Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction gets a major reissue with mega box sets

 4CD+blu-ray SDE with 5.1  • Money-no-object Locked N’ Loaded set

Universal Music will reissue Guns N’ Roses 1987 album Appetite For Destruction in June and it will be available in a number of formats including a 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition, a 2LP vinyl package and an astonishingly extravagant Locked N’ Loaded edition which is packaged in a ’faux leather and wood cabinet’ and contains everything in the SDE plus 14 further vinyl records and an extraordinary amount of non-musical content.

The super deluxe and Locked N’ Loaded feature 73 tracks with an impressive 49 unreleased tracks. The core elements of these bigger editions (there is also a cut-down two-CD deluxe) include the album remastered from the original analogue tapes (for the first time), B-Sides N’ EPs and Live Like a Suicide EP and 25 songs from the 1986 Sound City Session. Other audio of note is two unreleased tracks from the Mike Clink Sessions and a 5.1 surround sound mix (by Elliot Scheiner) on blu-ray audio.

The most popular edition is likely to be the Super Deluxe Edition which contains the four CDs and the blu-ray, which features the album, bonus tracks and music videos all in brand new 5.1 surround sound. This disc also features a music video for It’s So Easy that was recorded in 1989 but never finished. This set also contains a 96-page hardcover book with unpublished photos from Axl Rose’s private archive and a variety of memorabilia. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned “73 tracks” includes the 5.1 surround mixes and videos as separate ‘tracks’.

The Super Deluxe Edition also comes with ‘collectibles’ such as prints, replicas of concert tickets, a wall poster, an art print by Robert Williams, and a replica of the then welcome flyer for the Welcome to the Jungle video shoot, handwritten by Slash.

The massive Locked N’ Loaded set is crazy…. it is £850 (!) and brings together the super deluxe CD and vinyl sets, adds seven 7” singles on yellow vinyl, 12 new illustration lithos visualising each song from the album, posters, buttons, patches, metal guitar picks, lapel pins, USB stick, turntable mat and more (the full content list is below). It’s only available via the band’s website.

The two-CD deluxe edition has a unique second CD which mixes B-sides, EP tracks and some of the unreleased 1986 Sound City Sessions. The standard vinyl is a 2LP gatefold set which has a ‘Hologroove Hologram’ of GN’R Logo on side four.

The buying decision is actually fairly easy… the 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe is really the one to go for. You can always add the remastered 2LP vinyl if you wish. The Locked N’ Loaded set is so expensive (and so BIG) that you will know straight away whether it’s even remotely feasible for you to stump up.

Appetite For Destruction will be reissued on 29 June 2018

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Guns N Roses

Appetite For Destruction - 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe


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Guns N' Roses

Appetite For Destruction - 2LP vinyl remaster


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Guns N' Roses

Appetite For Destruction - 2CD deluxe edition


Appetite For Destruction 4CD+blu-ray+book Super Deluxe Edition


Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
Produced by Mike Clink

Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero


Reckless Life
Nice Boys
Move To The City (Live)
Mama Kin
Shadow Of Your Love (Live)
You’re Crazy (Acoustic Version)
Used To Love Her
You’re Crazy
It’s So Easy (Live)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Live)
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)


All Previously Unreleased

Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)
Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)
Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)
Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)
My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)
Think About You (1986 Sound City Session)
You’re Crazy (1986 Sound City Session)
Anything Goes (1986 Sound City Session)
Rocket Queen (1986 Sound City Session)
Shadow Of Your Love (1986 Sound City Session)
Heartbreak Hotel (1986 Sound City Session)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986 Sound City Session)


All Previously Unreleased

Shadow Of Your Love
Move To The City (1986 Sound City Session)
Ain’t Goin’ Down No More (Instrumental Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
The Plague (1986 Sound City Session)
Nice Boys (1986 Sound City Session)
Back Off Bitch (1986 Sound City Session)
Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session)
Mama Kin (1986 Sound City Session)
New Work Tune (1986 Sound City Session)
November Rain (Piano Version – 1986 Sound City Session))
Move To The City (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
You’re Crazy (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
November Rain (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)


96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound & Remastered Stereo
5.1 Surround Sound mixed by *Elliot Scheiner and **Frank Filipetti

