Howard Jones reveals reissue plans

As predicted the SDE 2018 reissue preview, Howard Jones‘ first two albums are to be re-released, later this year.

In a message to fans,the singer revealed that “new super box sets” (he probably meant ‘super deluxe’ box sets) of his debut album Humans Lib (1984) and the follow up Dream into Action (1985) will be released later this year on Cherry Red. Between them, those albums delivered nine UK top 20 hits and two top five US singles.

He added that the sets would be “loaded with unheard rarities (audio and video) and [have] comprehensive sleeve notes from Anil Prasad.”

Cherry Red bought Jones’ back catalogue from Warners last year and as SDE said back in January, they didn’t spend all that money for nothing! The first release on the new label was last year’s three-CD ‘Best’: 1983-2017.

Howard has actually already reissued these himself. He did a pretty good job back in 2010/11, when he licensed his Warners output and issued a series of box sets on his own Dtox label. You can read the original SDE review of the Action Replay / The 12″ Album box set here.

What would you like to see on these sets that wasn’t included on the previous reissues? Leave a comment with your thoughts/ideas.

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Howard Jones

Best: 1983-2017


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He tweeted or twittered or whatever it’s called the following update Today Attended mastering session for Hunans Lib and Dream into Action boxsets at Fluid Mastering. So in theory if these are being remastered yet again that means that he wasn’t happy with his chum Robbie Bronnimann remasters from 2010.


No not at all. Robbie didn’t remaster for a vinyl release. Also Robbie didn’t remaster the never before released items that will be included in these new box sets.


This is good. I am ready to get into these records. I had long avoided Howard Jones because I saw his name associated with the song “What is Love?” but I had the wrong “What is Love?” in mind and held it against him. Now I know better. I loved “Things Can Only Get Better” when I was a kid.


Mea Culpa! The Detox store answered my email and today in the mail I received the repress of the “Risk” disc with all the errors corrected. It cost nothing but a simple email.


I contacted the store directly regarding the repress of the “Risk” disc and haven’t heard a word, not even a “drop dead”. Guess I won’t be picking up the remasters after all if this is the way fans are treated.


If they are putting in video content then ‘Howard jones live’ & ‘last world dream’ (vhs releases) might be included. The pre-contract demo cassette from 1982 would be nice to have as well – on cd though, not cassette! This is in discogs listing. There is also a demo tape on flip Martian’s live and loud shows website that may (or may not be HJ!) – link is under the 1983 show details on that site.


Am I the only one to have noticed that the version of Total Conditioning on The 12″ Album is one minute shorter than the one that appeared on the Pearl In The Shell 12″ single? I don’t think the full 8 minute version was released on CD before.

I hope the deluxe box puts the 7″ version instead of the 12″ version of What Is Love back in the album’s tracklist according to the original vinyl release of Human’s Lib. Same for Dream Into Action: go for the original UK vinyl tracklist instead of the US CD running order.


They claim to have lost the original master for Total Conditioning yet they could have used a vinyl rip as it’s better than nothing.

Christopher Old

The Dtox boxed sets are tremendous, I regrettably missed out on the Risk Live third cd of the first box set. This would be a very nice treat to be made available again. I am extremely stoked to see the Super Deluxe track listing of both of theses albums. Thirteen years old with my Aiwa walkman, fun times! Having some live tracks, as well as some buried treasure archival selections would just be heavenly. Looking forward to these new super deluxe box sets immensely, especially the part about “loaded with unheard rarities.”

Stephen K

A reminder that live songs were B-sides, too. Hopefully they will include the live songs that appeared on various 7″ and 12″s.

Joseph Stone

HD 5.1 mixes as well as videos HD as well. Any live recordings from these would also be welcomed.


Looking still for the „Extended Mix“ of Look Mama!


If anyone is interested there are 2 signed Humans Lib litho prints left on Howard’s official webstore at £10 plus postage. The UK postage is £7 but there are some bargain CDs there too at a fiver each and if you buy a couple the postage stays at £7 for the whole order

Rob C

I’m reading alot about Cherry Red back catalogue acquisitions – Howard Jones, Kim Wilde, BeBop Deluxe – but it appears they also got Pseudo Echo (2-cd Love An Adventure reissue out now) and Kissing The Pink (2nd album out on CD for the first time – expanded as well) as well as the new Bow Wow Wow box.

