Heaven 17 / Another Big Idea 1996-2015

H17’s ‘Later Years’ • 9CD • 4LP vinyl • SIGNED 9CD sets while stocks last

Heaven 17 / Another Big Idea 9CD box set

This March, Heaven 17 are to release Another Big Idea (1996-2015), nine-CD and 4LP vinyl box sets that follow the band’s work from when they regrouped and returned from a six-year hiatus in 1996 with the album Bigger Than America.

The nine-disc CD version of Another Big Idea features the albums Bigger Than America (1996) and Before After (released 2005 – the last album to feature Ian Craig Marsh). There’s also the 1998 remix album Retox/ Detox where various then-contemporaries took the band’s earlier hits down the rave-up, 2008’s Naked As Advertised: Versions 08 where they offered acoustic/ stripped back versions of their and The Human League’s catalogue, and 1999’s How Live Is – taken from their first live appearance. The box also hoovers up covers of songs by U2 (‘With or Without You’), Prince (‘Sign O’ The Times’) and Madonna (‘Holiday’) which the band had recorded for various tribute albums.

More intriguing is the previously unreleased Space Age Space Music. An instrumental album recorded in 1998, where they’d planned to get various singers to write their own lyrics to the tunes, but never got around to fully realising it.

9CD exclusive edition of Another Big Idea (1996-2008) with signed print (click image to enlarge)

In total, there are 48 bonus tracks and remixes, and like last year’s Play to Win set, Another Big Idea comes packaged as a large format (12″ x 12″) book. This contains 28-pages of photos, new notes and interviews with the band.

There is also a 4LP coloured  vinyl version of Another Big Idea (1996-2008) which brings together the three studio albums – Bigger Than America (opaque blue vinyl), Before After (white vinyl) and Naked As Advertised (transparent green) – and How Live Is (process blue vinyl).

For the 9CD set only, there is an Amazon Exclusive edition (available only in the UK), limited to 500 units and which comes with a signed print.

Another Big Idea is released by Edsel/Demon Records on 20 March 2020.

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Heaven 17

Another Big Idea - 9CD signed exclusive

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Heaven 17

Another Big Idea - 4LP vinyl edition


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Heaven 17

Another Big Idea - 9CD standard edition


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Heaven 17

Play To Win: The Virgin Years


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Heaven 17

Bigger than America - RSD19 coloured vinyl


Another Big Idea(1996-2008) 9CD edition


  1. Dive
  2. Designing Heaven
  3. We Blame Love
  4. Another Big Idea
  5. Freak!
  6. Bigger Than America
  7. Unreal Everything
  8. The Big Dipper
  9. Do I Believe?
  10. Resurrection Man
  11. Maybe Forever
  12. An Electronic Prayer


  1. Bigger Than America [version]
  2. Designing Heaven [Radio Mix]
  3. We Blame Love [Gregorio’s Mix]
  4. Designing Heaven [Lloyd Wright Mix] [Motiv 8’s Radio Mix]
  5. We Blame Love [Spacebaby Mix]
  6. Theme From The Unreal Everything


  1. Let Me Go [Rob Playford Remix]
  2. Let’s All Make A Bomb [Adrian Sherwood Remix]
  3. Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [Freddie Fresh Club Remix]
  4. We Live So Fast [DJ Suv Remix]
  5. Come Live With Me [Mulu Remix]
  6. At The Height Of The Fighting [The Steve Hillier Project Remix]
  7. Crushed By The Wheels (Of Industry) [Ski Remix]
  8. Play To Win [M@krohart (Phillip Erb & Mark Rutherford) Remix]
  9. Let’s All Make A Bomb [Geek Remix]
  10. Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [Sector (Kevin Francis) Mix]
  11. And That’s No Lie [Steve D’Agostino Remix]
  12. Let Me Go [Ashley Beedle’s Modern Travel Dub Mix]


