Glenn Frey / Above The Clouds: The Collection / new four-disc package

Deluxe set includes hits, early rarities and ‘deep cuts’

Universal Music will issue Above The Clouds: The Collection, a new four-disc deluxe box set that focuses on the solo career of Glenn Frey.

The 3CD+DVD set starts with a 15-track ‘best of’ disc which includes singles like The Heat Is On (from Beverly Hills Cop), Smuggler’s Blues and You Belong To The City.

The second CD digs deeper into Frey’s back catalogue and includes tracks from his last studio album, 2012’s After Hours, 1985’s Allnighter, new tracks from 1995’s Solo Collection and more.

The one and only album (self-titled) by Frey’s and JD Souther’s Longbranch / Pennywhistle is officially released on CD for the first time on disc three. This was recorded in 1969 in California (after the pair had moved from Detroit to California) and issued on the Amos label. While the country rock/folk outfit were short-lived, Souther would go on to co-write loads of great Eagles songs, such as Best of My Love, New Kid in Town and Heartache Tonight.

The fourth and final disc is a DVD of a live show from Dublin in 1992 from the Strange Weather tour.

Above The Clouds: The Collection will be released on 11 May 2018. A single disc ‘best of’ (disc one of the bigger set) will also be available separately.

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Glenn Frey

above the clouds - 3CD+DVD


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Glenn Frey

Above the clouds - single CD very best of


Disc: 1
1. The Heat Is On

2. Call On Me

3. Part Of Me, Part Of You

4. You Belong To The City

5. Smuggler’s Blues

6. Sexy Girl

7. The Allnighter

8. Soul Searchin’

9. Same Girl

10. The One You Love

11. Strange Weather

12. I’ve Got Mine

13. River Of Dreams

14. Love In The 21st Century

15. Lyin’ Eyes / Take It Easy (Medley – Live at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland / 1992)

Disc: 2
1. Let’s Go Home

2. I Got Love

3. This Way To Happiness

4. Common Ground

5. After Hours

6. Rising Sun (Instrumental)

7. The Shadow Of Your Smile

8. Better In The U.S.A.

9. Brave New World

10. Caroline, No

11. For Sentimental Reasons

12. It’s Too Soon To Know

13. Worried Mind

14. Lover’s Moon

15. Route 66

16. True Love

Disc: 3
1. Jubilee Anne

2. Run Boy, Run

3. Rebecca

4. Lucky Love

5. Kite Woman

6. Bring Back Funky Women

7. Star – Spangled Bus

8. Mister, Mister

9. Don’t Talk Now

10. Never Have Enough

Disc: 4
1. Long Hot Summer

2. Peaceful Easy Feeling

3. New Kid In Town

4. The One You Love

5. Strange Weather

6. I’ve Got Mine

7. Lyin’ Eyes / Take It Easy (Medley)

8. Wild Mountain Thyme

9. River Of Dreams

10. True Love

11. Love In The 21st Century

12. Livin’ Right

13. Smuggler’s Blues

14. The Heat Is On

15. Heartache Tonight

16. Party Town

17. Desperado

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[…] album was first issued on CD in May this year as part of Glenn Frey‘s Above The Clouds set. That package wasn’t overly expensive, but if you just want the Longbranch/Pennywhistle […]

matteo barbieri

What is the difference between the album and single version of True Love? Are there any other versions of this song?


My set just shipped from Amazon Italy at 4.88 Euro, plus shipping. It comes out to 12.38 Euro or $14.66, a savings of $17.53 vs buying it from Amazon.Com. All of your bitching be damned, I can live with the funky track arrangements, and “missing” songs. It all goes on the iPod / iPhone anyway and I can add songs as I wish.


Amazon.it did honor the 5 pound price. My package was sent today. 4.88 plus post/package. Obviously a great deal.


Same for me. £5 box set just sent by amazon.it :)

Gis Bun

For not a huge solo career [in terms of album releases] he seemed to have a lot of compilations.

Mathew Lauren

Digi-paks WEAR much too quickly and this collection is not extensive enough and does not include ANY of his ICONIC videos or ANY material in hires, 5.1 – Shame.


Why is this in cheap digi-packaging?

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Because I wrote the record company requesting a digital-pack edition. Seems to have worked.


Would have loved to see some extended versions here…

wayne klein

I’m only interested in the Longbranch Pennywhistle material so here’s hoping that gets a separate release. Would love to see Henley’s album with his first band get a release as well.

