Heaven 17 / Play to Win:The Virgin Years / 10CD deluxe & 5LP vinyl box

Heaven 17 / Play to Win:The Virgin Years / 10CD deluxe & 5LP vinyl box

10CD box set of the Virgin Years • Albums • demos • remixes • Also available 5LP vinyl COLOURED vinyl box set

Synthpop legends Heaven 17‘s Virgin Records recordings are brought together in Play To Win: The Virgin Years, a large format 10CD deluxe set which features all five albums issued in the 1980s, along with over 100 bonus tracks, including demos, B-sides, non-album singles and remixes. It will also be released as a 5LP coloured vinyl box set called Play To Win: The Virgin Albums.

The albums in this new deluxe set are Penthouse and Pavement (1981), The Luxury Gap (1983), How Men Are (1984), Pleasure One (1986) and Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho (1988). Every album has A-sides and B-sides appended and then there’s a whole disc of demos and four further CDs of remixes!

This 10CD box is a large format (12″ x 12″) book style package which includes a 36-page booklet with lyrics, credits, photos and ephemera from the band’s collections, and brand new annotation, based on new interviews with the band.

Play To Win will also be available as a special five-LP 180g coloured vinyl box, featuring the original albums.

Both the CD and vinyl variants of Play To Win will be released on 29 March 2019 via Edsel and Demon Records respectively.

Play to Win: The Virgin Years – 10CD box set


Pavement Side

  1. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
  2. Penthouse And Pavement
  3. Play To Win
  4. Soul Warfare

Penthouse Side

  1. Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
  2. Let’s All Make A Bomb
  3. The Height Of The Fighting
  4. Song With No Name
  5. We’re Going To Live For A Very Long Time

Bonus tracks – A-Sides

  1. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [7” version]
  2. I’m Your Money
  3. Play To Win [7” version]
  4. Penthouse And Pavement [7” version]
  5. The Height Of The Fighting (He-La-Hu)

Bonus tracks – B-Sides

  1. The Decline Of The West [by B.E.F]
  2. B.E.F. Ident [by B.E.F]
  3. Are Everything
  4. Play
  5. Honeymoon In New York [by B.E.F]
  6. He-La-Hu*


  1. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
  2. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  3. Let Me Go
  4. Key To The World
  5. Temptation
  6. Come Live With Me
  7. Lady Ice And Mr Hex
  8. We Live So Fast
  9. The Best Kept Secret

Bonus tracks – A-Sides

  1. Let Me Go [US 7” version]
  2. Temptation [7” version]
  3. Come Live With Me [7” version]
  4. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Part 1)

Bonus tracks – B-Sides

  1. Let Me Go [instrumental]
  2. Let’s All Make A Bomb [new version]
  3. Song With No Name [new version]
  4. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Part 2)


  1. Five Minutes To Midnight
  2. Sunset Now
  3. This Is Mine
  4. The Fuse
  5. Shame Is On The Rocks
  6. The Skin I’m In
  7. Flamedown
  8. Reputation
  9. And That’s No Lie

Bonus tracks – A-Sides

  1. This Is Mine [7” version]
  2. …(And That’s No Lie) [7” version]

Bonus tracks – B-Sides

  1. Counterforcce
  2. Counterforce II
  3. Skin
  4. Mine [instrumental]
  5. The Heaven 17 Megamix 


  1. Contenders
  2. Trouble
  3. Somebody
  4. If I Were You
  5. Low Society
  6. Red
  7. Look At Me
  8. Move Out
  9. Free

Bonus tracks – A-Sides

  1. The Foolish Thing To Do [featuring Jimmy Ruffin] [Version 1]
  2. Contenders [7” version]
  3. Contenders [US 7” edit]
  4. Trouble [7” version]

Bonus tracks – B-Sides

  1. My Sensitivity (Gets In The Way) [featuring Jimmy Ruffin]
  2. The Foolish Thing To Do [featuring Jimmy Ruffin] [Version 2]
  3. The Foolish Thing To Do [featuring Jimmy Ruffin] [instrumental]
  4. Excerpts from ‘Diary Of A Contender’


  1. Big Square People
  2. Don’t Stop For No One
  3. Snake And Two People
  4. Can You Hear Me?
  5. Hot Blood
  6. The Ballad Of Go Go Brown
  7. Dangerous
  8. I Set You Free
  9. Train Of Love In Motion
  10. Responsibility
  11. The Last Seven Days
  12. The Foolish Thing To Do

Bonus tracks – A-Sides

  1. The Ballad Of Go Go Brown [version]
  2. Train Of Love In Motion [7” version]

Bonus tracks – B-Sides

  1. Slow All Over
  2. Work
  3. Giving Up


  1. Penthouse And Pavement [original demo]
  2. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [original demo]
  3. Play To Win [original demo instrumental]
  4. Soul Warfare [original demo]
  5. Are Everything [original demo]
  6. BEF Ident [alternate version]
  7. Decline Of The West [alternate version]
  8. Rise Of The East [alternate version]
  9. Music To Kill Your Parents By [alternate version]
  10. Uptown Apocalypse [alternate version]
  11. A Baby Called Billy [alternate version]
  12. Rhythmic Experiment 1
  13. Rhythmic Experiment 2
  14. Boys Of Buddha Experiment
  15. At The Height Of The Fighting [original rhythm track]
  16. Rhythmic Loop Experiment
  17. Funky Experiment
  18. Song Experiment
  19. Heavy Drum Experiment
  20. Play To Win [original demo with vocals]