All Previously Unreleased


Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
Produced by Mike Clink

Stereo mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero


Shadow Of Your Love**
Used To Love Her**
You’re Crazy**
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)**

Welcome To The Jungle
Sweet Child O’Mine
Paradise City
It’s So Easy – BRAND NEW VIDEO FROM 1989

Appetite For Destruction / 2LP vinyl remastered

LP 1 – SIDE G:

Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me

LP 1 – SIDE N:

Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You

LP 2 – SIDE R:

Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen

LP 2 – LAST SIDE: Hologroove Hologram

Produced Mike Clink
Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero

Appetite for Destruction / 2CD deluxe edition


Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
Produced by Mike Clink

Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero


Reckless Life
Nice Boys
Move To The City (Live)
Mama Kin
Shadow Of Your Love (Live)
Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)*
Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)*
Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)*
Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)*
My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)*
Shadow Of Your Love*
It’s So Easy (Live)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Live)
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)
You’re Crazy (Acoustic Version)
Used To Love Her
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)*

* Previously Unreleased

Appetite For Destruction Locked N’ Loaded box set

Full Contents

  • Embossed Faux Leather and Wood Cabinet
  • Handmade 3D Cross
  • Super deluxe edition: 96 page handbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive
  • 4 CD’s in total with 73 total tracks featuring 49 unreleased tracks
  • 1 blu ray audio disc with new 5.1 surround sound mixes
  • Seven 12″ 180 Gram LPS
  • Original Album expanded into two LPs
  • First ever album remaster from analogue tapes
  • Limited Edition foil slipcase
  • 4th side hologroove hologram
  • 1 LP B-Sides  N’ EPs and Live Like a Suicide EP
  • 3LP Sound City Session and 25 unreleased songs from the 1986 session
  • 2 unreleased tracks from Mike Clink Sessions
  • 7 7″ singles on yellow vinyl
  • 12 New illustration lithos visualizing each song from Appetite for Destruction
  • Turntable Mat
  • 6 Replica Gig Flyers
  • Welcome to the Jungle Video Invite Flyer
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 6 Iron-On Stitched Logo Patches
  • 5 Metal Guitar Picks
  • 3 Replica Ticket Stubs
  • 5 metal Band Skull Lapel Pins
  • 2-Inch Collectable Coin
  • 5 buttons
  • 7″ adapter
  • 5 Metal Band Skull Rings
  • USB Stick
  • 5 Never-Before Seen Band Member Photo Lithos
  • 6 Temporary Band Member Tattoos
  • Robert Williams Painting Litho
  • Two Wall Posters
  • Custom bandana With Silver Metallica Ink
  • Replica 85’/86′ Concert Banner Featuring Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • 4 CDs
    • 73 Total Tracks – 49 Tracks Previously Unreleased
    • First Ever Album Remaster from Original Analog Tapes
    • 12 Tracks from B-sides N’ EPs Newly Remastered from Original Analog Tapes
    • 25 Unreleased Recordings from 1986 Sound City Session
    • 2 Unreleased Recordings from Mike Clink Sessions:
      • “Shadow Of Your Love” – from December 1986 Mike Clink tryout session
      • “Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)” – from GN’R LIES sessions
  • 1 Blu-ray Audio Disc
    • New 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound Mixes from Original Analog Multi-tracks
    • Original Album Mixed by Elliot Scheiner
    • 5 Bonus Tracks Mixed by Elliot Scheiner & Frank Filipetti
    • All songs feature brand new animations
    • 4 Original Music Videos in 5.1
    • Unreleased 1989 “It’s So Easy” Video in 5.1
  • Seven 180-gram Audiophile 12-inch LPs
    • All Vinyl Cut from 192kHz 24-bit Remastered High-Resolution Audio
    • Original Album Expanded to 2-LPs for Maximum Audiophile Playback
      • Limited Edition Foil Art Slipcase
      • Side 4 Extra Bonus: Hologroove Hologram of GN’R Logo
    • LIVE LIKE A SUICIDE EP (1-LP) with Extra Track “Shadow Of Your Love”
    • B-SIDES N’ EPS (1-LP)
  • 6 Replica 7-inch Singles + New 7-inch for “Shadow Of Your Love” on Yellow Vinyl
    • “It’s So Easy” b/w “Mr. Brownstone”
    • “Welcome To The Jungle” b/w “Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)”
    • “Sweet Child O’ Mine” b/w “Out Ta Get Me”
    • “Paradise City” b/w “Used To Love Her”
    • “Patience” b/w “Rocket Queen”
    • “Nightrain” b/w “Reckless Life”
    • “Shadow Of Your Love” b/w “Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)”
  • 32GB Metal Cross USB Stick with High-Resolution Audio Formats from All 4 CDs
    • 192kHz 24-bit AIFF Files
    • 96kHz 24-bit AIFF Files
    • 44.1kHz 16-bit AIFF Files

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John Dionysus

This is now $50 USD at the GnR store. Tax and shipping brought it to $65. I think that’s lower than other places.


