Giles Martin to work with INXS as creative lead on future projects

Following the successful reissue of INXSKick album last year – a 3CD+blu-ray set that features a Giles Martin (& Sam Okell) Dolby Atmos Mix – Universal Music Group have announced that the renowned producer and son of ‘fifth Beatle’ George Martin has been named as ‘Executive Music Director’ across a variety of future ‘ground-breaking’ projects.

Giles will have a “creative overview on all audio aspects of upcoming INXS developments”, including a forthcoming documentary and what is described as “the reimagining of the INXS catalogue” through a dynamic and entirely unique live theatre show and their forthcoming repackaged, remixed and expanded studio albums, to be released via Universal Music Group (UMG) in partnership with Petrol Records.

Giles Martin said: “Having worked across several phenomenal INXS releases over the years, I am thrilled to be extending our musical relationship. INXS are one of the most important rock bands in history, I am honoured to be collaborating with them again and look forward to contributing to the spectacular experiences the band are creating for their fans.”

I see this as good news for INXS fans. Martin is a surround sound enthusiast and a champion of Dolby Atmos which means that there’s a good chance subsequent albums may well include a blu-ray with a surround mix, just like Kick. He’s also very influential and very much an industry ‘heavyweight’. He’s the safe pair of hands Universal trust when developing and working on The Beatles reissues. If nothing else, this announcement is confirmation of a commitment to deliver more INXS deluxe album reissues.

Kick 30 was issued in November last year.

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Kick 30 - 3CD+blu-ray deluxe edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Kick 30 - half-speed mastered 2LP vinyl


Kick 30 / 3CD+Blu-ray deluxe edition

1. Guns In The Sky
2. New Sensation
3. Devil Inside
4. Need You Tonight
5. Mediate
6. The Loved One
7. Wild Life
8. Never Tear Us Apart
9. Mystify
10. Kick
11. Calling All Nations
12. Tiny Daggers

1. Move On [Guitar Version]
2. I’m Coming (Home)
3. Mediate [Live From America]
4. Never Tear Us Apart [Live From America]
5. Kick [Live From America]
6. On The Rocks
7. Do Wot You Do
8. Mystify [Chicago Demo]
9. Jesus Was A Man [Demo]
10. The Trap [Demo]
11. Guns In The Sky [Kick Ass Remix]
12. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn Extended Mix]
13. Move On

(tracks in bold, new additions compared to KICK 25)

1. Never Tear Us Apart [Soul Version]
2. New Sensation [Nick 12” Mix]
3. New Sensation [Nick 7” Mix]
4. Devil Inside [Extended Remix]
5. Devil Inside [7” Version]
6. Devil Inside [Radio Edit]
7. Different World [12” Version]
8. Different World [7” Version]
9. Need You Tonight [Big Bump Mix]
10. Need You Tonight [Ben Liebrand Mix]
11. Need You Tonight [Mendelsohn 7″ Edit]
12. Guns in the Sky [Kookaburra Mix]
13. Calling All Nations [Kids On Bridges Remix]
14. Shine Like it Does [Live]


1. Kick Mixed in Dolby Atmos & High Definition Audio
2. Promo Videos
Guns In The Sky
New Sensation
Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Never Tear Us Apart
Kick [New 2017 promo]

Kick 30 / 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Side A
1 Guns in the Sky
2 New Sensation
3 Devil Inside

Side B
1 Need You Tonight
2 Mediate
3 The Loved One

Side C
1 Wild Life
2 Never Tear Us Apart
3 Mystify

Side D
1 Kick
2 Calling All Nations
3 Tiny Daggers

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Robert Laversuch

Awesome news. Would love to see all the pre Kick albums get a box set release. While Kick was sublime my fave has always been Listen like Thieves and yes agree that it would be nice not to have people write how overrated a particular band or artist is. We all have our preferences and Paul is doing a wonderful job trying to alert us to as many of the upcoming events as possible and we should be grateful. In the end, as Neil Young said, it is all one song.


