Huey Lewis and the News / Collected

Excellent career-spanning 3CD compilation • limited red 2LP vinyl 

The best kept secret in pop/rock compilations is Universal Music Netherlands’ occasional ‘Collected’ career summaries. These continue in August with a three CD Huey Lewis and the News set (and a 2LP vinyl).

Perhaps because these are never full international releases (and normally have to be bought as imports) the label has a knack of licensing the tracks that more mainstream compilations normally forego (songs from soundtracks, various artists compilations) and this set looks typically superb.

It goes right back to the beginning by including the A and B-side of the band’s first single in 1979 when they were called ‘American Express’ (on CD 3, the disc normally reserved for rarities) and brings the story right up to date with a couple of tracks from their last studio outing, 2010’s Soulsville. In between (on CD 1 & 2) is no less than every single the band every released, often in single edit form – for example the rare Jellybean single mix of Back in Time is included.

The third disc mops up plenty of rarities including a couple of tracks by US country/rock band Clover (when Huey Lewis was a member), the live Trouble In Paradise from the USA for Africa album, B-side Flip Flop & Fly, the band’s cover of Oh! Darling from the 1995 compilation album Come Together: America Salutes The Beatles and four extended versions that the label are claiming ‘unreleased-on-CD’. They are the Extended Version/Dance Mix of I Want A New Drug (the song that famously ‘inspired’ the Ghostbusters theme tune, the Jellybean Remix of both Heart and Soul and The Power Of Love and the Dance Remix of Hip To Be Square.

This is all good stuff and vinyl fans can pre-order a 2LP gatefold vinyl edition that has a cut-down version of the 3CD track listing; even better, snap up the limited RED vinyl (1,500 copies) at a great price (see below).

The 3CD of Collected is released on 1 September 2017, and the vinyl follows a week later on 8 September.

Pre-order 2LP RED vinyl edition of ‘Collected’ from JPC.de

Huey Lewis & The News – Collected 3CD Edition

CD 1

  1. Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)
  2. Now Here’s You (Single Version)
  3. Stop Trying
  4. Trouble In Paradise
  5. Do You Believe In Love
  6. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
  7. Workin’ For A Livin’
  8. Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
  9. Heart And Soul (Single Edit)
  10. I Want A New Drug (Single Edit)
  11. The Heart Of Rock & Roll (Single Edit)
  12. If This Is It
  13. Walking On A Thin Line (Single Edit)
  14. Bad Is Bad
  15. The Power Of Love
  16. Back In Time (Jellybean Single Mix)*
  17. Stuck With You
  18. Hip To Be Square
  19. Jacob’s Ladder (Single Version)
  20. I Know What I Like (Single Version)


  1. Simple As That
  2. Doing It All For My Baby
  3. Perfect World
  4. Small World (Single Version)
  5. Give Me The Keys (And I’ll Drive You Crazy) (Single Edit)
  6. World To Me
  7. Walking With The Kid
  8. Couple Days Off  (Short Edit)
  9. It Hit Me Like A Hammer (Sax Single Remix)
  10. He Don’t Know
  11. (She’s) Some Kind Of Wonderful
  12. But It’s Alright
  13. Little Bitty Pretty One
  14. 100 Years From Now
  15. We’re Not Here For A Long Time (We’re Here For A Good Time)
  16. Let Her Go And Start Over (Radio Edit)
  17. I’m Not In Love Yet (with Wynonna Judd)
  18. Pineapple Express
  19. Respect Yourself
  20. Just The One (I’ve Been Looking For)


  1. Clover – Streets Of London
  2. Clover – Ain’t Nobody Own Nobody’s Soul
  3. American Express – Exodisco  *
  4. American Express – Kick Back *
  5. Trouble In Paradise (Live)
  6. Flip Flop & Fly
  7. Huey Lewis – Oh! Darling
  8. Huey Lewis – Once Upon A Time In New York City
  9. Huey Lewis – Feelin’ Alright
  10. Huey Lewis – Lonely Teardrops
  11. Strokeland Superband ft. Huey Lewis – Work With Me
  12. Brenda Lee & Huey Lewis – Oh! Happy Day
  13. Frankie Miller & Huey Lewis – Way Past Midnight
  14. I Want A New Drug (Extended Version/Dance Mix)*
  15. Heart And Soul (Jellybean Remix)*
  16. The Power Of Love (Jellybean Remix) *
  17. Hip To Be Square (Dance Remix)*

Additional track info CD3:

  • 1: From the Clover album ‘Unavailable’
  • 2: From the Clover album ‘Love On The Wire’
  • 3-4: A & B side from the only American Express release, just before the band changed their name to HL&TN
  • 5: Live recording, taken from the USA For Africa album
  • 6: Non-album b-side from the ‘But It’s Alright’ single
  • 7: From the album ‘Come Together: America Salutes The Beatles’
  • 8: From the ‘Oliver & Company’ original soundtrack
  • 9-10: from the ‘Duets’ original soundtrack
  • 11: From the Strokeland Superband album ‘Kick It Up A Step’
  • 12: From the Brenda Lee album ‘Gospel Duets With Treasured Friends’
  • 13: From the Frankie Miller album ‘Frankie Miller’s Double Take’
  • 14-17: Originally released as 12” singles

* previously unreleased on CD

Huey Lewis & The News – Collected 2LP

A1: Some Of My Lies Are True (3:23)
A2: Now Here’s To You (single version) (3:27)
A3: Do You Believe In Love (3:29)
A4: Workin’ For A Livin’ (2:39)
A5: Heart And Soul (single edit) (3:55)
A6: I Want A New Drug (single edit) (3:29)
A7: The Heart Of Rock & Roll (single edit) (4:06)

B1: If This Is It (3:54)
B2: The Power Of Love (3:54)
B3: Back In Time (Jellybean single mix) (3:45)
B4: Stuck With You (4:30)
B5: Hip To Be Square (4:05)
B6: Jacob’s Ladder (single version) (3:28)

C1: Doing It All For My Baby (3:40)
C2: Perfect World (4:11)
C3: Small World (single version) (4:39)
C4: Couple Days Off (short edit) (3:15)
C5: It Hit Me Like A Hammer (Sax single mix) (4:03)
C6: (She’s) Some Kind Of Wonderful (3:06)
C7: Little Bitty Pretty One (2:04)

D1: We’re Not Here For A Long Time (We’re Here For A Good Time) (3:53)
D2: Let Her Go And Start Over (radio edit) (4:07)
D3: Pineapple Express (4:30)
D4: Respect Yourself (3:42)
D5: Clover – Streets Of London (4:30)
D6: The American Express – Exo-disco (3:37)

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Love this compilat on – best one yet of Huey Lewis and the News. Remixes are terrific. First time I’ve seen It Hit Me Like A Hammer on any compilation. Highly recommend

Mark Bumgardner

I pre-ordered this from Amazon.com, hoping it would ship on the day of release (Sept. 1), but it hasn’t shipped yet. Has this happened to anyone else who pre-ordered? Just wondering.


Can´t find the CD version on Amazon, only the vinyl set..


According to Amazon this is being released tomorrow ?


Just bought this from the marketplace on amazon and it’s preparing for dispatch. Only thing the estimated delivery is the the 4th September hope it comes a lot quicker.

Geoff G

I’ve never owned any Huey Lewis music before, but looking through the song list; I see so many songs that I recognize. I think this might be worth a blind buy!


PS: The version is not mentioned on the sleeve of the single. The difference can be seen in the lenght (3:53 for the album version, 4:18 for the remix).


Hi Matthias,

the version of Power of Love with the extended guitar solo is also known as the Jellybean Single Remix. It has the same enhanced drum sound and sound effects plus more echo on the vocals, just like the 12″ Version. It has been released on single in the UK in 1986 to promote the Fore Album.

[…] Huey Lewis and The News three-CD Collected compilation that SDE told you about on Tuesday is now available to order on Amazon UK (and other European Amazons). It’s not particularly […]


Hi Paul, looks like Amazon.co.uk now have a listing for the CD version. Hopefully the price will come down a bit…


The CD is on Amazon now priced at £20.46 and the release date is the 1st September.

Charlie Waffles

I am glad to see the Gwyneth Paltrow duet is left off! Yeah!


Hey RichardB! That is very interesting indeed. Yeah, it looks very much like this 8-CD set does have the PoL version with the extended guitar solo.

Plus, I just realized in fact, that extended guitar solo version was on the first German pressing of the Fore! CD, so it actually can be found on a Huey Lewis CD as well.

AudioDile, oh man, that would be great if it was indeed the 6:42 “Special Remix”! I have it on the German 12″ you mention and I think both the 5:49 remix (which is on the Japanese “Super Selections” CD) and the 6:42 one are great in their own right. Fingers crossed they picked the 6:42 one for this release.


Well, bummer. It’s just the same old Heart & Soul remix we’ve already seen released on CD. I guess I’m spending $25 for one remix of Hip to Be Square then, LOL.

I have a problem.


According to The Second Disc website, in the footnotes of the tracklisting, it suggests that the Heart & Soul remix is in fact the Special Remix (6:42) taken from this German 12″: https://www.discogs.com/Huey-Lewis-And-The-News-Heart-And-Soul/release/1242354 – it was also released on some versions of the New Drug 12″.

