Haysi Fantayzee / Battle Hymns For Children Singing / 2LP coloured vinyl

Limited • yellow vinyl • bonus tracks on second LP • no CD version

Demon Records will reissue quirky ’80s pop act Haysi Fantayzee’s one and only album, Battle Hymns For Children Singing as a special coloured double vinyl pressing which includes extra tracks on the bonus LP.

Haysi Fantayzee were Jeremy Healy and Kate Garner on vocals, and Paul Caplin on keyboards and they issued four singles from the album, with two of them – John Wayne Is Big Leggy and Shiny Shiny top 20 hits in the UK.

The first record is the 10-track album and the second features 12-inch remixes, single versions and even includes In The Mix, previously only available via cassette or flexi-disc promo. The latter has been “included for the completist even though the quality is not as high the other tracks.”

This 2LP coloured vinyl pressing of Battle Hymns For Children Singing will be issued on 29 June 2018.

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Haysi Fantayzee

Battle Hymns For Children Singing [VINYL]


Side A

  • A1: Shiny Shiny
  • A2: I Lost My Dodi
  • A3: More Money
  • A4: Jimmy Jive Jive
  • A5: The Sabres Of Paradise

Side B

  • B1: Shoofly Love
  • B2: Make Me A Sinner
  • B3: Chizoola
  • B4: John Wayne Is Big Leggy
  • B5: Here Comes The Beast

Bonus LP

Side C

  • C1: John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Groovy Long Version)
  • C2: Shiny Shiny (Dance Mix)
  • C3: Holy Joe (12” Remix)
  • C4: Sister Friction (12” Remix)

Side D

  • D1: Holy Joe
  • D2: Okay Big Daddy
  • D3: Jimmy Jive Jive (Instrumental Remix)
  • D4: Shiny Shiny Bon Temps (12” Version)
  • D5: Sister Friction (Single Version)
  • D6: John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Single Version)
  • D7: In The Mix*


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I’ve just got my copy and hadn’t noticed in the original post – the track “Make Me A Sinner” was not on the original vinyl or the CD re release from the early 2000s.

Kevin Barrett

I remember them, they were quirky but not bad, definitely not ‘sh**’ anyway. I could name you a dozen acts who were worse …


Strange how this apparently ‘sh*t band’ seems to have garnered (pun intended) so much attention on this post!

Andrew B

Terrible music, had a major major thing for Kate, actually we are friends on FB (result), does this have the risque booklet in it I wonder.


Wow, great music, great news, great music journalism!
Keep it up, Paul, with this very high level.


They played the clip of Shiny Shiny on Australian television last year and it was all people were talking about for the next week. I’m in. Bring it on.

Andrew F

It’s amazing that John Wayne Is Big Leggy escaped Auntie Beeb’s censorship. Lyrics that focused on the O and A aspects of sexual activity clearly bypassed the scrutineers. It seems like you really *did* have to utter the word ‘come’ over and over in your lyrics before the censors stepped in.

For those who wrote the trio off as purveyors of nursery rhyme disposable pop, they certainly weren’t skirting around with topics such as the destruction of native American Indian culture and nuclear disarmament.

Musically, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d never write the act off, just because it’s not my personal choice. Each to their own.


When I first saw Haysi Fantayzee on MTV back in the 80’s, I initially thought the cartoon characters, Popeye the Sailor and Olive Oil decided to dress up like Boy George and form a pop group. I found HF so bizarre at the time, I couldn’t get them out of my head — humming their songs in the car while I drove to work. Of course, at that point I felt compelled to buy their album and the 12″ dance mix of Shiny Shiny. After a few repeat listens at home, I fell in love with Kate Garners voice, and realized what I thought were silly child-like lyrics were really serious social and political commentary. I’m very happy this double album is coming out.


This is fantastic news! They were a great band and Kate Garner was amongst the best eye candy of the 80s, as well as being a super intelligent lady with a fabulous photography career that’s still ongoing.

Not many hits but the singles are classics of the era and the 12″ mixes are great. Rough Trade records really did have some great acts back in the day….


Complete Wombles singles in coloured vinyl?…I’m there!


All the Wombles albums were reissued on CD about 4 years ago to coincide with them playing Glastonbury. No box set or extra tracks, just straight reissues, but nice nonetheless. I stumbled across a competition on a website to win all the CD reissues. I entered on the closing date. Within 2 hours I received an email saying congratulations, I’d won. I get the feeling I was the only person who entered!


I forgot how much those two gave me the creeps (and still do!) With my Toyah Desire RSD release (and its awful out of focus reproduction cover) I think I’ve just caught on to Demon records game…

Stevie B

Why so much negativity about this band? They obviously had something or wouldn’t have had chart hits. Jeremy Healy is a talented guy. Superstar D.J. I remember countless snooty record shop assistants looking down their noses when I handed over my hard earned cash to buy something they deemed unworthy back in the 80’s and 90’s. Seems they are all on here still venting! I’m looking forward to an Orange Vinyl ‘Jimmy the Hoover’ compilation “Help me Cherry Red Records, you’re my only hope.”

