Gorillaz / Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez

New album • Deluxe CD • Deluxe 2LP+CD • Coloured vinyl

Gorillaz new album Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez is due for release in October and features an expanding roster of collaborators including Robert Smith, Beck, St. Vincent, Elton John, Peter Hook and Joan As Police Woman.

The album is available on CD, two-CD deluxe, single 140g vinyl editions (including an indie-only orange vinyl exclusive and a blue vinyl exclusive to Amazon) and there is also a deluxe vinyl set which features two 180g black vinyl records, a 20-page hardcover art book, a CD, three art prints and a download card. You can preview the Robert Smith track below:

The ‘virtual band’ was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett and their acclaimed eponymous debut album was released in 2001. Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez is their seventh studio album and will be released on 23 October 2020.

We have the limited indies-only neon orange vinyl on the SDE shop and there’s also a purple vinyl via Vinyl Me Please. Other product options in the widgets below, including a good price on Amazon UK for the 2LP+CD deluxe.


CD/LP track listing

1. Strange Timez (feat. Robert Smith)
2. The Valley of The Pagans (feat. Beck)
3. The Lost Chord (feat. Leee John)
4. Pac-Man (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
5. Chalk Tablet Towers (feat. St Vincent)
6. The Pink Phantom (feat. Elton John and 6LACK)
7. Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
8. Friday 13 th (feat. Octavian)
9. Dead Butterflies (feat. Kano and Roxani Arias)
10. Désolé (feat. Fatoumata Diawara) [Extended Version]
11. Momentary Bliss (feat. Slowthai and Slaves)

Disc 2 for deluxe editions

12. Opium (feat. EARTHGANG)
13. Simplicity (feat. Joan As Police Woman)
14. Severed Head (feat. Goldlink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
15. With Love To An Ex (feat Moonchild Sanelly)
16. MLS (feat. JPEGMAFIA and CHAI)
17. How Far? (feat. Tony Allen and Skepta)

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I’m guess the blue Amazon exclusive vinyl is not being offered in North America? No listing I can find in either the American or Canadian store.


60€ for 2LP plus a cd I don’t need? Nope

Well at least it available widely,but I will wait,I never go further than 30€ for 2LP which is already a lot considering they (big records co.) can put a price of 20€ on it and still do a nice margins considering the cost of petrol nowadays

Many collabs on this,it will probably end up on discogs for 12€ like Humanz,let’s wait January guys

Mark G

I saw there’s a four cassette version, one per Gorillaz member. Same cover on each, apart from the colour and the ‘signature’ printed on each version.

How are these different from each other? It’s difficult to make out…


I think exactly as you describe… they’re different colours! But at least you know what colour you are going to get…


Each cassette has a different track list. If you buy all four, you do get all the songs from the deluxe version except for one (the last one) at least once, some twice, some three, and some on all four. Each one is supposedly the album mix tape by that band member. It’s actually really cool I think – I ordered all four.


I’m a bit concerned about these cassettes to be honest. The mixes that they’ve been putting out on Spotify are each about four minutes long and follow the tracklistings for the cassettes. The tapes are C46s so are only 23 minutes per side thus can’t be very long anyway but would they really only put 4 minutes on each of them? I can’t decide if I mistrust them enough to cancel my order but around £25 is a lot for the amount of actual music that may be involved.

Rob Kirby

Ah, so it wasn’t just me then with regards to Humanz. I thought Grace Jones was particularly wasted on that album, for instance. Wasn’t a good year for me, health-wise and, sadly, new album-wise either – I found the last Depeche Mode album unlistenable too. I hung in there, even though I’d felt that the last few albums had been getting progressively weaker, so I’m afraid that might be it for me – at least for anything new, rather than archive – and I never thought I’d ever say that!

Seems that Gorillaz have suffered from the Greatest Hits curse – nothing afterwards has had the same edge that Demon Days, and to a lesser extent, Plastic Beach, did. Not sure I’m going to go for this latest one, having had my fingers burnt last time. I’ve just watched the video kindly posted here, and I love Robert Smith, but the song doesn’t go anywhere. Shame.


