Groove Armada / Twenty One: 4CD deluxe edition & 2LP coloured vinyl

New band-curated 4CD compilation • Signed sets sold out.

Groove Armada / Twenty One 4CD deluxe set

Electronic music duo Groove Armada are to release Twenty One, a four-CD deluxe compilation curated by Andy Cato and Tom Findley to celebrate their 21 years together.

Over the years Groove Armada have issued eight studio albums and this new set features all their hits via a themed approach across the four CDs (64 tracks in total).

CD 1 (‘Club Mix’) is a new continuous club mix featuring new ‘GA21’ version of ‘Superstylin” while CD 2 (‘Balearic’) features similar fresh reinterpretations of ‘Paper Romance,’ ‘Edge Hill,’ and ‘Little By Little’. The third disc (‘Live’) includes their live performance at Brixton while CD 4 (‘Radio’) covers radio edits and includes new versions of ‘I’ll Be Searching For You’ and ‘Superstylin”.

This 4CD deluxe edition is presented in a 32-page ‘media book’ packaging with an introduction by Andy Cato, and sleeve notes by Bill Brewster.

A smart looking 16-track 2LP white vinyl edition will also be released at the same time. This is again curated by Groove Armada and is very much a ‘highlights’ package (no signed versions available of that).

Twenty One will be released on 18 October 2019 (was 27 September and previous to that was 23 August) via Edsel/Demon Records.

CD 1 – Club Mix 
1. Oh Tweak to Me
2. Luv 91
3. You Got To
4. Rescue Me
5. Time to Put Up?
6. Feel Free
7. Stevie Late Night
8. Activate My Heart
9. Always Take Me Higher
10. Walking On Sunshine (Tracker’s Revenge)
11. Soho Disco…
12. Sweat
13. There Was Rhythm
14. Pull Up
15. Final Shakedown
16. Set Me Free (Balearic Mix)
17. Talk to You (Feat. DREWXHILL)
18. Pork Soda
19. The Pleasure Victim
20. RJ’s Theme
21. Save My Soul
22. Love Sweet Sound (Kölsch Remix)
23. Superstylin’ (GA21)

CD 2 – Baleric
1. Lazy Moon
2. Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)
3. What’s Your Version?
4. Think Twice
5. From the Rooftops
6. Remember
7. Pillar 13
8. Edge Hill (GA21)
9. Burning Disaster (Bedtime Story Mix)
10. Little By Little (GA21)
11. Dusk You & Me
12. Hands of Time
13. Paper Romance
14. History (Love Mix)
15. Shameless

CD 3 – Live 
1. Suntoucher
2. The Girls Say
3. Look Me in the Eye Sister
4. Paris
5. Tuning In
6. Paper Romance (‘Last Night in Brixton’)
7. Groove Is On
8. Fall Silent
9. I Can Only Miss You
10. 1980 (White Light)
11. Cards to Your Heart

CD 4 – Radio
1. At the River
2. Purple Haze
3. My Friend
4. History
5. I Won’t Kneel (White Light Version)
6. Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)
7. If Everybody Looked the Same
8. Paper Romance
9. Feel the Same
10. Easy
11. I See You Baby (Feat. Gram’ma Funk)
12. Get Down (Feat. Stush & Red Rat)
13. I’ll Be Searching (For You)
14. I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Radio Edit)
15. Superstylin’ (Set Closer)

Twenty One 2LP vinyl

LP 1
1. Cards to Your Heart
2. Just for Tonight
3. 1980 (White Light)
4. Paper Romance (Last Night in Brixton)
5. I Won’t Kneel (White Light)
6. History
7. Easy
8. Feel the Same
9. Purple Haze

LP  2
1. At the River
2. Burning Disaster (Bedtime Story Mix)
3. What’s Your Version?
4. Hands of Time
5. Going Back to My Roots
6. I Can Only Miss You
7. Paper Romance (Live Acoustic)


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The 2 new tracks, titled ‘I’ll Be Searching’ and ‘I Can Only Miss You’… Who are the female vocals, please ???
Thanks for your help …


Shouldn’t these box sets be shipping by now?


