Debbie Harry autobiography: Face It

Debbie Harry / Face It

Debbie Harry has written a memoir called ‘Face It’ which is due for release in October.

According to the publisher, HarperCollins, Face It sees Harry ‘upend’ the standard music memoir “with a cutting-edge style keeping with the distinctive qualities of her multi-disciplined artistry”.

The 368-page hardcover book includes an introduction by Chris Stein, “rare personal photos, original illustrations, fan artwork installations and more” and features everyone from bands Blondie came up with on the 1970s music scene – the Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop and David Bowie – to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marina AbramoviÄ and H.R. Giger of Alien fame. Here’s some more blurb:

“It explores her successful acting career (she has starred in over 30 film roles, including David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and John Waters’s Hairspray), her weekends with William S. Burroughs and her attempted abduction by serial killer Ted Bundy. Ranging from the hardscrabble grit and grime of the early New York City years to times of glorious commercial success, interrupted by a plunge into heroin addiction, the near-death of partner Chris Stein, a heart-wrenching bankruptcy and Blondie’s break-up as a band, an amazing solo career and then a stunning return with Blondie, this is a cinematic story of an artist who has always set her own path. Inspirational, entertaining, shocking, humorous and eye-opening, Face It is a memoir as dynamic as its subject.”

Face It will be released on 1 October 2019. The signed copies from Waterstones in the UK are now sold out. This release makes us wonder where the promised Blondie box set that Universal Music announced last year is!

Compare prices and pre-order

Harry, Debbie

Face It: A Memoir


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Mr. Ska '57

I was right: signed copies at Barnes & Noble online/in-store US $29.25.


Won’t ship outside US. It’s either an unsigned one or one from eBay at triple the price. Scalpers seem to have cornered the market in signed copies in the UK


Mmm ordered mine when it was first announced, not signed as I would of liked but ot as bad as the new Iggy Pop album said to be signed print for the first so how many until you pay (how do you know) and it says unsigned, then I tried to cancel as it was so much cheaper on Amazon UK and-no delivery charge on Prime-they said I was too late it´s already been shipped (within a day!!)
but you have the optition to send it cab for a refund if you could be bothered (whatever!!)


Waterstones Piccadilly in London have tickets to meet Debbie Harry on the Friday 18th Oct at 18:00, Chris Stein will be there as well to sign his books, Good luck.


Signed copies for pre-order at Rough Trade as of 16 Sept 19.00

John Archbell

Pre Orders Sold out.

I’m not chancing it. I’ve ordered a copy from the States – Alabama Book Smiths. Cost $58

Stupid prices on eBay now!

Stevie B

I’m another who missed the email regarding this, so bummed, hopefully she’ll do a signing somewhere in London. Funnily enough I’m supposed to be signed up for Waterstones emails and they didn’t let me know either. Hey Ho!

On a different note. The Neil Tennant hardback lyric book (unsigned) is 2 for £5 at FOPP.


Debbie is undertaking a book tour in the US, and I have pre-ordered a signed copy from these folks.


I was advised to just indicate in the comments box when placing my order that I would like a signed copy, and received confirmation once my order was processed. However, they accept paypal. The cost was $32.50 + $22.50 shipping to the UK., about £48. Shipping is expensive but I have seen a copy sold for £200 on ebay.

Marc Wall

Bookends has autograph copies but they are pricey. They have Pete Townsend autographs as well. https://www.mkt.com/bookends/

Trevor Smith

Great to hear about this and a must buy for me. Unfortunately I’ve missed the signed copy and wondered why I didn’t get your usual informative email Paul? I received the email regarding Midge Ure yesterday but it seems I didn’t get emails for a few of the other recent items and only discovered them by logging into the site today. Thanks for all your hard work as always.

Paul Rothon

Anymore signed copies available??

Cosmo Castanza

I bought the box set a while back , it had loads of signed stuff , so I can omit this purchase.