I really don’t get the point of posting “I’ll pass” or “this band is boring”, etc.

Plenty of the postings are about bands and/or albums I could care less about; I just scroll on down and go back to work.

I get commenting on the contents of a specific reissue – “Would have liked to see this mix, this b-side, this live version” etc. Or questioning if it is from original tapes or vinyl. Or if the “remastering” is good or just cranking up the volume. These things are valid points of discussion that other people (probably Paul) have insight to.

But just bashing a band or release in a simple way? Don’t you have something better to do?

OK, off the soapbox now.

Would love to see deluxe reissues of Listen Like Thieves and The Swing with all the remixes and edits!

Charlie Waffles

I think INXS is an important band. Atlantic/Rhino started releasing reissues many years ago but stopped with three albums (Kick, X and Welcome to Wherever You Are). I hope Giles will give them the attention they deserve.

Giles, you can pass on the early albums. Yuk! Start with Shabooh Shoobah. I also hope the EP Dekadance gets attention.


That “Thieves” release that MAPAZ offers up would be great. I do remember a much-bootlegged California appearance that could be cleaned up for such a release as well. Great setlist as I recall.

Mar Wolfgang

I agree with Patjoller; bring on welcome to wherever you are !!!!!


Seriously folks, fingers crossed for deluxe editions of all the pre-Kick albums. Of course I hope they do them all, but like Simple Minds this bands most interesting output was before they hit the big time.


well, if they are going to announce something. why don’t they actually come out with more details and specifics.

inxs has shown that they don’t care about their past releases, and they are only concerned with milking the same album over and over to death.

until they actually announce some releases, and tracklistings or possible albums,
then maybe it would be actually considered news.

at this point, its still vapor to me.



Paul, I don’t know how you could expect anything less from someone with that name.

Stan C

Man, some of these replies… Did many of you wake up on the (extremely) wrong side of the bed and immediately think “Oh, I have to log onto SDE, this VERY MOMENT, and spew negativity!!!”?

Fellas, we’re living in an era where physical versions of the music we love are a severely-endangered species. It’s a miracle that ANYTHING like this is happening, let alone projects as ambitious as the “Kick 30” box. The thought that I might get to hear the “Listen Like Thieves” album in 7.1? Or “Shabooh” all dusted off and shined up?!?! Are you kidding me? With Giles Martin overseeing all of it IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE BAND? Miraculous!!

This, my friends, is an embarrassment of riches and, for the love of all that is good and righteous, stop immediately showering the news of new releases with your nonsense and knee-jerk negativity.


Hm, maybe you should start your own blog writing just anthems of praises over releases?!?
Luckily people are afaik entitled to their own opinion at SDE.

The announcement sounds interesting to me, although I am always very careful if I hear words like ‘groundbreaking’ in a simple announcement without any real content about what is to happen. To me, working with Giles Martin could be a great thing + I hope for some excellent results out of this, but to me ‘over the moon’ I wait before real announcements of content are Happening. And to be fair, the rather lacklustre approach (personal opinion) about reissuing the INXS backcatalogue in the last 20 years, I can understand many comments quite well.
Fingers crossed for some decent stuff + I hope they don’t Forget to include DVD/BD when possible. Would love to see some Countdown stuff appearing here as well.

Bob Burrows

I get that it was with a different singer but am i the only INXS fan that thinks that Switch should be included with the rest of these albums, i have the remastered cd box set and the all the voices vinyl box set but would really love a vinyl edition of Switch


Afterglow is a very very fine song indeed. I don’t miss that it is not Hutchence singing it.


Too late. Nothing and no one can shine a light in the back catalogue anymore, let alone their once prestigious career. Blame the band and their laziness confiding in their crazy longtime manager Chris Murphy.

Jarmo Keranen

“INXS are one of the most important rock bands in history” says Giles Martin. My ears say it’s one of the most boring rock bands in history!


INXS are one of the most important Austalian rock bands in history.