  1. Brothers & Sisters (Fascist Groove Thang) [Michael Lange Remix]
  2. Temptation [Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix]
  3. At The Height Of The Fighting [Cisserio Remix]
  4. Penthouse And Pavement [Ruff Driverz Remix]
  5. Fascist Groove Thang [Tinman Vocal Mix]
  6. We Live So Fast [Skelly Mix for Ripe Productions]
  7. Geisha Boys & Temple Girls [Freddie Fresh Mix Radio Mix]
  8. Temptation [Future/Past Disco (Kirk Degiorgio /As One) Dub Mix]
  9. Penthouse & Pavement [Disco Central (Ben Mitchell & Can Can Studios) Mix]
  10. Designing Heaven [Giorgio Moroder’s Subterranean 12″]
  11. With This Ring (Let Me Go) [Molella & Phil Jay Present Heaven 17 Meets Fast Eddie]


  1. Designing Heaven [Motiv 8’s Vocal 12″]
  2. We Blame Love [Matt Darey Dub Mix]
  3. With This Ring (Let Me Go) [Extended Mix]
  4. Designing Heaven [Rodgers Mix] [James Reynold’s Vocal 12″]
  5. We Blame Love [Instrumental Extended Mix]
  6. With This Ring (Let Me Go) [Disco Fire Mix]
  7. Designing Heaven [Le Corbusier Mix] [Motiv 8’s Dub 12]
  8. Temptation [Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix] [Radio Edit]
  9. Designing Heaven [Stark Mix] [Gregorio’s 12″]
  10. We Blame Love [Instrumental Mix]
  11. With This Ring (Let Me Go) [Kay Cee Remix]
  12. Designing Heaven [Trans European Heaven]
  13. With This Ring (Let Me Go) [Disco Funky Mix]
  14. Designing Heaven [Den Himmel Designen]


  1. Fascist Groove Thing
  2. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
  3. We Blame Love
  4. Come Live With Me
  5. Freak!
  6. Let Me Go
  7. Let’s All Make A Bomb
  8. Penthouse And Pavement
  9. Designing Heaven
  10. Temptation
  11. Being Boiled


  1. Holiday
  2. With Or Without You
  3. Sign O’ The Times
  4. Holiday [XTended Dance Mix]


  1. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me
  2. Hands Up To Heaven
  3. The Way It Is
  4. Freedom From Love
  5. Don’t Fear The Reaper
  6. Into The Blue
  7. Deeper And Deeper
  8. What Would It Take
  9. Someone For Real
  10. Are You Ready?


  1. Hands Up To Heaven [Radio Edit]
  2. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Qubiq Radio Edit]
  3. Don’t Fear The Reaper [Radio Edit]
  4. Hands Up To Heaven [Spray’s Mega Dance Radio Edit]
  5. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Qubiq Tribal Back To 5 And 6 Mix]
  6. Hands Up To Heaven [Qubiq Hands Up Tribal Vocal Mix]

CD 7 ‘SHORTER LONGER’ (REMIXES 2006 – 07) continued

  1. Hands Up To Heaven [Spray Mix]
  2. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [DonQuiBeats Remix]
  3. Hands Up To Heaven [Canal Pop Mix]
  4. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Lovesick Dub]
  5. Hands Up To Heaven [DJ Futuro Mix]
  6. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [T Total’s Secret Stalker Mix]
  7. Hands Up To Heaven [DJ BC Mix]
  8. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Dimensional Love Machine]
  9. Hands Up To Heaven [Astromill Mix]
  10. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Electroluv’s Remix]
  11. Hands Up To Heaven [Qubiq DJ Edit]
  12. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me [Atom’s Ostwald Process Dub]


  1. Being Boiled
  2. Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
  3. Temptation [featuring Billie Godfrey]
  4. Penthouse And Pavement
  5. Party Fears Two
  6. Don’t Fall
  7. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
  8. We Live So Fast
  9. Empire State Human


  1. Penthouse And Pavement [live]
  2. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [live]
  3. Let Me Go [exclusive acoustic version]
  4. Rocket Man
  5. Rocket Man [12″ remix]
  6. Hands Up To Heaven [Qubiq Hands Up Tribal Dub Mix]


Recorded in 1998

  1. Overture
  2. Post Apocalypse
  3. Soft Power Landscape
  4. Track 4
  5. Funk Experiment
  6. Abandoned Malls
  7. Fast Groove 1
  8. Unknowable
  9. Mission Creep
  10. Thinking Machine
  11. New Chase
  12. Liquid Syncopation