You can “omit” her life story over loads of items you already own?

Simon Benson

Blondie is my all time favourite band so this is an instant purchase. What I’m more interested in though is that boxset of all the recordings from Blondie mk I, which is allegedly coming “fall 2019”….

Bryan O' Flynn

Debbie Harry has always been quite unforthcoming in press interviews, so it will be fascinating to get an inside view about herself and Blondie the band. Cheers Paul.


It might be an idea to keep an eye on the Blondie webstore as they usually have signed books up for sale. They have done for Chris Stein’s photo books previously.


Thanks for the heads up Chris. Looks like i was too late though. Blondie is an all time favorite of mine. First album i ever bought was the best of blondie… hope the release more copies and i really hope they get the box set right!


Can you give us a ‘heads up’ if any more signed copies appear.

Must get one for my wife.



The one time i didnt check the site? Darn it. Really wanted it. Also, i preferred the previous faceless cover.

Mr. Ska '57

I wouldn’t be surprised if Target and/or Barnes & Noble in the US have signed copies either upon release or at Xmas time.


Very likely B&N will have copies – I have ordered signed copies of books from them in past, and the shipping from the US to the UK really isn’t too bad if you go for the standard international shipping (which in my experience always arrives much quicker than the estimates).

John Sleath

I was just chatting to B & N and they say they are now not allowed to ship to the UK. My search for signed Debbie will continue.


Same here. One time you don’t check, and there it goes …


I’ll wait for it to come out in the States since the signed copies are sold out.


Love your site Paul!! Another great SDE scoop!! Can’t wait for October now.


Appears to be already Sold Out. Damn


Out of stock sadly,


Damn, sold out. Let’s hope they add more copies :(

Marc B

Sadly signed copies seem to have sold out already :(


Sold out already!

Al Chapman

Just saw her last weekend with Elvis Costello. Great show, book looks to be interesting!


just ordered one to the States postage also £12.50 – eek!


Thanks Paul. It’ll be great to have a signed version.

Anyone interested in a art pop style print of Debbie Harry should check out this Kii Arens print, which is on offer in the UK at the Flood Gallery.


There were three versions of this, I’ve two and in hindsight should have got the third, where only twenty were printed (and naturally the price was higher).

Even in isolation the one print looks great and well worth £35.


Brilliant, thanks Paul. I love your website even though it costs me £££!
Been waiting for the signed copies to appear, let’s hope she is reading this herself for the Audiobook version!


Brilliant, been hoping signed copies would be available (at a reasonable price!) somewhere.

Great site Paul, always visit daily.

Norman Reid

Ordered Paul. Thank you!!

hendry doran

Signed copy ordered. Thanks for the heads-up Paul

Bernard Reynaert

Can I pre-order a copy as a non UK resident (I’m from Belgium)?

Auntie Sabrina

£9 additional postage charge to Belgium Bernard


Nik Yeomans

Just ordered one to the EU. Postage comes to £12.50… yeek!


And perhaps there will be customs and import VAT if UK is out of the EU without an agreement on shipment date…

Rune T

Looking forward to this. As far as I know there isn’t a lot available in writing when it comes to the inner workings of Blondie.

Also glad to see that it covers the comeback in 1999 and not just the early years of the band. Stories that stop halfway there (I’m looking at you Chrissie Hynde….) is not that satisfying.

Colin Fletcher

Thanks for the heads up, Paul.
Pre-ordered today.


Thanks Paul! Got a signed copy before they sold out, seemed easier than the Kate Bush fiasco!


That is exactly what I was going to say, Dan.

Really looking forward to this book and good to have a signed copy. Thanks for the heads up yet again, Paul.


Excellent – have been keeping an eye out for signed copies of this – (pre)ordered and very happy! Fingers crossed they offer full-band-signed copies of the forthcoming box set via their website in due course too. Thanks Paul – much appreciated.