Bonus tracks

  1. Groove Thang
  2. Temptation [original demo]


  1. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [12” version]
  2. I’m Your Money [12” version]
  3. Play To Win [12” version]
  4. Penthouse And Pavement [12” version]
  5. Let Me Go [12” version]
  6. Temptation [12” version]
  7. Who’ll Stop The Rain [12” version]
  8. Come Live With Me [12” version]
  9. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [Parts I & II – uninterrupted single version]
  10. Sunset Now [extended version]
  11. This Is Mine [extended version]
  12. …(And That’s No Lie) [remixed to enhance its danceability]


  1. Penthouse And Pavement [Remix]
  2. Let Me Go [Endless Version]
  3. Play To Win [Endless Version]
  4. Contenders [Dance Version]
  5. Contenders [Go Go Version]
  6. (Big) Trouble
  7. The Ballad Of Go-Go Brown [Extended Version]
  8. Train Of Love In Motion [The Mainline Mix]
  9. Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix]
  10. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [Rapino Club Mix]
  11. Penthouse And Pavement [Tommy D’s Master Remix]
  12. Let Me Go [“Hon, Its Flawless” Mix]


  1. Play [12” version]
  2. Penthouse And Pavement [instrumental 7” version]
  3. Penthouse And Pavement [instrumental 12” version]
  4. Who’ll Stop The Rain [US dub version]
  5. We Live So Fast [12” version]
  6. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [dub version]
  7. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [The Extended Dance Version]
  8. This Is Mine [Filmix]
  9. This Is Mine [Cinemix]
  10. Contenders [US Club Mix]
  11. Trouble [US Club Mix]


  1. Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix Edit]
  2. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [Rapino Edit]
  3. Penthouse And Pavement [Tommy D’s Master Edit]
  4. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [Democratic Edit]
  5. Let Me Go [I Trance Alone Mix]
  6. Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm instrumental]
  7. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [Democratic Rapino]
  8. Penthouse And Pavement [Mr Big Buckles And His Amazing Ride]
  9. Temptation [7″ backing track]
  10. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang [Democratic Instrumental]
  11. Penthouse And Pavement [Original Vibe Mix]
  12. Let Me Go [Let Me House You]
  13. Penthouse And Pavement [D’s Super Disco Dub Mix]
  14. Temptation [Orchestral Theme From Temptation]

Play to Win: The Virgin Albums 5LP coloured vinyl box

Penthouse and Pavement

Pavement Side

  1. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
  2. Penthouse And Pavement
  3. Play To Win
  4. Soul Warfare

Penthouse Side

  1. Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
  2. Let’s All Make A Bomb
  3. The Height Of The Fighting
  4. Song With No Name
  5. We’re Going To Live For A Very Long Time

The Luxury Gap

Side One

  1. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
  2. Who’ll Stop The Rain
  3. Let Me Go
  4. Key To The World

Side Two

  1. Temptation
  2. Come Live With Me
  3. Lady Ice And Mr Hex
  4. We Live So Fast
  5. The Best Kept Secret

How Men Are

Side One

  1. Five Minutes To Midnight
  2. Sunset Now
  3. This Is Mine
  4. The Fuse
  5. Shame Is On The Rocks

Side Two

  1. The Skin I’m In
  2. Flamedown
  3. Reputation
  4. And That’s No Lie

Pleasure One

Side One

  1. Contenders
  2. Trouble
  3. Somebody
  4. If I Were You
  5. Low Society

Side Two

  1. Red
  2. Look At Me
  3. Move Out
  4. Free

Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho

Side One

  1. Big Square People
  2. Don’t Stop For No One
  3. Snake And Two People
  4. Can You Hear Me?
  5. Hot Blood

Side Two

  1. The Ballad Of Go Go Brown
  2. Dangerous
  3. I Set You Free
  4. Train Of Love In Motion
  5. Responsibility
  6. The Last Seven Days
  7. The Foolish Thing To Do

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Neil Young

It seems everyone has missed another error, Who’ll Stop the Rain (Extended Mix) Disc 7 Track 7 fades out as it does on the Endless CD, when in fact on the original release featured on the Temptation 12″ and cd single it doesn’t. Disappointing, but as has been said a lot of content to go through.

Nice packaging and a rather complete collection though. I’m still glad I bought it.

Neil Young

Oops. Found another one on Disc 7: Sunset Now taken from Endless missing the fade in at the beginning.


It seems they have had access to the masters for Endless and used these versions instead which makes it even more bizarre how they ended up using the album version instead of the Potoker mix of Penthouse & Pavement.

Neil Young

I’ve emailed Demon about these two errors in the hope that when they repress the discs, these faults which they hadn’t mentioned themselves will also be corrected.

Although to be fair, of the 7 tracks (is it 7 tracks that are incorrect?) I have all of them either on CD or download anyway, so they have been readily available for some time.


I’m not happy has I sent for the heaven seventeen cd deluxe special with the printed signed printed penthouse and pavement colour picture for my boyfriend who is a big heaven seventeen and has Autism.