Another Big Idea(1996-2008) 4LP vinyl box


Side One
1. Dive
2. Designing Heaven
3. We Blame Love
4. Another Big Idea
5. Freak!
6. Bigger Than America

Side Two
1. Unreal Everything
2. The Big Dipper
3. Do I Believe?
4. Resurrection Man
5. Maybe Forever
6. An Electronic Prayer


Side One
1. Fascist Groove Thing
2. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
3. We Blame Love
4. Come Live With Me
5. Freak!
6. Let Me Go

Side Two
1. Let’s All Make A Bomb
2. Penthouse And Pavement
3. Designing Heaven
4. Temptation
5. Being Boiled


Side One

1. I’m Gonna Make You Fall In Love With Me
2. Hands Up To Heaven
3. The Way It Is
4. Freedom From Love
5. Don’t Fear The Reaper

Side Two
1. Into The Blue 2. Deeper And
3. What Would It Take
4. Someone For Real
5. Are You Ready?


Side One
1. Being Boiled
2. Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
3. Temptation [featuring Billie Godfrey]
4. Penthouse And Pavement
5. Party Fears Two

Side Two
1. Don’t Fall
2. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
3. We Live So Fast
4. Empire State Human

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Please, has anyone heard the SPACE AGE SPACE MUSIC CD?. Is it good?. I would appreciate your comments, I am only considering buying this boxset because of this CD.


Could anyone please let me know where the signed print is supposed to be? Is it inside the shrink wrap or was it put aside in the outer box? Or should it be outside the outer box? I did not find my print so I hope it’s inside the shrink wrap? Or maybe not. :-(


The print is inside, between the sheets. Therefor it is mentioned on the sticker outside the shrinkwrap.


Mine was within the shrink wrap, tucked inside the case.


Thanks for the info guys, I then opened it and indeed the print was inside. Since I did not receive my Paul Young autograph from Amazon I am worried every time.


I got mine yesterday, it included the singed print. Order Amazon UK, delivered to Germany.

This time I waited with comparism of the tracks to my collection, when I have it in hands:
Multible mixes of Before/After-era missing but some (+Bigger than Amreica-era) are here, I’ve never heard of. I may compile a list after fully comparing … and listening, that’s what it is for.

Simon D

New email from Demon:

We have spoken to Amazon who have now corrected their stock so you should be able to re-purchased the signed edition of Heaven 17 which is currently still in stock on Amazon UK.

You will need to raise a return request in order to send your box back for a refund/replacement. I would advise you speak to customer service directly who will be able to advise on return options if leaving the house is not possible for you at present.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. Amazon are investigating this issue so we can ensure it does not happen in the future.

With thanks,

Jan V

Update: just got this mail from Demon:

‘Hi J,
We have spoken to Amazon who have now corrected their stock so you should be able to re-purchased the signed edition of Heaven 17 which is currently still in stock on Amazon UK as we do not sell direct to customers, only through third party retailers.’

So fingers crossed!

Jan V

Amazon is listing the signed box again as of today. I have sent a mail to Demon on monday and they replied that they were speaking to Amazon about this how to resolve this issue. (same as Simon D)

Hopefully they have resolved the problem. I have ordered a new box today. I will keep you posted.


Good to know those like me who had to send back a wrongly labelled Hitchhikers 3xLP set…
…the Heaven 17 9xCD signed edition box set is, at the time of writing, back for sale!

The only explanation I can imagine, is that the sets returned by the people who received it wrongly instead of the Hitchhikers 3xLP set have reached Amazon, and are now for sale again.

So I placed the order again. Fingers crossed…


And another – arrived today – and yep “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” again hard to see its Amazons fault. Box sticker correctly labelled Heaven 17. Another Demon c@ck up. Sending back to Amazon for a refund – but sadly have to buy a replacement without the signed print. Could naturally understand the concert cancellation – but really Demon you could have done better …


Here is the message that Demon Music posted on their web store a couple of hours ago:

“During the COVID-19 situation, our offices are closed so we will be unable to send you any stock/replacements until we are able to get back to the offices. As yet, we do not know how long this will be before we can go back. If you have received a faulty or incorrect item, please send your box back to the original retailer for a full refund/replacement.”
Source: https://www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk/news/

In other words: good luck!

