Guns N’ Roses’ Greatest Hits issued on vinyl for the first time

2004 compilation includes vinyl-only bonus track

Guns N’ Roses Greatest Hits album (first issued in 2004) will be released on vinyl for the first time in September, with a limited splatter vinyl available for those who are quick off the mark.

The 2LP set is pressed on 180g black vinyl and features all the hits along with a special bonus track in ‘Shadow of Your Love’ which was first issued on the 2018 Appetite For Destruction box set.

A special limited edition version of this 2LP set pressed on gold-coloured vinyl with red and white splatter is also available, although despite only being announced yesterday is already sold out in many places, although at the time of writing Rough Trade in the UK are still showing some availability and Amazon Germany have some.

Greatest Hits is released on 25 September 2020.

LP1 – Side G
1 Welcome To The Jungle
2 Sweet Child O’ Mine
3 Shadow Of Your Love
4 Patience

LP1 – Side N
1 Paradise City
2 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
3 Civil War

LP2 – Side F’N
1 You Could Be Mine
2 Don’t Cry (Original Version)
3 November Rain
4 Live And Let Die

LP2 – Side R
1 Yesterdays
2 Ain’t It Fun
3 Since I Don’t Have You
4 Sympathy For The Devil

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stuart plummer

Anyone have any info on the silver picture disc version I see pictures of, online….

Steven Oswood

Walmart exclusive

Muylle Frederic

A Picture Disk too will be released. Merchbar.com,


The splatter version seems to be back again at Amazon UK. Had ordered through Rough Trade but now cancelled that and gone with Amazon. About 8 quid cheaper.

Alan B

On Friday I got an email from Recordstore advertising the splattered vinyl as an “exclusive”. What on earth is exclusive about it? They are really naughty with some of the emails they send out these days. A few days earlier they sent one out touting the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Live release. Stated the colour vinyl as limited edition of “only 200” and the 6 disc set CD plus blu-ray as “only 100”. Now you could be forgiven for thinking that is all the copies that are being manufactured for these “limited editions” but it is actually the number of copies that they HAVE to sell. They are also advertising a few exclusive pre order signed editions with the number of copies available – say 50. Click on the link and it will state “26 left”. Selling pretty quickly. Come back and look a few days later and the signed edition is still available to pre order but there is no stock level shown at all now. Just says “pre order” and remains so for weeks until release date when it is “in stock”. Makes you wonder how many signed copies they actually have or if they sell out quickly just sneakily order in a few more.

Michel Banen

This doesn’t seem to be very exclusive indeed as it’s very easy to locate and order only. At this moment only ‘sound of vinyl’ has it listed as sold out.

Just like the colored vinyl ABBA box it was quickly ‘sold out’ and then popped up everywhere again. The illusion of an item being limited or exclusive; first artificial shortage and then flood the market again with it.

Keith Slatter

Totally agree with Alan B. “Exclusive” is a pure marketing ploy! Noted that HMV stated they have some “exclusive” coloured vinyl releases as part of their Vinyl Week releases on 15th August….some of these “exclusive” releases, namely Deep Purple (Burn), Ella Fitzgerald, Guardians of the Galaxy and Stax No1’s, have been on sale via Recordstore for a couple of weeks now. Granted it’s all about choice, but please be honest! In the words of the great Jim Royle…..exclusive my A..E!

Paul Taylor

@Keith Slatter, check out the US version of the Sound Of Vinyl site (there’s a drop down box at the top of the UK page). You’ll see a lot of familiar HMV ‘exclusives’ from the past year or three!

Paul Taylor

Universal are notorious for this. You have to read their marketing emails VERY carefully and do some research.
They’ve still got ABBA boxes available (as have others) which makes the initial claim of only 750 units a bit dubious. I have never seen any official announcement that the production run had increased.


I agree Record Store is not very clear at all on total number versus number they have in stock. I am certainly very wary of their emails.


Yep, Recordstore did the same for Max Richter-Voices Signed Edition, it was announced with 100 limited signed editions after the first ones went out, which these did sell, then just before release date they had a ‘few’ copies left but on their site both signed CD and Vinyl are now still available. I can understand an artist may want to sign more copies because of demand but the whole exclusive and limited numbers seems to be happening a lot more at this company so I take it with a pinch of salt, though to be fair the Richard and Linda Thompson Hard Luck Stories Signed (50) did go and hasn’t been available again but the Unsigned Lithograph (limited 250 Worldwide) sold out but is now available again (maybe some orders were cancelled thinking it was the signed one or there are more than 250?)


Totally agree when is limited edition truly limited would trade descriptions act sort it out !!

Paul Taylor

Limited effectively means ‘finite’ when it comes to music I think! If they say something’s limited to 500k copies they’re not actually breaking any laws.

Michel Banen

“Due to demand more copies now on sale” it now says on the Sound of vinyl website where it sold out quickly. As expected this is as limited / exclusive as demand for it. If 25.000 people want it then 25.000 people will be able to get it…..

Scott Schofield

Just ordered on Amazon UK, got no Guns N Roses Vinyls, so a greatest hits will do nicely, not a major fan wanting all the different mixes, just a casual fan, wanting to listen to some classics on coloured vinyls,


Why on earth would they add a non-hit to a Greatest Hits release? A lost opportunity.


Still available on coloured vinyl at HMV and Zavvi online.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

the coloured vinyl here certainly looks nice, but no thanks.

What I would pay £30 – £40 for from GNR is a reissue of the spaghetti incident on orange vinyl, or a spaghetti picture disc.