Yet another one:
Temptation (12″) still features a quiet noise of “Let me go”- ending during its starting chord, again taken from “Endless”, no prime source!


That noise was on the original 12 inch mix of Temptation so it’s not an error.

Johnny L

DMG have tweeted the following:
“We’ve been made aware of errors on @heaven17bef 17 ‘Play To Win’ CD box set, affecting discs 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. We will replace these 5 discs. Please contact info@demonmusicgroup.co.uk with proof of purchase, delivery address, we’ll replace all affected discs in 4-6 weeks.”


Statement on the Demon Music website in the news section (quote):

“Heaven 17 CD issues
April 2, 2019 11:40 am
We have been made aware of errors on the Heaven 17 ‘Play To Win’ CD box set. These errors affect discs 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 where mixes supplied have been incorrectly labelled. Apologies for the errors, but we will be replacing these 5 discs.

Please contact info@demonmusicgroup.co.uk with your proof of purchase, and delivery address and we will replace these 5 discs. The time frame for replacing the discs will be around 4-6 weeks. You will be notified via email once the replacement discs have been sent.

The errors are as follows:

CD3: How Men Are
Track 13. Counterforce II – Repeats Counterforce (track 12) but at a different volume! (Counterforce II appears on the 2006 remastered and expanded download of “How Men Are”).

CD4: Pleasure One
Track 12. Contenders (US 7″ Edit) – Repeats Counterforce again!

CD7: Special Fortified Dance Mixes To Enhance Danceability #1
Track 5. Let Me Go (12″ Version) – The “Endless” version has been used which includes extra acapella vocals at the beginning. (The original 12″ version appears on the 2006 remastered and expanded download of “The Luxury Gap”).

CD8: Special Fotified Dance Mixes To Enhance Danceability #2
Track 1. Penthouse And Pavement (Remix by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker) – The album version from “Penthouse And Pavement” has been used. (The Remix can be found on “Endless” but is segued with other tracks).

CD9: Special Fortified Dance Mixes To Enhance Danceability #3
Track 5. We Live So Fast (Extended Version) – The “Endless” version has been used which begins with a drum beat from the preceding Megamix and then the beat gradually speeds up to reach the speed of the main track. (The original Extended version starts at the correct speed).”


You would think with all the errors Demon have made with their releases especially with that Dead Or Alive box set that they would be on their guard not to screw things up again but alas no yet again. How hard can it be for somebody to actually listen to these releases to ensure the correct versions of songs are used before they are released to the public instead of it costing them more money sending out replacement discs. Just one last thing despite the errors on this it puts that Human League so called box set from a few years back to shame big time.

Paul E.

@ Neil – one would think that quality control should always be paramount regardless of the number of discs, be it a single disc title or a 10 disc SDE.

It’s all down to premastering and reviewing the audio files in the media mastering system – the table of contents. Even with my limited knowledge of mass CD replication, I think I’d spot a concern if the same exact track time occurred twice on the same disc’s TOC. If my eyes missed it, my ears wouldn’t let it go by without it being corrected. I spent years making my own mix tapes followed by mix CDs and may have had some strange occurrences here and there but can certainly state that duplicating the same track on a disc was not one of them.

This is happening too frequently and, in my opinion, could be avoided with some reasonable QC.


Mine misses the 36page booklet. Just wrote to DMG as I don’t want to send it back to the UK (I’m in Germany). By the way, on the tracklist at the backside there are two mistakes: Songs are called “minutes to midnight” and “square people”. Both the first word of the first track of an album.

Johnny L

Gerd, do you have a contact at DMG you can share so we can pursue replacement discs? Also, did you get a positive response? Thanks.


Just via the “Contact” site yesterday and so far no response at all.


@Paul E.
I also have received the faulty Discs, but all three “Counterforce”s are differently mastered, they are not identical, not even two of them. What is billed “Couterforce 2” is much brighter.

I didn’t compare too much (10 discs are a lot), but I will check all my digital an most my vinyl of Heaven 17 to compare and clear what is wrong (to me).
“Chase Runner”, yet another version of “Counterforce 2”, missing completely – is what first came to my mind watching the tracklist.


This is a great package let down by by some silly mistakes. Hopefully DMG will be arranging disc replacements soon. So far I have found mistakes on 4 of the discs:

Disc 3 Track 13 – ‘Counterforce II’ is not the correct version – it is a duplicate of Disc 3 Track 12 ‘Counterforce’

Disc 4 Track 12 – ‘Contenders [US 7″ Edit]’ is not the correct version – it is a duplicate of Disc 3 Track 12 ‘Counterforce’

Disc 7 Track 5 – ‘Let Me Go (12″ Version) is not the correct version – it is a duplicate of Disc 8 Track 2 ‘Let Me Go (Endless Version)’

Disc 8 Track 1 – ‘Penthouse And Pavement (Remix)’ is not the correct version – it is a duplicate of Disc 1 Track 2 ‘Penthouse And Pavement’


Glad I held off buying this then!

Gary Butler

Very impressive collection, but I’m always amazed at how these disc errors seem to slip through any sort of quality control, I mean c’mon.. ‘Counterforce’ repeated 3 times, twice on the same disc next to each other and in the third instance replacing ‘Contenders Us 7” edit’.
Hopefully we won’t have to wait to long for how to replace disc details.

