Imagine John Yoko: New official John Lennon ‘Imagine’ book announced

A new book about the making of John Lennon‘s 1971 album Imagine – personally compiled and curated by Yoko Ono – will be released in October. Imagine John Yoko is billed as the ‘definitive inside story’ of the making of the album, which is told in ‘revelatory’ detail.

The 320-page hardcover book will the encompass locations, the creative team, the artworks and the films, in the words of John & Yoko and the people who were there. It will feature 80 percent exclusive, hitherto-unpublished archive photos and footage sequences of all the key players in situ, together with lyric sheets, Yoko’s art installations, and exclusive new insights and personal testimonies from Yoko and over forty of the musicians, engineers, staff, celebrities, artists and photographers who were there – including Julian Lennon, Klaus Voormann, Alan White, Jim Keltner, David Bailey, Dick Cavett and Sir Michael Parkinson.

Imagine John Yoko will showcase Yoko’s archive of photos and artefacts, using artfully compiled narrative film stills, and featuring digitally rendered maps, floorplans and panoramas that recreate the interiors of Tittenhurst Park in evocative detail. John & Yoko introduce each chapter and song; Yoko also provides invaluable additional commentary and a preface.

All the minutiae is examined: the locations, the key players, the music and lyrics, the production techniques and the artworks – including the creative process behind the double exposure polaroids used on the album cover.

Yoko says about this book: “A lot has been written about the creation of the song, the album and the film of Imagine, mainly by people who weren’t there, so I’m very pleased and grateful that now, for the first time, so many of the participants have kindly given their time to “gimme some truth” in their own words and pictures”.

The book will be published on 9 October (John’s birthday) by Thames & Hudson and rumours persist that an Imagine super deluxe edition box set will be released around the same time.

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[…] Lennon‘s 1970 album Plastic Ono Band. The publishers did exactly the same back in 2018, with a tome about Lennon’s Imagine and that coincided with an extensive album reissue campaign and a 4CD+2 x blu-ray deluxe reissue. […]

hendry doran

Amazon UK taking pre-orders at £22.75

Kenneth Tilley

Looks good, i ordered it.
Does anyone know what happened to the reissue dvd of Live In New York City that was mentioned a couple of years ago, i just wondered if it will still appear.

Kevin S

Off topic but somehow On topic
If anyone is in Liverpool over the next 10 months or so you would do well to give this a visit

The link doesn’t do it justice, it’s a great exhibition, would highly recommend.


@Kevin S, I plan to go and gonna do the McCartney and Lennon homes tour again. Would highly recommend that one too.


I got to play ‘Imagine’ with Alan White. Best day of my life.

Stuart Jordan

Great idea about “Imagine”Boxset!
I seen a video album back in 1993 for each song. Would buy it for that alone!


Like or loathe Yoko she always puts out tasteful well made
product (the box set cube for instance) . She is also the keeper of
the JL flame now,without her work, Lennon’s solo work would have slipped
even further off the radar.Before i get flamed tell me the last time you heard any
solo back catalogue on daytime radio ,the last article in a music magazine ,or tv
programme. The Beatles part of his work is well served solo less so.


@ANDREW r, totally agree with your points. Amongst reissues, the Anthology from the late nineties was also a superb product and a benckmark IMHO. Even back in the late eighties, when Beatles CDs were appearing for the first time, I remember pestering my local record store about JLs Plastic Ono Band and when we would see a CD version and the owner replied “why would they release CDs of his solo stuff when the vinyl hasn’t sold for a few years?”.
I wrote to EMI about POB on CD and got a letter back stating there were no plans to issue it on CD – I was gutted as its my favourite album of all time and still is. Then about two months later it appeared in the shop! Not saying it was the letter that prompted the release, but the shop owner was relieved as he knew I wouldn’t be going on about it anymore everytime I went in LOL

Paul Wren

Yes, good price for this book so I have placed my order. Thanks for the tip off, Mr S.

Jim Ellison

When I saw this, I honestly thought oh oh lavish book over £100 but at £35 its definitely aimed at fans. Can’t argue with that price

Paul Spurgeon

I’ve no doubt the book will be very well done.
The psb catalogue book they did was superb.


Hope the film will be re-released, but this time complete and un-edited with “Midsummer New York” and “Mind Train” which were not included on the 1986 home video release.