Leonardo Lotti

Sad. I thought that Super Deluxe Edition was a troll free environment. When Paul announces a reissue or a project from a band/artist that I don’t care about, I don’t even bother to enter and read the article let alone put an unnecesary comment on the section below. One things is for sure though, I wouldn’t like to have that pair of ears. Never in a million years!


I never understand why people think that others will be remotely interested that you don’t like a band for reason xyz. It is just such a pointless thing to tell the world. It’s like ‘thanks for telling us that Jarmo, but we don’t care’.

David Carroll

The KICK 30 reissue was world class….they finally got it right! A beautiful round up of all the b sides ,12s,remixes,demos,alternate versions, some live stuff….just a great (& reasonably priced)
package…and for collectors / completists such as myself…fantastico! To re – release theit back catalogue from SHABOOH on is great news….especially SWING, SHABOOH, THIEVES,& WELCOME…albums.Close attention to detail, remastered properly. …great stuff…can’t wait!


It has been really annoying that they have kept reissuing, remastering and expanding Kick for the past 20 years. The band released 9 other albums which keep getting totally ignored apart from a couple which got remastered round about 2002 and were only available in the US. There is tons of bonus material that they could use so there is no excuse. Also in this annoying category are Sting and Peter Gabriel.

Stuart Russell

Good news as Kick 30 is a great box set (at an agreeable price). I’d be in the market for SDEs of their whole catalogue but I’m realistic enough to know that the first 2 albums may not be commercially viable.


There was a 2002 deluxe edition of the first two albums with single A- and B-sides, demos, live tracks from the period, and some re-recordings from an aborted 1992 project. It’s “Stay Young 1979-1982 (The Complete Deluxe Years)” and is now out of print but might be available somewhere. I wouldn’t anticipate these two albums getting much more attention.

Wayne klein

This will be nice provided they remaster the, well. The Kick deluxe is an ear bleeder.

Larry Davis

It’s great to know that INXS, Universal and Giles are not stopping with “Kick 30” and the 2CD/DVD Very Best Of…that they are doing more catalogue SDEs (the WHOLE catalogue I hope), and that theatre show sounds intriguing…what, the rest of INXS playing live, with guest singers, or a Michael hologram or unreleased footage on a movie screen?? Maybe unreleased music in the INXS vault?? Ahhh the possibilities…but yes “Kick 30” should set the standard for SDEs with anyone, a perfect marriage of well-researched content, attractive physical release in multiple formats, and reasonable price. Indeed.


Congrats to Mr. Martin and a terrific decision by the band, Petrol and UMG.

Perhaps a good place to start for the three albums circa 1982-1985. Hopefully they could follow Stephen Scott’s idea of going with the 3Disc Crowded House/Pretenders type sets… I’m sure the die-hard INXS fans can probably find some errors with my research.

Of course, ‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’ is INXS’ opus in the vein of ‘Achtung Baby/Automatic For The People’, so it could probably use the 6-disc treatment!

Enjoy and Best wishes…

Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
1. The One Thing [3:25]
2. To Look at You [3:56]
3. Spy of Love [3:50]
4. Soul Mistake [2:57]
5. Here Comes [3:01]
6. Black and White [3:40]
7. Golden Playpen [3:05]
8. Jan’s Song [3:18]
9. Old World New World [3:38]
10. Don’t Change [4:26]
CD2 – Mixes and B-Sides:
1. The One Thing (Extended Version) (6:06) 12” A-side (1982) / Dekadance EP (1983)
2. Phantim Of The Opera (3:07) – b-side of The One Thing (1982)
3. Space Shuttle (2:40) – b-side of The One Thing (1982)
4. The Sax Thing (2:58) – b-side of The One Thing (1982)
5. Go West (3:10) – b-side of Don’t Change (1982)
6. Long In Tooth (3:38) – b-side of Don’t Change (1982) / Dance EP (1983)
7. You Never Used To Cry (2:11) – b-side of Don’t Change (1982)
8. Any Day But Sunday (4:24)
Dance EP (1983) / from the soundtrack from “No Small Affair” (1984)
9. Here Comes II (New Version) (3:27)
b-side of To Look At You (1983) / Dekadance EP (1983)
10. Black And White (Extended Version) (4:58) – Dance / Dekadance EP (1983)
11. To Look At You (Extended Version) (6:26) – Dance / Dekadance EP (1983)

