Gomez / Bring It On 20th anniversary edition super deluxe edition

Gomez‘s debut Bring It On will be reissued for its 20th anniversary and amongst the formats will be a super deluxe edition box set featuring a host of unreleased songs and demos.

The indie band from Southport were signed to Hut Records (home to The Auteurs amongst others) who issued Bring It On in 1998, when the ashes of Britpop were still smouldering. The album was critically acclaimed and sold well, despite having not any big hit singles to its name (Whippin’ Piccadilly was the highest charting single in the UK, reaching number 35). The band’s credibility was confirmed when the album won the 1998 Mercury Music Prize beating The Verve‘s Urban Hymns, amongst others.

The new box set has four CDs. The album and all the B-sides have been remastered (by Frank Arkwright) and the package includes 35 previously unreleased tracks made up of 13 songs never released in any form by Gomez (including covers of Neil Young’s Unknown Legend and T-Bone Walker’s Mean Old World).

The 20th anniversary super deluxe edition of Bring It On

The last CD in the set features the band’s 1998 Glastonbury performance and BBC sessions (the latter was included on the bonus disc of the 10th anniversary two-CD set).

A double vinyl version of the remastered album will also be issued, although it’s ‘album-only’ and doesn’t come with any bonus tracks.

The package is presented in the same style as the Tears For Fears and Simple Minds super deluxe editions and includes a 10,000-word essay by music writer Paul Stokes, with new interviews with the band and those close to them.

Bring It On will be reissued on 20 April 2018.

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Bring It On - 4CD box set


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Bring It On - 2LP vinyl


1 Get Miles
2 Whippin’ Piccadilly
3 Make No Sound
4 78 Stone Wobble
5 Tijuana Lady
6 Here Comes the Breeze
7 Love Is Better Than a Warm Trombone
8 Get Myself Arrested
9 Free to Run
10 Bubble Gum Years
11 Rie’s Wagon
12 The Comeback

CD2: B-sides REMASTERED + 1997 Southport demos
1 Who’s Gonna Go the Bar
2 Steve McCroski
3 Wham Bam
4 Flavors
5 Old School Shirt
6 The Cowboy Song
7 Pussyfootin’
8 Pick Up The Pieces
9 Whippin’ Piccadilly (Turbo Version)
10 Flats 1 & 2
11 Collapse
12 Hit On The Head
13 Slot Machine
14 Sweetest Song
15 Buena Vista
16 78 Stone Wobble
17 Sun Rim Dips
18 Walking Wounded
19 Bluest Heaven
20 Getting Rained On

CD3: Demo tape to record labels + Sheffield demos + other demos
1 78 Stone Wobble
2 Whippin’ Piccadilly
3 Get Miles
4 Tijuana Lady
5 Rie’s Wagon
6 Here Come The Breeze
7 Steve McCroski
8 Bring It On
9 Emma Freud
10 Touchin’ Up
11 Free To Run
12 Unknown Legend
13 Get Miles
14 Mean Old World

CD4: BBC radio sessions + Live at Glastonbury 1998
1 Brother Lead
2 78 Stone Shuffle
3 The Way You Do The Things You Do
4 Here Comes The Breeze
5 Stag O’Lee
6 Whippin’ Piccadilly
7 Get Miles
8 Get Myself Arrested
9 Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
10 R & B
11 Here Comes The Breeze
12 Tijuana Lady
13 Buena Vista
14 Make No Sound
15 78 Stone Wobble
16 Soul Kitchen
17 Whippin’ Piccadilly

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Stephen Leigh

Must have for me…

Tom M Hans

I always confuse Gomez, Travis, Starsailor and Keane.


Gomez were a seriously good singles band – pretty much all the non lp b sides from 1st two albums are as good as the albums tracks if not better

Andrew Mogford

Interesting as I’ve never heard anything but the album itself so shall look forward to giving them a listen. The non album tracks on Urban Hymns recently were dreadful for the most part.


Read about this yesterday on the Gomez/ Universal site, and dug out my original vinyl LP last night for a listen – have not heard it for a while; still a truly great album!
Would love to have the SDE of this but as I have stated before in these columns, I have run completely out of storage space for any more box sets of any type. Bugger!
Incidentally the Gomez store is offering various bundles of this set including some with a 78 Stone Wobble T-shirt but it does add an extra £25 to the overall price…


The joy or living single and alone–last summer I converted the largest bedroom in the house into a “media room”–all shelving, all movies and music.

The next step, unfortunately, may involve buying a new house or having an intervention about my collecting habits.

The Golden Age Of Record Collecting

CJ, the first law of record collecting states ‘Any room available shall be filled with as many albums as you can fit’, the last law states ‘Never stop’.


I have a “media room”, too. There are still many CDs and DVDs dotted around the rest of the house, though, as Mrs P’s and my musical tastes clash terribly and her CDs are banished from “my” room!


Same here… Does anyone know how big this box is likely to be, because I’m having to operate a (fairly) strict ‘one in, one out’ rule nowadays :-(

Alan B

You can also get a signed print if you order the CD boxset. It will cost you an extra £55 if you want one. I am not making this up. The bar has been raised again for charging ridiculous prices for prints which some artists offer for free to early purchasers.


Blimey, haven’t heard this album in years. Will dig out the CD and give it another listen. Not sure if I’m going to be massively interested in getting the SDE or not until I have.

Andrew M

Bloody hell. Vinyl at amazon now up to £25 so same price as the coloured one!

Andrew M

Was just gonna say that! This is a fantastic album – both the box set and the normal vinyl ordered. Would have ordered the coloured vinyl but they take the money on order not dispatch.


Brilliant. Looking forward to this set including the live stuff.
I saw them in concert 13 years ago and they were amazing.


Nice coloured vinyl exclusive available from Universal, although it’s £25.