Ian Dury & the Blockheads / Do It Yourself 40th anniversary edition

LP+2CD+DVD super deluxe comes with 34 different sleeves!

Ian Dury & the Blockheads’ album Do It Yourself is to be celebrated this June with a 40th anniversary reissue package.

First released in May 1979 following the chart-topping success of ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’, Do It Yourself omitted the track due to his policy of not including singles on his albums, although opening track ‘Inbetweenies’ was issued in Europe. Despite this, the Chaz Jankel/ Laurie Latham produced album still managed to reach number two in the UK album charts (denied the top spot by Abba’s Voulez Vous, no less) although any money made was soon lost on the ensuing European tour where Dury would insist on staying in top hotels, and the whole affair was so stressful for Chaz Jankel he left immediately afterwards.

It was also the first album to credit The Blockheads, having only previously mentioned on the 1978 single ‘What A Waste’.

This new 40th anniversary super deluxe is a four-disc LP+2CD+DVD set and sees the original album pressed on magnolia coloured vinyl, freshly cut from the original master tapes. The two CDs and DVD containing the album, all of the singles, B-Sides, demos, videos, and a live concert recorded in Belfast, in February 1979.

A cute selling point here is a ‘choose-your-own-cover’ option. The 34 different front cover sleeves, originally designed by Barney Bubbles (based around various samples of Crown wallpaper) are included on 17 large art cards. These can be switched around and slide into a special die-cut. This set also comes with a 12-page booklet with input from Phill Jupitus and Kosmo Vinyl.

Do It Yourself: 40th Anniversary Edition is released 14 June 2019.

Vinyl and CD1

  1. Inbetweenies
  2. Quiet
  3. Don’t Ask Me
  4. Sink My Boats
  5. Waiting For Your Taxi
  6. This Is What We Find
  7. Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy
  8. Mischief
  9. Dance Of The Screamers
  10. Lullaby For Franci/es



  1. What A Waste
  2. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
  3. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards
  4. Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3
  5. Common As Muck
  6. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (12 inch version)
  7. Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 (12 inch version)


  1. This Is What We Find
  2. Boogie Woogie (Duff ‘Em Up)
  3. Quiet
  4. Inbetweenies (Backing Track)
  5. Babies Kept Quiet Uneasy (Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy)
  6. Blow (Instrumental)


Promo Videos:

  1. What A Waste
  2. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
  3. Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3


Rock Goes to College: in concert at Queen’s University, Belfast. 3rd February 1979

  1. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
  2. I’m Partial to Your Abracadabra
  3. Clevor Trevor
  4. This Is What We Find
  5. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
  6. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards
  7. Sweet Gene Vincent
  8. What A Waste
  9. Blockheads

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I don’t have them all but I have visual evidence of at least 40 different sleeves. This takes into account that some sleeves were used in multiple territories (eg one US one also came out in Germany). I am not sure where the 34 number came from but it seems to be taken as gospel by many. I suspect there may be even more.

Stian B

As far as I’m concerned, there are not more than 34 different variations of the LP.


I’m convinced that, if Dury had included the singles (first 4 tracks on CD1) in the album, it would have sold a million copies. It was a punk thing to separate out singles and albums – rather than the conventional approach of using singles as promos for albums (Buzzcocks, the Clash etc did the same). As a kid in the 1970s an album was a big investment – I gave it a pass because I didn’t recognize the songs. Great album. Could and should have been better.


It would have been great to have the Paul Hardcastle remixes included. I’ve been trying to get these on CD for years. Anybody know where I can find them?

Nick Potter

Trouble is, if you love this band which I do, you’ll pay almost anything within reason, because these tracks are timeless and should be played forever.


Destructive criticism, what a waste.

phillip caffrey

No Inbetweeners Live from the NME cassette….well better version than the album. What else is missing folks?


Strictly speaking, I would have put the Davey Payne, Humphrey Ocean and Wilko singles on there too. The right personnel and they fit in the right time frame too. Inbetweeners from the NME cassette and the slightly different mix of Hit Me from one of the 7″ pressings. Also What A Waste with the Christmas message from a Stiff promo LP.


If this SDE was for any artist other than Ian Dury I might be making marble, playing cards, and puzzle jokes but there is something special about Ian and especially his first three albums that makes this set seem worth the price. Moreover, Barney Bubbles was a genius. I think the Blockheads’ logo he created, using the letters of the work blockhead, is one of the most brilliant designs I have ever seen. Even though I have all of the music (original vinyl, singles, & numerous CDs) I had to purchase this set. All 34 covers somehow seem right to me, it does not seem gimmicky like marbles, playing cards, puzzles, etc. Can’t wait for the Laughter SDE, hope there is demand for it.

Noel Fitzsimons

Hoped the BBC In Concert @ The Hammersmith Odeon September ’79 would be included in this set – alas no. However thrilled the Belfast concert has been made available – have never seen this one before.

Magnolia – I rather think its more creme caramel.

David Bly

Ah, yes – magnolia…

I only got mine today, and I was surprised at the colour too. I am used to the colour of magnolias to be pink or sometimes purple here in the US , but looking it up, they can also be white, yellow, or… creme-coloured.

So I was thinking that maybe they played another ‘trick’ – that is, the LP being pressed on all the different colours that magnolias can be.

But, as no-one here has mentioned in reply to you that theirs were different colours, I can only assume there’s only one LP colour.
I hope – I can’t afford multiple copies like I could with the original LP (I think I hava about 11).