Calico Moonchild

I have the Five Star, Debbie Gibson, Dead or Alive & now this Box Set from Heaven 17. However I am a tad disappointed (that unlike those other Box Sets, of the same style, square book format), that this one does not contain a collection of music videos on DVD.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but does anyone know the reasons behind why an obvious decision to not include a DVD was made?


A DVD was released in 2006 with the Greatest Hits CD which you can pick up next to nothing.

Bob (Robert) Galvan


Just unpacked this beautiful box & will be playing it this evening while reminiscing when I was in Germany in the 80’s as I caught these releases in so many great record stores (yes I still have them). Along side of Paul Young, Big Country, The Smiths, The Chameleons, Talk Talk (so so sorry), Pigbag, Style Council (not to mention The Jam), plus Joy Division (& New Order), Propaganda (plus all on ZTT!) & many more that I can’t recall at this point, this music still remains a major part of my (& my Wife’s) life. Your website is unsurpassed (actually unparalleled) & thank you so much from America (from those of use who still hold on & believe in truth, justice & the way it was way back way back when before things changed before we had a chance to correct it).

Bobby G, CA

Johnny L

Received my copy of the CD box set today and so far I’m really very impressed. Robust packaging, really well presented with 12” size reproductions of the five albums, album lyrics, press cuttings, sleeve notes, photos and so on. The audio, to my 50 year old ears, sounds great.
However… (you were expecting a ‘however’ weren’t you?) someone at Edsel really likes the b side Counterforce. It appears three times, displacing Counterforce II on disc 3 and Contenders (US 7” Edit) on disc 4. How no one picked up on this, I don’t know. Anyone noticed the same issue?


I got mines on Thursday and yes i noticed that as well as The John Potoker mix of Penthouse & Pavement not being on this. Listen to the version on Endless then the remix that’s claiming to be that mix on CD 8 track 1 and you will hear they are not the same.


Just checked and the Potoker mix of Penthouse & Pavement that supposed to be on this is in fact the album version.

Mark James

Haven’t got to the third disc or any of the remix ones yet, having only played Penthouse & Luxury so far but I’ll be sure to update when I know (however, I’m expecting that to be the case).

In any case, what should I do about the affected discs? I’m loathe to ask Amazon as I’m sure their solution would just be to send me another box with the same issues. And I’ve observed even record labels themselves tending to give you on-off responses when you contact them about these things.

Also, a question about the BEF Ident – Are the versions on track 10 and 16 definitely both the correct ones? It’s just I’ve had a FLAC file of such for years (as part of a fan made compilation of 12 inches rarities and stuff – naughty naughty, I know) that is neither these two, nor is it the alternate version from the Penthouse demos. I always assumed that it was the one from the I’m Your Money 12″ – unfortunately I have neither this nor the FGT 7″ to check.

Paul English

@ Mark James

I’ve heard elsewhere that these errors will be addressed and replacement discs (3, 4, 8) should be available at some stage in the near future. I expect the label make some sort of announcement soon. They usually provide an email address outlining how these are to be obtained. Generally speaking, you just email them with proof of purchase and your postal address.

Paul English

@ Mark James

Actually four discs need to be replaced. Disc 7 has the incorrect mix of Let Me Go (Endless Version repeated instead of the Extended Mix].


As is usual with these signed Amazon exclusives that sell-out prior to release, they have more available at the time of writing (currently 18). Amazon’s search has recently been degraded further by them in order to hide physical product in favour of their streaming and download services so you will not find the ltd ed by searching “Heaven 17 Play to Win”. Here’s the direct link:


Anyone got their signed copy yet? Have Amazon managed to include the signed card or have they messed it up again?


Just opened it check as it’s just arrived. The sealed shrink wrapped package has no markings to suggests it contains the signed print, however it was safe inside :-)


Mine did not include the signed print! Got in touch and they’re sending me out another copy. So, I for one am very happy that they still have signed stock.


Who mastered this release and what sources was used? I can’t find any information. Recycling of old remasters? New transfers?


Phil Kinrade did the remastering and there are two vinyl rips. Despite the errors i mentioned elsewhere the sound is actually good.


Paul, is there a chance you could replace the small photo with Glen and Martin signing the prints with a bigger size one? Would be a nice addition to the ltd. box when we can print it in a better quality. Thx so much in advance!

[…] printed on 160gsm uncoated stock. It will be a great companion to either the CD or vinyl ‘Play to Win‘ box […]


I kind of like the coloured vinyl box, I think Queen opened up Pandora’s box on that one. Still, is it really arsey of me to grumble about the DEMON labels over the original layouts?

[…] can read all about the new box set here and pre-order a signed 10CD set or 6LP coloured vinyl box, below. Play to Win is released on 29 […]

Martin Maenza

Longtime fan of the first two albums, though mine were the Arista versions of Heaven 17 (the first compilation) and the Luxury Gap. Having this collection on CD format is worth the price, and I always enjoy lots of dance remixes.

Kevin Henry

I was so close to ordering this. My finger was ready, but then I told myself to dig out my H17 catalogue. I have the 2006 and 2010 box set of Penthouse and Pavement and the 2006 copy of Luxury Gap (and the five album set). Instead I ordered the box set of Imagine and the Bohemian Rhapsody bundle set due next month.

