Human League / Secrets 2LP deluxe

2LP black vinyl debut • Bonus tracks not on the RSD white vinyl

The Human League / Secrets 2LP black vinyl

After the Record Store Day white vinyl, the Human League‘s 2001 album Secrets will be reissued on black vinyl in September.

Although you don’t get the groovy white vinyl or the etched side four with this edition, you do get four bonus tracks on side four NOT on the RSD version. These include B-side/ original Japanese bonus track Tranquility and some remixes.

This two-LP set comes housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed inners featuring all the lyrics. It’s the first time the album has ever been pressed on black vinyl and the vinyl debut of Tranquility.

This slightly expanded version of Secrets on 2LP black vinyl is released on 14 September via Demon Records.

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Human League

Secrets - expanded 2LP black vinyl


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Human League

Secrets - 2CD deluxe


Secrets – Expanded 2LP Black Vinyl

1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Nervous
3. Love Me Madly?
4. Shameless
5. 122.3 BPM
6. Never Give Your Heart
7. Ran

1. The Snake
2. Ringinglow
3. Liar
4. Lament
5. Reflections

1. Brute
2. Sin City
3. Release
4. You’ll Be Sorry

1. Tranquility
2. All I Ever Wanted
[Oliver Lieb’s Main Full Vocal Mix]
3. You’ll Be Sorry
[Marc Anthony Black & Blue Mix]
4. Love Me Madly? [Voice Of Buddha Mix]

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The record companies just keep giving – bonus tracks for even more $$$$$ buy again and again. White, Green, Yellow, Pink, splash vinyl. ……………. ………………….
We are having the double CD with bonus tracks and 5.1 re-issue re-invented for Vinyl. 3 sides in music eteched side in white ! 4 sides of music in black but hey guys bonus tracks!!!!

I didn’t buy the RSD White version and will not buy this version either. First time around like many I didn’t buy the CD and even listening now doesn’t pump my guns so to speech.

I think re-issue wise Very British Synth nailed it for me for the League. Originally expensive and then price drop and still available for less than £50.00

Like all Luxury shopping it is simply about choice.

I had no problem paying £34.00 last week for Spiritualized and extra £14.00 for a cardboard box and a “book” and Orange instead of White. Superb worth every penny in my opinion!

This week Iam sitting on the fence on the Beta Band 1st album 3 vinyl set (£25.00) I dont need the album re-issue just the extra disc which has a small cost increase of £3.00 over the standard reissue.
In real terms I would be paying £25.00 for 2 tracks that the record company didn’t think we worth an original release.
You can still pick a decent 1st press of the original album up fro circa £25.00.

For me Beta Band 3 EP’s is very bad form – recent 2 disc colored vinyl issue, now a 4 disc colored vinyl issue and then 2 black vinly issue.

It is all about consumer choice.


Some 5.1 Human League is long overdue. A certain former band member, who is a surround expert, may be interested in doing the job. Apparently he still gets a cut of the profits on the band, so he may work cheap :-)


So ‘Ralph’ regrets spending a whopping tenner on the Secrets cd coz the mixes are too 90s + sounding and not 80’s enough? Why the hell would mixes released in 2001 sound like the 80’s??

So the fact that you get a 16 track album of cracking League songs and great packaging is not worth your tenner?

Unbelievable. Such bullshit.


really boring and useless mixes (got the CD, regret buying it already), typical 90’s+ stuff, not even Close to what a Remix or 12″ mix or an Extended Version was in the 80’s


Well why would an album released in 2001 have remixes sounding like they were done in the 80’s or 90’s !?Lets all just moan for the sake of it or for the want of anything else to bitch about.Boring.


Any chance of a vinyl reissue of ‘Dare’ from Demon?


Virgin own the rights to Dare and why would they want to reissue it again when a remastered picture disc was released in 2013 and countless other times on vinyl.

vinyl listener

why re-issue ?
you can pick up a used copy in great nick for a tenner.
99.9% to sound better than any re-issue


I don’t like record store day. It should be fun for independent record stores and people who want to BUY the records that come out that day. But it’s not, it’s stressful, a hassle and unsatisfying when you can’t BUY what you wanted. In other words you can’t support the store so I stopped going or caring about RSD.

And than there is this, after a few months a re-issue pimped up. That just doesn’t feel right.

Mike the Fish

What a cynical looking release on the back of the RSD release. Another nail in the coffin of RSD?


I can´t understand people complaining about re-releases, specially when the RSD white vinyl edition wasn´t easily available outside the UK and The Human League is not a prodigal band (thank God I had a “guardian angel” that got me a white copy ). “New” editions are always great, simply don´t buy if you don’t want it!


You can buy the 2CD deluxe 3 times for the price of that vinyl and there is lots more remixes on the CD’s and you don’t need to get up and turn the CD’s over.


I thought collectors would be doing cartwheels over this. Another chance to buy music they already own multiple times with three essential remixes and a classic B-side to boot!


Why the negativity?

Some people are never happy. This is a great release. This brilliant album deserves as many releases as possible.

The RSD release was sublime. The cd release was a great quality package. I’m sure this will be just as good.

Best Human League album since the mighty Dare.

Steven Roberts

Bit naughty of them to add to the track list to persuade all the white vinyl owners to double dip….


I pleased as it something to add to the collection and it’s not a straightforward re issue of the RSD version.I’m thankful for anything at this stage as league fans were hardly rushed of our get with product to buy.


I was lucky enough to get a white RSD one as my local shop had quite a few copies & although I wouldn’t mind tranquility the remixes are not as important to me so I’ll probably pass – then again….
At least this edition’s extra tracks may make the rsd one a little less desirable (which I don’t mind) & may leave those rsd ebay touts out of pocket stuck with copies that genuine fans wanted on the day!
Of course what is really needed is a vinyl reissue (and no doubt a deluxe cd too) of octopuss!!


why is this a surprise to anyone, of course they were going to do
a regular release.

if you got it already, just be happy you have a limited edition.

if not, sell it, and get this one.

if you’re a collector, you’ll get it anyways.

i didn’t get the RSD version, but i’ll get this one.


Peter Robertshaw

Who wants extra music? I’ve been SO enjoying the etched 4th side of my expensive RSD purchase. Music pales into insignificance compared to a vinyl etching. In fact, can’t wait for the double album etched on all 4 sides for RSD19.


I like the cut of your jib, Mr Robertshaw!

Peter Robertshaw

These are the things that dreams are made of…

Rob Puricelli

Proper kick in the teeth for committed RSD’ers. Luckily, I dropped this off my want list in favour of something more desirable and so it looks like I got lucky and made the right choice.


Bit peeved. Didn’t expect the the “non special edition” (ie this not the white one I queued for hours to buy) to have better track listing. Will NOT be buying and I REALLY need to wise up don’t i!!!’

Paul Taylor

Nice that they put bonus tracks on Side 4 rather than a pointless etching