Just got mine, and the CD2 listing is nowhere near what’s listed on the actual box (here or on the river)


Just purchased the two disc “the best of” from Sainsburys for £5.00 (purple cover) and disc one of this has exactly the same track list as disc four (Radio) of the box set.
There are the GA21 versions of Edge Hill and Little By Little on disc two plus 4 other tracks from disc two (Balearic) – so some duplication, if you are not interested in Club Mix, Live or a signature then this is a good price alternative.
Amazon are selling this for £5.99 now.


Very strange. The signed set is back on sale.
Paul, in cases like these (the set is not numbered) how can we be sure that the available signed copies are still 350?

Chris Squires

This has come up numerous times and it is a feature of the way amazon works. They won’t have made any more. It’ll still be 350. Some people, for whatever reason have cancelled their order. Thus releasing a few more copies back into the supply chain. It has happened with just about every signature edition over the last 5 years. Belinda, lulu, Kiki, hitchhikers, Suede, AWB and so on.


It’s an interesting set and one I’ll pick up if I see it for a good price, but honestly, is this really necessary from them? Looking back on their discography, they have one Best Of, re-released a few years later with an updated tracklist as Greatest Hits, simultaneous with a 2CD “curated retrospective” with its first two discs roughly along these lines (one uptempo, the other downtempo), and most recently a 2CD “album” that was really half DJ mix of club tracks and half remix album with updates of old classics.

A lot of CD1 repeats tracks from the Black Book release while missing off many of their more classic club tracks, while CD2 and CD4 have essentially been done before with different tracklistings. With their last true studio album way back in 2010, this release tips the scales for them firmly towards heritage act unfortunately.

Kevin Henry

At the River always reminds me of a boat trip I took in Ibiza. Their Glastonbury performance from 2010 was brilliant.


Just got an email from Amazon saying delivery date has pushed back a month (Oct 7)…

Neil McLaughlin

The date has been changed I had an email this morning after I had preordered yesterday now October


The link to Amazon for the limited signed edition leads to nowhere apart from a message stating “We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.” I am assuming this is because they have all been preordered.


If you search ‘Amazon signed exclusive’ on the Amazon website, the 10th item is the Groove Armada signed box set. It let me put two in my basket so I’m guessing there are at least that many left. I have already preordered, so I cancelled them out of my basket.


Luckily I do not care too much about a piece of signed paper but it certainly sold out quickly. Those who just purchased it to re-sell later on ebay will have a field day, although they will not be getting my money. :o)


I bet you a few will turn up on ebay in the future, just like most other limited editions do and for ridiculous prices. Unfortunately for any that do, I have pre-ordered it and for just over £12.00 due to having some credit in my Amazon account. Hurrah!


It does NOT feature all their hits because ‘But I Feel Good’ is missing. Although it only reached number 50 in the UK singles chart, it was still a minor hit and one which should have been included. Why miss off this one single just because it was low down the chart, considering 3 others are included that were outside the top 30 (one reaching 31 and two reaching 36)? If I purchase this set, I now have to find this particular track on a CD single becauase I do not want to purchase a whole album just for one song.


That is your opinion. If a single, I think it should be included. I have purchased other artists compilations featuring everything single released, including the B-Sides, despite many of them not reaching the top 40, such as Herman Hermits, The Beach Boys, The Who, Sandi Shaw…etc. I would rather have all chart singles included than live tracks, so I think it a right a boo-boo. it is still a good collection and I will probably buy it but to miss out one single seems pointless.