H17 are a great live band having seen them eight times. Great hearing Penthouse and Pavement in its entirety. Strange to hear that they are a support to Squeeze this year and not out on their own.

Mark Jensen

Realistically, I’ll probably buy this cd set independent of track sources/mastering quality because it has enough material I don’t already own, plus the book. However, of course I’d like to see more details on this before I buy it.

I’m ok with vinyl rips if its the only way to get a version or mix of a track – I mean if the original tape is missing or no longer exists, then what are the options? I’m not saying that’s the case here of course – I have no idea. I suppose if the original master tape of a particular mix or edit was not longer available, someone could attempt to recreate it from original master tapes, but in that case it would likely turn out a little different still. Of course, I would hope that every effort has been made to find the best possible source and mastering for each track in the entire box, but of course we know from experience that unfortunately that is not always what happens, and mistakes are also sometimes made.

There were some questions in previous comments about the 5 Classic Albums Heaven 17 cd set. I own this and overall, I am happy with the sound of these cds, and don’t notice much difference between the first 3 albums and the 2006 remastered cd’s of these albums with the following exceptions (these are just what I’ve noticed – there could be others): On Penthouse and Pavement, (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang seems to be at a louder level than the rest of the album for some reason (perhaps this is just my imagination?) and Play To Win is shorter (I’m guessing this is the 7″ version?). On The Luxury Gap, Come Live With Me is shorter (again 7″ version for some reason?). On How Men Are, The Skin I’m In is about 10 seconds shorter. It seems like the fade just cuts out sooner, but the very last vocals also seem to occur about 3 seconds sooner, so it would seem there is some other difference also earlier on this track that I haven’t yet detected. For the last two albums in the set, these are the only versions I own, so I’ve got nothing to compare them against. I’m happy with the set for a way to hear these albums without any extra tracks, which I do often appreciate. After I get this new cd set, I could see getting rid of 2006 cd versions of How Men Are and The Luxury with extra tracks, but only if (and and this point it seems like a pretty big if) the mastering of these albums and their extra tracks in this new set are just as good. The 2006 Penthouse and Pavement has the 12″ version of Are Everything, which it doesn’t look like is in this new box.


Torsten, that is part of my worries, so I’m not going to order before any reviews come across. ;-)


Luke i would say: especially when it comes from Demon Edsel!
Will we get vinyl rips again?


When do we learn from what kind of sources the audio is taken from?! I really like to know this before I order anything. Especially big boxsets.

Larry Davis

Just saw this when I got back to the States off the cruise ship Friday, and promptly preordered as this will no doubt fly…as for the Paul Young box, I’m happy there are still copies around…on Amazon US at least…so i will order it Friday on Prime and get it next week…if no print, I will contact Demon, and I am too curious how many spares they have around…i think I know why there is this pic problem…Amazon uses boxes that fit the set snugly to reduce movement inside and maybe they did not realize a pic inside a flap…with bigger sets I ordered in the past by Demon…Ben Folds, Debbie Gibson, Suede, the pic was inside, no problem, except sometimes it was on the bottom and got bent or crushed corner…the Debbie box it was on top…this Heaven 17 is likely on top, the pic, and I am sure the versions on the So80s Blank & Jones CD are all on this lavish set so yes please!!!


This is the only way they’ll get anyone to buy Teddy Bear, Duke and Psycho!

How much overlap is there between this set and the already released standalone special editions?


I have loved Heaven 17 from the outset.
I own most of the above.
I live in Sheffield.
I see them live everytime they are in the city.
I have purchased this without hesitation.
I think around £9 a disc is worth the price, despite point 2 above.
I am rather happy to see this release.


I think I’ll wait for this to come down in price, I’ve got the 5 Classic Albums set so it’s just the bonus tracks that I’m missing.

What were the problems with the 5 Classic Albums set out of interest?


No problems.
Great budget set, as far as I am concerned.

It doesnt have any bonus tracks, unlike few of those that do (for the price).

Neil Hunt

Elliot, I only had the 5 Classic Albums set briefly. The last 2 albums were fine, but if I remember correctly, at least one of the other albums (possibly The Luxury Gap?) had a few single edits used instead of the album versions, and I did notice a few differences in mastering quality between some of the tracks. I ended up buying the individual remastered albums instead.


I’m thinking “This is mine” rather than “you can have it all, i don’t need it”.


I tend to agree with some thing Garry said in his post but not his ending about box sets “only designed to get you to part with your cash.” All products are designed to get you to part with your cash and in the real world; nobody really needs cd, vinyl or box sets. You could live with downloads or just stream content to your phone or hifi system or you could use your money just to buy food, water, a house and everything you really need to stay alive…