Simon D

I Contacted Demon about the Amazon mess up and the fact that some of us have received Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. They replied:


Thanks for contacting Demon Music and apologies that you have received the incorrect item.

It appears Amazon have mislabelled the products. We are speaking to them now about how to resolve this issue.

As soon as we now more, we will let you know.

With thanks,

SDE Hall of Fame

Okay, so it is Amazon’s fault then! :)


Yes supposedly so (I got the same message from Demon Music).

I ordered a replacement from Zoom which surprisingly arrived today and looks great.

A bit annoyed about missing out on the signed print but I doubt whether Amazon will get that sorted out given the current state of affairs (bigger fish to fry).


Its was an Amazon fault. There was a further label under the Amazon one that says… Hitchhikers..X* and a batch number (S720623-1-1-0)* which I’d assume is the original Demon label.

*Part of the Amazon label makes it hard to read some of the character

SDE Hall of Fame

That’s what I said. It was Amazon’s fault. (?)


After having filled half of the CDs from the “Play To Win” box sets with errors last year, it is seems that this year Demon Records came with Another Bad Idea (pun intended)…

…putting an entire other release from their catalog into a properly labelled box!

Well done (sigh).

Phil Trum

Well, my vinyl copy of Another Big Idea arrived yesterday. Except it didn’t.

The outer box was labelled Another Big Idea, but it contained a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy vinyl box set. oops. And Amazon are sold out of the H17 box set. So, no vinyl box set for me then. Sigh.

Jan V

I did receive the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as well. And Amazon sold out. So no cd box set for me.


Weird – exactly the same here. I received Hitchhikers guide as well. Not amused.

Trying to complain but I guess they are overrun at the moment.


Me too – outer label specifies HEAVEN 17 – ANOTHER BIG IDEA AMAZON EXCLUSIVE but HITCHHIKERS GUIDE 42nd ANNIVERSARY inside box – Very very poor – who is responsible for this – Seems like theres always issues buying deluxe boxsets.

SDE Hall of Fame

Sounds like some kind of packaging/manufacturing mix-up rather than Amazon themselves.


What an Amazon mess. I also received Hitchhiker’s, but I am in the US. Amazon UK’s website actually listed the Heaven 17 box with signed print as available again, but it says they won’t ship it to the US. Amazon support refused to send me a replacement, only offering a refund and I have to return the wrong item. The postage for me to mail back the heavy Hitchhiker set is $76 = £60! I have little confidence Amazon would reimburse me that amount of postage but so far that is the only option they are offering me. This whole experience has really knocked my opinion of Amazon down.

John 79

I’ve received my boxset today and I thought as soon as I saw it,oh know,it was labelled with the hitchhiker’s guide boxset sticker and no mention of Heaven 17 anywhere apart from another barcode but I opened it anyway and inside was the heaven 17 boxset, really weird,a nice set i throught but two problems so far ,1) The CDs are marked due to the way they fit into this book style set and 2) The booklet is ripped and creased due to the person putting the booklet into the book sleeve compartment without due care and attention, which is very very annoying, especially when you’re paying a premium price for a premium product,let’s hope the CDs are worth the money,so far I’m not convinced…….


I’ve only just noticed that there is another previously unreleased track in this box set. While they have missed off ‘This is Not My World’ they have included ‘Are You Ready’ which while mentioned in the original sleeve notes of ‘Before After’ it wasn’t on the CD, but it has been included in this box set!


That is not correct. “Are You Ready” was on the UK CD (digipak). The US CD (released in a jewel case) did list it but the disc only had 9 tracks since “Are You Ready” was missing on that pressing.


Just wondering how many Errors will happen this time,so i’ll wait till i get sure everything’s right :-)

Javier Murillo Torra

I agree with Paolo. It’s really disapointing that H17 have not included the 7-track ‘Not For Public Broadcast’ Songs. H17 should have cover in this box songs up to 2019. Why stop in 2015 ?. I don’t think there are plans for further boxes.
On the other side, I am not a fan of remixes and I think that 4 CDs devoted to them is just too much. I think they wanted to sell a box with 9-10 CDs and they needed to fill them. If so, I would have prefered more CDs with live music instead of remixes.