What other artists did Cherry Red acquire?

Those Howard Jones box sets are gold – I met HJ in Adelaide Oz many years ago after a gig – he took photos with the fans and signed the box sets I purchased. In short he was a real gentleman who appreciates the fans. I hope Cherry Red does a fantastic job on these new editions but the remastering by HJ was perfect on the boxes.

Iain McDermott

Still waiting for a SDE of Scottish pop afficiendos Win’s 1st LP from 1987 ‘uh tears baby’. Their 2nd ‘freaky trigger’ came out on RPM records in 2010 and still amazed that no one has picked up their debut for reissue. A fabulous lost gem, Cherry Red!!

Gregg P.

I have the Dtox reissues and love them. They were done right. So, unless this offers something phenomenal, I probably won’t pick it up.

Per Z

Wonderful news! I have the remastered d-tox boxes, but I cannot resist super boxes. :)

I’d love to see all remixes and b-sides. Also the radio sessions someone mentioned above. That sounds so exciting. And of course the beautiful preformance of Hide & Seek from Live Aid.

5.1 versions would be great. Maybe a poster with the album cover and NO ugly sigh on the cover stating it’s a remastered edition.

Mark Bumgardner

After reading this, I tried to order the 12″ Album/Action Replay box, but Amazon.uk stated that no sellers on Amazon.uk will ship it to the US. It’s around $150 on Amazon.com, so there’s no way I’m ordering it from there. Anyone know why shipping to the US would be a problem for UK sellers? Very disappointing.

Mark Bumgardner

Thanks. I went ahead and ordered from there since they ship to the US. Ended up being quite a bit more w/postage and conversion rate, but still just a fraction of what it costs on Amazon.com.

Neil Kelly

Clearly states out of stock!


So looking forward to these. Many years ago I made two of my own SDE of these albums with the 12″ singles and B sides. I played those cassettes over and over and had to make copies for a few friends. Side on was the original LP side two was the intermixing of b-sides and 12″ mixes. When the D-tox versions came out I thought it was a missed opportunity, I hope that these live up to my expectations.

elliott buckingham

can I just say I didn’t encounter any fault with ripping detox into media player or any issues playing the disc.


Same. Worked fine for me.

Dave H

The only issue I had is the one Paul E. mentions before with the Risk CD, the track markers were in the wrong places so if you wanted to rip the CD to a media player, it will begin a few seconds into the song.

Fortunately, I have some editing software so I was able to fix this for ripping purposes. It’s not a problem if you play the CD all the way through from start to finish.


I bought the box set reissues with bonus discs off his website years ago and the remastered sound is excellent. If you missed out on those wow! You really missed out!

I recently bought his 3CD ‘Best Of’ and am very disappointed with the sound quality. Each track sounds as if it were taken from a different source. One track sounds decent and the the next one sounds awful. Very inconsistent sound quality. Some songs are unlistenable on there. I bought it for a few of the songs. But I cherish my Dtox box set Reissues. So glad I bought those!


I really hope they include the “Janice Long Sessions” as they feature some amazing versions of the songs especially Things Can Only Get Better. China Crisis were able to include radio sessions on their deluxes so I hope Howard can too.

The British Library also has a dub version of side 2 of Human’s Lib, used for Capital Radio promos. That would be great to hear.

I thought the remasters were a bit loud but would still buy them for bonus content.

All three of Howard’s Best Ofs are really good. The first one is a great overview and the first HOJO CD I bought. The second has most of the b sides and the third, and most recent, has lots of new stuff.

Sam Lowry

Very simple: I would love to have instrumentals of all songs.


Hey Sam – count me in!!!


It’s about darn time for this to happen!

Please include: Dynamic Remastering, B-Sides, Remixes, 5.1 and full lyrics/credits in nice booklets that are NOT glued into the packaging.

Please save for later : the archival live stuff for a live album collection/series.

And this might be obvious to most, but of course the Action Replay EP will be included in the Dream Into Action reissue, right? We’ve seen bigger head scratching omissions in other reissues before…


I wonder how much his back catalogue cost Cherry Red? Are we talking tens of thousands, hundreds of thosuands, millions? Curious though – Cherry Red have bought a few back catalogues from Warners recently.

