Haircut One Hundred / Paint and Paint / two-disc deluxe edition

Cherry Red will issue a two-CD deluxe edition of Haircut One Hundred‘s 1984 album Paint and Paint, next month.

Nick Heyward had departed by this point to sign with Arista, leaving the band and the name ‘Haircut One Hundred’ with his old label. This deluxe edition summarises the hit-free years… and includes the original album along with various non-album tracks and alternate versions. Additionally nine ‘development mixes’ (from the band’s own archive) feature on the second disc along with four BBC session tracks from May 1984.

Paint and Paint deluxe edition is released on 19 May 2017.

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Haircut One Hundred

Paint And Paint (Deluxe Edition)


Disc: 1
1. Fish in a Bowl
2. Immaterial
3. So Tired
4. The Hidden Years
5. 40-40 Home
6. High Noon
7. Too Up Two Down
8. Benefit of the Doubt
9. Prime Time
10. Where Do You Run to Now?
11. Infatuation
12. Too Up Two Down (7″ Remix)
13. Evil Smokestacking Baby
14. After It’s All Been Said and Done
15. Prime Time (Late Night Shopping Version)

Disc: 2
1. So Tired (Extended Version – Long Slumber)
2. Fish in a Bowl (Deeper Version)
3. Hidden Years Extra (Development Mix)
4. Fish in a Bowl (No Vocal-Developmentmix)
5. High Noon (No Vocal-Development Mix)
6. Infatuation (No Vocal-Development Mix)
7. One Word (Development Mix)
8. Prime Time (No Vocal-Development Mix)
9. Puppet Man (Development Mix)
10. Ted and Harry (Development Mix)
11. Too Up Two Down (Development Mix)
12. 40-40 Home
13. Immaterial
14. High Noon
15. The Hidden Years

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joseph gillen

this is a fantastic band and a fantastic album. hugely under rated…..
these songs are as good as pelican west. it also proves that the rest of the band without nick heyward can write songs just as good as he can….Les Nemes bass playing is immaculate on this album… its superb….if you love HOH, then buy this double CD Deluxe edition…. ITS FANTASTIC……

Matthew Best

I’m enjoying this quite a bit – and the sleeve notes are pretty entertaining too. One thing – all the tracks play significantly slower than the vinyl rip of the album I had previously downloaded from somewhere or other. Presumably that version was incorrect and this is correct.

Ron de Joode

Playing the CD release right now and the sound quality is satisfying. No vinylrip, although the second disc with remixes sounds sometimes somewhat muddy.


Been waiting for this for ever. Still searching for “The Real Haircut 100 – Short Back and Sides”. Can’t find it in the usual places. My hope is someone here has it and is willing to share.

Darren Briscoe

Ok…So I actually found a 12″ copy of Prime Time for $1 yesterday and bought it. Sad to say it’s worse than I remember.

Chris Squires

Dear Cherry Red

Whilst you are trawling the “lost and never found” shelves, please can you take a look at Dr Calculus m.d.m.a. – Designer Beatnik, bits and pieces have found their way out but the full album with the extended remixes and mixe breve singles would be most appreciated.
Thank You.

David S

Chris, Send a suggestion to Cherry Red

Taken from Cherry Red’s front page:

We always welcome suggestions for new releases. If there’s an album that you think deserves to be re-issued then please submit your ideas to:


We read all the ideas and many of our past releases have come from your suggestions.


Not familiar with this album but nice to see something get its CD debut. Another candidate that comes to mind is Age of Chance’s Crush Collision EP.

Steady State

“Paint & Paint” is no “Pelican West”, but it’s a surprising good album — given that most bands that continue without their high profile frontperson usually flop terribly, aesthetically anyway.

So I’m very excited for this. If anything, my completist bug will finally be satisfied — Cherry Red Quality Control History permitting.


It is great to have the 12inch singles on CD of “So Tired” and “Prime Time” to update the vinyl I have of them.


Cherry Pop are also releasing B.A. Robertson’s albums as expanded editions: ‘R&BA’, ‘Bully For You’ and ‘Initial Success’. The bonus tracks include B-Sides and more.

Darren Briscoe

Yes!!!! At last!!


I consider this album to be an interesting oddity, a little bit car crash – it does have some nice moments though – Immaterial is good, for example. It would have been cool if they could have packaged it together with the ‘lost’ demos for the proper second album – which of course includes material a lot more like the first one and not all of which got re worked for the (in my view utterly splendid) North of a Miracle. I wonder what ever happened to the idea they were going to work on new music together, was about 5 or so years ago now I think – seemed to come to nothing which is a shame Nick Heyward is a terrifically gifted and somewhat under celebrated pop writer.


Great to finally have Evil Smokestacking Baby on cd, I believe that became a bit of a Balearic classic in later years!


Gave this a listen on YouTube and I was actually impressed. Not a bad record at all. Also looking forward to the Bobby O and Divine releases!!


Well, I am pleased to see albums like this, which I’d assumed had fallen through the cracks of pop history for ever, getting a CD reissue. It probably isn’t the greatest record, I only vaguely remember one of the singles from 1984, but just the fact it is being released is good news for my archiving OCD!


I wonder if this means that anything is possible. Specifically, any chance of a deluxe release of “Reverberation” by the Ianless Echo and the Bunneymen? I actually REALLY like that one!


