Hank Marvin / signed copies of new LP

Guitar legend Hank Marvin releases a new album, Without A Word, in June and quick-off-the-mark fans can secure exclusive SIGNED editions, including this red vinyl pressing.

His 16th solo album contains 14 new recordings – mostly Hank’s interpretation of some of his all-time favourite tunes; a diverse selection, including the jazz standard Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Moon RiverThe Fool On The Hill, the iconic Doctor Who Theme and the Louis Armstrong classic, What A Wonderful World. One new original composition, called Russian Doll (co-written and recorded with his son Ben), is also included (full track listing below).

Without A Word is available as a 180g red vinyl pressing and the first 500 copies pre-ordered come with a 10″ x 8″ print signed personally by Hank Marvin.

If vinyl isn’t your format of choice, then an exclusive CD edition with a signed postcard is also available (limited to 1000 units).

Without A Word will be released on 2 June 2017.

Update: Signed vinyl edition now sold out!

1. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
2. Michelle
3. Alfie
4. Theme From ‘Poirot’
5. Are You Lonesome Tonight
6. Russian Doll
7. Peter Gunn/Baby Elephant Walk
8. Moon River
9. Doctor Who Theme
10. What A Wonderful World
11. Cry Me A River
12. The Fool On The Hill
13. America
14. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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Bernard O’Hara

There still appear to be six copies of the signed red vinyl at Amazon. I picked one up last week…

Ian Harris

Received my CD yesterday from Leo’s Den.
Haven’t stopped playing it!
The playing, the arrangements are all marvellous.
Best thing Hank has done for a while.


Received the vinyl edition today, it sure looks nice, but plays with pops and crackle regretfully.(even after cleaning) I got the ‘signed edition’, A printed card with an alternate shot of the cover, signed with a black felt marker. Remark from Brian Thompson about the elevator music, well, that came to mind before reading your comment ;-)

Brian Thompson

Come on Hank, no more elevator music we want you playing new instrumentals, PLEASE

Jan Ahlberg

– Well said. I couldn’t agree more…..Hank PLEASE……..

Frank Williams

Hank has moved on and now plays gypsy jazz in the Django style. His playing is brilliant but not entirely my cup of tea.
His rhythm guitarist playing the gypsy material is Gary Taylor the producer of the UB Hank backing tracks, ex Herd bass player.

DJ Craig ntrol

Thanks for the post SDE. I’ve been a Shadows/Hank fan since I was a kiddie. Will be great to own something with his scribble on it :)

DJ Control

Bloody auto correct :(

David M

Wonder if the unsigned ones will be rarer ;)

James Coles

The obsession with cover versions is definitely the record company’s doing. They think Hank’s audience is too old to want experience something genuinely “new”. Who’s up for crowdfunding an album of Hank originals?!

Fat Old Bloke

Met Hank in 1988 in Perth and jammed with him. Beautiful man and a true gentleman.
I greatly admire his work with the Shaddows, and his classic song Sacha.

Why Hank didn’t hook up with some other likewise musicians after his carrer in the Shadows and create some great original music?

His last 5-6 albums have been cover albums with at times very cheesy choices. Maybe he has all the money and accolades he needs and these new albums are simply produced for his own pleasure.

In saying this his cover of the James Bond theme on Hank Plays The Movies is stunning.

I’ll probably buy this album but……..imagine Hank Marvin was let loose on a Yes album or Genesis recording in the great experimental decade of the 1970s for example?

I could see him in a prog rock band or even playing country music.


Do we know if the vinyl copies advertised are still the signed ones?

Michael G

Ordered as above I hope the signature is decent.


Ordered, in the hope that the Autograph is a little better than the Kevin/Dexys squiggle

David Rubin

A true guitar hero. A body of work that is so important to the history of not only music but the guitar as well.
Thanks Paul for the heads up.


Hank Marvin, he must be hungry.


Just to advise the cd price on Amazon is now £12.03 .. and does anyone know which “America” is covered .. the S&G one or Rogers& Hammerstein??

John Lloyd

Or Neil Diamond…?


Thanks Paul for posting this. I have pre-ordered the exclusive edition cd .. i wasn’t aware it was available for pre-order till I saw your posting .. ta


Well I’m really disappointed, no 2017 version of theme from the deer hunter.

Chris L

The cd link goes to ‘Amazon Exclusive Edition’ signed cd, but the vinyl link makes no mention of it being signed in the heading. It mentions it in the info section, but how do I actually know that I’ve ordered a signed edition?

Michel Banen

I ordered a copy and will check if this is indeed the case (that they will update the order page once the first 500 are sold).


I love the packaging. I love Hank. I always wondered why the band who wrote some of the most truly brilliant instrumentals in all of creation stopped writing to record mainly covers.

Stephen Corbett

Its a shame Hank isn’t given the blessings to release original material.Along with Bruce and various Shads members over the last 50 years they have written some amazing iinstrumentals.Im thinking Rockin With Curly Leads,the original compositions on Tasty and the fabulous Guardian Angel album.Not withstanding many many greats from the 60,s..Foot Tapper,FBI,Flingel Bunt to name just 3 hits.Many more on albums also.
I guess it all comes down to sales figures.