INXS / Dekadance vinyl LP

INXS / Dekadance vinyl LP

First time on vinyl for the cassette-only 1984 release

INXSDekadance remix set, which was an exclusive Australian-only cassette release (with six different covers, one for each band member) back in 1984, is being issued on vinyl for the first time at the end of this month, for its 35th anniversary.

The compendium of extended and remixed tracks from ‘The Swing‘ album is set to see its first ever official vinyl release to celebrate the album’s 35th Anniversary.

Dekadance features six extended remixes of songs from 1984’s The Swing and a bonus seventh song, a cover of the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood duet ‘Jackson’. Jenny Morris from Australian new wave trio QED sings with Michael Hutchence on this number.

In terms of the mixes, ‘I Send A Message’, ‘Melting In The Sun’ and ‘Burn For You’ were all remixed by Nick Launay, ‘Original Sin’ is the Nile Rodgers remix, the seven-inch version of ‘Dancing On The Jetty’ was mixed by band member Andrew Farriss and a rare mix of ‘Love Is (What I Say)’ is by long-time INXS producer Mark Optitz.

This music is pressed on 180g black vinyl and features artwork replicated from the ultra-rare vinyl promo (250 copies) gifted to Australia radio stations in 1984.

Dekadance is released on 6 September 2019.

Side A

1. Original Sin 6:20
2. I Send A Message 5:01
3. Burn For You 6:05
4. Dancing On A Jetty 4:08

Side B

5. Melting In The Sun 4:44
6. Love Is (What I Say) 3:41
7. Jackson 3:19

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It’s a shame that if it gets to digital (whether that be CD or lossless), the record company’s going to dynamically compress the hell out of it and brickwall it to shit I’m afraid. Just wondering why record labels can’t just perform a direct copy from the master to digital without any of the processing crap. I would like to hear my music with all it’s HEAD ROOM and DYNAMIC RANGE in tact please!!!!!!!!.

Rob Madison

This is NOT the original Dekadance. I had that back in the day & it was on vinyl. It had remixes of 4 songs from Shabooh Shabah: The One thing, Here Comes II, To look at you, Black & White.

Though this one would be worth getting. Hopefully it comes out on CD.

Steve Turner

Not sure what you mean. I had a Dekadance cassetted that had the songs listed above. Absolutely. Are you sure you are not mistaken? Pretty sure I still have it somewhere, too.


This was in my local HMV Friday so guess the release date was the 6th after all

J. Walsh

The release date has been moved once again, now says September 13th. I wonder why the delays?

J. Walsh

Looks like the release date in the UK has been pushed back to September 6th.

Nigel Bevan

I have this on Vinyl from 80s. Clearly a wonderful bootleg

Anyway, I think all the necessary will be released on Super Deluxe CD box sets over the coming years. Long overdue as they were a tremendous band with some excellent remixes. Sometimes it takes 30 years to get the full recognition they deserve. I feel Hutchence is been marketed as the new Morrison, which is unfair as they are both equal legends.


CD please


Literally NOT released in 1984. Never was.
Twas released in March 1985.

The American / Canadian release (also NOT from 1984 but 1983) isn’t connected in any way to this 1985 release / 2019 except that they’re by the same band and both have the same title.



J. Walsh

For many years, I was only familiar with the US EP. I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection, some great mixes on here! …and to make things even more confusing, let us not forget, aside from two separate releases called Dekadance, there are two 12″ releases with nearly the same artwork. The US Dekadance EP and the Australian 12″ single for Black and White, called “Dance” which includes one of my favorite obscure INXS tracks, “Long in Tooth”. https://www.discogs.com/INXS-Dance/release/1271902


interesting to see a cassette only release go to vinyl.
Its a shame they didnt also do a limited re-run of the actual cassette itself.


Only if the money goes to Micheal Hutchinson daughter not Mr diamond the so called best friend of micheal but had all his belongings .that should gone to his family and Micheal Hutchinson daughter and all his bloody money everthing his daughter gone through in her life she should have everthing that’s suddenly turned up after all these years !! All the money since his death most be millions give back .

Shawn C.

You mean Michael Hutchence, I assume? I don’t know much about what you’re talking about – though the fact you don’t know his name makes me wonder if you do either.