Tommy Toolbox

The 12″ mix of Hit Me is not extended, but is a subtle and definite improvement over the 7″ mix

Martin Kilroy

The 12″ extended mix of Hit Me is available on Twelve Inch Seventies: More More More for a smidge over a fiver:

Steven Roberts

High praise indeed to say that the 12″ improves over the 7″, because to my mind the 7″ is a pretty much PERFECT pop record :)

Martin Kilroy

It’s the same but longer, at the end of the 7″ it jumps back to the instrumental sax break and plays out again

Jarmo Keranen

I still have the original vinyl in NM condition. Shame there isn’t 2cd + dvd version!

Paul B

Love the colour choice. Dulux?

Paul Murphy

Super Dulux Edition

SDE Hall of Fame



I think what I’ve come to realise now that I’ve got a record player again is that very rarely would I buy a new rerelease because the prices are mostly to me at least pretty crazy – but I’ll buy stuff that really is special for me – or something like this will come along which triggers a purchase whim – so I’m thinking – I’m not spending that on this – bit I would love Inbetweeneies as a 7 inch because it’s one of my very favourite records and never owned it at the time – so – that’s £5 cheerfully spend for a nice probably a little weathered but none the less original copy.

Keep up the good work!

Graham hill

i will be interested to see all 34 sleeves. as far as i’m aware there was only about 27 issued worldwide. i have not seen a cover design documented anywhere which i haven’t got and i’ve been collecting anything dury for 35 years!

Matthew Butler

I have the US original version with the “hit me” 7 inch, and have to admit this is a nice collectible version that somebody has taken the time and trouble to put together. Reissues have a pretty limited market and I’m sure there was a little arm twisting with this version


So this could be a good sign of recent Universal acquiring of Stiff Records with more plans are on way from reissues of Rachel Sweet, Lene Lovich and other albums having 40th anniversaries.

Paul Taylor

If they did a box with the five albums from the Be Stiff Tour artists I’d be tempted. I’ve got the originals on picture disc and coloured vinyl format, but shiny new remastered versions would be nice to have

Graham hill

what a great package!but if you don’t want it stop moaning…….. like paul says it’s for collectors and this is just the sort of thing i welcome. bring it on!

Mark Yon

Even if I was an enormous fan: who the hell needs 34 different covers?

SDE Hall of Fame

C’mon… these deluxe editions are for collectors. It’s a great idea and in keeping with the original release. I can understand ‘do we need marbles’ but let’s not denigrate something that is pretty cool and honours the original concept. Let’s celebrate great packaging and creative ideas and not keep saying ‘do we really need x, y, or z’ for EVERY release. None of us ‘need’ any physical music release if you are going to be like that.


An enormous fan ?


I have the 2004 Edsel 2 CD reissue which includes the same bonus tracks as found Disc 2 of this reissue. On the 2004 reissue you do get 11 additional bonus tracks “From the Stiff’s Live Stiffs Tour 1977.” That’s sufficient enough for this collector. Sure, it isn’t on vinyl, doesn’t include the 34 extra covers or the DVD, but I’m fine with what I have already purchased from Edsel concerning this album.

Mark Davey

So basically the 2004 reissue plus the 12″ Hit Me plus the DVD. Therefore £60 for the vinyl and DVD oh and the extra covers.
Not for me

SDE Hall of Fame

Yes, ‘just’ the 2004 reissue plus 36 other things.


Haha, good one Paul!
Well stated: C’mon… these deluxe editions are for collectors… None of us ‘need’ any physical music release if you are going to be like that. Of course some folks just don’t get it and should probably not visit this site.


The Hit Me 12″ version is from a US single released at the time. Luckily no sign of those remixes that came later!
We all now know that there were 34 different covers worldwide. How long before a 35th or 36th appears?

Paul Taylor

I saw them in Edinburgh on that tour in June and they were great
Not sure what the 12″ version of Rythm Stick on the Singles CD will be; I’ve got the original 12″ single and don’t recall it being any longer or different from the 7″….
Wee bit pricey for me as I got all the music at the time. I’ll wait until they do what they did with New Boots and release the live album as part of a double vinyl packt(it’s Demon, it’s guaranteed)


I like the solution for the covers. If I remember correctly, when it was released originally there were four covers to choose from. A shame that the second CD isn’t on vinyl as well to mop up the singles.


The number of covers available depended on the territory. Not all covers were available in all territories. In the US, I think there were either four or six different covers.

There was quite a lot of this sort of thing going on around that time—Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door, Art Garfunkel’s Fate for Breakfast, and Split Enz’s True Colors all had several cover variations to choose from.

Tim Joseph

The only ones I collected were the 4 Genesis Abacab ones :)

David Bly

None of the covers were released in multiple territories the UK ones were only in the UK, the US ones were only in the US, the Canadian one were only in Canada.

I mentioned those 3 countries, cause those are the ones I have my 11 (I think) from.,.
5 from the UK
3 from the US (one of which is a promo copy)
2 from Canada

The US promo is a stock copy with a sticker on the front and gold stamp on the back. I mention this cause I have seen other promo copies with a different cover.

So if you wanted to be a real completist for the US, you’d have to get both regular an promo versions of all of them.
Canada would be similar.


Nice package etc but really, how many times can these albums be re-issued?

Nigel Griffin

As long as you keep making money from them Chas !

Peter Muscutt

Blimey when I saw ‘choose from 34 different sleeves’ I thought at first: “that’s going to sting if you’re a completist!” – makes sense for them to be included in the package…

I remember the Pulp LP ‘Different Class’ had a similar USP: albeit with 12 alternative images I think. (And I’ve been denied buying that in recent months due to the high second hand selling prices!!)


Oooh. Yes that Pulp one is quite expensive isn’t it. Turned out to be a good purchase all those years ago :)

Gareth Jones

34 sleeves?? Think of the trees. What a waste!