I’m not of the generation to know much about this but that book is absolutely beautiful!

This is such a great concept to use to delve into the detail of the recording of an album.

I hope other artists take note and perhaps do something similar for other classic albums out there!

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

It seems Yoko is gonna be all over this book. There are rumours song credits on the Imagine S.E. box set will be Ono/Lennon. I could be wrong.

George glazener

I agree absolutely Paul. No more hard feelings for Yoko need exist. And if I may, I just read another great Beatles book “the Beatles in India” by Paul Saltzman. it contains wonderful rare photos of them and fascinating insights into their experiences in Rishikesh. I never understood this part of The Beatles story as well as I do now. Very highly recommend…Thanks once more for all you give us Mr. Sinclair…


George, apparently there’s a DVD on the Beatles in India that Saltzman’s been working on scheduled to be coming out later this year.

Definitely up for the Imagine book, and would love to see Live Peace in Toronto re-issued in a digipack and re-mastered. Wonder if the final batch of Yoko re-issues on Secretly Canadian will ever surface.?They were due by the end of 2017 but no sign of them and no reply to my e-mail from the label.

George glazener

Thanks StevieB. I’ll keep an eye out for that. Can’t get enough Beatles. They rule and so does SDE…!


Another chance for Yoko “The Artist” to Milk the cow!


“Another chance for Yoko “The Artist” to Milk the cow!”

Oh give it a rest. I’d be right f%$#ked off if one of my ‘mates’ kept slagging off my wife. If my ‘mate’ who ‘respected me, and always did’ keep doing it 38 years after I’d died, I’d be turning in my grave.

Big deal – a musical artist YOU like married a girl you don’t approve of. Get over yourself.,

As for the accusations she’s doing for the money – I’d say…you need to get out more.

I named my cat Yoko so there.


Each to their own I guess. I didn’t throw insults around like you and I won’t. IMHO Yoko is the only person to make an artistic career without having any particular talent and probably your cat have many more talents than Yoko :)


Do you know if she will be doing a book signing or it there will be any signed copies released ? Thanks

Richard Starkey

Dumb question, but does anyone know if Tittenhurst Park is now a public museum or is it still a private home? Wouldn’t it be fun to pose for photos in all those iconic spots…!

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

No it wouldn’t and I’d have thought you’d already taken hundreds of pics yourself Ringo.

George glazener

LOL..well yes I did, but Maureen took them with her when we split….


Thanks Paul for the Heads UP. Now will they release Imagine in a multichannel format?
I definitely would be all over that like a rash.


The Imagine John Yoko book looks sumptuous! I really like all the attention to detail: embossing, the cloud motif along the outer edges of the book, etc., plus all the fantastic photos that accompany the revealing accounts of John’s creative process and the recording sessions for “Imagine”. This will be on my Christmas list this year :-)


While a Deluxe edition of Imagine sounds good, most Lennon collectors already have hours of outtakes from that album. What I’m wondering about is the release of the One to One concerts in a lavish boxed set. This was rumored to be coming out 3 years ago for John’s 75th birthday, but it never happened. They were going to release both concerts, audio of the shows and rehearsals. I wonder if that will ever see the light of day. Anyone hear anything further on that?

Chris Squires

Not a massive Lennon fan but it does look like exciting times are ahead for those that are. I can think of a dozen albums that I would love to get this kind of treatment. If they are sensible they will have made a slipcase to take book and 3 or 4 LPs or book and 3 or 4 CDs for about £70 – £100.

Gary C

Given the dearth of (insert your own description of the music scene) people are quite happy to go along and listen to anyone sing/play the oldies these days. A quick click on that ticket link will tell you all you need to know, although i haven’t taken other sellers into account

I can’t see the new Spandau, or the old Tony for that matter, selling much new music. Touring has been the way to make money for some time now, especially those prices…

PS check out the prices for the NPG show at the Indigo! who’s singing that night, Tommy Barbarella?

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Dosen’t this belong in a Division 4 thread?

Paul Spurgeon

If they’ve any sense a super deluxe edition including book, cd and lp is a no brainer

That would sell very well imo

Jason H

Sign me up!


Just wonderful! And I’m also ready to pre-order the Imagine SDE even without knowing its contents.


Ooft. Talk about essential!


This looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Paul.