Gorillaz / The Now Now

Gorillaz will release a new album The Now Now at the end of June.

The release will be available in a number of formats including a deluxe vinyl box set which features a lenticular sleeve, includes an exclusive blue vinyl pressing of the album, a 52-page booklet replicating 2D’s original studio notebook, art cards, badges and a download card. This all comes in a rigid board, outer box.

The 11-track album has been produced by Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford and Remi Kabaka. Other guests on the album include Jamie Principle and Snoop Dogg.

The Now Now will be released on 29 June 2018. The standard black vinyl is VERY cheap in the USA right now. The UK price for the same product is nonsensical and should go down.

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the now now - deluxe vinyl box with blue vinyl


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the now now - vinyl LP


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the now now - CD Edition


Deluxe vinyl box

The Now Now 

Side 1

1. Humility (feat. George Benson)
2. Tranz
3. Hollywood (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle)
4. Kansas
5. Sorcererz
6. Idaho

Side 2
1. Lake Zurich
2. Magic City
3. Fire Flies
4. One Percent
5. Souk Eye

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Gary Russell

Bless Amazon UK who now think the album is called Joseph and is by someone called Joseph! Sometimes you can see the logic in their errors, but this one beats me…


Yes. The last album was really disappointing. I think I only played it twice if that. Was Damon Albarn’s first album that I didn’t like. I guess this album has been recorded during the time of on the current tour but not like various doodles as was on “The Fall”. The new track is OK but not as strong as their earlier lead of tracks. No one can be prolific and great forever…

jason spaceman

I liked the Popcaan tune Saturnz Barz on the last album as I’ve got into Vybz Kartel and that Jamaican scene through ninja tune radio and theheatwave.co.uk. Im glad D.A brought them into the fold a this new era of dancehall is really top end i think

Bob McCartney

Great news about The Good, The Bad and The Queen!
Love that record


It’s £11 from Amazon America and £5.55 Postage, why is there a £3.50 Import Fee to pay…. when it’s below the Threshold?


Hi, the boxset is £49.99 at the gorillaz store. Why the massive price difference?


I have to agree with the general consensus that the last album was simply not very good.
However the new track does sound like more of a return to form…

Incidentally – according to The Sound of Vinyl the deluxe album is not due out until December (but I’m presuming that must be a mistake…).

David Carter

I wont pre order as I found the last album very disappointing, ill wait and see what its like.
Having said that i did see them live in December and they were simply incredible.

[…] With the news of a new Gorillaz album, here’s an opportunity to pick up the 14LP super deluxe of the last record, Humanz for almost half price! This set is immense. You get 14 vinyl records all pressed on different coloured vinyl with individually artworked sleeves. It comes with a 54-page, cloth-bound, foil-blocked, hardback book of Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett and a download card, all housed in a bespoke 12” vinyl case! This set is still £275 on the official site, but you can snap one up right now on Amazon UK for less than £150, which is as cheap as I’ve seen this. […]


The Good The Bad and The Queen’s sophomore (yeah, I did just go there) is just done too.
That Allbran bloke works terribly long hours – quality or quantity? In hindsight, The Magic Whip weren’t much cop either.


I think The Magic Whip is one of the most moving, stunning albums this century. But each to their own. This site wouldn’t be much fun if we all had the same taste.

Charles K

Agreed PC, Whip was a surprise from nowhere and a complete masterpiece.

jason spaceman

I really like everyday robots..I went to see them am the first Radio six music fest in Manchester..D.A was incredibly humble because they never performed as a band before that night ..you could see he was planking it..there was a few tracks like melancholy hill thrown in for good measure top bloke really


I hope this album is better than the last one which was just dire. I think I’ll hold off until I hear more and then perhaps get the Japanese pressing which is bound to have a bonus track or two or three.


Humility sounds as it it could be (or should be) the soundtrack to this summer.


Was a big Gorillaz fan but didn’t buy the last album. And this song isnt good as well. Looks like “Gorillaz” is more an “art product” this days, not a great band any more. Maybe this is why they need to include a little bit “american fame” – for me that’s useless and unnecessary.


What a gorgeous cover!!

Richard Clarke

Recordstore.co.uk has deluxe vinyl for £54.99.