Iggy Pop / Anniversary vinyl reissues

40th anniversary editions • newly remastered • ltd coloured pressings

Iggy Pop‘s The Idiot and Lust for Life are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and along with 1978’s TV Eye Live (recorded during his 1977 US tour) they will be reissued on vinyl – “remastered for the first time from the original analog tapes” – with some special coloured pressings available.

The Idiot and Lust for Life are of course collaborations with David Bowie. He produced, co-wrote and played on The Idiot and Lust For Life, and plays keyboards on TV Eye Live. David would later ‘recycle’ a few of the songs on the studio records for his Let’s Dance and Tonight albums, with China Girl becoming a big hit for him in 1983.

The Idiot and Lust for Life overlapped into Bowie’s own ‘Berlin Trilogy’ although despite the moniker, Lust For Life remains the only album from the five studio long-players – The Idiot, Lust For Life, Low, Heroes and Lodger – recorded and mixed in its entirety at Hansa studios in Berlin.

TV Eye Live — drawn from four different 1977 U.S. shows with two different bands, one featuring Bowie on keyboards — captures Iggy’s raw live performances, with memorable versions of songs from The Idiot and Lust For Life along with The Stooges standards I Wanna Be Your Dog, I Got A Right and T.V. Eye.

These new vinyl pressings are being issued on Virgin/Universal and the coloured editions –  Orange translucent for The Idiot, clear translucent for Lust For Life, and purple translucent for TV Eye Live – are exclusive to Universal’s uDiscoverMusic store. In fact, they have a special bundle of all three coloured vinyl editions, with the first 500 orders getting an Iggy tote bag!

If coloured vinyl pressings aren’t your (tote) bag, then the standard black vinyl is available via other channels (see below). Because these are proper new remasters from the analogue tapes, they should represent a decent sonic upgrade, whichever editions you opt for.

The Idiot, Lust For Life and TV Eye Live are reissued on vinyl on 2 June 2017.

Order special three-album coloured vinyl bundle from uDiscoverMusic

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Iggy Pop

Lust For Life - remastered black vinyl


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Iggy Pop

The Idiot - remastered black vinyl


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Iggy Pop

The Idiot - remastered black vinyl


The Idiot 

Side One

  • • Sister Midnight 4:19
  • • Nightclubbing 4:14
  • • Funtime 2:54
• Baby 3:24
 • China Girl 5:08

Side Two

  • • Dum Dum Boys 7:12
  • • Tiny Girls 2:59
  • • Mass Production 8:24

Lust For Life (Clear translucent vinyl)

Side One

  • Lust For Life 5:12
  • Sixteen 2:23
  • Some Weird Sin 3:40
  • The Passenger 4:40
  • Tonight 3:38

Side Two

  • • Success 4:23
  • • Turn Blue 6:53
  • • Neighborhood Threat 3:22
  • • Fall In Love With Me 6:30

TV Eye (Purple translucent vinyl)

Side One

  • T.V. Eye 4:22
  • Funtime 3:20
  • Sixteen 3:58
  • I Got A Right 4:27

Side Two

  • • Lust For Life 4:01
  • • Dirt 5:18
  • • Nightclubbing 6:14
• I Wanna Be Your Dog 4:16


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Myles Smart

Great for all you vinyl lovers about the remaster but are we CD fiends going to get a release also? The old 1990 cd could do with a birthday

Paul Reeson

I’m with you on that. The rumour is 2xCD sets will be released for each album.

Jimi LaLumia

love it! It would be amazing if someone talked Safari/First Night UK into doing this with the 1978/ 1979 albums by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs!

Lee D

HMV have announced these as part of their vinyl/fathers day week, I think on coloured vinyl.

Mark Petz

Just ordered the color bundle from the U.S. uDiscover site. Wouldn’t you know I recently shelled out $$ for an original LFL on Discogs? Sort of like hoping for rain and then it comes after you wash your car.


hmmm I am leery about this release. There doesn’t seem to be much detail on the remastering – by who, when, did Iggy oversee it, etc? And those picture labels look very cheap to my eye.