Commercials are made to make us buy stuff we don’t really need per say (expensive cars, expensive food, etc.), mass production and modern capitalism system works like that. Wether we talk about a simple CD, a box set, a £2 single, etc., it’s all the same, each item has a price and each person can decide if they really want it and if they can afford it. Two different things. You can pay £13 and watch a movie at an Odeon cinema, you can pay for a museum, a zoo, a gig, etc. and you’ll be left with only memories after the event, you won’t have anything to show for it. Not even plastic ! It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay for that because a movie, a concert, visiting a zoo with your kids, etc. can be an invaluable experience and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Holding a box set in your hands, reading the book or booklet, putting the disc in the cd player or the vinyl on the turntable and listening to the music is also a memorable and enjoyable experience (if you really buy the box sets to listen to the music). In the end, to each his own, some buy for the music, others are just collectors, some buy in order to sell at a higher price and make a profit, etc. We’re all different but I think Paul’s mantra (the box set and reissue music site for fans who love holding the music in their hands) sums up the profile of people who visit this blog every day; I think most of us love holding the music in our hands, we love reading booklets, sleeves, lyrics, etc. I think that’s the big difference with movies. There’s a decline of physical movie medias (DVD/Blu-Rays) in sales and HMV suffered from it because people who used to buy dvds or blu-rays don’t mind paying for Netflix, Amazon or another streaming service instead of buying the physical product, there’s no real incentive to own the box. When you buy a DVD, you just play the content on your DVD player, you don’t really spend minutes reading and holding the product in your hands while listening, you just watch the movie. It’s different for music.

Dave H

Just to follow up regarding the Paul Young signed print fiasco (see posts further down), I received this e-mail from Demon today.


Thanks for contacting Demon Music.

It appears that the packaging we created that contained the print was not used by Amazon, and the box has been sent without the print.

Please send us your proof or purchase and confirm your delivery address and we will send you a replacement print.

With thanks,



How many prints got signed if they have spares?


Hmm, this isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. It certainly isn’t value for money.

The CD set works out at £9 a disc – that’s not cheap at all, and, let’s face it, how many times would you really listen to endless remixes and edits of a limited amount of tracks before the novelty wore off and the boredom set in? Who knows what the mastering of the bonus tracks will be like and if you’re actually buying the same quality as a streamed compressed file? As for the vinyl offering – that is frankly an insult as it’s £20 an album with absolutely NO bonus material whatsoever. That really does stink. I am not biased towards or against either format, but I would respond to some of the (childish) comments in this thread and advise that vinyl is in no way on its way out and sales continue to climb, whereas CD sales are in continuous decline. That’s a fact, not an opinion or a prejudice. Hence why we get these CD based attempts to get you to part with your money for a stack of cheap plastic discs, which, please do remember, have a limited shelf life and will deteriorate in time, unlike the vinyl counterpart. It really is rather sad that some contributors attack others who simply enjoy and prefer the vinyl format. I get the impression sometimes that these people perceive vinyl to be an elitist choice, or a status symbol. Really?????? People are actually entitled to have a preference and I fail to see why this draws such defensive responses. Each to his own.

The trouble with these seemingly deluxe, completist, editions is that they rarely are complete for a start, and they sell on the basis of being a tempting gimmick. For most people (not the dedicated fans), they play on the weak self-indulgence and ‘Christmas’ moment in buyers. This is heightened by introducing ‘exclusive’ or ‘limited’ editions, which add a sense of urgency and superiority: “I have the limited signed edition you know, very sought after, only a 1000 made, worth a lot of money, have you checked it out on Discogs?” (therefore aren’t I the lucky one and have achieved something you haven’t. However, the value of my item is a fantasy as I probably will never sell it, and if I ever did I wouldn’t get the return on it I think I would, so I’d actually rather not deal with that reality, thank you, and will remain in my fantasy).

No doubt the uber-fan will embrace these editions as goals and achievements in their fandom – great. Nothing wrong with that. For the rest of us, just take a moment before you hit that “Buy’ button and think about what you are actually buying into. You’ll probably realise that you actually do not want the item as much as you think you do, and you certainly need it even less. By all means have a splurge on genuine pleasure from time to time, enjoy being a collector of rare and enjoyable items, but be cautious about jumping at these endless releases that are, at the end of the day, only designed to get you to part with your cash.


Excellent response Paul. And as for the assertion that cd’s will deteriorate when will this happen? My oldest cd’s are now thirty odd years old and there is no sign of deterioration so when does it kick in?

Andyb deserves a place 2 b

Sounds like someone is bitter and probably missed out on the Wings 71-73 box set me thinks

Chris Squires

It always makes me go blank when posts talk about a cost per disc. If that were any way to go about things we would all be buying those massive 50 disc readers digest boxes of Flugelhorn classics for £49.99. That’s more like it, a pound a disc.
There’s always one post or other that breaks the cost down into component costs of raw material, right down to the paper for the book, as if cost of printing is the *only* yardstick to measure the quality of a set by. If Ford can build a Focus for £3,600 how dare they charge £10,139 for it, those lightbulbs are only 84p. As me old man used to say “You know the cost of everything and the value of nothing”.
EVERYTHING is designed to get us to part with our cash. Everything. It’s how the world works.

andy b in the place to see

now now, don’t knock Flugelhorn Classics…I have several of those box sets, sealed and looking to sell for a profit.

No, not really

Paul Taylor

I try to look at price per disc in a positive way. If each disc works out costing less than a standalone album then I believe there’s no grounds for complaint, as you usually get some nice colours and extras to look at or listen to. I don’t think any of the vinyl sets I’ve bought works out at any more than £13/£14 per disc so in my eyes they are a bit of a bargain and excellent value for money; I’ve also listened to all of them
The only one I’ve seen (but not bought) that was overpriced in my eyes was the Black Sabbath Ten Year War. Even allowing for a handful of 7″ singles and some useless ‘memorabilia’, at its highest price on release it was close to £40/£50 per album.
Don’t get me started on the Appetite For Destruction wooden abomination! :-D


I actually think there are a lot of good points well made in Garry’s post, and I don’t think it is depressing at all – it’s refreshingly honest and realistic. I don’t think he is being biased about any format – he is very clear about that – and his points about CDs are well made, and his observation about the vinyl version of this boxset being a rip-off are also right on the mark. Plenty of other people have made comments in the past about the cost of a product broken down by disc or lp and they don’t seem to have received such a backlash.

