Human League / Secrets 2CD deluxe

Next month, Edsel will reissue the Human League‘s eighth studio album, Secrets, as a two-CD deluxe edition.

The 2001 album followed 1995’s Octopus, which had delivered the UK top ten hit Tell Me When, but alas, similar success didn’t follow with Secrets, as lead single All I Every Wanted stalled at number 47 in the UK charts and record label Papillon went bust, denying the record proper promotion and any real chance of success.

Although this is a 16-track album, it should be noted that seven tracks are short transitional-type instrumentals. The forthcoming two-CD expanded edition adds non-album B-side Tranquility, along with 14 remixes. These remixes are apparently “very rare”,  although to this writer that second disc looks like hard work…

The booklet features all the lyrics and notes. Secrets will be reissued on 27 April 2018.

 Secrets deluxe edition

CD 1
1 All I Ever Wanted (Dave Bascombe Mix)
2 Nervous
3 Love Me Madly? (Dave Bascombe Mix)
4 Shameless
5 122.3 BPM
6 Never Give Your Heart
7 Ran
8 The Snake
9 Ringinglow
10 Liar
11 Lament
12 Reflections
13 Brute
14 Sin City
15 Releas
16 You’ll Be Sorry
17 Tranquility

CD 2
1. All I Ever Wanted (The Das Kompressor Vanity Case Mix)
2.  All I Ever Wanted (Toy Mix)
3. All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb’s Main Full Vocal Mix)
4.  All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb’s Alternative Mix)
5 All I Ever Wanted (The Vanity Case Instrumental Mix)
6 All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)
7. All I Ever Wanted (Op: L Bastards Mojo Mix)
8. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Radio Mix)
9. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Black & Blue Mix)
10. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Dub Mix)
11. You’ll Be Sorry (Karaoke Mix)
12. Love Me Madly? (Voice of Buddha Mix)
13. Love Me Madly? (Zenn Eternal Countdown Mix)
14. Love Me Madly? (Cuzco Mix)

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[…] Read about the forthcoming two-CD deluxe edition here, or pre-order it directly, below. […]

C versus F

Will this ever get a vinyl release


Record Store Day 2018:

Human League – Secrets
White vinyl


william mckinley

They should do like Depeche Mode and release separate remix albums. That way you can buy that instead of RE-buying an album you already have.


Maybe, but it would probably cost the same.

Antony Hudson

Give me a Travelogue anyday. 5.1 blu ray would be cool.

steven pickup

Can I just say…I LOVED Secrets. I actually DID live The Snake a bit back, driving home after a ‘hard night’ in Sheffield!!



The Zenn mix of “Love Me Madly” was an edit on the cd single, with longer version on vinyl version. Hope it’s the full length mix as that 12″ was very elusive! The op: L B mix was on promo vinyl only in Europe, although it gets very random and semi-detached acoustic in second half. One for die-hards only, probably.
Agree that the second disc will need listener programming, or dipping in, but great to have so many mixes compiled.
Also hope Octopus gets a re-release too, in deluxe form, as it was a really strong comeback.


So far they’ve been pretty correct with the tracks, although some of the mix names might be alternates. In that case, it will be the longer mix.

So, in that case the edit version will be missing.



I just want Reproduction, Travelogue, Dare and Hysteria 2CD editions. I have the original Secrets CD, and it’s an excelent album IMO, but just one extra track and tons of remixes aren’t reason enough to warrant another purchase. I do have two Dare sepecial editions, the one with Love and Dancing in a single CD and the 2CD version including Fascination! (unfortunately there are some missing tracks, so it’d be nice to finally get a definitive edition including each and every track from that era – the album, Fascination!, Love and Dancing, single B-sides and assorted rarities, all in a single package).
BEF and The Future reissues would also be great!


How about an LP version of the first cd. I might be tempted.

Matthew Holbrook

Mark Levy. That is happening in April as well. Limited to 1,000 though


Good news. Their best album after Dare as far as I’m concerned.

DJ Salinger

For those who missed out on this one in 2001 it’s worth the entry price for ‘Love Me Madly?’ alone, with its vintage Oakey lyrics. Sample couplet:

“You’re like the woman out of Species
I think I’m gonna go to pieces”

The League were, are and always will be one of the good things about life.

Radisson Blu Cumberlands

Ok, this is a bit random, but I heard years ago Hazell Dean was a backup singer in the original league before Joanne and Susan……is this true and if so, what tracks did she perform on?


That’s not true as there is no reference to that ever happening anywhere.


I really don’t get these type of releases. Why don’t they mix the tracks up a bit on the second disc? Is someone really going to listen to 7 mixes consecutively of the same song. This would be better imo –

1. All I Ever Wanted (The Das Kompressor Vanity Case Mix)
2. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Radio Mix)
3. All I Ever Wanted (Toy Mix)
4. Love Me Madly? (Voice of Buddha Mix)
5. All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb’s Main Full Vocal Mix)
6. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Black & Blue Mix)
7. All I Ever Wanted (Oliver Lieb’s Alternative Mix)
8. You’ll Be Sorry (Marc Anthony Dub Mix)
9. All I Ever Wanted (The Vanity Case Instrumental Mix)
10. Love Me Madly? (Zenn Eternal Countdown Mix)
11. All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)
12. You’ll Be Sorry (Karaoke Mix)
13. All I Ever Wanted (Op: L Bastards Mojo Mix)
14. Love Me Madly? (Cuzco Mix)


Because it’s easy enough to just program your own playlist to
resequence it.