Idiot and LFL and two of my favourite albums so I am waiting, and wanting, to be proven wrong here.


I’m also hoping that these remasters (long overdue IMO) make their way to CD after a while.


I cracked and ordered them from the US site (where the tote bag bundle is still for sale). I guess if they become available in the UK again then I can always cancel it. Now to sell that kidney…


LFL and TI are classic albums for sure and long overdue a CD remaster. I did buy the SHMs a couple of years ago as I got sick of waiting. They use the original CD masters but do sound marginally better to me. The packaging is fantastic of course.

Kevin S
Kevin S


Coloured vinyl TV Eye available as a stand alone here. Presumably the other two will be available as well.


The white “Lust For Life” vinyl looks great, but choosing orange for a dark and sinister album like “The Idiot” doesn’t seem to be the best option…

Mr X

I was hoping that in some way these would be part of this years bowie box set, seeing as how they fit so well with low, heroes.

Ah well, looks like it won’t happen :(


Wesley – my understanding is that the Bowie RSD stuff had been approved prior to Bowie passing away, as was the last boxset. I take your point though.


The UK coloured vinyl bundle sold out immediately. The US version is still available but with $36 postage. Also I have to question the timing of these reissues so close to RSD. A Bowie/Iggy fan will have shelled out nearly £200 on Saturday and then for this to emerge a few days later is a bit much. Especially as we know a Bowie ‘Berlin’ box is in the pipeline. Of course you don’t have to buy these or any of the other Bowie-related items that have emerged since his death, but I have to admit I’m starting to resent this constant stream of reissues and special editions.


I never knew I wanted an Iggy tote bag till now! TV Eye has been out of print for a while hasn’t it? That may be worth picking up.


Oooh, I hope this bodes well for a CD release. These have desperately needed remastering.


Nice release. I noticed Iggy Pop is part of Concord Music Group so Craft Recordings can release some SDE’s. Not sure if his entire catalogue is with Concord but if so, Craft can do a nice job with re-issuing some Iggy Pop albums. Would love an SDE of Blah Blah Blah, produced and co-written by David Bowie. Plenty of remixes, live material and I’m sure demo’s and some B-sides. Lets get that going Craft Recordings!

Dave Turner

Any chance of CD release? I’ve been waiting years for decent remasters as the originals are so undynamic.


PS…shipping was free BTW..


It may have been free shipping in USA but was not between Britain and Ireland.

Not paying ridiculous Universal shipping charges.


This is strange…the link at the end of your description says the bundle is $65 and sold out, but the link connected to “special bundle” within the description takes you to a different link (I assume the US store) for $70 and I was able to order! I justified this by not owning any of these before and it being a cool package…LOL! Wow…between this, Kraftwerk, Sparks, and RSD, this is an expensive month! I need to start weeding out/selling the non-essentials in my collection!!!

John C

Went on uDiscoverMusic and coloured vinyl package is sold out. The coloured vinyl doesn’t appear to be available separately.

One word on the remastering. I have the original 3LPs and the sound was always a bit muddy. TV Eye in particular sounded like an inferior bootleg. Think they needed remixing as well as remastering in any attempt to improve the sound

Jim Edwards

Wonderful news Paul. My old vinyl copies always sounded a little muddy. Mine are the RCA International Lps, not sure if the originals sounded any better? Fingers crossed these will improve on the earlier prints. Now let’s hope they’ll put together expanded cd editions of The Idiot and Lust For Life.

Rob Puricelli

Sadly, all the coloured vinyl and the bundle itself are sold out at the Universal store :-(


In regards to the coloured vinyl, is buying the ‘tote bag bundle’ the only way? I personally could care less about the tote bags. It looks like the UK store is already sold out but some are still available in the US store.


Quite like the look of this. Curious as to why Bowie’s Low & Heroes are not getting something similar to commemorate their 40th too. The two Iggy albums are the sister (or a older brother) to Low & Heroes.