$1000.00 for a box set? I’m not even going to comment on that. What I am going to tell you about is the roughly $150.00 version of the box I bought. First the good stuff.

The Blu-ray 5.1 remixes are amazing. They did a fantastic job on the sound, taking the 80s sheen off of the drums and giving the bass a real punchy sound without losing the tremendous bottom edge that Duff would get. The guitars are crisp and cutting and Axl’s (and of course Izzy & Duff’s) vocals sound much better being treated with a touch of repeat delay to make it interesting but unobtrusive. The Blu-ray is the highlight of this set and will give all who purchase a chance to hear a great album in amazing quality, plus some extra tracks a great videos, including the previously unreleased “It’s So Easy” video.

The B-Sides and unreleased tracks (NOT the Sound City Demos – I’ll get to those later) all sound great, particularly the tracks on the Blu-ray, but the CD versions sound great too. The remastering of the original CD was really well done, there is naturally a boosted sound level over all, but not in the “sound war” way that too many remasters suffered from; especially from the 2007-2012 era. The remastering for CD’s sound like a true remastering, taking the original sound and making it just sound better without changing anything. If you are interested in this LP at all there’s really no need to discuss the songs, they are the same song we all know and love. Same is true for the Lies songs. I understand why the band/label/whoever decided not to include “One in A Million” but for completes sake, it’s too bad it isn’t included as the music on that song is great. Really the first released clue as to how talented a music writer Axl was.

Now for the bad stuff…sadly pretty much everything else that has to do with the box set starting with the packaging. The box itself is black 0n black embossed – if not viewed at the right angle looks like Spinal Tap’s “Smell the Glove”. Badder still is the cheap way it was made. When I took the book out of the outer box and gently leaned it on the box, the top of the cardboard immediately became disconnected leaving only the faux leather to hold it together. I knew that was a bad omen, I have just taken the plastic off and already it’s damaged. So be very careful if you need to buy this thing! The book included has some really cool and (to me) unseen photos, and lots of reproductions of flyers, articles and the like…but no essay or any in-depth information about the creation of the album, the writing of the songs or the impact it made on music. To me that is just unforgivable. If you are not the essay type person, who likes to read a well written pice on an album you love; surely you’d like to read information about the recording sessions, in infamous mixing sessions or maybe just it’s overall impact on music. That impact mind you which paved the way for rock n roll to become real agin, something people seem to think was only awoken again in the mainstream by the Seattle grunge science. If you know any underground music from the 80s you’ll already know real rock n roll was alive and well with The Replacements, but they were as far away from the mainstream as GN’R was in it and changed it. The only thing you get in terms of extra information is some basic recording information on the bonus tracks and more info on the Uzi “live” tracks from 1986. Too bad they weren’t included without the fake cheering on top – everyone know they are studio recordings.

Now for the REAL bad news: the long awaited Sound City unreleased demos. I had bought a cassette bootleg of a small selection of these way back in 1989 but the sound was so poor I think I only listened to that tape twice at most. I had put it down to just being a 20th generation tape overrun with hiss and the poor quality tape the bootlegger used. Sadly, the demos on the CD aren’t much of an improvement. Though the layers of hiss are gone, the poor recording of the live to 2 track recordings shines through loud and clear. That’s a real shame as a lot of the performances and of course the songs are great. It sounds like the demo’s producer Manny Charlton just took 2 microphones hung them in the air willy-nilly and let tape roll. He was working in Sound City Studios on one of the best recording consoles ever made, if he had taken the time to mic up every instrument, amp, drum, cymbal and vocal properly (like they always did, even way back the early 70s, never mind the mid 80s) and gotten a good balance; these demos would have sounded amazing. For example of great live to 2 track recordings from that era, check out some of R.E.M. & the Replacements early works where you cold never tell the recordings weren’t recorded multitrack. The only reason you do know is that both bands wrote it inter liner notes! Sadly, this is not the case with these demos and the major reason I spent so much on the box set. If you want to hear a great sounding GN’R demo, not recorded at Sound City during those sessions look out for the B-Side demo version of “Don’t Cry” recorded circa 1985 to 16 track – it sounds amazing. Too bad none of the other demos from that session were included.

