Godley & Creme / Body Of Work 1978-1988 / five CD box set

There is something of a glut of 10cc related releases in the coming weeks. We have the two-CD Eric Stewart Anthology due in mid-July, the Before, During and After four-CD box set a week later, and now Body Of Work 1978-1988, a five-disc Godley & Creme box set scheduled for release in September.

This box features music from Kevin Godley and Lol Creme that spans 10 years. The first CD combines 1977’s L and its follow-up Freeze Frame. The next album, 1981’s Ismism (aka Snack Attack) shares space with 1983’s Bird Of Prey on another ‘two-fer’ disc (although a close look at the track listing confirms that the last song on that album – Out In The Cold – is bumped to the start of CD3!).

The History Mix Volume 1 (which features the hit single Cry) and their final album Goodbye Blue Sky fill out the next two CDs and the final disc contains single A-sides, B-sides and an extended version.

Body Of Work 1978-1988 will be issued on 8 September 2017 by Caroline International. Expect clamshell box packaging.

CD 1
The Sporting Life
Sandwiches of You
Art School Canteen
Group Life
Foreign Accents
Hit Factory/Business Is Business

An Englishman In New York
Random Brainwave
I Pity Inanimate Objects
Freeze Frame
Brazilia (Wish You Were Here)
Get Well Soon

CD 2
Snack Attack
Under Your Thumb
Joey’s Camel
The Problem
Ready for Ralph
Wedding Bells
Sale of the Century
The Party

My Body The Car
Worm and The Rattlesnake
Cats Eyes
Save a Mountain For Me
Madame Guillotine
Twisted Nerve

CD 3
Out in the Cold
Wet Rubber Soup
Expanding The Business / The “Dare You” Man / Hum Drum Boys In Paris / Mountain Tension
Cry (Single Edit)
Love Bombs
Snack Attack
Wet Rubber Soup (Edit)
Golden Boy (Remix)
Light Me Up
Golden Boy (12″ Mix)

CD 4
H.E.A.V.E.N./A Little Piece of Heaven
Don’t Set Fire (To the One I Love)
Golden Rings
Crime & Punishment
The Big Bang
10,000 Angels
Sweet Memory
Airforce One
The Last Page of History
Desperate Times

CD 5
Silent Running (B-side of An Englishman in New York)
Wide Boy (non-album single)
Submarine (non-album single)
Marciano (B-side Submarine)
Babies (B-side Wedding Bells)
Power Behind The Throne (B-side Under Your Thumb)
Welcome To Breakfast Television (B-side Save A Mountain For Me)
A Little Piece Of Heaven (Extended Mix)
Bits Of Blue Sky (B-side A Little Piece Of Heaven)
Rhino Rhino (extra track on A Little Piece Of Heaven)
Hidden Heartbeat (B-side to 10,000 Angels)
Can’t Sleep (extra track on 10,000 Angels)

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Florentino Stabile

One of the truly most ingenious of musicians and video technicians. Just incredible. For me I am rediscovering all of their hits…. Save a Mountain for Me, Cry, Under your Thumb. Wedding Bells. However my guilty pleasure and one I have been looking for for a long time is Golden Boy. Remembering seeing the video to this and I have been mesmerized ever since.

Just an awesome duo…
The world needs more geniuses like this
Ordered and cannot wait to indulge once it arrives,
Thank you Paul and all at the Caroline International for putting this out


In an alternate universe there is a boxset consisting of nothing but mixes and variants of the sublime Under Your Thumb. Sadly, it is not this ooniverse.

Markie G

Sausage, egg and beans and chips, milkshakes, clambakes, fondue & dips, sauces, horses, seventeen courses, barbequed beef with asparagus tips.

Great set. And it inlcudes Snack Attack, one of my guilty pleasures – but a shame it doesn’t appear to have the 12″ version.

Anyway, I’m in.

Curt Selak

I am so happy that “The Worm and The Rattlesnake” and “Fourth Form Punchbag” will be readily available again on CD, because they were and are unusual songs in that they are about antisemitism. Around here (America), if you speak out/up like they do on either song, people (especially one’s fellow Jews) will usually tell you that you are just feeling sorry for yourself. But I think that the way Godley and Creme approached the topic in their lyrics ought to be defended!

Rich Cliffard

Godley and Creme = Tommy Saxondale and Raymond

John D

Seems like I repeat myself, but I would love S Wilson to do a 5.1 of Consequences.


Ironic that the cover includes a picture of the “Consequences” album on it, but not the actual album!


How can they justify this box set with 5 discs £23 compared to the 10cc one which has only 4 discs and is £39.99.


Just looked through my Amazon preorders and this is down to £23.92. Not sure why the widget is still showing £29.99?

Gary Russell

Also seems to be missing the remix of Samson, the original Golden Boy and Strange Apparatus, all of which were on the previous 2fers.

Ian Harris

The Japanese mini-lp-replica SHM-CD of Birds Of Prey had the first second or so of Worm And The Rattlesnake clipped. This error was also on the original Japanese CD so the same master was obviously used there.
The Edsel version was complete but the sound was bad.
Birds Of Prey is one of my favourite albums, but I still have not managed to get a decent CD version of it. Fingers crossed for this box!

Jim Galvin

Any idea if it’s actually remastered?? Caroline doesn’t have the greatest track record.
I already ordered the 4 disc 10cc set as well as the Eric Stewart double and I want this as well. But I don’t need crappy audio that matches what I already have.

