Indie Anthems 2LP on the way as labels rush to issue more vinyl ‘anthem’ sets

Following their vinyl-only Classic Rock Anthems release, Demon Music have lined up a few more compilations, including Indie Anthems and Northern Soul Floorfillers but they don’t have the marketplace to themselves as other labels haven’t been slow to get in on the act…

Like the previous release, these are vinyl exclusives with the former delivering a solid 20-track selection from the likes of Suede, Radiohead, Primal Scream, Elastica, Pixies and more. The Northern Soul double LP is even more generous and the two 180g vinyl records hold 26 ‘anthems’.

Both sets come in gatefold sleeves and as well as the usual channels (Amazon, HMV) you may well see these on the shelves of larger supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s.

As stated, these ‘anthem’ vinyl releases are catching on, with many labels rushing to get out similar sets. SDE has noticed that Sony are issuing their own American Anthems 2LP set (slated for June) while Warners have a Mod Anthems ready for a May release. Demon already have a Disco Anthems 3LP release waiting in the wings for summer release.

Northern Soul Floorfillers is out on 14 April, Indie Anthems follows on 26 May and Disco Anthems is released on 14 July 2017.

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Various Artists

Indie Anthems [VINYL]


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Various Artists

Northern Soul Floorfillers [VINYL]


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Various Artists

Disco Anthems [VINYL]

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Indie Anthems – 2LP vinyl

Disc: 1
1. Suede, Trash
2. Radiohead, Just
3. The Charlatans, One To Another
4. Primal Scream, Movin’ On Up
5. Super Furry Animals, Juxtaposed With U
6. The Stone Roses, Fools Gold
7. Kasabian, Fire
8. Miles Kane, Rearrange
9. The View, Same Jeans
10. The Coral, Dreaming Of You

Disc: 2
1. The Prodigy, Breathe (Edit)
2. Manic Street Preachers, You Love Us
3. Elastica, Waking Up
4. Lush, Ladykillers
5. Sleeper, Inbetweener
6. Embrace, Ashes
7. Travis, Sing
8. Pixies, Here Comes Your Man
9. Teenage Fanclub, Sparky’s Dream
10. Spiritualized, Come Together

Northern Soul Floorfillers

Disc: 1
1. Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor
2. Laura Greene – Moonlight Music and You
3. The M.V.P.’s – Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up
4. The Metros – Since I Found My Baby
5. Paul Anka – I Can’t Help Lovin’ You
6. Barbara Acklin – Love Makes A Woman
7. Shirley Ellis – Soul Time
8. Robert Knight – Love On A Mountain Top
9. Roy Hamilton – Crackin’ Up Over You
10. Tyrone Davis – Turn Back The Hands Of Time
11. Gene Chandler – There Was A Time
12. The Cavaliers – Hold On To My Baby

Disc: 2
1. Al Wilson – The Snake
2. Jackie Wilson – The Who Who Song
3. Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes
4. Gloria Edwards – My Love Keeps Getting Stronger
5. Lou Courtney – Trying To Find My Woman
6. Beverly Ann – He’s Coming Home
7. Gia Mateo – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice
8. Freda Payne – Band Of Gold
9. Chairmen Of The Board – Give Me Just A Little More Time
10. Billy Butler – Right Track
11. Johnny Howard – The Chase Is On
12. Eloise Laws – Love Factory
13. The Exciters – Blowin’ Up My Mind
14. Tobi Legend – Time Will Pass You By


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I would like to know. More importantly. If the production values of the album are from analogue source or are they just dumped off CD source? I can’t find anything online so am assuming it is going to disappoint.

martin farnworth

The thing that irks me that the production of these is getting in the way of more credible releases – due to demand at the pressing plants. This is the sort of thing that people would buy from the Sainsburys vinyl “section”. At least it shows a continued resurgence of vinyl.


Yikes, so the vinyl resurgence has reached THIS point, has it? Judging by the diverse crowds I see browsing the record racks at my local coffee shop-cum-record store, I’m not at all surprised that they see a market for this – it truly has progressed to casual buyers picking up anything, simply because it’s on wax. I for one would never pay vinyl prices for what are essentially lazily-curated Spotify playlists with cheaply done artwork and zero liner notes, but the supermarket music crowd sure as hell will.


I scanned the track list of American Anthems. “I Walk the Line” is an anthem? These comps are created for people who barely like music, or at the least can barely articulate what they like about it.


Paul just a little FYI – you’ve left out the ‘N’ in first occurrence of Anthems in the headline…


I suspect you could more or less pickup the entire ‘Shine’ cd collection secondhand from Amazon for the price of that one Indie vinyl lp. I can see the appeal here though, especially for younger folks who are perhaps just starting a vinyl collection. If you look at some of the prices original indie/Britpop vinyl lps go for, it’s out of reach for a lot of people.


Com’on, ‘Sing’ by Travis an “Indie Anthem”!? You could say that about most of the tracks. Loads of similar CD compilations can be bought for pennies on Amazon but I suppose some people will buy anything that’s released on vinyl nowadays.


a very budget selection for the indie album

Chris Squires

I can see a market for this.

The Two Tone “best of” from 2014 is particularly good as is the Trojan collection from RSD a year or so back. I guess these two are based around labels rather than styles, but in reality these labels were styles. On the back of both of these there is a mountain of great music to explore

None of the above styles Indie / Northern Soul interest me, but I am sure there will be those who want to dip their toe back into the water. And if it means that people want to delve deeper into something like Northern Soul after listening to a good compilation then it is a very good thing.

Jakob Rehlinger

Is there a market for 2LP sets that resemble budget CD compilations? I guess there probably is.

Tom of FIN

Obviously there is, LOL. Anyways have to admit to finishing embarrassingly positively that the selection as “anthems” in these compilation is not the most obvious or calculating. There are many alternative and contemporary picks… Indeed.

Simon F

Indie anthems: just another repackage of all those ‘indie anthem’ CD collections that used to clutter up the shelves of record shops back in the 90’s. Strictly aimed at listeners of Radio One’s Evening Session. Nothing new here, move along….