Iggy Pop vinyl: mastering details

SDE can reveal some details around the mastering and vinyl pressing of the recently announced Iggy Pop 40th anniversary vinyl reissues….

We know that The Idiot, Lust For Life and TV Eye Live have been “remastered for the first time from the original analogue tapes” but when announced, there was no information around who worked on the remastering and whether the new vinyl was cut from digital or analog sources.

After making the necessary enquiries, SDE can confirm that these new vinyl editions have been:

  • Cut from analog tapes
  • Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering
  • Pressed at URP (United Record Pressing)

Given this information, there is a good chance that these will sound amazing. The coloured pressings have sold out, but black vinyl versions can be ordered below.

These new vinyl editions of The Idiot, Lust For Life and TV Eye Live will be released on 2 June 2017.

The Idiot 

Side One

  • • Sister Midnight 4:19
  • • Nightclubbing 4:14
  • • Funtime 2:54
• Baby 3:24
 • China Girl 5:08

Side Two

  • • Dum Dum Boys 7:12
  • • Tiny Girls 2:59
  • • Mass Production 8:24

Lust For Life (Clear translucent vinyl)

Side One

  • Lust For Life 5:12
  • Sixteen 2:23
  • Some Weird Sin 3:40
  • The Passenger 4:40
  • Tonight 3:38

Side Two

  • • Success 4:23
  • • Turn Blue 6:53
  • • Neighborhood Threat 3:22
  • • Fall In Love With Me 6:30

TV Eye (Purple translucent vinyl)

Side One

  • T.V. Eye 4:22
  • Funtime 3:20
  • Sixteen 3:58
  • I Got A Right 4:27

Side Two

  • • Lust For Life 4:01
  • • Dirt 5:18
  • • Nightclubbing 6:14
• I Wanna Be Your Dog 4:16

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Mike C

LFL Black vinyl Amazon UK link took me to 2017 copy .

[…] Eye Live sold out in a blink of a (TV) eye, but don’t let that put you off. These have been remastered from the original tapes for the first time and the vinyl has been cut straight from the analog tapes, […]


You’re using the CD covers not the Vinyl covers ;-)

Douglas Bailey

Waiting for CDs.

Thom Lieb

Thanks for sharing this info. I had preordered the colored vinyl set, but given where it’s being pressed I decided to cancel.

Roland K.

“Hooray! Let’s celebrate, we have here endlessly some sonically improved albums!”

I’m reading this all and it sounds so silly to me, celebrating the fact we could maybe expect some 40 years-old albums which will be maybe sonically improved by a remaster job.

And I call this silly while you would await with all the modern techniques, newly released albums being improved, would be always the case, but no…. most remastering means – anno 2017 – still mostly a step back in sonical qualities. And here we have maybe an exception of that awfull rule…

Steven C

Such a bummer. Capitol Mastering is awful (see the US versions on the Radiohead vinyl issues before XL bought the rights. And, united has the lowest standards of any pressing plant.


If the lp”s are pressed at United you can kiss goodbye to any improvements made at the mastering stage. Worst pressing plant in the world. Terrible, terrible records are all I’ve ever seen and heard from that kip. I simply avoid anything pressed there at this stage. They are that bad. Seriously!


Thanks for the intel, SDE and Bodicus. It’s astonishing that, despite the apparent ‘vinyl revival’ the record labels still haven’t got a clue what to do when it comes to reissuing albums. They make a song and dance about cutting from the original analogue tapes/ re-mastering at Abbey Road, etc – and then ruin the package with trashy pressing plants. Universal in the UK are superb at this, always working with GZ Vinyl in the Czech Republic, despite awareness of their atrocious quality control. They commissioned Optimal in Berlin to do the first batch of half-speed albums mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, then returned to GZ for the second batch. They really need the buying public to be stupid..


I wonder if it’s possible that United has improved since moving its plant at the beginning of the year? I bought a record pressed there this year, and it not only was scuff-free, but there was minimal surface noise AND it came with a polylined sleeve. Maybe they are acknowledging the problems.

I’m glad these are actual remasters. There’s a horrible clicking noise on the off-beat of the song “Lust For Life” on the Virgin CD that once you hear, you cannot unhear.


I don’t hear it. Do you mean the hand-claps?

Charles Hodgson

Masterpieces / all-time classics.
Already got these on vinyl, bought very cheaply (£2 or £3! I think) in the early ’80’s, so I’ll pass. Been expecting remastered / deluxe / expanded CD sets for The Idiot / Lust For Life quite a while now. Would say they are inevitable now.

Bring them on!


This 3 records are already remastered in Japan for mini lp sleeve reissue in 2014 i think…


@JLG, the 2014 Japanese mini LPs are not remastered. They only sound marginally better as they are SHMs (to my ears anyway).
On TV Eye, I believe it was recorded on the cheap as Iggy got a budget to record it but only spent a small amount on the recording and used the rest elsewhere if memory serves…


Regarding sound quality of TV Eye, I remember buying it at the time and was disappointed that a couple of bootlegs of the tour sounded way better. I seem to remember it was rushed out to cash in on the bootlegs for that tour which had been circulating. It was also deliberately made to sound like the boots in circulation. The other point to note was this was the contractual obligation to end Iggy’s RCA deal at the time

Also why blue vinyl – it should be red!!!!!

Kevin Allen

Thanks. My original 1970s vinyl is in need of replacement. I remember when I first played TV Eye wondering why Iggy was introduced half-way through the first side. Was it RCA’s idea to release live albums in that cut-up, individual track form or was that Bowie and Iggy’s idea?


I believe that the tracks are taken from a variety of venues from both of Iggy’s 1977 tours. Bowie was a member of Iggy’s band only on the first tour.


I think it will take nothing short of a miracle to make TV Eye sound good so probably better of sticking with the radio broadcasts of concerts from that period and soundboard bootlegs that exist.

Lust For Life is one of the greatest albums of all time and deserves a deluxe edition on CD at the very least so hopefully both the studio albums will get this treatment with outtakes and unreleased live tracks. Perhaps a DVD compilation of TV and live appearances to replace the somewhat poor quality recordings on You Tube?

Rob C

Will there be cd releases?


TV Eye blue vinyl still appears to be available for preorder here



I managed to order the colour bundle. Interesting art change for Lust For Life.
Looking forward to hearing the new mastering.