As for the “Jellybean Remix” tag, I can’t find any real confirmation which of the two remixes is the Jellybean mix, the one that’s been released on disc or the “Special Remix”. Hopefully it’s the 6:42 version and not the 5:49, which would make this even better.

Charlie Shine

Just for your information The Jellybean Remix is called Dance Mix and is included on the U.K. Heart And Soul E.P. from 1985. I can confirm it is 5:49 (https://www.discogs.com/Huey-Lewis-And-The-News-The-Heart-And-Soul-EP/release/1575510)

The 6:42 version is also called 12-inch mix (https://www.discogs.com/Huey-Lewis-And-The-News-Heart-And-Soul/release/4126459)


Hi Matthias, I could be wrong, but I’ve got the 8CD set below and the version of Power of Love is different to any other in my collection so could be the ‘extended guitar’ version you mention above:



Did the UB40 Collected album feature single versions?


Very awesome collection! I’m glad to see a lot of stuff that I’ve been keeping around on vinyl for many years, especially the American Express tracks.

As far as I know, that leaves the following songs unavailable on any official Huey Lewis CD:

The Hart of Rock ‘n Roll – Canadian “West Side” Version (“Vancouver”) (4:15)
The Hart of Rock ‘n Roll – Canadian “East Side” Version (“Toronto/Montreal”) (4:15)
The Power of Love – Version with extended guitar solo (4:19)
Don’t ever tell me that you love me (1986 remix) (3:01)
I want a new Drug (Instrumental from promo 12″) (4:30)
Some of my Lies are true (1986 remix) (3:23)
Hip to be Square (Dub Mix) (5:12)
Small World (Extended Dance Mix) (7:14)
The Power of Love (Instrumental) (4:13)
Heart and Soul (Special Remix) (6:42)

Plus a bunch of live B-Sides. No matter what, this collection is dynamite! I am looking forward to it.



jellybean remix of ‘the power of love’ alrerady released on CD:

Movie Klub80 (2008)

Dance Classics – Pop Edition Vol. 4 (2011)


a very few days ago i purchased the power of love 7″ single while digging on a bargain bin in a Vienna record shop , cool!! :)


Nice to see the single mix of Back In Time included. But it would have been nice to see the extended version as well.


I Want A New Drug (Dance Mix) is on So80s 10 as well. Looking on JPC they are asking £20 for this i think i will wait until it appears on Amazon like the Robert Palmer one did which i picked up for £12.


thanks :-)

apart from the japanese huey compilation you posted, i think i really saw this jellybean remix on various other various artists compilations already, not just the one to which i linked in my earlier post – so not really a “new on CD” rarity…


is it true that the jellybean remix of ‘the power of love’ (7:10 minutes) is unreleased on CD?

i think i saw it on various 80s compilation like this for example:


That mix is on that Japanese compilation i linked to above. I have always wished they would have brought out deluxe versions of their albums especially Sports,Fore and Small World. I know they did Sports a few years back but it was rubbish.


Saw Huey and the News live when they had just released the Small World album. Great live and been following them since. Must buy for the CD set.

Paul E.

I was always a Huey Lewis and the News fan- but, in 2000, with the (film) release of “American Psycho” it pretty much sealed my fandom. Quotes from the movie below [still can’t believe this guy/Christian Bale played Batman!]:

BATEMAN: You like Huey Lewis and the News?

ALLEN: Um, they’re okay.

BATEMAN: Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when “Sports” came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

ALLEN: Hey, Halberstram?

BATEMAN: Yes, Allen?

ALLEN: Why are there copies of the Style section all over the place? Do you… Do you have a dog? A little chow or something?

BATEMAN: No, Allen.

ALLEN: Is that a raincoat?

BATEMAN: Yes, it is. In ’87, Huey released this; “Fore!”, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is “Hip To Be Square”. A song so catchy, most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It’s also a personal statement about the band itself. Hey, Paul!

[Bateman murders Allen with an axe]


There’s a brief chapter in the book extolling the virtues of Huey Lewis & The News:


There are further chapters about Whitney Houston and Phil Collins.

Paul E.

RJS – I may be forced to read now. Thank you!


Sehr schöne Zusammenstellung und das für nur 17 Euro bei JPC, Danke für den Hinweis!


Eh ?


