Hollywood Beyond / If: 2CD deluxe

2CD set • Bonus disc of remixes and B-sides

Hollywood Beyond‘s time in the spotlight was so brief that they should really just be one of many forgotten eighties bands who never ‘made it’, but there is something rather memorable about the band’s hit single – What’s The Colour Of Money? – that despite it being their only hit, most people of a certain age will remember the song well. If is the 1987 album from which the single is taken, and it is being reissued next month as a two-CD deluxe edition.

Hollywood Beyond were an outfit formed by Mark Rogers who had previously been in Jazz-Funk band Pyramid. Spotted by the head of WEA, Rob Dicken, performing No More Tears on Channel 4 music show The Tube, they were quickly signed to Warners and the album was recorded with some big name producers: Stephen Hague, Mike Thorne, Phil Thornally and Bernard Edwards.

What’s The Colour Of Money? was released in 1986 and reached number seven in the UK single charts but follow-up No More Tears stalled at 47. Two further singles were released (Save Me and After Midnight) but neither troubled the charts. And that was it!

The album was never followed up, but is now being reissued by Cherry Red with a bonus CD of 12-inch remixes, B-sides and extra tracks (most of which is being released on CD for the first time). All the bonus material has been sourced from the original tapes, save for two, where tapes could not be found and therefore they’ve been mastered from mint vinyl pressings. The album proper has been mastered from WAV files supplied by Warners (apparently created from the original tapes).

This new two-CD expanded edition of If will be released on the 20 April 2018.

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Hollywood Beyond

If: 2CD Expanded Edition (2CD)


If / 2CD Expanded Edition

Disc: 1
1. Opening Scenario
2. Vision Of Love
3. After Midnight
4. Save Me
5. Crimes Of Passion
6. What’s The Colour Of Money
7. No More Tears
8. Metal On Glass
9. Shadows I Remember
10. Hollywood Beyond

Disc: 2
1. What’s The Colour of Money?
2. What’s The Colour of Money? (The Go Ask Alex Remix)
3. No Time For Losers
4. No More Tears (7″ Single Version)
5. No More Tears (The Passion Play Dance Mix)
6. Save Me (Last Call) [Extended Mix]
7. No More Tears (Extended Mix)
8. Save Me
9. After Midnight (7” Version)
10. Gift To The Innocent (Paw Paw In Nassau)
11. After Midnight (Quiet Moment)

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After a few years I finally bought this 2CD expanded re-issue, including all the 7” and 12” versions, even a few b-sides. Unfortunately the best track, the original version of ‘Hollywood Beyond’, the flip of ‘What’s the color of money?’ is not present. This – still vinyl only – version, recorded at Turbobit Studio London is far superior than the album version (Tom Robinson’s Studio recording)…

The album is not one of the best in history, but gives me some good memories.


I’m waiting for the Living in a Box Reissues. It would be time to release with 2 CD-Editions.


I will buy this that because of their single What’s the colour of money. Let’s hope Cherry Red will keep releasing quality reissues (properly done mastering from the vaults)! Perhaps one day we all will get what we want on CD or reissue. Hope Cherry Red can re-do some of their previously reissues: 2CD instead of 1 CD, 3CD instead CD, from the vaults instead of vinyl rip, wrong mix/edit/version or duplicate mix instead of correct ones. For example Martika first album as 2CD or Eighth Wonder as 2CD etc


Can’t understand complaints that it’s not worthy of being re issued! It’s a great single and not a bad album plus it’s obscurities like this that deserve a release every bit as much as the likes of the countless Bowie compilations and reissues in the last few years!
While we’re on the subject – an extensive (3CD+DVD – I wish!!) reissue of Amazulu’s self titled album would be a must buy for me!


Good. There should be a lot more of these kind of 80s/90s albums resurrected on CD with associated material. The mastering, as ever, is a worry but we’ll just have to find out how it sounds….


A lot of complaints about Cherry Red reissuing this. This is done on the Cherry Pop label, a Cherry Red imprint. The entire Cherry Pop catalogue is filled with these kind of reissues and I believe it must be fairly successful because they keep reissuing. Another Cherry Red imprint, BBR, started enthusiastically reissuing 70’s and 80’s R&B albums but are now reduced to almost only anthologies if that. Apparently there is a market for poppy, bubblegum-y 80’s bands who only generated a few hits and then disappeared into oblivion. The memories, the hooks, the carefree days, they are invaluable to people who came of age in the 80’s and started discovering their music tastes and tolerances.
Yes it does that to me. I’m fully aware Hollywood Beyond is no David Bowie. I’m not buying it because I think this is a forgotten masterpiece. I’m buying it because these bubbly 80’s songs make me happy.


I get your point to an extent but a band who had one hit single and the album in question here which totally bombed and couldn’t even chart is in now way deserving of this treatment.

Larry Davis

Unless it was actually good and overlooked and underrated, deserving of a second look…sometimes records are unfairly dismissed, had bad timing…there are plenty of examples out there…I used to have this album on cassette when it was released on Warners in the States…it bombed here too, but I remember buying it cuz I had a hunch I would dig it and it looked kinda cool…I haven’t heard it in 30 years so I forgot what it sounded like…I may investigate and order if I like it…


Reissues are not about some moral merit. It is about someone having the rights to put out the material and thinking it might do better than break even. Enough moralizing. You have “superior taste,” so go enjoy all of the Bowie and Pink Floyd reissues that are out there. I have them, too. But sometimes, forgotten minor pop albums are nice to have again, or to hear new for the first time, for other people.