Sadly, ‘Not For Public Broadcast’, their last collection of songs, is still missing. The 7-track album was available in 2017 only as a download subscription service (now defunct) on the Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound site. 4 of these tracks were actually issued as two 12″, and I was able to get them, but the other 3 are still unavailable on a physical format.

Michael E.

It’s a unfinished “work in progress” release and should be completed as a full album soon…..

Steven Roberts

Those of you interested in the vinyl boxed-set may consider holding off for a price drop. I eventually picked up my Play To Win vinyl box for a shade under £40 in October last year (ie a little over 6 months after it was released).

Fortune favours the patient :)

Richard Anvil

URGENT ; Someone notify Heaven 17 that they have missed off ‘This Is Not My World’ from this compilation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Is_Not_Retro_–_This_Is_the_Eighties_Up_to_Date . It fits in with the Before After tracks!

Tom Walsh

Great if you are a H17 completest but to my mind it is way overpriced for mediocre original tracks and barrel scraping re-imaginings of the early classics.


Before After is really good actually. And it will cost you about £30 to buy that CD by itself. Detox is horrible. Maybe in this case it’s better to go for the cheaper vinyl box.


Ok, I went for it, just for the sake of completion, and because I love Heaven 17. And I managed to get the signed print edition, so I guess that’s something. The number of original albums in this set compared to the previous one shows how things wound down later on. Bigger Than America was really good but ignored, but they really fell back on the covers/redo and remix/live policy for a lot of this material. But, I love ’em! The rest of this is basically a repeat of what everyone else is saying, but…

1) so will they get the pressings right and no replacement discs?? We live in hope (although there are a lot more mixes of the same track to get wrong, so I’m concerned)

2) retox/detox really is crap. I got rid of my original copy, but I guess I’m getting it back again! Oh well. Maybe a re-listen will open me up to new depths, but I have my doubts

3) really looking forward to the extra tracks

4) really looking forward to new material……..

5) really looking forward to another year of SDE with Paul!! (shameless plug)


Thx for the heads up Paul. Ordered the signed edition. Greatly appreciate all you do!

Bob Gaulke

Bigger than America is a great album!


“This item does not ship to Finland.” After all these 20+ years UK Amazon doesn’t send items to Finland (EU?) anymore. Brexit? Such a shame.


I also tried to order Howard Jones´ One To One (3 CD + DVD) and Hotspot by Pet Shop Boys. Both were noticed by “This item does not ship to Finland”. I’m so sad, that you decided to leave the European Union :(


I cancelled my H17 order.


We haven’t left yet!

John Kent

I wonder how many CDs we’ll have to get replaced this time… I just need to try and find a decently priced copy of the BEF set now


“…For the 9CD set only, there is an Amazon Exclusive edition (available only in the UK), limited to 500 units and which comes with a signed print.”

Fingers-crossed Amazon despatches the signed prints this time (unlike the Paul Young “The CBS Singles Collection 1982 – 1994” where they separated the prints from the CD box sets &, seemingly, lost them). Edsel/Demon Music Group sorted that out around a month later.

…and, yes, as John W. mentioned above, “Let’s hope Edsel keeps a close watch on quality control for this set”. Demon, again, were very good at issuing replacements to me too.

Isaías: Absolutely! Another vote for Edsel to work on a Human League collection to offset the disappointing “Anthology – A Very British Synthesizer” set.


I really wish Martyn Ware would do a physical release of his sounds of our shores seascape from 2016. Fabulous stuff.


Let’s dream a little: I just wish Edsel do a The Human League box like this with all b-sides, alternatives, remixes, etc. But please, keep the eyes on production to avoid CDs errors. For godness sake !!


