Hugh Cornwell / Monster

New album features bonus disc of Stranglers re-recordings

Hugh Cornwell / Monster new album

Hugh Cornwell will issue a new album Monster in October.

The ten-track long-player features songs written about various people including his 98-year old mother (La Grande Dame), Lou Reed (Mr. Leather), 1970s stunt biker Evel Knievel (Pure Evel) and model-maker and animator Ray Harryhausen (the title track Monster).

Cornwell says these are people “who have defied categorisation,” adding, “I’ve spent my whole life trying to defy categorisation. If someone wants to put me into some sort of a box, I’ll do my best to defy it. You could call it being obstreperous, but it’s also got something to do with being drawn to people who are dichotomous.”

If you are on the fence about a new Cornwell album then a ‘carrot’ comes in the form of a bonus CD (or bonus vinyl LP), called Restoration, which features a collection of re-recorded acoustic versions Stranglers hits including No More Heroes and Always the Sun.

Monster will be released on 5 October via Sony. Cornwell will be touring the UK throughout November.

Compare prices and pre-order

Cornwell, Hugh

Monster - 2CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Cornwell, Hugh

Monster - 2LP vinyl edition


Monster 2CD edition

CD 1 – Monster

  1. Pure Evel
  2. La Grande Dame
  3. The Most Beautiful Girl in Hollywood
  4. Mosin’
  5. Mr. Leather
  6. Bilko
  7. Robert
  8. Monster
  9. Attack of the Major Sevens
  10. Duce Coochie Man

CD 2 ‘Restoration’

  1. Outside Tokyo
  2. Let Me Down Easy
  3. Souls
  4. Don’t Bring Harry
  5. Goodbye Toulouse
  6. Ships That Pass In The Night
  7. Never Say Goodbye
  8. No More Heroes
  9. Big in America
  10. Always The Sun

Monster 2LP vinyl edition

Side 1

1. Pure Evel
2. La Grande Dame
3. The Most Beautiful Girl In Hollywood
4. Mosin’
5. Mr. Leather

Side 2

1. Bilko
2. Robert
3. Monster
4. Attack of the Major Sevens
5. Duce Coochie Man

Side 3

1. Outside Tokyo
2. Let Me Down Easy
3. Souls
4. Don’t Bring Harry
5. Goodbye Toulouse

Side 4

1. Ships That Pass in the Night
2. Never Say Goodbye
3. No More Heroes
4. Big In America
5. Always the Sun

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Going to see Hugh in Wexford, Rep. Ireland. Having listened to the album, Monster, a couple of time now I think he sounds like Blur from the mid to late 90’s in a good few of the tracks. This is not a problem though as I love Blur and I’m sure Damon and the lads would cite Hugh as a major influence. A very English album. Most enjoyable


I loved the Golden Brown Mariachi version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy8Y3R4dXyc


“I loved the Golden Brown Mariachi version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy8Y3R4dXyc

This version urgently needs some trumpets!


“This version urgently needs some trumpets!”

The trumpet player was sick that day, and couldn’t make it…..


The original version [although it seems to be banned ‘almost’ everywhere on YouTube.]

Dom Brown

Genius version. Loved it.

Jason Brown

The collaborative album with JCC wasn’t bad at all. Last saw HC with Hazel O’Connor supporting at the Concorde 2 in 2014, and he & his band was ridiculously good that night.

Any new material is always warmly received; the Stranglers stuff is a welcome bonus, but I’d gladly buy it without.

The peak of his solo stuff? Hoover Dam for me, with Beyond Elysian Fields next up. And the live box set People…Places…Pieces is fantastic.


The only time I have seen Hugh (without Stranglers) was in Leeds Borders bookshop plugging a book about the Stranglers songs. He did an acoustic set and asked for requests then proceeded to sing ‘Spain’ even though nobody asked for that one. After the set he did a Q&A and the first question shouted was “Are you really skint then?”
I don’t think he enjoyed it.

DJ Salinger

Correction: My friend has asked me to let you all know that while John Cooper Clarke WAS seen without shades that morning he was not actually present at the breakfast buffet with Hugh.

Furthermore, he adds: “John Cooper Clarke hasn’t been confirmed eating anything solid since 1978 and has never knowingly consumed a fruit”.

Hope that clears up any misunderstandings, Paul. SDE doesn’t do fake news and it’s important to keep it that way in these turbulent times.


I’m amazed Hugh Cornwell’s still around and got a record deal with Sony. It’s his second LP with Sony after This Time It’s Personal with John Cooper-Clarke in 2016. Good for him but I must say I’ll probably only listen to the Stranglers acoustic versions.


The tag for the story mentions Phil Cornwell. I was getting excited he might be releasing something with his ‘old mucker’ Alan Partridge! Btw just received signed Twelve Stops and Home Vinyl. Great job on the remaster, really impressed nice warm sound no sibilance.

Chris S

Im excited about this release, but, by the time it comes out, I will have forgotten about it, and most likely won’t notice it (if it is there) in my local record store.

Jarmo Keranen

If you spent your whole life trying to defy categorisation doesn’t that mean you’re in categorisation that defy categorisation?

Simon Taylor

I was interested even before i hear about the 2nd disc. Would like to know if LP comes with a download code. Assuming not as his site is selling double cd and double vinyl together and signed for £28, £22 signed for the double vinyl on its own if you get in quick. Good selection of “covers.” I love Souls, this looks intriguing.

Andrew L

The song about sgt bilko sounds interesting. Maybe the song Robert is about bobby ball. Rock on hugh!


As a long time fan of all things Stranglers related, I am looking forward to this release. Hugh Cornwell has produced a series of solid, if unspectacular, albums since going solo in the early 90s. ‘Guilty’ is a particular favourite of mine.

The Stranglers today are still going strong despite no new material for a few years (and are still great live) and continue to overshadow anything Hugh’s done, but he remains an act I follow closely.


Looking forward to this, both for the new material and the acoustic disc – his solo one-track-from-every-album tour a while back was a real treat. Glad he’s touring it too – saw him with Wilco Johnson recently, and a longer set would be very welcome. Signed copies of both the CD and vinyl are available via his website at the moment if anyone facies one too ….


Obstreperous and dichotomous in the same sentence….. awesome!


Yes I thought the same, now if only I knew what they mean….

DJ Salinger

A friend saw Hugh play live when he toured with John Cooper Clarke a couple of years ago. The next morning he discovered he’d checked into the same hotel as the esteemed duo when, at breakfast, he found them sitting at the next table. Apparently Hugh likes his toast golden brown. Honest.

My friend now also knows the look of disappointment on Hugh Cornwell’s face when he is denied a poached egg. And he may also be one of the few living people to have seen Dr Clarke without his shades on.