Hole / Live Through This vinyl LP


Hole‘s 1994 album Live Through This will be reissued on vinyl by Universal Music this July…

Live Through This was the US alternative rock band’s second album and was issued shortly after Courtney Love’s husband, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide. It was a grim time, since a few months later Hole’s bass player, Kristen Pfaff, also died a drugs-related death.

Despite all this, the album, which was much more radio-friendly than previous work, was very well received at the time and indeed two singles, Doll Parts and Violet, were top 20 hits in the UK.

Live Through This has never been issued on vinyl in the US or the UK, but did get released in Germany (including a very limited white vinyl pressing) at the time.

This new reissue is due on 29 July 2016.


A1 Violet
A2 Miss World
A3 Plump
A4 Asking For It
A5 Jennifers Body
A6 Doll Parts

B1 Credit In The Straight World
B2 Softer, Softest
B3 She Walks On Me
B4 I Think That I Would Die
B5 Gutless
B6 Rock Star





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While I do love Live Through This as well, for me Pretty On The Inside is their best album. It may not be as accessible as LTT, but it’s a brilliantly dark and twisted debut…and for the record, it was written before she started dating Kurt, so the idea that they weren’t capable of producing something amazing without his assistance is a load of crap…he may have had some input on LTT but no more than she had on In Utero. Anyway, I recently picked up the original German vinyl pressing of POTI and it definitely kicks the CD version’s ass to pieces…highly recommend it!


My copy from Amazon USA showed up on Friday the 29h. Fantastic pressing. Really impressed with this. Such a damn fine album too.

There is a little sticker on the back that says ‘made in the netherlands’


OMG *Pre-ordered* Love this album


Holding out for a Celebrity Skin reissue, that’s the best Hole lp.


Celebrity Skin was reissued by MOV a couple years ago.


About time this came out on vinyl –
I do have the original German release and its very expensive these days.
One of my favorite albums of the era !


Any word if this has been remastered?


…and enough credit doesn’t go to Eric Erlandson either. They still haven’t corrected Rock Star.


Thirty-five bucks?! For that much, it should be pressed on platinum and half-speed mastered at 45 rpm.

Lee Taylor

Or it should come with a crisp $20 bill inside.


Disappointing news. Would have thought an SD of this was way over due.


Kurt didn’t write enough material for that to be worth it.

Andrew Richards

Firstly, arf!

The singles were multi-formatted with some other bits and live/cover versions so there’s enough for a double CD-set.


I’m so sick of the “Kurt wrote it” bull. Courtney was doing music long before she ever met Kurt, and unless he left a giant box filled with unrecorded songs that only he knew about that she has hidden in a drawer somewhere, she’s been doing just fine making music without him. Get out a guitar and try playing some Nirvana and Hole songs–the styles are different enough in and of themselves to show they were different writers.

Women are just as capable of making brilliant music as men, and as far as I’m concerned, Live Through This holds up perfectly against Nevermind and is a better album than In Utero.

And yes, this definitely deserves a re-mastered deluxe edition at this point. As do the first two PJ Harvey albums and a bunch of other amazing works that were done by women in this period that are going sadly neglected in the back catalogs of their record companies.


well said Carlton. I’ve never got all that. when I listen to those LTT songs I’ve *never* ever thought ‘sounds like a Nirvana song’ to me 2 different styles. I like both bands. Courtney is severely underrated. the song ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ for me even surpasses the LTT period.

Bruno MacDonald

Agreed on all counts (except I think Live Through This is better than anything Nirvana did).

There’s also the case of Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, for the inclusion of which in Unplugged Cobain was lauded. Hole had been performing it for two years before that.


It originally featured on Mark Lanegan’s Winding Sheet with Cobain & Novoselic backing him on the track


@Carlton He was definitely a co-worker and many people tied to the Seattle scene are aware of his contributions to her music. His engineer stated that he left his name off of the credits so there wouldn’t be any snickers. This isn’t an attack on women singwriters as there are plenty of amazing ones out there.

On top off all of that is the obvious difference in songwriting quality from albums before she met Kurt and after with this release being the dividing line. She also actively sought strong collaborators for her next two released including Billy Corgan who later confronted her straight up for taking credit for and including the songs Samantha and How Dirty Girls Get Clean on her later release Nobodys Daughter.

This, again, is not an attack on women so don’t take it as such. Do a little research, it all adds up. Anyone involved in the Seattle scene has known this for years. None of this should take away from people enjoying the album, but her attempts at street cred have been flimsy at best.


So Kurt was “definitely a cowriter” because mysterious “people in the know” who are still anonymous after over 20 years supposedly claim this? And the proof is because of the difference between Pretty on the Inside and Live Through This? So, out of curiosity, who ghost wrote Nevermind, since that sure sounds a hell of a lot different than Bleach?