.

That said, treat everything as provisional for the time being and we’ll keep you informed about any updates. Symphonica was originally released back in 2014.

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George Michael

Symphonica - 2LP vinyl reissue

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   26.48
Amazon it   52.98
Amazon jp   5200.00

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symphonica - original blu-ray release


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George Michael

symphonica - original CD release


  1. Through
  2. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  3. A Different Corner
  4. Praying For Time
  5. Let Her Down Easy
  6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  7. Feeling Good
  8. John And Elvis Are Dead
  9. Roxanne*
  10. One More Try
  11. Going To A Town*
  12. Cowboys and Angels
  13. Idol
  14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
  15. You Have Been Loved*
  16. Wild Is The Wind
  17. You’ve Changed

*bonus tracks on deluxe CD, blu-ray audio and 2LP vinyl

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His LWP reissue vinyl sounds quite hissy compared to my original so any reissues they “eventually” do throw out I just hope they are up to GMs standard.. However ‘Older’ is my dream reissue for 2021

toni hernandez

Another new delay..now until 2021..The same case with the double vinyl version of the ” wedding album” of Duran Duran it was delayed again and again of date and finally never was released. What a disaster! The record companies laugh at us.

paul wells

Ive pre ordered via concord records, they say possibly December 2020.


Now scheduled for release in Jan 2021 according to Amazon..


This is a message I received from Amazon 2 days ago.

We’re writing about the order you placed on February 15 2020 (Order# …….) We don’t have an estimated delivery date for the items below. We’ll provide you with periodic updates on your delivery date, and notify you as soon as the items are ready to dispatch.

George Michael “Symphonica [VINYL]”

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

David Hurst

I’ve just had a look on Amazon. Seems to have been taken down.

Inge Lise Nielsen

I would love to have Live at The Palais Garnier Opera House on Dvd, I have checked different sites, bought what I thought was the real deal on E Bay, but recieved a bad copy!
Released at some point Again?


Anyone know if this is a limited release like the first run was under the Aegean label? (ie likely to run out quickly)

Nuno Bento

There’s also a new listing for the Ladies & Gentlemen reissue on vinyl (for the 1st time ever), which should be coming out at the same as Symphonica.
We all know what we really want, right? OLDER.

Ryan Sinclair

Ooh. Where have you seen/heard this? L&G would be AMAZING to have on vinyl.

Julian De Backer

I’d love to own ‘L&G’ on MiniDisc, but that one costs an arm and a leg.


All we want is reissue of Older Deluxe Vinyl. they are too slow


The same story always w George Michael releases. It takes forever, whether he is alive or passed away. Is it David Austin, the estate, the record company? Whatever. I’m losing interest quickly.


Me, I’m a happy owner of the blu ray audio only release from a few years back, and the sound quality, as the show, is nothing short of breathtaking.
One of his best.

andy kent

I remember buying 5 copies of the original vinyl release on a whim. I believe it had a run of 500 pressings. Could be wrong. Someone my know. Was selling records on ebay at the time and could not give them away. It was only after GM passed away did I eventually manage to sell them, and I practically gave them away. How things can change.


I had the CD book edition with bonus tracks and sold it on Ebay a couple of years ago (after George’s death) and got maybe £15 for it. Cheapest in the UK today on Ebay is £50, although based on sales stats that seller is a little overoptimistic. Surprised to hear the vinyl was a hard sell. Ebay can be weird sometimes, you expect things will sell for a good price and you let some treasured rare record go for peanuts, then a few months later you hear one sold for silly money…!


If it is David Austin in charge of what is getting released, he’s really dragging his balls along the floor!!! What does he do all day? What the fans want next is the all singing all dancing “Older” SDE, not chaff like this!


It would be up to the estate to approve any new releases. David does have his own career in the music industry writing, producing, etc. Be grateful for what we have already been given.

Paul Van Doodson

I’ve just looked again at this as it was due for release 29th Jan 2021 after I think a September release was changed and my order now says Dec 31st 2021 ….. what the heck? Do you think it will ever be released?

James Siddle

I wish Patience and Songs from the Last Century would get vinyl releases. I have Older on vinyl but it would be nice to have a two disc vinyl release with the extra tracks

Michael Burnham

Very happy about this. But, y’know… Older?

Ed Meij

Would love to see this concert on dvd or bluray! Surely there must be footage available.?Or was the quality of concerts below standards because of his illness? I recall during this tour he was treated in Switzerland. Anyway i think theres too little live concerts of this amazing artist available on dvd or bluray.


There is a video by BBC with his concert at Opera Garnier in Paris, you can find it on Amazon. It was a stunning performance, the audience went simply crazy! The fact that this concert took place less than a year after he had nearly died of pneumonia and after a tracheoctomy, is mindblowing…

alan hansen

as a huge appreciator of GM.
in light of all the potential GM material needing attention,
I have only one word for this re-release: “meh.”

Adam Follat

Where is Patience???