Paul Chapman

it’s a shame they didn’t do a DVD of their directed video promos as part of the package.

Having a look at the tracklisting, think I’ll stick with my Japan remasters….


I never knew G&C fell out. Interesting.

btw; as a side note, Kevin directed the last video for Elbow’s ‘Gentle Storm’ single which is a homage (copy) of the Cry video.


And appears in, as well.


Unfortunally missing

– Cry (Remix)
– Snack Attack 12″ version and Phil Harding mixes
– Love Bombs 12″ version


Cry has two 12 inch remixes: the Nigel Gray remix and the J.J. Jeczalik remix! The latter has never been released on CD in master quality.


Was quite excited about this until I saw the content.
I picked up the Japanese LP-Replica CDs which were superb and included consequences in a replica box. I don’t think this box has much (if anything) to add to that collection.

My best mate (who is a huge G&C fan – hello Simon!) used to have a G&C experimental video collection called Mondo Video on VHS cassette. I would love to see that get a DVD release.


Hello Trash, agree re this box set.

Yes, I still have Mondo Video on VHS – great music and stunning accompanying visuals. Definitely needs a DVD/BluRay release.


Continuing the discussion regarding “Consequences”… via discogs, there are four 2 CD sets listed… one is a 1991 Germany / Mercury pressing… one is a 2000 United States / One Way Records pressing… one is a 2006 Japan / Mercury pressing… and one is a 2010 Japan / Mercury pressing.

Jeremy guy

When are the going to rerelease Consequences it’s a great album deserves to be rediscovered.


Missing the extended remixes of Cry and Snack Attack.


Great news. One of the most underestimated acts in the history of modern pop music imho.
Ordered right away (not thinking about the Consequences;-)) )

Steven Roberts

Hmmm…need to check when I get home, but I think the extra material all saw release a few years back on the mini LP CDs from Japan (which I have). So if there’s nothing new on there…

…if they were doing signed copies, however, I might be tempted :D

…btw, are Godley and Creme talking to each other again yet?

Derek T.

There are some 7″ versions of theirs that have never been reissued. So it’s a shame that there’s nothing here that hasn’t been on CD before (although in the case of the tracks from Goodbye Blue Sky singles, they have only been on CD singles). It would take some pretty fancy packaging to tempt me. But it’s good their stuff is being made available again. Those Edsel CDs seem to have been pretty scarce for a while.
I bet those versions of Golden Boy are still mislabelled.


Consequences was reissued a few years ago in a lovely 2CD edition with excellent sound quality so while it is a little weird not to have anything from it on this box set, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Looks like a good set overall.

don cooper

Bought that 2CD and the G&C twofers a few years back.Highlights from Consequences formed one disc of the latter.
The boxed vinyl of Consequences can be had from Amazon sellers and ebay reasonably readily,be patient for a decent price *and* inclusion of the accompanying booklet with hilarious, self-indulgent b+w photo’s.
I say these things because the ‘book’ was the only thing attracting me to the forthcoming 10cc boxset and…Caroline are not averse to vinyl drops-the John Miles 5cd box of recent vintage seemed to be of that ilk.
And…wot?no book? Auuuugggghhhh!

adam shaw

Hope if it is put out separately they remaster it properly . The last 2 cd version done in Japan had Honolulu Lulu as part of The Flood !

elliott buckingham

cry uses the exact backing beat as frankies relax but at a super slowed down speed


Let’s just hope that C0nsequences will be getting its own reissue……..

Paul Kent

It’s not a body of work without Consequences!

adam shaw

Paul , is this the same label that put these out a few years ago as twofers ?

adam shaw

Thanks for the info .
If it’s part on Universal you would think they might own the right to Consequences as well .


Please, please,please do a “Super Duper Deluxe” of Consequences. Can’t believe it’s so hard to get on CD.

adam shaw

A best of with nothing from Concequnces isn’t a fair over view.
It was released originaly on the Mercury label as was the later 10cc albums so seems strange there’s nothing from it .

Gordon John Watson

Excellent news, although the 10cc related reissues is costing me a wee fortune.
Shame nothing from Consequences though.

Mark Scholes

This is a fabulous collection from two artists who have never done wrong in my eyes (ears)! What a shame nobody took the opportunity of adding a sixth disc, going back a year, containing the single LP “Highlights From Consequences”, the full work being one of the most unfairly overlooked albums ever. I don’t care about the longueurs on it, I play it all the time and just love it; it would have been great for those not completely aware to discover just how musical it is. If nothing else there should at least have been space for “Lost Weekend”, featuring Sarah Vaughan (almost as sad as Don’t hang Up on How Dare You). Still it’s a great collection, another one to buy – this year is killing me financially…

Gary Thompson

So has Consequences been written out of their history, or is it licensing issues that prevents anything from that album appearing on this comp?


It may be the Peter Cook parts that are scuppering the release – none of his contributions to the Sparks singles have made it to cd either.

Jose Gomez

These are the G+C Polydor albums. Consequences was on Mercury.


Am wondering if Love Bombs is the 7″ or 12″ version? Think only the 7″ version has been released digitally so far?


Fantastic news and preordered! This Is how its done! So glad I held off getting these on Amazon market place and Ebay, some of them at high prices. Had some of these on cassette back in the day and had my interest rekindled following getting into 10CC properly last year.