As for the rest of the extras, sadly they are incased in a folder that untucks to pone up to a plain 4 pannel holder of for the ticket reproductions, photos and posters. If you’re into that kind of stuff, then you won’t be disappointed as it’s all over very good quality. What isn’t of good quality is the folder they are stored in which is almost guaranteed to rip after a few openings. They could have quite easily included everything into a 3 sided sealed folder where everything would simply just slip out of the top or side.

If you are going to buy this thing I doubt my humble review will sway you – but just know what you’re in for. After watching the unboxing of the $1000.00 version of the box I can see that whoever was in charge put all the packaging quality into that version. But nothing can save the sorry sound of those Sound City demos. If you want to hear a great band, playing with passion recorded as poorly and cheaply as possible, perhaps you will enjoy them. If you want to hear the raw pre-Appetite GN’R ripping through some live demos that are recorded well, then you will be as disappointed as me.


Hi Paul,
I’ve received today the 4CDs/BD super deluxe edition but I wanted to inform you, as far as goodies are concerned, the specs have obviously changed and are different to the ones shown on the unboxing video above. Indeed, in compliance with the sticker on the boxset, the 6 replica gig flyers ARE MISSING. But who cares ?

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Any possibility for the bluray-audio to be released anytime soon?Similar to what’s happening with Alan Parson’s Eye in the sky?

Michel Banen

Saw the band 2 weeks ago in Gelsenkirchen and they were in absolute top form. I’m not paying € 35 for a concert t-shirt and actually bought nothing at the show. Instead I pre-ordered the super deluxe edition for € 110 + € 5 postage on eBay. Still a lot of money but a € 35 savings on the retail price. I also wonder if this “Super Deluxe Edition” is also ‘limited’ like the Locked and Loaded’ box ? Anyone knows in what edition the Super Deluxe will be released and if it will actually be no longer available when sold out….?

Steve Burke

Paul – still no word on mastering credits eh?

Steve Burke

Ugh, mastering by Ted “Slamfest” Jensen, there’s a major disappointment.

Cancelled until I hear reviews.

Hopefully the 5.1 mix is mastered by someone else, or like a couple other 5.1 mixes I’ve seen Jensen do he masters it WAY differently than he slams stereo masterings.

No wonder they didn’t include the mastering info in any of the marketing blurb, and also now we know why it wasn’t an all analogue vinyl release as Jensen doesn’t cut lacquers. They could have sent the tapes to Ryan K. Smith to cut from, what a wasted potential.


REALLY brassed off that if I want the surorund sound mix (which i do), I’m expected to pay around £150 for a load of un-interesting tat that comes with it.
Gee. I thought £90 superdeluxe boxsets were a rip off, but this is taking the michael.

If INXS can release Kick with 4 discs (inc surround mix) and a small book for £25, then so can every other artist on the planet.
No wonder music piracy is still rife!


Most of these SDEs are just profiteering at the fan’s expense and this is no exception. I guess if you’re rich it ain’t a problem but for most nah…

Richard Cosgrove

Big wooden box set? No thanks – I’m sure it’ll look lovely and everything, but I don’t really need 763 pieces of essentially useless tat (though the book would be nice), just the music would be good.

Likewise the 4CD + DVD – would love it for the extra tracks, but way too much money for what you get and, again, way, way too much filler.

I suppose I’ll spring for the 2CD but going to hang on to see if the 4CD/DVD version drops in due course. I’d happily shell out £60 or so, without the tat, but nearly £200 sovs? You’re fucking crazy….


Ha! Nice usage of a song verse. :)


Who’s the mastering engineer(s) that worked on this? We need to know if this has decent dynamic range, or is nothing but compressed garbage at cranked volume levels.


