Iggy Pop / Zombie Birdhouse

1982 album • Remastered • Indie exclusive coloured vinyl

Caroline International will reissue Iggy Pop‘s 1982 album Zombie Birdhouse in June.

The album was produced by Chris Stein of Blondie and was originally issued on his label Animal Records. It features the singles ‘Run Like A Villain’ and ‘The Villagers’.

This reissue has been remastered (by Paschal Byrne) and comes with sleeve notes by Irvine Welsh and rare photos from the original shoot.

This is available on black vinyl or an indies-exclusive orange vinyl. It is also being released on CD which includes the bonus track ‘Pain & Suffering’, which features Debbie Harry on backing vocals.

This is released on 28 June 2019 and the SDE shop is stocking the orange vinyl and CD editions.

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Iggy Pop

Zombie Birdhouse - vinyl LP


Compare prices and pre-order

Iggy Pop

Zombie Birdhouse - CD edition


01: Run Like A Villain ( 3:01 )
02: The Villagers ( 3:54 )
03: Angry Hills ( 3:02 )
04: Life of Work ( 3:57 )
05: The Ballad Of Cookie McBride ( 2:58 )
06: Ordinary Bummer ( 2:43 )
07: Eat Or Be Eaten ( 3:14 )
08: Bulldozer ( 2:17 )
09: Platonic ( 2:40 )
10: The Horse Song ( 2:58 )
11: Watching The News ( 4:11 )
12: Street Crazies ( 3:54 )

13: Pain and Suffering ( 2:58)

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Dave Moore

I’ve naturally ordered the orange vinyl from the SDE shop! Also a green vinyl version at RecordStore if this is of interest…


John Madden

I also think this is one of Iggy’s best albums, every track is great. I’ve always wondered why it seems to fly under the radar – I assume because it was on a smaller label and poorly distributed on release? I didn’t realise it got a poor critical response – that is absolutely mystifying to me. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!

Stan Wool

Igster’s best album, critics be damned, an absolute classic.


Interesting to note that Zombie Birdhouse has a Blondie rythme section, Chris Stein (bass) & Clem Burke (drums)!


My favourite Iggy album. Although I have the double CD from 2003, couldn’t resist a new remaster so preordered (you can’t have too many copies of this).

william m

Classical I’m, long overlooked. I have the original CD release but if it’s a good remaster I am sorely tempted

william m

‘Classic album’ that should read

Michael Fortin

Hi Paul, about how much to ship the CD to the USA? I will order from the SDE shop if it doesn’t become available over here.


Michael Fortin

Will do, thanks!

Nick Bonny

Never mind ‘Angry Hills’, all hail ‘The Horse Song’! :-) Good to see this album hit the light of day again.


The Horse Song is one of my favourite Iggy songs. I’m so pleased this often overlooked album is getting a re-release. Does the vinyl come with a download plus the extra track?


Angry Hills… classic tune!

Wayne Olsen

“Angry Hills” is a phenomenal song. I have this on my SDE wish list.