Did anyone else watch that video, see Robert Smith as the moon and immediately think of The Mighty Boosh?

(I don’t mind Gorillaz but I’d give a kidney for another Blur album…)

James Hutchins

I wish Damon would make as many Blur or solo records as he does with Gorillaz. Love Damon but just can’t get in to Gorillaz & god knows I’ve tried many times.


+1 for more Blur (just in case they’re reading)!


And here.
The Magic Whip album from Blur a few years ago was great – and Damon’s Everyday Robots solo album Was beautiful – his best albums in the last decade I think. More please!
I think Gorillaz best days were in the noughties – Demon Days Is a modern classic And Plastic Beach was the end of their strong run. Most albums since a bit underwhelming – although ‘Momentary Bliss’ With Slowthai from this is a banger. I’m a VMP member so I’ll get it through that – on recycled vinyl – so us vinyl heads can now have green credentials. Stay safe.


Ffs,release the 2LP as a standalone product


There is a super-deluxe with all sorts of tat plus 11 7” singles of the 11 album tracks on one side and the instrumental version on the other.

Tim Abbott

Vinyl Me Please also have a purple edition limited to 2,500 copies.

I’m a big fan of Damon Albarn, but I’m wary of the amount of guests on this; to me Humanz was an absolute disaster because it was 99% other vocalists, and easily the worst album Damon’s made. I’ve heard a bit of the Song Machine tracks so far and don’t think it’ll be quite as bad (and besides, it can’t be too terrible if St. Vincent features), but can’t say I’m particularly clamouring to hear this.


Totally agree Tim… The amount of guests is telling me this will be a weak album…


As a concept Gorillaz were fascinating when they first came out, and the music was good too, but I agree – since then it’s been a distinct case of diminishing returns. The last time it worked for me personally, both conceptually and musically, was “Stylo” which is 10 years ago now…


Looks like vmp are numbered any idea of the limited number lol lol lol orange theres gonna be


Maybe the issue with Humanz was more it was so rap heavy and lacking melodically. There are many more singers on this one…just a thought…

Tim Abbott

It wasn’t the rap songs that brought Humanz down for me, it was that it was just pretty unmemorable, and had so little of Damon’s presence on it. The songs with Grace Jones and Mavis Staples were just as underwhelming as the tracks with Popcaan and Kali Uchis.

In fact, the best song (Out Of Body, with Kilo Kish) wasn’t even on the album, and a lot of the better songs were scattered across the deluxe edition and the super vinyl box.


Humanz felt to me like a bloated mess, and as previously stated there was very little of Damon on there. Thankfully The Now Now made up for it in my opinion, and I hope the other new songs on here are just as good.


Agreed, The Now Now was a fantastic album, mainly coz it was pretty much all Damon whereas Humanz was awful due to relying on the collaborators too much, it seemed like Damon pushed himself out of it…


what’s happening with the Gorillaz Almanac? It was originally advertised on the band’s website & Amazon as having a Song Machine: Season One CD with it but is now saying “no music” on it – https://store.gorillaz.com/products/almanac-standard-no-music

also, is there a download with the vinyl? And does it include the 6 tracks on disc 2 on the deluxe CD?

Ideally, I want the vinyl but I also want all the music – and I’m not happy about shelling out an extra 40 odd quid for the box set, especially as it’s only black vinyl.


There was always the option of buying the Almanac without the CD (and it was slightly cheaper)… but it was a bit sneaky to have that up before this as obviously most people who ordered that probably also want at least the deluxe CD of this with the extra tracks…

Me? I got the slightly silly deluxe Humanz set with the record per song, a trick which seems to be repeated here (and I am going to fall for it again).


Leee John! That alone is pretty awesome in an 1980s kind of way.


hello does this included the previous Episode 1 to 6 EP’s tracks?