Neil McL

Ordered from Italy €5.23no brainer

Larry Davis

Me too…but cancelled at first due to the 10 euro shipping charge… But saw the conversion rate…with VAT removed, it’s 18 bucks, compared to almost 50 from Amazon US…reordered and accepted…

Larry Davis

Mine was…and I got the confirm purchase email…charged 14.88 euros…not the biggest Glenn Frey fan or the Eagles but I like em enough to pay that steal of a price, even with the high shipping cost…surprised they took pay upfront and not when dispatched in May…I love “You Belong To The City” from “Miami Vice”…a cool 80s tune…

Gis Bun

Certain countries/territories require the merchant to honor pricing mistakes. I once picked up Porcupine Tree’s In Absentia on DVD Audio for 97 cents!


Is that Italian price right? 5.25! for the 3 cd + DVD. Wowsers.


£5.25 from Amazon Italy for the 4 Disc. Is that correct? I have taken the plunge


I ordered as well, will be interesting if we will receive the 3CD/1DVD edition :-)


Three points I’d like to make:

Seems very good value, even if it missing some stuff according to less casual fans.

I think they’ve missed a trick by not releasing the DVD separately.

I’m astounded that Amazon UK price is the cheaper one. Makes a change!


I posted the following on another board about this release:

As expected, this is a missed opportunity for an overview of Frey’s solo career, just like the 2009 “Very Best Of” release was for Don Henley. Shouldn’t “True Love” be on the first disc? It’s one of his biggest hits. Where is “I Found Somebody? It was his first solo single and a top 40 hit. What about “All Those Lies”? I bet that these are all album versions, too. Both “True Love” and “Soul Searchin'” had single versions/mixes different to the album versions. Also, “Livin’ Right”, which has a single remix but was only a minor hit, is missing as well. There’s plenty of room on these discs for more tracks. “Partytown”, a No. 5 Billboard rock hit and fan favorite is missing. Glenn already has a few compilations on the market. This would have been a great opportunity to include all the hits, single mixes, rarities, and favorites between the first two discs and set the collection apart from the rest. Disc two relies too heavily on his 2012 “After Hours” covers album, featuring a whopping 7 cuts (half the album). Why not just package the entire album as disc 2 then? (Disc 1 features “Same Girl” from the album, so that’s 8 tracks total). This was a missed opportunity to include more album cuts (not from “After Hours”) on disc 2, including the 12″ mixes of “The Heat Is On”, for example, in addition to non-album b-sides/Japan-only releases. Oh well. I might buy it if the sound quality is good, since having (hopefully great sounding) remastered versions of these songs would be nice.

Here’s how I would have done the first disc. In chronological order …

01 I Found Somebody [Single Version] (3:50) (No. 31 Pop, No. 27 AC)
02 The One You Love (4:34) (No. 15 Pop, No. 2 AC)
03 All Those Lies (4:42) (No. 41 Pop, No. 28 AC)
04 Partytown (2:57) (No. 5 Rock)
05 Sexy Girl (3:30) (No. 20 Pop, No. 23 AC)
06 The Allnighter (4:22) (No. 54 Pop)
07 The Heat Is On (from “Beverly Hills Cop”) (3:45) (No. 2 Pop)
08 Smuggler’s Blues [A-Side Single Version] (3:49) (No. 12 Pop)
09 You Belong to the City (from “Miami Vice”) (5:51) (No. 2 Pop, No. 2 AC)
10 True Love [Single Version] (4:12) (No. 13 Pop, No. 2 AC)
11 Soul Searchin’ [Remix] (4:29) (No. 5 AC)
12 Livin’ Right [Remix] (4:28) (No. 90 Pop, No. 22 AC)
13 Flip City (from “Ghostbusters II”) (5:12)
14 Part of Me, Part of You [Single Edit] (from “Thelma & Louise”) (4:15) (No. 55 Pop, No. 7 AC)
15 I’ve Got Mine [Single Edit] (3:58) (No. 91 Pop, No. 12 AC)
16 River of Dreams [Single Edit] (4:40) (No. 27 AC)
17 Love in the 21st Century [Single Edit] (4:11) (No. 112 Pop)
18 This Way to Happiness (3:27) (No. 54 Canada)
19 After Hours (3:57) (the only Frey/Tempchin written song on the 2012 album – save a few covers for disc 2)

Including the single versions/mixes for most tracks would allow for more room and brings the compilation to 80 minutes of playing time. Most of these single versions are rare on CD. I would have included “Flip City” as well, since it would make its debut on a Frey compilation.

Anyhow, as someone pointed out here, licensing is perhaps the issue. The first album was released on Asylum (Warner), whereas his remaining albums were issued on MCA/Universal.