It’s in chronological order.



Excellent point. Its a common practice unfortunately. They did the same thing years ago with the Donna Summer reissue of Another Place & Time. Very annoying, and regarding the following comment, you shouldn’t have to resequence it. A little thought and creativity wouldn’t go astray.

Jonas Warstad

So, it seems Love Me Madly? (Toy Mix) 4.15 is not included on this 2-CD!

I updated my discography to include this 2-CD:


Hey Jonas. Love your website, I’ve been visiting it for ages. Top work my friend.


Yup, hope it pops up somewhere else. Maybe a digital download.


james shoop

I also think this is a very strong album by the Human League. Have been a fan since their beginning. I have the cd singles from this album and will most defiantly buy the deluxe
edition! Nice to have it all combined in one package. I hope more HL stuff comes along!!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

great release!!! i have a few mixes on cd singles and i must say that not every mix is good.
“love and dancing” should be next with all the unreleased ” 100 of edits”
martin rushent mentioned in an interview. as i said here last year: after the box set they will release the albums with 2cd deluxe edition….


Fantastic Human League album, nice to see it get reissued. The band actually came to Canada to do some promotion for the album as Montreal based label L Music was promoting it. I have the super rare L Music Canadian promo cds for You’ll Be Sorry and All I Ever Wanted, the remixes on these two cds make up a lot of disc 2 of the reissue.


I’ll wait until this is out and stream it. I’ve got the original album so I’d rather hear the remixes before committing to a purchase.

I think Hysteria, Crash, Romantic? and Octopus are due deluxe editions with related b-sides and remixes.


Great release from the human league.

Unless you were lucky enough to get the Canadian promo cd single of
‘you’ll be sorry’, and the limited release of ‘you’ll be sorry’. Most fans
never even heard these mixes.

A few of the ‘all i ever wanted’ mixes were promo mixes only too.
So i don’t know how people are saying they have all these mixes
unless they’re hardcore collectors (i dont even have all of them).

the remixes are actually very good quality, and the album is also
very strong. highly recommended for human league fans.



uhh … wait a minute… where is the deluxe of the 1995 “Octopus” LP ? I think it’s a great idea to have this one – The “Secrets” LP expanded, but all others album from Huma League are Welcome !


I would say most of the remixes are pretty rare as they weren’t official released just on various promos,the Youll be sorry ones are very rare.The officially released ones are probably the worst ones.
That being said it is ones of their best albums and deserved to be top 10 at the time.The only U.K single got no airplay and Terrible distribution so sank like a stone.


I think I’d much rather have a more available vinyl version of this, my favourite league album. Sadly I am out the country (and nowhere there will have a record store!) on RSD so have no chance of getting it (unless by those pesky multibuyers who then stick on eBay – but I’m not playing that game!)

Johnny Buck

If you have the cd singles, you have several of these bonus tracks. I’m happy to hear that Secrets is being issued as a Deluxe Edition, though. The best news I’ve heard in quite a while!


a small side note for the Human Leahgue fans: the 3cd/dvd box set ‘Anthology’ which used to be really overprized has come down to EUR 39.99 on amazon Germany… prize has been stable for a few days now.


Not sure if the remixes are that important, but “You’ll Be Sorry” is probably the most underrated contender for one of the greatest songs in their entire catalog. And I’m including the Mk. 1 years in that.

don cooper

Its all I ever wanted, but you’ll be sorry for that second disc remark Sinclair!

don cooper

(should that make you nervous,stay put)


This album deserved greater success. The deluxe edition is a bit underwhelming. I’m sure that I already have most (if not all) of these mixes on the various CD singles from the time.

I should add that I will purchase it, and hopefully also add the RSD white vinyl release to my collection.

Peter Nicholas

The You’ll Be Sorry mixes are the best on the 2nd disc. some of the AIEW ones are hard going thats true and the Love Me Madly ones were released only as a limited single in the Benelux countries, due to the label going bust and a fan having to deal with the tough job of getting the track licensed for a limited release.


As I’m a remix guy, I will will get this. I hope some of these remixes are actually good.
On a different note, Paul I got your Roxy Music booklet. It arrived to NYC in one piece, unfolded due to the beautiful envelop you used. Booklet looks excellent! Must have been a busy few days signing all of them. Please know it is much appreciated!
By the way, would love to say hi to you here in NYC. Not sure how to get in touch with you but pls shoot me an email if you have time.

Yani P

As the old joke goes – it’s the unsigned ones that are rare :)

Larry Davis

Hey Kawgompie…Paul reached out to me about meeting up…I suggested Wednesday after work between 5 & 6…my cell is 1-631-617-9616 (leave a msg) perhaps u can join us…and yeah, that Human League set looks fine…if it appears underwhelming, that’s prob all they had to work with…will get the box now that it’s lowered and stabilized…

don cooper

What happens in NY,stays in NY. Eh,Paul? ;-)