Howard Shore / The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers 5LP blue vinyl box

First time on vinyl • Blue vinyl • 3CD+blu-ray box with 5.1 mix

Howard Shore‘s ‘Complete Recordings’ of the The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers will be released on vinyl for the first time in July as a 5LP blue vinyl box set.

Like the previous Fellowship of The Ring package, this music to Peter Jackson’s 2002 film is housed in a collector’s box with a blue leather-style spine and it will be limited, to 8,000 individually numbered copies on blue vinyl.

There will also be a 3CD+blu-ray audio edition which contains the same complete recordings and the hi-res 5.1 surround sound mix on the blu-ray element.

As anyone who bought the first set will probably testify, this is one collection that it’s well worth picking up from the US. With (standard) shipping and Amazon.com’s ‘import fees’ deposit paid, the total in pounds comes to £114, or thereabout. The crucial thing here is that you are guaranteed to have no ‘surprise’ import VAT or associated fees – Amazon are effectively sorting that out for you. In the UK this new vinyl box is currently £144.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers – The Complete Recordings 5LP blue vinyl and 3CD+blu-ray sets will be released on 27 July 2018.

Side A

1. Glamdring
2. Elven Rope
3. Lost in Emyn Muil
4. My Precious
5. Uglúk’s Warriors
6. The Three Hunters

Side B

1. The Banishment of Éomer
2. Night Camp
3. The Plains of Rohan
4. Fangorn
5. The Dead Marshes

Side C

1. “Wraiths On Wings”
2. Gandalf the White
3. The Dreams of Trees
4. The Heir of Númenor

Side D

1. Ent-draught
2. Edoras
3. The Court of Meduseld
4. Théoden King (Featuring “The Funeral of Théodred” Performed by Miranda Otto)
5. The King’s Decision

Side E

1. Exodus From Edoras
2. The Forests of Ithilien
3. One of the Dúnedain (Featuring “Evenstar” Performed by Isabel Bayrakdarian)

Side F

1. The Wolves of Isengard
2. Refuge at Helm’s Deep
3. The Voice of Saruman
4. Arwen’s Fate (Featuring “The Grace of the Valar” Performed by Sheila Chandra)
5. The Story Foretold

Side G

1. Sons of the Steward
2. Rock and Pool
3. Faramir’s Good Council
4. Aragorn’s Return
5. War Is Upon Us

Side H

1. “Where Is the Horse and the Rider?”
2. The Host of the Eldar
3. The Battle of the Hornburg
4. The Breach of the Deeping Wall
5. The Entmoot Decides

Side I

1. Retreat (Featuring “Haldir’s Lament” Performed by Elizabeth Fraser)
2. Master Peregrin’s Plan
3. The Last March of the Ents (Featuring Ben Del Maestro)
4. The Nazgûl Attack
5. Théoden Rides Forth (Featuring Ben Del Maestro)

Side J

1. The Tales That Really Matter
2. “Long Ways to Go Yet” (Featuring “Gollum’s Song” Performed by Emiliana Torrini)

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[…] in September as a numbered five-LP vinyl set and a 3CD+blu-ray edition. The Two Towers is actually out tomorrow, but The Return of the King is scheduled for release in late September. If you have the first […]


I find it odd that they are mixing up the colors for these releases. small detail I know and doesn’t really matter. but has to be said with the dvd/blu-ray releases, Fellowship had a green color scheme, Two Towers was maroon/red, and Return of the King was blue. figured they would stick to that. guess not lol

David Ferry

No, the scores have always been this color. I don’t know why they originally did this change in color for the soundtrack release, but it has been this way since 2001 when FOTR was first released in red.

Chris Squires

The Amazon.com price for Towers has just dropped to $108, from $119 making it even more of a worthwhile purchase. This $108 was exactly the same as the first Fellowship offering was made on AM.US before prices shot up.

If all other things remain equal this will mean a total price to the UK of £102 or thereabouts inclusive of post and taxes (no nasty surprises or hostage taking), which is a significant saving over the rock solid £145 UK price.

Chris Squires

Excellent, the first edition is just about my favourite thing of the moment. I guess they would up the number produced. If they do sell this out it’ll only make set one even more desirable.

To cap it all I just received a tax rebate from amazon.com for reduced export fees on the Fellowship box set. This came to a whopping $0.02 so I don’t know how they are going to round that up or down. I can retire in peace….


EXCELLENT!!!! ROCK N’ ROLL!!! I agree Paul Sinclair on green! Lol! :)


The Return of the King will be green, just like it was the first time.


Yes, it’s strange that they don’t match the color schemes of the extended film releases…


that means nothing if you own the blu-ray special edition trilogy

art m

oh my!


Pre-Ordered! Thank You for the Heads-Up Paul!

John Orr

Yeah, got the original releases on CD and I do like the idea of having them on vinyl. Just too pricey atm yet again. Like a lot of CD/vinyl boxsets I still need to get, I’m gonna wait these out and see what happens. They do look great. As another aside, the double vinyl soundtracks of Gladiator and Alien Covenant arrived today in the post in superb condition. Got them half the price of HMV and Amazon uk too.


I still haven’t bough even the first one (my wife has the 3 movie original soundtracks already but this is tempting as we get the ful score on these releases), I could get it on vinyl or cd dunno really. Is it really that much better on vinyl to justify the higher price? I would like to have it as I like the music so much, but still the price has hold me back. I see some had bad luck with the packaging and got tore boxsets and it seems that the box can’t be stored normally on the shelf as it has to be stored horizontally.


What color do you think they’ll use for the final installment, Paul? I thought they’d have gone with the film scheme and chosen green/red/blue, but maybe The Return Of The King will be green? Any idea if they’ll do similar releases for The Hobbit soundtracks? Bad films, good music though…

David Ferry

These are the exact same releases (color and all) as the ones we got back in the early 2000’s. Only difference is vinyl, and a bluray instead of dvd. Yes ROTK is green.