Happy Birthday to Paul & Linda McCartney’s RAM


Paul and Linda McCartney‘s 1971 album RAM is 45 years old today (in the UK). To mark the occasion here’s a look at the rare promo video for Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey which was (remarkably) a US number one single at the time…

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Rick R

It was the Beatles album of Summer 1971. For a while, we could pretend the split didn’t really matter. Even the brightly coloured, laminated sleeve was reminiscent of Pepper…


From the James Paul McCartney TV show. Paul’s haircut is circa 73 not 71. The single mix? No cross-fade into Smile Away.


The white label ‘mono’ is very much worth the time.


Guess I’ll have to dig out my mono vinyl copy today to celebrate!

Philip C.

I love this album! Always have, imagine my delight back about 10 years after it was released here in the U.S. when I chanced upon a fellow selling “professional 10″ metal reels of reusable audio tape.” I was involved in some recording projects so I was always looking for a bargain on used but still viable reels of tape. When I got to the location I discovered that he had dozens of professional 10″ reels of MONO master comps that he salvaged from the Capitol records garbage bin. They were all in great shape, and had been stored properly in a studio, but they all had leader between tracks and so couldn’t be used by me for recording. All of them were of known Capitol Records recording artists but two of the reels stood out to me; the Mono reels for the A side and B side of McCartney’s Ram album! And unlike the other reels which were on Scotch brand tape, the standard for recording here in the U.S., these were on Agfa, which was popular in the UK for professional use. That album was never released here in the U.S. on the Mono format for retail except for a very limited number issued in plain white sleeves for the few U.S. radio stations on the AM dial that were still playing rock’n’roll. I’ve never played them – I do not have the studio tape deck necessary – but I have enjoyed owning them all these years (45! wow). Sadly I am faced with having to give them up due to medical bills. But t’s been fun having a true piece of musical history for a while.


Agree the mono version is well worth a listen. The SDE is available from http://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/paul-mccartney/ for £76.90 plus delivery

Adam shaw

The beginning of the video when he goes into his daydream looks a lot like the start of the film Give My Regards To Broad Street .

Will W

I think the first half of the promo is from the James Paul McCartney special in 1973. My late father was one of the guys walking round the typing room in the second scene. He said he managed to chat with Linda, but not Paul. Great Album is Ram, I also strangely enjoy Red Rose Speedway and look forward to the reissue whenever that might be…..

Brian E.

The mono version is a revelation in sound! One of my favorites. I rarely listen to the stereo version anymore. Brung to Ewe by Ram would have been a nice inclusion, but tends to get old after a couple of listens.
I wish this had been on “The McCartney Years” DVD box set. Would have loved this in 5.1 surround. Imagine the rumble of thunder cascading around the room!


Easily in the top three McCartney/Wings albums and a superb example of Pauls musical skills. Great video too, and she wasn’t called the Lovely Linda for nothing!


Andy, Paul, totally agree with you both. The best SDE in my collection by far! The mono album is mind blowing, infact it has had the same impact to me as hearing Sgt Pepper in mono. I rarely listen to either album in stereo now.

Mark Hanson

Is it my old ears or is that a subtly different mix of Uncle Albert?

Don Balfour

Yes I thought that..


Ha – great little gem of a video, Paul. I remember when you introduced me to Ram. I was probably cynical back then but the album’s charms have grown stronger with each passing year…


Wow, yeah… all the mono versions are interesting. Also revisited Thrillington today, so it’s been a somewhat ‘Ram-tastic’ weekend…


To me it’s easily the best of Macca’s post-Beatles albums. Still doesn’t get the acclaim it deserves!


Yep, really good idea. I always thought he should do a few gigs of non-Beatle material.

David Rubin

YEAH – We still love you Macca. Now how about an acoustic show playing only your non hits and NO Beatles!!!!!!! You can call it The Hard Core Tour.


Beatles US Albums box is currently £60.32 at Amazon UK.


Great record. Loved it so much I bought the Deluxe book edition mentioned above (which is, incidentally, an example of a reissue done properly)…