Larry Davis

One Cherry Pop reissue that I absolutely love is the Boy Krazy deluxe…it’s a great SAW girlgroup pop album, and the story of this album was kinda epic…UK production team, album never originally released in the UK cuz the singles bombed there…BUT album WAS released in the US and had a Top 20 hit and minor followup here…multiple mixes, etc…BBR is a great label too…I got the recent Ray Parker Jr 2CD set, which is awesome…


Yes several SAW releases on Cherry Pop, hence my point of a few 80’s hits and then disappearing. I like almost all SAW releases. Not because they are new “Bohemian Rapsody’s” but they are pop masterpieces. Light, bubbly and killer hook. In this particular genre there was no one better in the 80’s.
Yes, BBR is good. It’s too bad they ran out of steam and now almost only release “best of’s”. I especially liked their 80’s R&B stuff like Yarbrough & Peoples, Rene & Angela, Evelyn Champaign King. All with the 12″ bonus tracks and instrumentals.

Gary Thompson

I wish Cherry Red would contact Paddy McAloon and offer to overhaul the Prefab Sprout back catalogue. If a Hollywood Beyond reissue makes commercial sense, then surely Prefab Sprout would also (with bells on)? There are enough non-album singles, as well as b-sides & CD single extras that it could be really good. If it was a success (whatever that means for these sort of things) perhaps he would allow them access to his vaults!


Hell will freeze over before that happens. Paddy McAloon has stated on a few occasions that he hates his b sides and even when they remastered Steve Mcqueen the second disc had rerecordings on there instead of b sides.

Gareth Jones

How on earth do the reissue department at Cherry Red think up ideas of what might be in demand? “Hmmm…. a one-hit wonder. They deserve the two CDs treatment for sure”.

Coming soon: a 2 CD set of Belouis Some and Karel Fialka…..


Some People by Belouis Some was reissued by Cherry Pop in 2009 and the sound quality is terrible on it and they even had an attempt at fixing it a year later and it still sounded as bad.


I’d buy that Belouis Some 2CD reissue in a second! I’m glad they are exhuming the vaults because there are a lot of great forgotten releases out there. I loved “The Color of M0ney” single when it came out, but never heard anything else by them.


I’ve been asking them for years to release shades of liberty by silent running, which has demand and has never had an official release on CD, ive submitted a tracklist and so on, it really annoys me when things like this get released and a superb album with fantastic bonus material available that remains overlooked.

John R

Why are you upset? Are Hollywood Beyond personally responsible for your obscure lp being overlooked? Honestly, you bitter people ruin every comment section.

Larry Davis

I’d buy a Belouis Some 2CD reissue in a second as well…those songs are killer…

Cal M

Considering how bad they reissued the 1cd version, i would hope they would get it right.

Phil G.

What’s The Colour Of Money? was a great single and for just over a tenner, I’m giving the album a punt.

Here’s hoping for a 2CD Deluxe Version of So’s Horseshoe In The Glove…


A second vote for So, but more importantly than that the Opposition back catalogue as well.

Larry Davis

I’ve had the So album on both vinyl and CD, and to be honest, it was just OK…nothing groundbreaking or original…a double CD remaster of that would be surprising as they were never spectacular or influential or anything…many other acts more deserving of the SDE treatment, to be honest…


The album never charted anywhere. Makes you wonder if anybody actually bought this.

John R

I bought it. I’m going to buy it again. Your mind must be blown.


Will be getting this for sure. The fact that the brilliant Bernard Edwards was involved in this project is enough for me. The single is catchy as can be. Looking forward to the remixes.

elliott buckingham

ive always wondered when record companies have to result to using vinyl rips what sort of setup are they using i.e cart and turntable I shouldn’t imagine its a crossley with a groovetool


They probably just download them from blogs and save themselves the trouble!

don cooper

The colour of money is something Cherry Red neglected to consider when they sanctioned this dross.
1-sided 12-inch random-coloured vinyl would have sufficed…


I find it bizarre where the demand for this to be reissued came from. Personally i’m not going to start slagging it off as i have only heard that one single which was listenable i suppose but there a lot more bands stuff that hasn’t been reissued yet that weren’t one hit wonders.

Robert Laversuch

Still waiting on Human Sexual Response, The Call and Topper Headon’s sole LP. Either never been issued on CD or will cost you a small fortune


Both Human Sexual Response albums have been released on CD recently, with bonus material. You can get them directly from the label (which sells them on eBay, for whatever reason) here: https://www.supermegabot.com/hsr

Robert Laversuch

Adam thank you kindly for the heads up – excellent

Larry Davis

Oh gosh.,.i used to have this album on cassette so that takes me back…it was not a hit in the States, I remember buying it on a hunch as it looked cool and I was curious…thanks for telling me about this during your visit and funny…when i saw Brother Beyond on that SAW collection Hit Factory, I was really thinking of this haha… I may order it, maybe not, we’ll see…

Robert Laversuch

The regular CD seemed rather difficult to come by a while back and, yes, it did not live up to the wonderful What’s the colour of money. Still, will give it another try with the added material, methinks

Auntie Sabtina

There’s no information on Cherry Red’s own website regarding the remastering so thank you. I’ve had one or 2 issues in the past in regards to this, but when Cherry Red do things properly the results sound fantastic.

Mike the Fish

I checked out the album on Spotify recently and was surprised how little the rest lived up to What’s The Colour of Money and I’m not surprised the album was not successful. The a-side of the 12″ of … Money is very good and presumably track 1 of the 2nd CD. Good that they’ve been transparent with the sourcing, though how good the needle drops are if Cherry Red did them could be another matter.

Mike the Fish

Haha. Ah well in that case thanks, Paul!