Also, the side names, if they are indeed “g”, “n”, “f”, ‘ n’ “r” will be because appetite For destruction had a “g” side (guns) and “r” side (roses), so it will be related to that.

And another thing…..the ”shadow of your love” here might be the 2018 version that appeared on the recent appetite for destruction reissue, and there are at least 2 other versions of that song kicking about. I have the one from the Live & Let Die cd single from way back in the mists of time which, to me, is the best version because it was more raw sounding and aggressive with Axl’s “wake up! It’s time to play!” at the start. Brilliant.

GNR need to take a look at what other big rock acts have done with regards to box sets etc and follow suit….not reissue something like this in a half baked, testing the water manner.
Wake up! It’s time to play indeed!


Side g
1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. Its so easy
3. Mr Brownstone
4. Nightrain
Side n
5. Paradise City
6. Sweet Child O Mine
7. Patience
Side Fn
8. Dont Cry
9. Yesterdays
10. Dead Horse
11. November Rain
Side R
12. You Could Be Mine
13. Live and let die
14. Estranged

There we go thats better


Save yr money on this. Surley most GNR fans have these tracks anyway,
This is a really bad greatest hits,last side is horrible considering the wealth of stellar material. Too many covers. Get the studio Lps instead.

Paul Wren

Coloured vinyl ordered via Rough Trade

Alan M

£38 for a double LP? Wow, didn’t know the Prince Estate had branched out.

Mark S

For anyone interested there is a Walmart exclusive coloured vinyl too.


Yup Walmart does but it is a grey splatter disc not gold like the one above

XL Aeros

I’m a huge fan of G n’ R but feel that this package really under-represents their output. I understand that this is a hits package but given the amount of great songs they have written 33% of this album is cover versions.


Very much agree. Too many covers, and some of the Illusion songs (Civil War, Yesterdays) aren’t among the Greatest. Replace them with two of: Estranged, Locomotive, Dust n’ Bones, or Double Talkin’ Jive. Meanwhile, where is Mr. Brownstone or Rocket Queen? Maybe a live version of Night Train? Also prefer the early live version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door to the bloated Illusion version.

More importantly, the Appetite reissues have made this package thoroughly unnecessary. Except for the idiotic Locked n’ Loaded monstrosity, every version of the reissue was good value for money. I would wait for the inevitable Illusion reissues before buying anything new from GNR Inc.


But it’s a Greatest Hits, not a Best Of – there is a difference, all those tracks are hits. I agree, some of their best material isn’t on there and you could argue for the incredible Estranged as it did get a single release and videos were made for Garden Of Eden, The Garden and Dead Horse. Too easy to bash Axl and Co., granted he’s a right wally at times, shame he’s incredibley talented and pretty lucky to be back feasting at the top table again. He’s managed to maintain mythical status in a time where it’s pretty impossible. Fingers crossed for their new material.


Got it from amazon – Thanks! How limited is the limited edition version?

Michel Banen

How limited the limited edition is ? I guess there will be no more re-pressings after the market is saturated. If 25.000 copies are needed to meet demand and that will be the ‘one time pressing’ then it’s ‘limited’ to 25.000 copies but it could be any number. I’m pretty sure any record company is VERY willing to meet demand while not trying to over-pressing a release. I guess the trick here is not to fall for a something that is labeled as a ‘limited’ release but to buy an advertised item that appeals to you.

Michel Kempes

For the Dutch….. Independent stores as PLATO and Velvet and even Bol has this one for €39.99….

Hans lindskog

Hello,, has anyone heard or seen any news on super deluxe editions of use your illusion? I believe a 30 year anniversary is soon,, best regards Hans

Paul Taylor

I’m honestly not going on a rant here but looking at RT’s pricing of this I think we’re getting close to the £50 standalone new album release. I know this is a Greatest Hits but it’s still a new vinyl release.
Even more alarming is the price Universal were charging for the reissue of the Friends soundtrack – £45 for 13 tracks on 3 sides plus an etching (and it’s sold out……). Each to their own and obviously there are some who are happy to pay for it, fair play to them.
I don’t grudge £30 max for a well packaged double album, coloured or otherwise, but with prices creeping slowly upwards it makes some of these £50/£60 SDEs look very reasonable.

Alan M

I’m with you brother. What next £60 for a decent Blue Note release!? :(


Also available at amazon.de

Big Steve

There’s a Picture Disc from the Offical UK Store for 29.99 as well



I’d never noticed that Slash was left handed before now…


All these sites still have stock & are cheaper than rough trade.
hmv £33.99 (free delivery)
resident-music.com £30.99
Banquetrecords.com £31.99
townsendmusic.store £30


Thank you!

Michel Banen

Just ordered the gold splatter as an Amazon Germany exclusive for € 39,99.

Kenny R

What happened to “the early bird gets the worm” when it came to coloured vinyl etc. Now people are paying a significant premium for the coloured variant! Rough trade are approx £8 more than most sellers for the coloured one and everyone is selling the coloured one for a significant premium over the black. I spend a lot of money on records every month but it is now starting to get ridiculous what some records are priced at on release. Just my opinion, but the day if the £50 single lp is not far away!


Those side-names are seriously cringeworthy. They don’t even have the excuse of retaining them from the original vinyl edition because there wasn’t one!

Dennis Mosen

Looking forward to receiving my McCartney book this week to go with my super deluxe collectors box set

Patrick Cleasby

29.99 at Zavvi with 1.99 delivery


I’d be careful with Zavvi as their packaging is weak.

Richard Kirk

Managed to get the splattered from rough trade, thanks!