The Swing (1984)
1. Original Sin [5:18]
2. Melting in the Sun [3:24]
3. I Send a Message [3:22]
4. Dancing on the Jetty [4:33]
5. The Swing [3:51]
6. Johnson’s Aeroplane [3:53]
7. Love Is (What I Say) [3:41]
8. Face the Change [3:33]
9. Burn for You [4:57]
10. All the Voices [6:09] – from the film Strikebound (1984)

A-Sides and B-sides:
11. The Harbour (5:15) – b-side of Dancing On The Jetty (1984)
12. All The Voices (edit b-side version) (4:26)– b-side (1984)
13. Mechanical (4:36) – b-side of I Send A Message (1984)
14. Burn For You (Single version) (4:26) (1984)
15. Johnson’s Aeroplane (Remix–early version) (3:55) – b-side of I Burn For You (1984)
16. Love Is (What I Say) (Remix) – Dekadance EP (1984)
17. Dancing On The Jetty (Remix – 7” single version) (4:08) (1984)
18. Jackson (with Jenny Morris) – Dekadance EP (1984)

CD2 – Rarities, Mixes and Live:
1. Original Sin (Extended/Long Version) (6:23) – 12” a-side (1984)
2. Original Sin (Dance/Dub Version) (6:00) – b-side of Original Sin (1984)
3. I Send A Message (Extended/Long Distance Remix) (5:05) 12” a-side (1984)
4. I Send A Message (Local Call) ?
5. Burn For You (Extended Remix) (6:14) – 12” a-side (1984)
6. Burn For You (Remix) (5:00) (3.38)? – Dekadance EP (1984)
7. Burn For You (Dub Version) (3:14) – Dekadance Cassette (1984)
8. Melting In The Sun (Extended Vocal 12” Remix) (4:45) – Dekadance EP (1984)
9. The Swing (Extended Remix) (3:39) – Dekadance Cassette (1984)
10. The Harbour (Dub Version) (5:13) – Dekadance Cassette (1984)
11. In Vain / Just Keep Walking
(Live at Magic Mountain, California, U.S.A.) (7:35) – b-side of Original Sin (1984)
12. Jan’s Song
(Live at Magic Mountain, California, U.S.A.) (3:06) – b-side of Original Sin (1984)
13. To Look At You
(Live at Magic Mountain, California, U.S.A.) (3:39) – b-side of Original Sin (1984)