There is not a day goes by I don’t look up the Virgin years box set waiting on good deal but there hasn’t been one for ages. However only last week I bought the vinyl Bigger Than America for a bargain £11. I had actually never heard it before but had spent an afternoon listening to all my Heaven 17 original singles so off I went searching again. The album is BRILLIANT! it has been on my turntable constantly and my free auto rip is on in my car, at the gym, in the bath every day. Will hold out for the box set or at worst will need to start buying the original albums separately. (only had P&P on vinyl when originally released. To my disgust my other H17 albums I bought on cassette! What was I thinking!! (Oh I do have a very rare box set cassette thing too)


Will have to get this but I have to agree the Detox Retox set is (to my mind) AWFUL.
I bought it at the time and I don’t think I have managed to make it through the whole of the first CD ever.
I am however very interested to hear Space Age Space Music

Billy D

Only thing interesting to me is Space Age Space Music, but a signature from Ian would seal the deal.
Felt cheated that 1/3 of Heaven 17 didn’t sign the Play to Win photo.
Don’t know or care why Ian left. He and Martyn were responsible for so much incredible music.


Been into Heaven 17 since the beginning and the League before , but the later stuff is really not up to much i`m afraid , so i`m oot.


1. Not including Space Age Space Music in the vinyl box seems like a big miss here.

2. I own the Retox/Detox set, and despite some remixers I really like (Sherwood, Degiorgio, Beedle), it’s… very meh.

I can’t get excited about this, sorry guys.


Thanks Paul, been waiting to see what this looks like. By the way, Amazon is showing the 20th March as the release date not the 6th.

John 79

Excellent news, ordered the signed edition, thanks for letting us all know Paul.


3 CDs with the Retox/Detox rubbish is way to much. I would love to have this box, but there were already too many “modern” remixes in the last box, and I’m not paying so much Money knowing that I’m going to listen only once (or even less) to a third of the box.

Donald Biscuits

Just spent days boxing up my vinyl for the house move so for the moment I have fallen out of love with the format. Then this happens….


I’m gonna die in this house cause I’m not moving these records again.

John W

Let’s hope Edsel keeps a close watch on quality control for this set – don’t think they what to have send out multiple replacement discs like on “Play to Win”!

Joe Mac Pherson

And, it’s done! I ordered the UK import, signed, deluxe box set! I still own the original UK CD release of Bigger Than America, and it came with a specially designed, fabric, Heaven 17 jacket patch. No way was I going to ruin it by sewing on one of my jackets! It looks absolutely new. I’m going to presume this new box set won’t come with a Bigger Than America jacket patch- but mine will now be incorporated into this very special set.
Giorgio Moroder was involved as a producer for Bigger Than America.
Thank YOU, Paul, for giving us advance notice!
Now, is there any chance you might have another special interview and booklet, in progress?


Where is the UK CD of Bigger than America, never saw it, and no patch listed either.



I also have an original CD edition of Bigger than America – which comes in a slipcase and includes a H17 patch.
However I was given my copy by Martyn Ware himself (excuse the namedrop) so I have no idea where or when it was actually released….


Firstly there was no UK CD release of Bigger Than America as it was on Eye Of The Storm a German label and secondly Giorgio Moroder wasn’t involved in the production of the album he only did a couple of remixes for Designing Heaven.


I’ll pass. I have the Play to win box set and Retox/Detox on 2cd.


I am sorry but this is way too expensive for the quality of the material and I am a big H17 fan. The same price point was pushing it for the Virgin years, in fact I remember Zoom had it on preorder at a far more reasonable £65 but £80+ for one half decent album and non essential other recordings, which add nothing to their legacy is way too high. I will be fascinated to see if this sells and I am proved wrong.

Simon Wall

Is the print signed by Ian as well as Glen and Martyn?

SDE Hall of Fame

No, same as Play to Win – just Glen and Martyn.


Where did he go ? , have they done away with him, he seems to have vanished.

SDE Hall of Fame

Look up the interview I did with them, I did ask that question..


Question: what of these detox retox mixes are not on the play to win set, already? Need to buy?

SDE Hall of Fame

None of them are on Play to Win.


Play to win contains an earlier CD full of (useless) remixes, “Brothers in Arms” mixes IIRC.

Phil G

Cheers for the heads-up, Paul – signed copy ordered!

Any chance of a follow-up interview with Glenn and Martyn, talking about this new set and the post-Ian Craig Marsh days? They’re such an entertaining double-act!


Big fan of H17 but the later stuff is a bit of a mixed bag. Regarding the Play to Win box, i did notice in December, the colored vinyl releases are now available to buy separately !!