Philip Cohen

Oddly enough, UK, Europe & U.S.A. regulatory authorities gave Warners permission to buy most of EMI’s UK recordings from Universal Music(Universal was required to sell the recordings so that they would not control more than 40% of the worldwide market for recorded music), only for the regulators to decide a few years later that Warners must sell off some of the formerly EMI recordings that they acquired plus some WEA, Warner Bros. & Atlantic recordings. That’s why Cherry Red’s purchase of these recordings happened.

Mike the Fish

Also, if they’ve bought the masters will they bother to actually use them or rip from whatever is convienent to them at the time? I picked up an album on vinyl recently as I expected it to sound better than the poor vinyl sourcing on a CD they produced. It did. Ridiculous.

Mike the Fish

@Philip Cohen – interesting about Warner selling off. They kept what they got of Talk Talk, though, it appears.


Howard Jones was the third album I ever owned. Christmas 1984 and it had just been released and I only bought it (on cassette) because it was retailing at a Special Price – about a quid less than all other new release cassettes. It went to a charity shop about 20 years ago and I’m just listening to it now for the first time in over 30 years on Spotify. I won’t be buying any of his stuff – it’s not bad but, like most people, my taste in music has evolved over the years and the 12″ album will be getting a one time spin on Spotify.


Great News ! Human´s Lib was my first ever vinyl album I bought when I was 13 year old.
Great Album, still play it.


I bought the two boxes 12″ Album/Action Replay/Risk (still available) and One To One/Cross That Line/In The Running/2xcd rare tracks (out of print). That included pretty much all the remixes I ever wanted. The first box set is missing the B-sides, so we certainly want those. If there are any unreleased remixes and regular songs, they should be included. And the most important part: we want the 5.1 mix of both albums. No 5.1 = no sale. Please do not mix vinyl with CD’s and personally I’m not interested in any demo’s. What I really want is the 5.1 mixes.

Michael Ettengruber

If You want all B-Sides and unreleased songs i recommend



It doesn’t quite, as songs like – “Have You Heard The News”, “You Say”, “Takin’ The Time” and “Road To Cairo”!!


Most on available cd singles.


This Best of (with the disc of b sides), misses “Have You Heard The News”, “Road To Cairo”, “You Say” and “Takin’ The Time” (which were all b sides also). But they’d have not all fitted onto just one disc!


Yes I’m aware of that release but it’s 15 years old and not complete. They need to be remastered and ALL B-sides should be in the appropriate box set. The sound of the DTox box sets is great so they don’t need to do any further remastering. It was done by Howard Jones himself. What’s really missing is a 5.1 mix of his two first albums. That would be amazing.


not all the B sides were included

Paul E.

The tracking on the “Risk” bonus disc was a mess…songs would start incorrectly and end abruptly when skipping back and forth on a CD player (remember those?) Importing into iTunes was an issue also as a result. The only work around was to create a new .cue file to create corrected digital files. All that said, I’ll be repurchasing.

Mike the Fish

Yes, I had issues with the Risk bonus disk: the indexing for a start, then the last track stopping before it had finished in one player. Didn’t like the sound much either.


They were all like that and his manager at the time refused to acknowledge there w a problem or get them repressed. I’ll probably buy again just so I can throw that last boxset in the bin! I never did find a CD player that would play disc 3 all the way through…

Mike the Fish

Someone on Discogs recently claimed to have got a replacement disc 3. It does no good to be in denial. Why breed the bad will towards your artist? It’s like (although in many ways worse than) when Universal refused to acknowledge/replace the Tears For Fears disc for the main album when there was a noise glitch on one of the tracks.


They don’t mention whether or not the track indexing is fixed. I think people had problems playing track 11 New Song (Alternative Extended Mix) which it sounds like they have fixed. I remember when his forum was up and running people got replacement discs sent out because of the indexing problem and they were exactly the same.


It was the same on the remaster of Human’s Lib as well where Hunt The Self started playing before Hide And Seek had finished very sloppy indeed. I only bought the One To One / Cross That Line / In The Running box set because i got it cheap on ebay as i refused to buy the rest as the prices were extortionate so i hope Cherry Red see sense and don’t go down the same road. Didn’t Howard Jones buy his back catalogue from Warners at that time so it would be him that supplying those masters to Cherry Red.