Listen Like Thieves (1985)
1. What You Need [3:35]
2. Listen Like Thieves [3:46]
3. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain [3:54]
4. Shine Like it Does [3:07]
5. Good + Bad Times [2:43]
6. Biting Bullets [2:49]
7. This Time [3:09]
8. Three Sisters [2:26]
9. Same Direction* [4:57]
10. One x One [3:05]
11. Red Red Sun [3:32]
Rarities and B-sides:
12. *Do Wot You Do (3:16) – soundtrack “Pretty In Pink” 1986)(also included on Kick 30 in 2017)
13. Sweet As Sin (2:19) – b-side of What You Need
14. I’m Over You (4:05) – b-side of This Time (1985)
15. *Different World (4:09) – b-side of Listen Like Thieves (1986) (also included on Kick 30 in 2017)
16. Begotten (Instrumental) (3:05) – b-side of Listen Like Thieves (1986)
17. Listen Like Thieves (instrumental) – 4.07 – b-side of Listen Like Thieves (1986)
18. Six Knots (0:54) – b-side of Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (1986)
19. XS Verbiage (INXS Interview- soundtrack to “The Swing And Other Stories” VHS) (4:49) – b-side of Listen Like Thieves 12” (1986)
CD2 – Rarities, Mixes and Live:
1. Good Times (With Jimmy Barnes)(3:49)- soundtrack “The Lost Boys” 1987)
2. Laying Down The Law (With Jimmy Barnes)(4:23) – soundtrack “The Lost Boys” 1987)
3. What You Need (Extended Remix) (5:35)
4. Listen Like Thieves (Extended Remix) – 5.44 (1986)
5. *Different World (Extended Version) (6:10) – b-side of Listen Like Thieves 12” (1986) (also included on Kick 30 in 2017)
6. What You Need (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (4:05) – b-side of What You Need
7. The One Thing (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (3:31) – b-side of What You Need
8. This Time (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (3:15) – This Time Live EP (1986)
9. Original Sin (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (5:17) – This Time Live EP (1986)
10. Burn For You (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (4:45) – This Time Live EP (1986)
11. Dancing On The Jetty (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (4:40) – This Time Live EP
12. Listen Like Thieves(Live in Melbourne November 1985)(4:14)
b-side of Listen Like Thieves (1986)
13. One X One (Live) (3:15) (Live in Melbourne November 1985)
b-side of Listen Like Thieves 12”
14. The One Thing (Live in Melbourne November 1985) (3:15)
b-side of Kiss The Dirt (1986)


Great work MAPAZ, better to remind them of the tracks fans know are out there ahead of time rather than wait until they release a deficient track listing and then have them scramble over the responses (if that).

I would imagine Listen Like Thieves would be on deck next, but the one I’d be most inclined to spring for is The Swing, especially if it does include all of those remixes and dub versions.


I would buy those three in a heartbeat

Todd R.

I agree – in fact THIEVES was the first thing to come to mind on this.

Dave Vachon

This is a phenomenal post. Solid effort.

Lee Realgone

Any box set reissue of ‘The Swing’ needs to include ‘The Swing & Other Stories’ VHS on DVD or blu ray. I’m still gutted that neither of the (similar) ‘Kick’ boxes included a DVD of ‘In Search of Excellence’. I’ve wanted an upgrade from the old VHS forever.


You’re missing “DLT ” and “Tell Me” that were on the test print of Listen Like Thieves before INXS were sent back to the studio to record a hit. They came back with “What you Need” which made the final cut but it meant we lost DLT and Tell Me. I’d pay big bucks to hear them.


Now THATS good news. A deluxe Listen Like Thieves that includes the Rocking The Royals video? Yes please.


Top news. I rate Kick 30 as one of the very best SDE’s of recent times, and a bargain to boot.

George Glazener

Well, I suppose I can allow this, as long as he doesn’t let it interfere with working on The Beatles’ White Album 50th anniversary SDE. Priorities after all…!!

Paul E.

So they’ve vetted the INXS marketplace and have FINALLY determined there’s gold in dem dar hills! Perhaps my purchasing of “Kick” x 3 deluxe versions was a contributing factor. All shame will be extinguished once I see other titles in this band’s excellent catalog expanded, deluxed, and ATMOS’d. Thanks for the great announcement Paul and look forward to some further news alongside release dates as they become available.


bring on welcome to wherever you are !!!!!


Outstanding news indeed! Can’t wait for future box sets that include surround sound. The Kick 30th Anniversary was outstanding (and very affordable).


Very good news


I am bored with all the re-releases of the same albums.

Do some of the earlier ones, like Shabooh Shoobah, and maybe the swing,
and then i might be interested.


Hans Jörg

@negative and so on. Maybe you should re-read the news to understand the content properly?


Good news indeed. The Kick deluxe edition is just great – what a fantastic album.

Kevin Galliford

His work on Sgt Pepper was nothing short of brilliant so really looking forward to this, especially the eventual reissue of their creative high “Welcome to wherever you are”.


This is great news! I was hoping Kick was a test of the marketplace. Here’s hoping all future releases keep similar price points. I’ve been hedging about picking up those ‘remastered’ 2-fers. I’ll wait.