You’re not the only one. Love that one too :)


Well if we are playing that game then my big request would be:

– Zeke Manyika’s first solo album ‘Call and Response’

This is mainly because it has never been released on CD unlike other things which I would love to see remastered and expanded (e.g. the China Crisis back catalogue) it also has a great set of 12″ singles and b-sides that went along with the release.
Any fan of ‘Rip it Up’ era Orange Juice (or The The’s ‘Soul Mining’ album) would do well to check it out.

Chris Squires

I guess we all have albums that we somehow come to like, if not love, that we couldn’t name a single other living soul who even knows it exists, mine is “Don’t Force the River” by Jackie Quinn…No? Thought not.
I’d never heard of Paint and Paint and yet it’s from “my era”. I’d imagine the record company threw a wobbly at the cover fonts though. It’s quite hard to work out who it’s by. The famous Northern circuit singer Toneh ‘Undred?

Paul H

Yes this album wasn’t as good as Pelican West, but it wasn’t without its moments and I am very happy to see the reissue and it seems to cover most things. Evil Smokestaking Baby….not selected for the album, only for a b-side for the third single…very decent track. That being said I am surprised there is a market for an album like this commercially but hats off to Cherry Red for going with it…

Aside from the interim sessions for the aborted second album with NH which ended up on the Half Baked bootleg, the original band minus Mark Fox announced at their 2010/11 reunion gigs that they were heading back into the studio. Sadly nothing came out of that and the live shows haven’t continued…


Yes, big shame and that show was great fun!


> Both this and Truthdare Doubledare were great post prima donna releases,
> shame they were so ignored.

I’m not sure I’d call Truthdare Doubledare “great”, but it’s a solid effort, and I’d have liked to hear more from that incarnation of the band.


Hi Paul –

Any reason why my earlier post has not been accepted. I don’t think it includes anything controversial but for some reason it is still awaiting moderation 8 hours later :-(


No problem, I was just concerned that somehow I had managed to transgress some unwritten rule of etiquette :-)


Matthew Best

Wow. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this album to get re-released for ages and I’m very excited to get an expanded version to boot. I love the album, though I suppose the vocals are on the anonymous side compared to Nick’s, and it’s worth getting just for the bass-playing alone – and the brass arrangements. Pre-ordering immediately!

Auntie Sabrina

The Divine CD is Jungle Jezebel and hopefully there are no problems with the sound, unlike last years Anthology…


Cherry Red are also issuing a Bobby O cd and a 2xCD of Divine’s Native Love lp – alas disc 2 contains mainly recent remixes :-((


This is pretty average album, surprised it’s getting this release.
liked the first album though.

paul, i mentioned this on march 24, and am still waiting for
the comment to get moderation.

someone else mentioned in on march 27… is there always
this much of a delay on comments?

keep up the good work on reporting.



I was too much in the Heyward camp to care about this one. I did hear Too Up Too Down which sounded like they were trying to write in an Heyward fashion but I’ll probably have a listen now, after all these years… By the way, go to Pledgemusic, Nick has just finished recording his new album in more than a decade, it’s called “Woodland Echoes”. Help him release it now :) http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/nick-heyward-woodland-echoes


Wow. This is sad and depressing and won’t keep me here long if this is the best it gets and all that is going to be done. Has anyone heard of these people?! Did they sell any significant amount at some point?!

Charles K.

Take care of your posterior as the door swings closed behind you.


I believe the equivalent North American colloquial is “Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the dog shoulda’ bite ya…”

John Sayers

Classic and well deserved reply – well done!

Hans Jörg

Maybe you live under a rock?


Top tip: it always looks a little bit sad when you waste more time writing a reply to an article you claim not to care about than you did when you read it.

elliott buckingham

cherry reds qc is awful nothing but errors on most of the cds I own on their label and when you get in touch they aint interested rhino records are awful for rectifiying errors as well


I have to say that last time I contacted Cherry Red (with regard to Sarah Cracknell’s Kites LP) they resolved my query with fantastic service and were more helpful than I could have expected.

Charles K.

Wow, this is a shot in the dark, glad to see this! Cherry surprises me all the time with what they revive. It’s not as good as the debut but it’s close and I always loved it. I think I was the only American who bought this when it came out. Both this and Truthdare Doubledare were great post prima donna releases, shame they were so ignored.

Mike the Fish

Arista was his old label. He stayed, Haircut 100 changed labels.


Wow, I will have to get this. It is a shame Nick and the band could not get along and finish their second record, but this should be interesting to hear. “So Tired” is one of Haicut One Hundred’s best. That cover is very Heaven 17.


Yes I noticed the Heaven 17 likeness as well…

Auntie Sabrina

Hope Cherry Red don’t make a pigs ear of this, like with Yazz and Divine’s last releases…

Alex Davidson

Haircut 100 were with Arista and Nick Heyward stayed there. It was the Heyward-less Haircut 100 who were dropped and then signed with Polydor.


Although Mark Fox’s voice is not ‘strong’ as Nick Heyward’s the song’s on this album are still very good. Well worth checking out if you are a fan of the first Haircut album.

Glad this finally getting an official CD release (I have it on CD already but I think it must be a fake as it seems it hasn’t been released on CD before).

David S

Would be nice to see an official release of the live album and the demos with Nick Heyward for the second album.

Darren Briscoe

Utterly pointless release now as it was back then. A dreadful album . Heyward was obviously the talented one.


Great underrated Album finally released on CD. Nice!