I’ve emailed to enquire about these replacements and asked if I can have one. If they exist…

Neil Kelly

Emailed who exactly? I purchased this in 2011 never knew of a repress


The web store email address on the HJ website.


I do remember when his forum was up and running people were complaining about the indexing on the CD and a few got replacements sent out which were exactly the same. What was really annoying was their attitude to the whole debacle when people were making legitimate claims and they flat out refused to say there was anything wrong with the disc and it got to the stage that they started deleting posts and soon after that his forum closed down. I’m very surprised they are still sending out replacements after 8 years .


As I remember it Hunt The Self was always glued together with Hide And Seek.


I had the original cassette then later the CD and i can guarantee you those two tracks are not glued together. In fact i when i heard the remaster i went back and listened to the original CD just to refresh my memory and realised they had screwed up this as well the Specially Selected 12″ Remixes disc. Call me paranoid but i have a feeling this was done deliberately to deter people ripping the discs.


I have a replacement Risk CD being sent. I’ll let y’all know if it works when it arrives…


Well, I just took the test playing the original vinyl album I bought in 1984 and Hunt The Self comes in before the chimes of Hide And Seek are completely faded out. Just like I heard it on the original CD release and on my mp3 ripps from the Dtox remaster. I have a 1984 German pressing of Human’s Lib.


I played Hide & Seek from beginning to end from the original CD and it does not merge into Hunt The Self then i did the same with the remaster and with about a second to go with Hide & Seek as it’s fading out Hunt The Self kicks in. That’s all very well and fine if you want to listen to the album the whole way through but not if you want to listen to the tracks separately.


Don’t expect anyone will be reading this now, but I can confirm that the Risk CD now plays properly and has the track index points back in the correct places.

After a month of waiting for the replacement disc I emailed again and enquired as to its whereabouts. It had been sent, but to the wrong address. I’d therefore like to thank whoever lives at number 9 for keeping my mail. That’s illegal, you know!

Philip Cohen

Of the artist catalogues which Cherry Red purchased from Warner Music, the only catalogues for which reissue plans have not yet been announced are Kim Wilde (The RAK Records recordings,I.E. her first 3 albums and related singles) and the EMI/Harvest catalogue of “Be Bop Deluxe”


This is good news as I missed out on the 2011 reissues and they are now either out of print and/or “super expensive”. Hopefully Cherry Red does right by him. The mastering on their reissues can range from very good to downight atrocious. Can anyone speak to the remastering on the Best-Of?


It was awful.


I take that back. It’s not that it’s awful. It’s just very different from the Dtox box sets. The Dtox remastering has a more full sound, richer bass. While the 3CD ‘Best Of’ is more ‘tiny’ in sound… has more treble, perhaps. More detail. But lacking fullness. I prefer the box sets remastering.


No-One Is to Blame is one of the best songs of the 80’s. Re-recorded with Phil Collins when released as a single the original version is on Dream Into Action. Hoping these sets will bring together all the mixes from the 12 Inch album and subsequent remix albums released by Howard. I will definitely be purchasing these, who knows maybe some signed copies to look out for too!


I may end up buying these if they contain all the remixes even though I bought the previous box sets, because the remix disc that came with the first set (the crown jewel for me) had inexcusable mastering errors that cause most of the tracks to start half a second late on the disc, so ripping them results in songs missing the first half second.

Dave H

The DTox Box reissue did have a limited bonus live disc. This wasn’t included on later editions so making this available again would be nice.
The Video Collection DVD has all the videos remixed in 5.1 surround not sure if the rest of the tracks were ever remixed in 5.1 as well.

James Lee

I agree this is good news. Saw him twice in concert once when he was unknown at a tiny club in Cardiff with his wife handing out flyers and not long after at the NEC in Birmingham! He deserves to have done better. Anyone born on the same day as me deserves success!


I’m 23/02 as well. David Sylvian was born on the exact same day as Howard, I recall.

Derek Langsford

The Dtox boxed sets were excellent, with superb sound and the 3 “Risk” discs of non-album work provided a lot of new-to-CD mixes and remixes. Not sure these are going to add enough new, worthwhile material to warrant repurchase, unless they included 5.1 mixes.

Dan L.

Good news. As well as those albums did I think he’s still An under-appreciated artist, at least here in North America.