Interpol / Our Love To Admire reissue

US indie-rock band Interpol‘s 2007 album Our Love To Admire will be reissued for its tenth anniversary next month.

The New York outfit’s third album (their first on a major label) has been remastered for this release (by Gavin Lurssen) and is being reissued as a 2LP+DVD package or a CD+DVD combo. A standalone gatefold 2LP, without the DVD, will also be available.

The bonus DVD captures the band’s 12-song performance at the London Astoria on July 2, 2007. Some of this was included in the UK CD+DVD special edition issued late in 2007, although a fair few of the live performances in this new set are previously unreleased.

The album was recorded at New York’s Electric Lady and the Magic Shop studios with producer Rich Costey and upon release debuted in the top five in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Our Love To Admire will be reissued on 18 August 2017.

Our Love To Admire (2LP & CD)
01. Pioneer To The Falls
02. No I In Threesome
03. The Scale
04. The Heinrich Maneuver
05. Mammoth
06. Pace Is The Trick
07. All Fired Up
08. Rest My Chemistry
09. Who Do You Think
10.Wrecking Ball
11.The Lighthouse

DVD – Live at the Astoria
01. Pioneer To The Falls*
02. Narc
03. Mammoth
04. Rest My Chemistry*
05. Obstacle 1*
06. Public Pervert*
07. Hands Away*
08. The Heinrich Maneuver
09. Evil
10. Not Even Jail*
11. NYC*
12. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down*

* previously unreleased


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Paul Chapman

I’m surprised they haven’t been included any of the promo videos, The Heinrich Maneuver (as Paul has featured above) is a fantastic one.

Seems a missed opportunity!


there was a bonus dvd “tour edition” released a while after the original came out that has a dvd with the following:

“Pioneer to the Falls” (Live at Astoria)
“NARC” (Live at Astoria)
“The Heinrich Maneuver” (Live at Astoria)
“Mammoth” (Live at Astoria)
“Slow Hands” (Live at Astoria)
“Evil” (Live at Astoria)
“The Heinrich Maneuver” (Music Video)
“No I in Threesome” (Music Video)

Mark Jensen

I really don’t get the comments complaining about a ten year anniversary release. If you are a fan of the band, and it contains new material, then it’s great for you. In this specific case, there is a new live DVD and also the vinyl has been very hard / expensive to find – I’ve been trying. So I’m very excited about this. I also, I did see a tracklisting somewhere for one of the LP/DVD versions that had Mind Over Time as the last track, though it doesn’t mention that here and I don’t know which is accurate.

Jorje Chica

This seems as good a place as any to ask, do we really need reissue campaigns of records that are only 10 years old? I’ve seen more and more of these lately springing up, and it is worrying. It seems the nostalgia money making machine is speeding up more and more (something Simon Reynolds writes about in his book Retromania). What next? Fifth anniversary reissues, or even less?


If it means I can buy a vinyl I’ve wanted for 7 years but never been able too, then yes, I welcome it.


I guess anything that can make record companies sell you the same music again and again.


“and it is worrying”

I’d hardly call it “worrying”! As evidenced in the daily comments on this site, some people just can’t pass opportunities to buy the same music over and over and over again. A 10 year old album doesn’t (or shouldn’t) need remastering but pre-fix anything with that word and it’ll get the usual suspects frothing at the mouth. Put anything on coloured vinyl and you’ll get some people undertaking 100 mile round trips to hunt a copy down at Sainsburys, all for an album they own in multiple formats already! Madness but it obviously floats some people’s boats.

DJ Salinger

Surprised Suede haven’t reissued an anniversary edition of ‘Night Thoughts’ yet. That’s nearly 18 months old.

As for Interpol, for me they’ve never quite recaptured the intensity and focus of ‘TOTBL’. Though I live in hope with each subsequent album. Can’t say this CD/DVD reissue is wallet-bait, really.


Any idea if the vinyl comes with a download? I’ve been trying to find out but generally, if they don’t say, it probably doesn’t.


Reckon this has probably been re released to get a readily available vinyl version into the market place. At the moment the vinyl copies go for a lot and apparently it wasn’t a good pressing.
Also released on coloured vinyl, well white-ish, without the DVD. Though I’ve only seen it for sale on Recordstore.co.uk and the official record label site.
Not worried about extra tracks, just glad to be able to get the vinyl.

David Smith

The US pressing was awful. UK was excellent. I have both. Looking forward to the white smoke vinyl.


I don’t understand why they haven’t done a package similar to the fantastic reissue of their first album, or at least included some B-sides or unreleased material.


Bought, really wanted this on Vinyl for a while, but why are there no bonus tracks such as “Mind Over Time”?.

Mike C

Very much a bland release, nothing like the anniversary release of Turn On The Bright Lights, which at least had an additional dic of b sides and demos along with a live DVD performance. Will be giving this one a miss definitely…..