Ian Brown / Unfinished Monkey Business

Ian Brown‘s 1998 album Unfinished Monkey Business gets a welcome vinyl reissue later this month.

The Stone Roses‘ frontman’s debut solo album spawned the hits ‘My Star,’ ‘Corpses In Their Mouths’ and ‘Can’t See Me’ and peaked at number four in the UK album chart.

While the album was issued on vinyl at the time (although only it the UK), it was a rather limited pressing which has resulted in very high prices on the used market.

Unfinished Monkey Business will be issued on black vinyl on 19 April 2019. It should be widely available, although for now you can pre-order via the SDE shop.

Side 1

1. Intro Under The Paving Stones: The Beach
2. My Star
3. Can’t See Me
4. Ice Cold Cube
5. Sunshine
6. Lions

Side 2

1.Corpses In Their Mouths
2. What Happened To Ya Part 1
3. What Happened To Ya Part 2
4. Nah Nah
5. Deep Pile Dreams
6. Unfinished Monkey Business

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thomas solimine

I was never a fan but was always amazed at how much more prolific Ian has been than Squire in releasing post-Stone Roses material. And from what I have heard has always been better.

John Blaylock

I believe the co-writer of UMB Aziz Ibrahim (Ex Stone Roses/Ian Brown) and Inder Goldfinger (Ian Brown’s percussionist) are doing a Monkey Business tour in April straight after the release of this? I heard they’re doing most of this album. Not sure if IB is gonna make a guest appearance but that would be just mint! Love this album. It’s rough, raw and unpolished. It’s a ‘finger up’ to record companies, producers n other bands that jump on the ‘band wagon’ (in my opinion). ‘Corpses’ – Best tune ever.


It sure would be great to know some information on how this material is being sourced. I wish MoV took interest in providing this.

Nick Love

I really started to appreciate Ian’s solo work as soon as I accepted it wouldn’t sound like Stone Roses. Both he and John are great talents, it’s a shame the reunion petered our after a few very good singles in the mid 2010’s.

Kevin Galliford

Never the greatest singer! I once saw him live & the nicest thing I can say is it “is found to be wanting”. However, 2-3 songs in, after he had a toke on some mysterious fog spreading substance from one of the crowd, his voice improved no end,! Moments later he rowed an imaginary boat across the stage! Great entertainment! Never seen anyone else do that in 30 years of gig going!!


3 classic tracks on this LP. A welcome re-issue.