Elizabeth Martinez

The sale of this goes to the music exec’s not to Glenn’s family. Is that correct?


Depends on contract stipulations and how the rights issues were handled for his estate. Typically, with posthumous releases, the royalties that would have gone to the the artist go to the state’s holdings and are distributed to the rightful heirs from that point under the stipulations of the will.

Kathy Eves



I am surprised this collection does not include his very first single “I Found Somebody”. So not fully complete.


What a total miss! If you issue a box, do it right. Include his remastered solo albums, demo’s, remixes (12″ of The Heat Is On), outtakes, b-sides, unreleased stuff and a dvd with his greatest hits in surround sound and a concert. This is a horrible, below average box. Nothing interesting for me so I will pass. Bummer because Glenn Frey’s solo albums are all quite good.

Charles Christopher

I am *mortified* that they didn’t include his oh-so-80s commercials for Bally’s gym. Talk about a total miss!

Stephen K

Out of Frey’s first 13 singles, 5 are missing from this compilation. It’s really crazy that you have a former member of super-successful band The Eagles, with a decent solo career of his own, and I don’t think any of his albums were ever re-released/remastered, and there’s only 2 or 3 compilations of his solo work (all fairly similar in content)? So while I was very excited to read that a 3CD/1DVD set was coming out, it looks like another decade will have to pass by before we get another shot at a decent compilation. Discs 3 and 4 look like the main draws, but for a casual listener like me, this was not the compilation I was looking for.

Charlie Waffles

The Allnighter was released in the US in 1984.

Still, this is another greatest hits collection without Partytown off the No Fun Aloud album from 1982. How hard is it for Geffen to ask for rights to ONE song from Asylum Records?


I have been waiting for years for the 1992 Strange Weather tour Dublin concert to be released on DVD and it is finally here. It has bonus songs that aren’t on the CD to boot including one of my favorites Party Town!! I’m so excited – this is a must buy for me.

Charles Christopher

ugh, dumb me just noticed that it does include “The One You Love”.

Alan Blevin

The DVD is of the show released on cd as Glenn Frey Live.Excellent show.Wish they included more stuff from No Fun Aloud but a good package.

Graham Piazza

The concert is worth the money on it’s own.

Geoff G

From a person who only owns a compilation of Frey, this sounds great. The Frey and JD Souther album sounds good, plus a live DVD. Would like the price to drop a little, but still nice.


Straight out of Dondero High School in Royal Oak, Glenn’s early years were really influenced by Bob Seger and his manager Punch Andrews. Frey was on the early Seger stuff such as Ramblin Gamblin Man. It was Andrews who encouraged him to move to California where he ran straight in to J D Souther, who was born in Detroit but not raised here.

Enough rambling gambling old guy – this one looks worthwhile from a Michigan point of view


nice set & ordered thru Amazon uk. thanks, Paul.

David Olstein

Frey only released five studio albums as a solo artist, along with a live album. A fitting tribute would have been to release a box set containing his complete solo output, remastered, with appropriate bonus tracks (outtakes from the recording sessions, demos and single edits/mixes), a bonus disc or two of non-album tracks and rarities, as well as the Longbranch/Pennsywhistle album. And while the inclusion of a live DVD is welcome, how hard could it have been to find room for his promotional videos?


David, that would be a brilliant idea, and I’m not much of a fan of Frey or the Eagles. Record company executives have lost the thread.


Hmmm. He had a short solo career and yet this is about the 4th or 5th compilation already released [I’m thinking more of the single disc edition]. I would of preferred a definite 2 CD set like the “Gold” series.


FFS, just release the guy’s first two albums!


Thank you for making me look up the meaning of FFS! Brilliant!

Charles Christopher

The target audience for this is clearly “people who aren’t me”. I’ll spare you my thoughts on the Eagles and Frey in particular (they’re not kind), but I read the details about the release just out of curiosity. I notice this set doesn’t even include the hits off his first album (the one with the rather on the nose title No Fun Aloud). Like someone posted above, it would’ve made more sense to collect all of his his pretty slim solo output, then thrown in the concert DVD with videos, and some rarities. Going by the band’s staggering ticket prices, I can’t imagine any member of the Eagles worried about making the set too expensive.


But isn’t it good that it isn’t expensive? This is a set with two new items for big fans (CD first release and DVD concert), plus some hits and best of stuff for casual fans. A catch all scenario at low price point which perhaps makes more sense for sales and record co than either another hits only compo or big career spanning SDE.