Ian Brown / Golden Greats reissued and pressed on 2LP gold or black vinyl


Wag that he is, Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown gave his second studio album the oft-used compilation moniker Golden Greats, and that very record is being reissued on 180g vinyl in black and – no-prizes-for-guessing – a limited edition gold pressing.

This is actually a 2LP set with the 10-track album from 1999 pressed on the first two sides of vinyl with two bonus tracks getting their vinyl debut on side C. The ‘D-side’ will have an etched design.

There are only 1000 of the gold edition with just 300 allocated to the UK. If you can’t find one in your local record emporium (assuming you have one) then an online option is JPC in Germany.

This 2LP set of Golden Greats is released on 27 May 2016.





  • 1. Getting’ High
  • 2. Love Like A Fountain
  • 3. Free My Way
  • 4. Set My Baby Free
  • 5. So Many Soldiers


  • 1. Golden Gaze
  • 2. Dolphins Were Monkeys
  • 3. Neptune
  • 4. First World
  • 5. Babasonicos


  • 1. Dolphins Were Monkeys (UNKLE Remix)*
  • 2. Love Like A Fountain (U.S version)*


* Bonus tracks first time available on vinyl

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Wish they would release an affordable version of Solarized on LP. It never came out on vinyl at the time and they only reissued it for RSD this year at prohibitive prices…

Alan Wilson

@Peter Yarrow

I know it’s slightly off topic for this particular story but seen as you’ve already mentioned one Pulp album, another (This Is Hardcore) is also up for the re-issue treatment as well, same date as the other album, double vinyl pressing £25.99 from the same source as well.

martin farnworth

cor, thats gotta be the selling point for me. a whole 2 bonus tracks and an etched design. wow! seriously though 2 tracks on one lp is a crime against resources. why? there were 3 singles from this album including a couple of nifty michael jackson covers. probably enough to fill an lp’s worth

Peter Yarrow

Should have said – by Pulp

Peter Yarrow

Big fan of IB so have ordered the gold vinyl … then found What Records have it cheaper. As an aside, We Love Life has appeared on eBay with a release date of 26th May by Universal. It’s been going for around £100 for some time and so if it’s a genuine release, then £17.99 Buy It Now is a bargain.


What the world needs now is another quality release from a fine singer.


How is this going to work going forward? It seems like a lot of Vinyl is getting posted – but they’re not really deluxe editions…..

Jan Burnett

UNKLE mix has been available on vinyl previously, but we’ll let them off as it was promo only.


$40 give or take is quite a lot for a single disc (or even a double) in fairly standard packaging (and by now colored vinyl isn’t all that unique). MOV at it again… Yikes!

Dave Butterfield

What a racket. Making it a double to put just two remixes on one side and nowt on the 4th side. Possibly the worst expanded edition ever?

Alan Wilson

The Music On Vinyl Website quotes this as been limited to 2,000 copies for the Gold Edition, so it should find it’s way to a few sites/stores to buy.