Ian Dury & The Blockheads / The Stiff Recordings 1977 – 1980 / vinyl box

4LP vinyl box • Coloured vinyl • Bonus LP of non-album material

Demon Records will next month issue The Stiff Recordings 1977-1980 a new 4LP coloured vinyl box set featuring three Ian Dury/and The Blockheads albums issued in that three year period, along with a bonus LP.

This ‘classic’ era features the albums New Boots and Panties!!, Do It Yourself and Laughter and the fourth album here is a special compilation called That’s Not All which features various non-album singles, B-sides (including Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll).

The four vinyl records are pressed on translucent coloured vinyl, and an approximation of those colours can be seen above.

The Stiff Recordings 1977-1980 will be issued on 30 November 2018.

New Boots and Panties!!

1. Wake Up And Make Love With Me
2. Sweet Gene Vincent
3. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra
4. My Old Man
5. Billericay Dickie

1. Clevor Trever
2. If I Was With A Woman
3. Blockheads
4. Plaistow Patricia
5. Blackmail Man

Do It Yourself

1. Inbetweenies
2. Quiet
3. Don’t Ask Me
4. Sink My Boats
5. Waiting For Your Taxi

1. This Is What We Find
2. Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy
3. Mischief
4. Dance For The Screamers
5. Lullaby For Francies


1. Sueperman’s Big Sister
2. Pardon
3. Delusions Of Grandeur
4. Yes & No (Paula)
5. Dance Of The Crackpots
6. Over The Points

1. (Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup You’re
Sitting On The Chicken)
2. Uncoolohol
3. Hey, Hey, Take Me Away
4. Manic Depression (Jimi)
5. Oh Mr Peanut
6. Fucking Ada

That’s Not All

1. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
2. Razzle In My Pocket
3. You’re More Than Fair
4. Close To Home
5. What A Waste
6. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards
7. Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3

1. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
2. Common As Muck
3. I Want To Be Straight
4. That’s Not All
5. You’ll See Glimpses
6. Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 2 – 12-inch version

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Same here. Already have those albums and they are pretty easy (and cheap) to find in record fairs, second hand shops or simply discogs/ebay.

Instead of the LPs, they should re-release the 12″ or make a compilation of 7″/12″ singles. For example, there are several versions of Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick : the 7″ version, the long version, the disco version, Paul Hardcastle remix, Flying 91 Remix, Live at Glastonbury, etc. Same for other songs. I’d be interested by a CD/Flac compilation of all the 12″ singles (A/B sides).

They should also release the 1985 Glastonbury concert, it was broadcast on the BBC.

Mark Rubenstein

Massive fan, but I’m having a hell of a time finding any incentive to purchase this one. I could’ve been tempted by the inclusion of a nice hard-bound book, maybe even by something as thoroughly insipid as a turntable slipmat with Ian’s mug printed on. Even a sheet of lick-on temporary tattoos might tip me over the fence. But, with Edsel’s brilliant 9-disc cd box already on my shelf, there’s no justifying this one for me.


Although three of my favorite albums, I have 5-10 versions of each (10 of New Boots and Panties and I do not have every cover of Do it Yourself) and IMO Ian was one of the greatest Singer/Songwriters of his era and possibly of all time, I see no reason to get this set. If they could only unearth something I do not already have. If you don’t own any Ian Dury, the multi-cd deluxe editions are great.

David Regan

Only last week got the Edsel release The Studio Albums Collection 9 CD Box set new that was released in 2014..tho I love Both formats..I’m happy with just having the 2014 CD box set

David Bly

I’m sure I know the answer already, but will all the copies of “Do It Yourself” have the same front cover?
I would be both good and bad (how to collect them all) if they made more than one.
I’ll assume it will only be one. Hopefully a cover I don’t already have, but I do have the one that’s pictured (and about 10 others between the UK, US, and Canada).

Geoff Kavanagh

Paul, please let us know if there will be a CD version of this box. Thanks.

Darren J

How many more times are Demon going to reissue “New Boots”!!! Joke!

Graham hill

that’s great. right up my street!!

Russ Adam Bodner

Darn – I recently got the special edition New Boots and Panties


Every fan with a record player has them.
What are we supposed to do ? Buy buy buy !

eric slangen

Great box and greta price.