If anyone is interested the SDE is now cheapest @ POPMARKET.COM for $135 US including shipping


Because everything is never enough! :)

David Bond

Down to $138.74 on Amazon.com (previously $179.99).


…and here’s me about to give away my one and only G ‘n’ R CD which I purchased back in the day and only played once. This article is a timely reminder to make that donation to the charity shop. But this box is so overpriced, chock full of cheap tut.


Price gouging like this is what nearly destroyed the record industry. Charging a fortune for marginal cost shit like this massively acclerated illegal file sharing nearly 20 years ago and it seems they still haven’t learned their lesson. I mean tat like iron-on badges, posters and USB sticks? How old do they think we are? 12?

Steven Roberts

Anyone want to put a figure on just HOW overpriced that superdeluxe set is, given the pricing for recent CD/5.1 combos by XTS, Tull, Marillion, INXS…….

Larry Davis

For $1000, ID rather buy a used car or go on vacation somewhere nice…better value, real experience and memories, and no regrets… The LnL set will instead stare you in the face daily and yell YOU SUCKER haha…no thanks!!


The 2-CD version is good enough for me, especially at $15 in the USA. Liked the album, but not the biggest fan of the band, and never bought G N’ R Lies. Mostly interested in the live version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, which was never properly released in the USA (that I recall), and is much better than the Use Your Illusion over-produced mess.

The main concern is the remastering. The original CD was loud enough for 1987. I don’t want massive dynamic compression to ruin the sound.


I’ve never been a fan. So looks like one less thing to worry about for me. But if I were a fan I would be disappointed in the price and contents. I would expect more.

Orel Sax

Just to make the experience more authentic, the box is due to turn up late and will stop playing halfway through!


And it will be the size of a fridge…

I’ll get my coat.


I wonder if the 1986 Sound City versions of
“Reckless Life” (4.07),
“Nice Boys” (4.05),
“Move to the City” (4.02),
“Mama Kin” (4.08)
[and “Shadow of Your Love” (3.10)]
are the ones which ended on “Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide” [and b/w “It’s so Easy” 12″] simply overdubbed with crowd noises…


It’s a very expensive collection of paper items. A 300 page artbook would cost about 30 bucks additional to the record and the box. When they show this of and spread it out it looks like something but in reality it’s not.

Yani P

This pricing is one step beyond madness….

Panagiotis Sideras

Why they don’t release a super deluxe edition with the discs only or even with just the 4 cds at a lower price?

Paul Wren

Wot, no marbles?

jason spaceman

lol…as a person who generally hates metal except for sabbath, slayer acdc etc…this is one hell of an album…mine was 50p at red cross a few years back..enough already surely?


I’m just glad i don’t like this poodle rock as they are really taking the piss with their pricing of these box sets. Plenty of people banging on about two of these editions being way overpriced and indeed they are but £18.99 for the 2CD version is a joke as well. Take the recent INXS,Marillion and Jethro Tull box sets and the price of this put this release to shame big style.


price of those i meant to say.


I’m psyched for it…


If the version of “Shadow of Your Love” (disc 2, track 5) is the one b/w “It’s So Easy”, then i’s not the same version which was b/w “Live and Let Die” some years later… Maybe this one is the same as (disc 3, track 10) or (disc 4, track 01)? Does anybody know?

Tracks 5, 10, 11 and 12 from disc 2 were also already available on CD on the 1988 japanese so-called 6-tracks EP “Live from the Jungle”.

A lot of people complains about the price for the Super Deluxe Edition and its 150 €. That’s expensive, right, but don’t forget this edition has the book, the lithos (including the big one with the original art couver), and a bunch of other stuff in a 12″ x 12″ box. It’s not only 5 discs in a digipak.


So an extra £10 of mostly tat to justify the £100 overprice – you have sold it to us!


I can feel a bit of sarcasm, can’t I ?

Most people reacted as if It was only the 4 CDs, I wanted to clarify that point. That said, I’m right with you : it’s expensive, right. And it’s loaded with fillers, right.

I, for one, am interessed in the book and the litho of the original cover (and the CDs of course !), but even so I Will wait for a drop in price.


Does anyone else get a flashback to the marbles in the Floyd Immersion Editions with all the tchokes in the $1,000 box?

hamish Walker

Its missing a bag of adler blow…a cut of slashs leather pants and axles pubes on a scratch and sniff card. Otherwise its a bargin lol.




