Goldfrapp / Supernature green vinyl

Delayed vinyl reissue • Includes exclusive art print

Mute/BMG’s vinyl reissue of Goldfrapp‘s Supernature was originally scheduled for May but will now be issued in August.

The album reached number two back in 2005 and will be available on translucent green vinyl with an exclusive art print of the cover (by Mat Maitland), which looks very cool without the text (see image below).

Supernature pressed on translucent green vinyl with exclusive cover art print (click image to enlarge)

Supernature benefitted from two UK top ten singles in ‘Ooh La La’ and ‘Number 1’ and ‘Ride A White Horse’ wasn’t far behind, galloping to number 15 before pulling up.

Supernature is reissued on vinyl on 14 August 2020.

Side 1
1. Ooh La La
2. Lovely 2 C U
3. Ride a White Horse
4. You Never Know
5. Let It Take You

Side 2
1. Fly Me Away
2. Slide In
3. Koko
4. Satin Chic
5. Time Out from the World
6. Number 1

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Donald Biscuits

I got mine from mute a few weeks ago. It’s a beautifully rendered release.


This translucent green/teal vinyl is really beautiful…..and having the vinyl of this is really great….can’t wait for Felt Mountain to arrive.


Members of The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths remake ‘Tower of Strength’ for COVID relief…how cool is that…digital and physical copies out aug 28


Eh? I got mine already! Ordered from the Goldfrapp site
I got this and Black Cherry on coloured Vinyl back in June.



I’ve had mine for quite a while too. I seem to remember Mute sending an email with something along the lines of: “we’ve got them and we’re sending them out early as a treat in these uncertain times” sort-of-thing.


Great album! Ordered in February, looking forward to receive it!

Denis Woods

Is there any talk of “Seventh Tree” getting reissued on vinyl, Paul?


I was thinking Felt Mountain would be neat in white….but that’s kind of bland….better would be a deep translucent alpine green….

Andy E

Felt mountain has already been released as white….

Derek Langsford

A Felt Mountain deluxe reissue plus vinyl and a tour was announced for late 2020 back in November 2019. I assume that has been pushed back because of COVID-19.

I hope they took notice of all the calls for a 5.1 mix and have the time for Will to pull one together.


Denis, I’m with you on this. I love Seventh Tree so much.


Supernature is part of a re-issue campaign that started with Black Cherry, so I’m hopeful Seventh Tree is up next ! :)


Their best album, and, I was glad to see they also recently remastered the Ooh La La video into HD …but they accidentally squashed the video vertically – look at the “round” reel-to-reel tapes at 1m 03s. Not round anymore.


Yes apparently fnac have it in stock but not amazons


Wish they’d added Beautiful since it appeared on so many CDs, but what a fantastic album! A must own!


Weird that some people in Europe have already received, this yet us U.K. folk have to keep waiting


I’m in the U.K. and ordered from U.K. site and have had it for a couple months now. Think it’s down to luck rather geographical location


Their best record as far the the “electro” era goes(and my fave album of theirs overall).

Derek Langsford

This was the album that got me into Goldfrapp in a big way. Bought their 2 previous and all later albums as they came out. Got the special editions, the Tales of Us Boxed set (got No. 8), all CD singles (most sets with the slipcovers), the CD/SACD set of this album, and the DVDs. Even bought the 7″ of Happiness to get the Seventh Tree CD singles box.

This looks very nice and I assume will be attractive to the vinyl buyer.


A good steady album but not their best. Still, a group to be applauded & admired!



Sam Lowry

So many good tracks on this one. I am not interested in this edition but would love an SDE with the instrumentals finally seeing a general release. There are also many good mixes of ” Ooh La La”, “Ride a white horse”, “Number 1” and “Fly me away”. The promo videos are also excellent so would not be misplaced.


I Agree!!! Deluxe editions of this and Black Cherry (sans vinyl) would be most welcome.

Derek Langsford

I think Black Cherry could be amazing in 5.1. But I am sure that is out of the question.

Rare Glam

I’d sooner there was a CD box set of all their albums.


“back in 2005” – Paul, you’re freaking us out!!!