HMV joins SDE price comparison tool


A month on from the launch of SDE’s Price Comparison Tool and we’re pleased to announce that UK music retailer HMV has joined the party… The ‘widget’ (as we like to call it) will now display price and stock information for products on HMV’s online store, alongside Amazon and JPC.

The legendary retailer is only five years away from celebrating its centenary and after a perilous time in 2013 when the administrators were brought in, new owners Hilco UK have revived the brand, and put new effort and drive into stocking box sets and in particular, vinyl.

Regrettably, for SDE fans outside the UK, HMV don’t currently offer overseas shipping, but if you do reside in Britain then their free shipping for all orders over £10 is quite an attractive deal.

The way this will work is that if you don’t see HMV on a widget, it simply means the product isn’t available in the online store at that time. But if the item is on the HMV website, it will take its place in the SDE widget and will slot into position according to how competitive the price is.

See the new, improved widget in action below using Simple Minds forthcoming New Gold Dream super deluxe edition box set, as an example.

Compare prices and pre-order

Simple Minds

New Gold Dream - Super Deluxe

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   399.99

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Darren L

I’m glad HMV have been added to this list….Much prefer to purchase digipack CD’s from them as they use purpose made boxes of the correct thickness minimising the possibility of crushing – Amazon should take note of this as those generic envelopes they insist on using aren’t fit for purpose in my opinion!


I much prefer HMV as new get new releases you order on the actual release date or sometimes before. If i had any complaints about them it would be that sometimes they are very slow at listing preorders compared to Amazon but then again at least their prices don’t jump about all over the place and start to get really silly the way Amazon do.


Living in Denmark, HMV is a no go for me… The last thing I bought from them was taken by customs, and cost me more than twice the price of the item in question… That has never happened with Amazon.


Denmark is in the EEC so your customs should not have taxed your import. EEC = Free Trade.


@Richie Oh, but they did… Mainly because HMV, as a part of some tax-avoidance scheme, shipped their wares from some obscure “non-EU” island somewhere.

Michael L

I’ve only bought one thing from the new HMV online but was happy – pre-ordered, was delivered on day of release.

I’ve noticed HMV are generally competitive price-wise with Amazon in store, so they’ve become my first port of call for new releases.

Will W

What a turn around HMV have had. I use the store in Taunton regularly and the price is very competitive. I have not used the online store yet, what’s it like for deliveries?

James Lee

Well done Paul. HMV are a very useful addition. I like to see before I buy but often it is impossible. HMV are improving and the staff in the Hereford store are exceptionally nice so I like to buy there if I can.


yay, great!


Great to see HMV included in the price comparison, Paul. They seem to be getting their act together again.


Oh and well done Paul for including them on your widget!


I agree Tonk but sadly HMV in Dublin are in a bad state.

Their flagship store on Grafton Street ( akin to Oxford Street in London) has gone.
Their few remaining branches are in danger of going the same way.

I’m not sure how they are doing in Britain but I hope better than here.


HMV need your continued buying. They pay taxes, employ staff and run shops on High Streets – that costs money. Lose them and the UK music industry might as well go home. Spend a quid more, keep it UK!


I spent over £100 on vinyl at HMV Liverpool last Saturday, not bragging just showing that when I’m in the ‘Pool I try to get what I’m after at HMV, oh and used vinyl at ‘Dig Records’ on Bold Street.

However Liverpool is pathetic when it comes to record shops, other than the above there is only ‘Probe’ in the city centre and ‘Probe’ is a pale shadow of it’s former self. This is part of the reason Amazon is thriving. Hopefully HMV will benefit from being present on SDE’s widget.


Amazon is thriving because they often price below cost – this is a fact – the Springsteen live DVD thing that came out a few years back – dealer price of 7-odd quid plus VAT, plus any profit margin – HMV retailing at about £11 . . . . Amazon were selling it for around £6.99 incl free postage. Who can compete against that – it’s pretty dirty and they can do it because they’re massive and doing it to everyone who retails ANYTHING.
People need to make a concerted effort not to use them. The only reason the music retail industry is in such a state is entirely because of Amazon’s business model – remember, when it is gone it is gone; it’s a simple strategy – get rid of the competition and then raise prices.


It’s a pity that HMV here in Dublin are in trouble.
A while back they were getting in new release box sets at competitive prices.
Now they are getting hardly anything new.
I would prefer to support local jobs but they need to get their act together big time.


Ah, I still remember the good old days when I would order stacks of cd-singles from HMV. Sadly those days are gone now. The music business has blown itself up.


HMV UK only for UK, and do not send to ROW?


Terms and Conditions of sale: “DELIVERY – We do not deliver to addresses outside the United Kingdom.”


Odd. Although not recently, I’ve ordered from them in the past. I’m not in the UK. Maybe they changed their policies at one point [and grandfathered my account?].

Le Baron

You are my hero !! :)