Do you know if the 2LP version is 45 rpm or 33.3 rpm?


So “One In A Million” is absent? Not a fan of the song but to complete this box, probably needs to be on here somewhere.

O(+> Peter B
Domingo Martínez

Somebody has to stop it


Just think everybody, it was not too long ago we all thought U2’s £300+ Uber SDE of Achtung Baby with its Bono sunglasses replica was the height of absurdity! How wrong we were, and how times have changed…. That box looks almost great value now compared to this. There is a very worrying upwards creep in prices for SDE’s like this, and Eno’s nonsense plexiglass box. Where will it end?

william mckinley

I totally agree. You could almost rent a lot of these artists for the prices of these SDE of their albums. I got the U2 Achtung Baby SDE for $50 including shipping and that is a justifiable price for that set. The uber SDE is for super fans I think. To quote Susan Powder (from those weight loss commercials), “Stop the Insanity!”


Maybe the Handmade 3D Crosses were carved by a secret tribe hidden away in a jungle somewhere, hence the hefty price for the box set.

Hugh Hall

What’s “Silver Metallica Ink”?


Any idea on wether the Blu Ray is region free ?


At the price the box set is, I wish IT was free.


I really hope the price is going to drop on the 4+1 edition. The current price is more than I paid for Dead or Alive, Marc Almond, Debbie Gibson, the upcoming Soft Cell, the just announced Ben Folds–all sets that offer far more listening material.

David M

You like both Debbie Gibson and Guns n Roses? Wow.


I have eclectic tastes.


I’m not complaining, a great album, but just 2 unreleased tracks and 25 demos. I would but those as a 2cd, but…


Worst SDE release ever at that price point! I also hope that the vinyl bubble bursts soon – this is bat shit crazy!! and the only way (sadly) is for people to stop buying these sets at this ridiculous prices – your hard earned money can be better used somewhere else.


I’m a fan but I’m not biting. Far too many duplicated tracks and FA unreleased studio recordings. No live DVD either.


I have to add that a cleaned-up transfer of the Ritz show that aired on MTV would have been a nice addition on the blu-ray as long as their issuing video content on that format.


Man the album was 100 bucks cheaper (in my local iTunes) last night, now its more expensive…. F it.


i meant 10 bucks.


Jesus! If there’s ever a Use Your Illusion reissue it’ll probably come with its own bungalow.


Priceless! (Both the remark and the Use Your Illusion SDE bungalow).


Someone somewhere at Universal has probably made note…


Was really disappointed with this reissue but at least you made me laugh ! Thank you !

Tom of FIN

Yup, for way overrated hair rock icons overproportionate is just spot on appropriate.


There’s no way I’m gonna pay $850.00 for a super deluxe box set for GnR. I might be up for the 2-CD or 1-CD remastered version if the mastering is better than it has been.


Was quite excited by the Locked & Loaded box set, but for that money, forget it. Who’s going to drop the thick end of a grand on that?? Even if it was half price it would still be crazy money.

The 2LP vinyl is the poor loser here – they’ve expanded it to a 2LP set, but no extra tracks? WTF?? Even the addition of Shadow Of Your Love might make this worthwhile, but obviously not. Oh, but of course we do get a side 4 of holograms! Just what I need!

To coin a phrase, they’re f@#$ing crazy! I’ll probably just stick to my original ’87 LP release and listen to what’s worth it on Apple Music.


1. “Welcome to the Swindle” 4:31
2. “(Making Money) It’s So Easy” 3:21
3. “Gravytrain” 4:26
4. “Out ta Get Rich”4:20
5. “Mr. Greenback” 3:46
6. “Payroll City” 6:46
7. “My Mis-Sell” 3:39
8. “Think About Dough” 3:50
9. “Sweet Con o’ Mine” 5:55
10. “You’re Crazy Buying This” 3:16
11. “Anything Sells” 3:25
12. “Racket Queen” 6:13



Very clever indeed :-)

Ben in Colorado

Band website states the the Super Deluxe Edition is Sold Out.

Ben in Colorado

Oops, that is the Band’s UK site.
US site still is taking orders….


Handmade cross? Are we expected to believe that someone hand carved and then painted 10,000 of these? No wonder it’s expensive!


Ha, Ha – I meant “Triple” (NOT “Tripe”).