Georgie Fame / Survival – A Career Anthology 1963-2015 box set


Universal are to issue a new six-CD Georgie Fame box set: Survival – A Career Anthology 1963-2015 in late November.

This set features well over 100 tracks (spanning five decades) including 18 previously unreleased numbers. Survival takes in all Georgie’s hit singles, notable B-sides, rarities and a wealth of key album cuts.

Six of the unreleased tracks were recorded for CBS (between 1967 and 1970) and are featured at the end of disc two while five numbers from the Island Records sessions captured in the USA between 1974 and 1976 close Move It On Up – disc three. The other seven unissued tracks are from a live show at the Lyceum, London, in September 1974 (disc four).

This Career Anthology includes a 48-page hardback book with extensive sleeve notes by author Paolo Hewitt (based on a new interview with Georgie).

Survival – A Career Anthology 1963-2015 will be released on 25 November 2016.

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Georgie Fame

Georgie Fame: Survival a Career Anthology




1. The Blue Flames – Orange Street
2. The Blue Flames – Rik’s Tune
3. The Blue Flames – Money (That’s What I Want)
4. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Let The Sunshine In
5. Georgie Flame & the Blue Flames – Night Train
6. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Work Song
7. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames -Tom Hark Goes Blue Beat
8. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Madness
9. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Get On The Right Track Baby
10. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Green Onions
11. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Gimme That Wine
12. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Yeh-Yeh
13. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy (alternative version)
14. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Saturday Night Fish Fry
15. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – In The Meantime
16. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Blue Monday
17. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Outrage
18. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – High Heel Sneakers
19. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Sweet Thing
20. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Sitting In The Park
21. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – My Girl
22. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Soul Stomp
23. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – El Bandido
24. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Getaway
25. Georgie Fame & the Harry South Big Band – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
26. Georgie Fame & the Harry South Big Band – Funny How Time Slips Away
27. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Sunny

TRY MY WORLD – 1967-71

1. Because I Love You
2. Try My World
3. Knock On Wood
4. El Pussycat
5. River’s Invitation
6. Close The Door
7. Beware Of The Dog
8. The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde
9. This Is Always
10. Peaceful
11. Somebody Stole My Thunder
12 Someday Man
13. Georgie Fame and Alan Price – Time I Moved On
14. Fully Booked
15. Bidin’ My Time (Cos I Love You)
16. Fool’s Paradise
17. A Waiting Time
18. Tell It Like It Is (take 4)
19. Entertaining Mr Sloane (Main Theme Backing Track)
20. Entertaining Mr Sloane (Theme Two)
21. Bluesology
Tracks 16-21 previously unreleased

MOVE IT ON UP – 1972-76

1. Seven Power
2. Everlovin’ Woman
3. Ozone
4. Leaving The City Behind
5. Ali Shuffle, Round Two
6. Lily
7. Thanking Heaven
8. Daylight (alternate version) previously unreleased
9. Do I Love You
10. Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames – Three Legged Mule
11. Barefootin’
12. Call Up the Devil
13. Hall Street Jive
14. California Girl
15. Cool Cat Blues
16. It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way
17. Move It On Up previously unreleased
18. Hot Stuff
19. Tempo Feliz previously unreleased
20. Getaway previously unreleased
21. I Am What I Am previously unreleased
22. Little Ones (aka Ickle Ones) previously unreleased


1. Country Morning
2. Ali Shuffle, Round Two
3. I Love the Life I Live
4. Parchman Farm
5. Point Of No Return
6. Medley: You Can’t Sit Down / Last Night
7. One Whole Year Baby unreleased
8. Lovely Day
9. That’s What Friends Are For
10. Sitting in the Park
11. Little Samba
12. Funny How Time Slips Away
13. Eros Hotel
14. The Hurricane (part 2)
Tracks 1-7 previously unreleased


1. Jumpin’ with Symphony Syd
2. Rocking Chair
3. Roll With My Baby
4. That’s The Way It Goes
5. I Love The Life I Live
6. Survival
7. The Woodshed
8. Tuned In To You
9. How Long Has This Been Going On?
10. Passed Me By
11. A Declaration of Love

RHYTHM KING – 1993-2015

1. Charleston Walk
2. You Are There
3. Flamingo Allnighter
4. Rhythm King
5. Everybody’s Guessin’
6. Mose Knows
7. Since I Fell For You
8. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
9. Vinyl
10. Anthem For A Band
11. Rollin’ Blue
12. Wide-Eyed and Legless
13. Guantanamo by the Sea
14. Say When
15. My Ship

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David B

Nice . .but it doesn’t include all the singles .. where for example are “The seventh son” or “Rosetta” .. shame about the omissions ..

Mark McKendrick

This on the back of the “The Whole World’s Shaking” boxset…?
The people who would like to buy this will have the ’63 -’66 portion coverd by aforementioned box. Somebody would have been more well advised to have re-issued his catalogue following that box in a similar syle and manner – like the entire CBS catalogue.. them maybe the Island and ‘other’ labels to, say, 1980… and then another with the rest.
Nice box, this… but who is it aimed at..?


I’d like to see the BBC Radio 2 concert from Cheltenham in 2013 get an official release. It was a superb overview of his career with some great guests.

Alan Durrant

Why are there only 7 numbers included from the London Lyceum Concert, there was 15 played on the night and included “Pink Champagne”, would have been much more interesting having one CD devoted entirely to the Live Lyceum gig.


Wot no ‘Rosetta’?

Stan Butler

I say Yeh! Yeh!


At first glance this may appear quite interesting. But after last years box set and the great BGO re-issues there’s not much appeal to this set. Too many gaps and missing tracks. If you bought last years box set the first cd is superfluous. The Go Jazz tracks are totally the wrong choices ie where’s Georgie’s superb version of Moondance? They’ve definitely fallen short here.

Mark McKendrick

I totally agree, Kenny.


Shame there’s no Stock/Aitken/Waterman produced Samba from 1986, definitely one of their classy productions.


Nice to see so little overlap from last year’s “The Whole World’s Shaking” five disc set. Only the first CD in this new set contains material also on the earlier set. It’s disappointing though, that they didn’t just follow the format of the first set, and make this a true companion.

Is this an admission that much of his post-66 work was sub-standard (not worth a re-issue), or do they not have access to everything?