I think it’s ironic that someone gets smacked on the wrists for pointing out that others are quick to criticise and be biased. Apologies Paul, but I think your response was very harsh and unjustified. I think Garry cleverly drew the responses he was highlighting…..

Good for you Garry!


OK. If these sets make people happy, then great…. but it is fair to sometimes question the price of them. Obviously we’re not naive and we know that record companies motives are to make money… but unfortunately they often really take advantage of fans. Sometimes the quality isn’t there. Other times it’s too high priced. Sometimes there are lazy obvious errors when they’re compiled. A rush job to make money.

The problem that I have is… if you’re a life-long fan and the record company creates really expensive, perhaps overly-priced limited edition releases, it’s ever so tempting if you’ve compiled a near perfect collection… £90 is a lot of money for most people. Nobody can deny that.

You know as I know, many fans will buy them as they’re completists and they want their collection to be as up to date as possible, and yes it can bring them a lot of joy and nobody is forcing people to buy – yet, I think most us know that struggle to make up our minds to purchase or not. We’ve all been there, right?

So much vinyl is overly priced and it varies so much – but what upsets me the most is that it’s quite often (not always) the artists with the biggest fan bases that charge higher.

I love special editions and reissues, but I’m always going to question price points and quality.

Chris Squires

There were a couple of good points in Garry’s post but they were so poorly made that any of the intent was lost. It’s hardly going to win any body over to the extremely debatable (in that it is worth discussion) point that some editions are a gimmick if you lump everybody who might buy it as “Weak” and “Self indulgent”. The messages in that post were so mixed and contradictory, defending rights and then slagging off those who exercise those rights. You either believe in those right to buy what you want and “all’s fair” or you reserve the right to criticize anybody who doesn’t think exactly like you. It’s an odd skill to get both in the same post. It dilutes and deflects from the point.


The “CDs deteriorate over time” rubbish goes back to some manufacturing glitches in the earliest days of CDs that resulted in “disc rot.” Today, unless a pressing plant royally cocks it up, disc rot doesn’t happen, and it hasn’t been a going concern since the late 80s (if not earlier). If you have a disc after that era that develops disc rot, it’s because of a manufacturing error, not because of an inherent flaw in CDs.

The myth about CDs deteriorating over time is the same as the myth about menthol cigarettes having fiberglass in the filters–yes, one time there was a manufacturing error and some menthol cigarettes did wind up with fiberglass in the filters (which killed people, because that’s what direct lung exposure to fiber glass does). But standard menthol cigarettes do not have fiber glass in the filter, and properly manufactured CDs do not get disc rot.

Vinyl, on the other hand, deteriorates every time you play it because of friction. If you never play it, then it’s forever, so long as you care for it properly, but who loves music but buys it to never play it?

David Culmer

Reading through the missing tracks with interest! What matters to me is whether a track has never been available on CD (or non vinyl rip download before) so the long sought after ‘Skin’ on CD is almost worth the £89 on its own. We live so fast B side mix is a great shame so will have to live with the MP3 rip from the Greatest Hits DVD. Everything else, such as Are Everything 12″, has been on CD/digital download before as far as I can see. Happy to be corrected!


As a “millennial” who absolutely loves 80s music and loves these kind of deluxe box sets a la Soft Cell being the most recent, I love Heaven 17’s singles but was disappointed to discover their albums don’t match up quality-wise. I bought How Men Are on vinyl for £2 last year…


To be Fair Dan, Penthouse and Pavement and The Luxury Gap are their two classic Lps. How Men Are had a sprinkling of great tracks(notably the singles). After that it went tits up for them.


Thanks, I’ll track those 2 albums down and give them a chance.


So any official word on wether this release is remastered? The Five Classic Album release was all over the shop. I have the remasters of the first 3 albums (which are great!), but I’m very interested to hear if the last 2 albums are and an obvious bonus would be remastered material for the rest of the material.


i agree, i wish their album “bigger than america” would be released on vinyl-that is my favorite heaven 17 album!!


It’s a shame Australians are locked out of international amazon exclusive signed print copies as it only sells on amazon. We miss out.


I’m in Oz and I ordered some gear from Amazon UK store (and Japan) before Christmas with no problem, but obviously have had the issue with the USA store (on which they have backflipped a little…you can order from USA in the Oz site for a limited range). Give the UK store a try. You may be surprised.


Not a huge H17 fan so won’t be acquiring this but how I would love one of these for ABC from The Lexicon of Love through to Up.


An ABC collection would be great!

Chris Squires

Lets face it. We could insert the name of any of our favourite early / mid 1980s artists with three or 4 albums under their belt and this kind of set would be perfect.

The two that spring to mind so far that have that kind of collection were Five Star and the Soft Cell set Keychains and Snowstorms (didn’t get Debbie Gibson, so can’t comment – more fool me). A-sides, B-sides, demos, sessions, remixes, full albums, unreleased, non-album, live, videos…..