Larry Davis

Ok just my 2 cents here, regarding singles & what constitutes a hit or not…and this applies to so-called 1 hit wonders… anything that charts is a hit, low or high, cuz most singles do not chart at all…if it makes the Top 40, it’s a big hit, really Top 50 cuz that’s the top half…if between 50 & 100 or bubbled under, it’s a minor hit…and 1 hit wonders are any that chart once anywhere & never chart again completely, anywhere…not 1 huge record and follow-ups missing the top 50, nope…anywhere…as for that minor hit of Groove Armada missing, yeah, minor hits are many times overlooked…so get the CD single or album with that song on it…it’s what I would do…

Chris Squires

Top 40 or bust in the UK. Not one serious company would think a record making the Top 50 was a hit.
Much as I would love it to be a hit and as much radio play as it got Five Miles Out stalled (geddit) at 43 and was thus a miss. A flop. Great song ‘n all but it wasn’t a hit. ALL of The Lilac Time’s singles we’re flops. I don’t care how often it was played and if it was Single of the week on the Simon Mayo show ( as were 3 other TLT singles) Return to Yesterday was a flop, a big fat failure at 82.

Does anyone recall the pain of waiting for the chart run down at 12.55pm on Tuesday’s before they moved to Sunday. Gary Davies would play 5,4,3 and 2 then count down from 40 to 2 and finally play the number one. The pain of not knowing where a single was when it was outside the 40. No one cared. No one did a top 50 let alone a top 100. The only thing you could do was go into town on the following Saturday, go to a shop like WHSmiths or Our Price and look at the Top 75 or Top 100 singles list they had pinned to the wall. And there it was nailed at 43. Heartbreak. Failure. Yes it was a single but no it wasn’t a UK hit.
It would be interesting to see a list of well known songs that made 41 to 45. Ooooh so close. Hammer Horror number 44….,,


FYI, amazon.ca has some fantastic deals right now for prime members (the Aretha Franklin amazing grace 4 LP set is less than $30!). I think this warrants a deal alert!


Vertigo was wonderful, nothing else ever hit the heights. A bit like Royskopp and Bent who had one great album in them. Something about the genre or my changing tastes..


Snatched meself a signed edition, thanks SDE!
Have to say tho that signed postcards is not as collectable as signed set. Still worth the purchase.
Song 4 Mutya will never be anythinf less than stellar.

Robert Lett

I hate that too, kind of a trend. Would much rather have the actual set signed. Ordered one anyway, looks good.

Chris Squires

Absolutely, Paul threw out this question at some point last year. What would we prefer to have as a signed item? I think it came back that people mostly wanted the box or cover directly signed rather than a separate print or postcard. It’s the same with books. A signed bookplate is not the same as a signed book. The artist / author basically signed 300 bits of paper and, in all probability never saw or touched your book.

Some might say it doesn’t matter but it does to me.

I guess it makes it a lot easier on logistics. Shipping 300 or 500 bits of card / paper around is easier than shipping 500 records or books. Also, sadly, probably easier for the artist who doesn’t have to schlep to the printers for a days signing. They can do it at their own home over a few days and rest their (now) arthritic fingers.

Still prefer the actual item to be signed which is why I love the St. Etienne sets that Paul did recently. They signed the BOX. That’s cool of them to go to the effort and I know they touched it…. not sad at all….


Ordered. Thanks Paul for the heads up!


The sound of mid-90s dinner parties and BBQs.


shame “Innocence is lost” is not included:(


I would have bought it just for that song

Russ Thomas

One of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. Their Glastonbury set in the naughties was incredible. And their DJ sets, too, just wow.
Vertigo remains one of the greatest British albums of the past thirty years.
A lovely set, ordered.

Larry Davis

Pre-ordered…gotta admit, all I know of them, I think, is “I See You Baby”, and the Late Night Tales comp, but with that price, rarity of the signed editions, and the looks of this set, it’s a risk-free proposition…and I’m sure I will dig many more of their songs…


Ordered!! This looks like a great set AND with a signed card! Also, shipped to the US, it was just over 25 GBP AFTER postage. Great deal!! Thanks for the heads up, Paul!!