Chris Squires

Ditto King. Just bought a signed copy of the new King: Remixes and Rarities from Cherry Red.

“Oh. They’re not a proper band”

Oh yes they bloody well are. Had a fight on my hands to get them on to the VIth form turntable mind you.
Having said that I do get the Hayzi weird vibe. Something of the “Child-catcher” about the get up. Shiverzzzz

Ian Harris

@Jono – the above shows the cover photo booklet next to the original inner sleeve. It may just be they’ve used it for the second disc…I doubt they’d go to the trouble of reproducing all of it but you never know.

I for one love this album, but I’m more than happy with my original and the Cherry Red CD.


Each to their own, peeps.

If you choose to engage and not look at this from above the rim of your glasses, there are some deep themes going on underneath all the frivolity here – nuclear war (Shiny Shiny), racism (John Wayne is Big Leggy), suicide (The Sabres of Paradise) that people may not be aware of.

Pity that the actual remixed Shiny Shiny (Dance Mix) is still not on CD. The Razor and Tie reissue omitted it and only had the (badly) edited alternate 12″.



After i stopped laughing i googled the lyrics to “Shiny Shiny” and must say i thing you’re wrong at least about this one: In my opinion it covers a wide variety of themes, including environmental pollution, BDSM and neighbourhood watch, but nuclear war seems not to be among them. ;-))



I would say these lines can be interpreted that way:

“City smokes, people choke
Big meanie he’s a genie and we ain’t got a hope
No chance, no chance”


‘The child spoke, “We ain’t got a hope press the button
Press the button, it’s all remote”
No chance, no chance, no chance, no chance”

Also the original cover of the 12″ had Kate and Jeremiah in front of quite a colourful nuclear explosion, so that’s how I interpreted it…

Paul E.

Surely could’ve been saved for RSD 2019. I’ve nothing to look forward to now…

Dave Richards

Didn’t we hit the high peak of reissues with the Andrew Ridgely reissue?

Stan Butler

Gawd, they were bloody awful.


If I remember correctly, the bonus tracks featured on the cd reissue of this from a few years back we’re mastered from vinyl as the original masters were lost/not available. A good job was done considering but does this mean this new yellow vinyl versions bonus tracks will be from that source? From vinyl to cd to vinyl again. I think this is where the line needs to be drawn. Pick up the original vinyl and 12” and listen to the Flexi disc/cassette mix via YouTube

Andrew B

can you link the flexi disc you tube link???


You are correct in that the 2006 CD remaster was from vinyl. I did the remastering, and it wasn’t that the tapes were lost, the label chose the shortcut of having me remaster from vinyl. So yes, if they used that CD for this LP reissue, then it is vinyl to CD to vinyl.


RAPPING in 1982?! And by Brits?! Impossible! Sort of takes away the whole idea of it being clever a few years later, eh! :)


Dunno what this is supposed to mean. Rapping in popular music predates 1982 by more than a few years. Nothing original or “clever” about it by the time this came out.


In the US, as far as I know, “Rapture” by Blondie was the first song with a rap in it to ever hit #1 on the mainstream charts. That was 1980, and a middle-aged (35-years-old) white woman rapping. Pretty sure the 2nd #1 mainstream chart rap song (more clearly rap than “Rapture” in that “Rapture” had a rapped bridge whereas this song had rapped verses and a sung chorus, much more like current models) was “West End Girls” in ’84.

Rap/Hip-Hop had a pretty wide underground following beginning in the mid-70s. By the early 80s (really early) was when it was starting to hit mainstream.


I’ve officially seen everything now.


Their comments regarding ‘In The Mix’ seems to indicate it was mastered from the flexidisc, not a tape. Which likely means the rest of the tracks are just the CD pressed to vinyl, rather than newly remastered from tapes.


We’ve reached the Shoe Event Horizon of coloured vinyl now surely. What next – The Complete Wombles singles in a collectible rainbow of red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue one for each of Orinoco, Tomsk, Madam Cholet etcetera..

Martin Power

That comment will make me chuckle all week – Thanks mate


Don’t, you’ll give someone ideas!
Seriously though I guess its from the expanded cd edition produced in 2000.


I had a Wombles album when i was about 4 or 5 and i can safely say it was a million times better than this garbage.

Rob Glynn

Wombles Box Set you say? Now we’re talking…

Kevin S
Rob Glynn

LOL – I’m stunned. 3-Record set Wombles collection!

Paul Mac

I’m in! Keep On Wombling is a great album…

Chris Squires

Off topic but abso-bloody-lutely.

A seven disc set, multi-coloured all singles and appropriate b-sides.

I missed the Wombles when they came to our school as I had been naughty that morning.

Sad day.

John in NYC

Good times come to me now..

Darren Briscoe

I need this!!!! A fantastic album I still play to this day….


Original had a photo booklet included. Think I still have mine!

Charles Christopher

I feel like reissue culture has reached some kind of milestone with this release, and it’s all downhill from here. SDE can start winding down now.