ABC, yeah bring it on, a “proper” Human League set, absolutely, Wham! oh yes. They would need to have the material to fill 8- 10 discs. I would say Japan but that cupboard is bare, isn’t it?

Companies have to realize that there is no point in holding stuff back. We are at Rorke’s Drift, The Alamo, Custer’s Last Stand, The Battle of Britain! Physical music will not exist if they keep drip feeding half-baked, ill thought out dross into the market place. Make it Big (yes please), make it bold, make it irresistible…If you make it, we will buy it and we will buy it again. Make a nonsense of it and well, frankly I’d rather give my money to my daughter to see her through her travels…..

C’mon….be imaginative. Think Bobbie Gentry…..throw the kitchen sink at it and damn the bean counters. Give me your ABCs…….

Rob Glynn

Brilliant Chris, well said! Personally, I’m going to get the H17 box set because of all the remixes, B-Sides and odds “n” sods I missed out on the first time they were released

Love this site!


There is a great ABC comp called the Ultimate Collection (3CD).
It has just about everything essential in terms of singles / 12″ versions from the first four albums.
Unfortunately, no longer available….


An ABC set would be amazing! Seems they’re going the individual album route though, with Abracadabra up next.


Thanks for the info, glad there was still some stock this morning, ordered the signed CD set with print, or for £1 less you can get the set without the print!!!!

Fulvio Chisin

Oh, did they come to terms to separate CDs from Vinyls? So good! Wish that anybody see that the vinyl maniacs and the digital appreciators are people of different kinds, so why shouldn’t they be respected? I mean, I don’t want to buy vinyl anymore but I’d like to buy the best versions of the whole artists’ catalogue on a digital format, so…

Michael E.

Looks like a great set! My only wish would be a DVD with all the Promo Videos….


There has already been a DVD released with all their promo videos on their Greatest Hits compilation from 2006.


Not a massive fan of Heaven 17, but did enjoy seeing them (and Blancmange) live a year or so ago. I’ll stick with my 5 Classic albums CD pack at the bargain price of a tenner :)


That is a boring set compared to this masterpiece.


Ha! I would say functional. Boring would be listening to 4 cds of remixes :)


(We don’t need this) big boxset ;-)


Would love to have Bigger Than America on vinyl. With that album they were really back to the classic H17 sound, and is imho one of the great lost albums.


Have to agree with you. I thought the first four albums were consistently excellent but the fifth (Teddy Bear…) I still find mildly disappointing so when they returned (after a long break) with Bigger… I was excited.
I also met Martyn Ware a couple of times around the time of the recording of that album and got invited to a studio session (in Ladbroke Grove in London) where they happened to be recording the single with Claudia Brucken. I think I was a bit star stuck at being in a studio with Ware, Gregory and Brucken and just about managed to mumble something like “Your album is brilliant” to Claudia (I was referring to Love: And a Million other Things which is still one of my favourite albums of the period).
Anyway – my copy of Bigger was given to me by Martyn and so will always be a treasured possession. The fact that it is also an excellent analogue-synth pop album also helps.
A vinyl issue would be most welcome.

P.S. I’m not sure they actually used Claudia brucken’s vocals in the end (at least I can’t find her credited).


This is almost too complete for me, i could have done without four additional cds of remixes.
Perfect though that the full bonus cd from the P&P deluxe is included, missed that one out when it was still affordable.

Hope that Play To Win sells fine so we can maybe get a blu-ray with the contents of the dvds from P&P and TLG plus additional clips from the Virgin-era next.


Look a great vinyl box set but coloured vinyl? I’ve always had reservations as to the sound quality compared to the normal black stuff. Sensible price though for 5 lps.


This is certainly a lovely and well put together set. But since my interest in Heaven 17 does not extend past the first two albums I will not purchasing it.
A Human League set like this would be most welcome however, but only covering the first four albums (five if you’re including Love And Dancing) as they went totally downhill after that IMO.

Stephen Gilmour

Paul Sinclair. Agree can you stock a few for your loyal Aussie fans so we can get signed copies please!

Scott Harding

@PaulSinclair is it possible you could get some stock to sell through your shop so us Australian fans can get it. Amazon UK geoblocked to us as you know?


This box set looks f**ing brilliant! I want to get this.


Does “The Foolish Thing To Do”, now included on the vinyl version of Teddy Bear, Duke & Psych feature Jimmy Ruffin? Or is it a different version?


The version on the CD of Teddy Bear is Glen Gregory singing.


Oh dear.


a very good boxset on cd.
not great, just missing enough stuff to make it not great.

even though i have most of the tracks, will wait awhile and then get it.
especially for the book..

of course, there will be issues with the tracks, mastering, etc.

this is edsel we’re talking about here.



I agree with everything you said.

There are quite a few contemporary tracks missing, but lots of aftermarket remixes from the 1990s and 2000s that spoil it a bit for me. Would’ve liked all the bonus tracks from the How Men Are digital release. I also have most of the stuff on here, but will get an order in once I know how it sounds. Not bovvered by the signed print, especially as one signature won’t be present…


I’m also waiting for the Virgin years box set… but from Gong which should also come this year hopefully !!!