The only 12 inch mix that has not been on CD is Hip to Be Square (Dance Remix). The rest are on this https://musicbrainz.org/release/8827f73c-ed69-4c3a-987a-b370e12ce047



A list of “Collected” releases can be found on the discogs.com website:

I don’t know how complete this list is, but it’s a start :)


Aaron, if you want to see the cd’s of the Collected series, then you have watch this Dutch site. https://www.bol.com/nl/serie/collected/9200000045471279/

don cooper

I saw Huey and Clover support Lizzy back in the day.Will always have time for him as he gave a moving tribute to Philo on a televised awards ceremony-may have been an early Brit International Award…
Good Egg.


Wow! They remembered the 12″ mixes. Will be buying :)

Todd R.

Well, the one duet with Gwen P. isn’t on there….. (giggle)


The mullets still look awesome even in silhouette.


There was a super hits Japanese import that had all of the 12″ remixes on it with the exception of the remix for “hip to be square”. I ordered it years ago used on Amazon. I’m not sure if it’s still in print?


What other bands have been released under the Collected range?

If the rest are as good as this I might swing for a few

Chris Squires

If you go to the Music on Vinyl website they have a full list if you search for “Collected”.

I have UB40, Marvin Gaye, Thin Lizzy and Robert Palmer and they are superb. I missed out on Mamas and Papas, Charles Aznavour etc as the material didn’t excite me but the next tranche sounds better.

the one I can’t seem to find on Vinyl is Paul Carrack which also looks terrific.

Mark Rutherford

I believe Clover were the backing band on Elvis Costello’s debut album?

Russell Emberson

Looks a good collection, Huey Lewis is a guilty pleasure of mine. I remember buying Sports in Cheapo Cheapo in London back in the 80’s purely for Bad is Bad as Dave Edmunds had covered it . I was expecting a blues album as Huey played Harmonica but it was a excellent pop/rock album and have followed him ever since, will certainly get this

stephen k

Fantastic. If only they would do one for Hall and Oates!


There’s a wonderful box set for Hall & oats that covers all of the rarities and there’s also a greatest hits collection that includes all of the single 7 inch mixes along with the video remix for “out of touch”.

Peter Brown

Universal Netherlands releases many interesting compilations. The reason I haven’t been buying them for years now, is because of the sound quality. Often they use vinyl drops for tracks that have not been released on cd before. Tracks that have already been on cd, they take from the previously released cd’s instead of using the masters. Then they ‘level’ the bunch. So, if tracks have already been leveled before, for an earlier cd, they are being leveled again. Not a good thing.

Ian Hicks

My local independent, Banquet Records in Kingston, are stocking the red vinyl for £23.99!

Bjarne Laastad

I wasn’t impressed by the sound on the Level 42 “Collected”-CDs. Hope this one’s better – cause I love the tracklisting!


Amazon UK has a listing, but only black vinyl version so far.

Ben Williams

Saw this on Huey Lewis’s site the other day (I’m a secret fan of theirs lol!) and was very happy to see this set being released! It’ll be nice to own the American Express singles finally and some rare tracks.

It did say on their website this will be available worldwide soon.

These Collected series are great – if only the guys that compile these could compile a Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins set with non-CD B sides and 12″ mixes….


A Eurythmics Collected that rounded up some of the many, many tracks that were left off the reissue series would be great.


Gabriel has a sh?t load of tracks from b’sides, mixes, soundtracks, tributes and other stuff. I’m sure he could fill at least 8 CDs and that might be on the low end…
I think most of Collins’ stuff have been released on this recent [but crappy-ish releases] except for the 12″ers and live stuff.


Nice! Not sure I ever got the New Drug/Ghostbusters thing, but then I am not a musician. There has been talk of a new HL&TN album for a while, I still cannot see any sign of it. Never heard Exo-Disco or Clover so I will be getting this one.


The synth basslines and synth chord stabs are *very* close, albeit in different keys. Anyway, RPJ settled out of court so he either didn’t think he had a case, or he just wanted the suit to go away.

I am a musician and my personal opinion is that they are similar but it doesn’t rise to the level of criminal action. It seems a lot like the Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye lawsuit, and the jury in that one found for Marvin Gaye. (As much as I loathe Blurred Lines and all the parties involved with it, I think that the jury was completely wrong.)


Looks like a pretty good set. Definitely on my radar. Surprised, since there are some solo tracks on here, that they didn’t license “Cruising” with Gwyneth Paltrow from the Duets soundtrack, since that actually had some chart impact, but I think is harder to find right now.

elliott buckingham

nice to see mov trying to squeeze nearly 25 minutes of music onto a side of vinyl. recently got the extreme reissue and its awful a complete lack of bass and the ub40 collected sounds great at the start but is easily a track too long on each side.


I bought “Sports” “Picture This” and “Fore!” LPs off Discogs for about £4 each. Its awash with them, and in great condition too. Still sounds fantastic.