INXS hasn’t, in my opinion, received the respect they deserve since Hutchence’s death. Of course, the whole Rock Star/J.D. Fortune garbage soiled their legacy. They were really excellent in the 80s. I’d like a remastered vinyl copy of The Swing, not interested in this though.

adam karrington

Prince’s The Versace Experience is going that way from Cassette to CD & Vinyl

Charlie Waffles

I want this on cd, too. I also want the original US release with four tracks, too.

I used to have the cassette with the four tracks. The cover was so much better than the one shown above.

The Swing is a great album. Full Moon Dirty Hearts is awful.


Still holding on to my cassette and hoping for the CD :)

Daniel (from Adelaide)

Yes, let’s release something that fans have been asking for for years now. But let’s not tell anyone, let’s say it’s on red vinyl when it isn’t and let’s not offer it for sale in Australia.

Luckily, for me, one of my best pals has a mint vinyl edition from way back and put it onto CD for me years and years ago. A magnificent set of remixes indeed.

Whoever is curating this catalogue hasn’t got the first f**king idea. P** poor INXS. As usual.


Want to clear something up about the color of this reissue:

The hype label states that it’s been pressed on colored vinyl. You’ll also notice that some Amazon sellers (Germany, France, Canada) list it as a limited red edition.

I bought a copy from a seller in the EU in June. The copy I purchased was also listed as colored on the hype sticker. The seller and I messaged eachother and I had requested that the vinyl be shipped outside of the sleeve to prevent seamsplits. He reached back out to me after and stated that it was indeed a black vinyl copy and that he had opened another to confirm and it too was black vinyl.

That said, I’d be really surprised to see any of these come as red. If they do, great…but don’t get your hopes up if you’re set on some color wax. Most fans might be mildly let down, but it’s not a big deal. A really neat reissue to finally have because I wasn’t looking forward to plunking down the cash for the original press!

Also, while I’m thinking about it…

The Swing was also recently repressed and put on clear vinyl (I think it was advertised as white vinyl initially) and can be found on discogs at a decent price if you’re into that album (and if you’re not, you’re missing out!):


Dave. k

….and Giles has been in-charge of some working plan for future reissues of their catalogue, maybe(?), just like the most recent issue of KICK…i think its gunna happen.

Stephen K

The pull for me (apart from the great remixes) is the single version of Dancing on the Jetty, which has never received a digital release. So hopefully there’s a download code with this!!


Always loved The Swing album since back in the day. Don’t remember this EP (probably most likely since I didn’t live in Australia!), but looking forward to it. Just disappointed that it doesn’t include my favorite track from the album: “Johnson’s Aeroplane” https://youtu.be/CXqtmaz_0Aw


Other press releases have said they are using the cover for the 1984 U.S. vinyl of the same name, with coloured vinyl. Confusing messages being sent by whomever is behind this release.

Michael C.

If enough of us DEMAND this to be released on CD would you support us?
I gave vinyl up for cd when it evolved as a better option and have not bought any vinyl whatsoever since 1985.
I will not be lead by the nose (I’m 62, not 26) to buy this inferior (imo) medium by polularists and record companies and have wanted to hear this (and Max Q!) on official cd for over half my lifetime!
So…please please please let me get what I want.


Michael C. Max Q is widely available on CD over on Discogs, not over expensive either. Grab a copy as it’s damn fine (better than most post ’90 Inxs IMHO).

Paul Nolan

The Ones on Amazon US and Canada are either wildly expensive or the Original r1984 elease


nice, what a cool release.
vinyl is fine for me.

its confusing that they called it ‘dekadance’,
which they’ve already used for other releases though.

well hopefully more releases will be on their way.



I’d happily snap up any deluxe edition CD release for The Swing or Listen Like Thieves, both are excellent. The Love Is (What I Say) single mix is one I’ve been after for years.

Brian Smith

I already have Jackson on Jenny Morris’ greatest hits. available in New Zealand.


I have several of the old INXS 12″ singles from Australia and USA from back then- all of which had either live or studio remixes of these tracks (except for ‘Jackson’). The USA ones had slightly different cover photos and different b-sides to the Australia ones. The Aussie ones were better.
I assume this vinyl is the same tracks as those- but I’ll buy it anyway as my old 12″ are scratched to death and it brings back happy memories.

Oh, and I saw INXS live in Melbourne in September ’86 and managed to meet the band afterwards and got inside their limo for a natter for a bit. They all signed the concert flyer for me (‘if you’ve got it shake it) except Michael who arrived late and need his seat back. Still have it somewhere….

Robert Laversuch

CD please for me as well but will get the vinyl while waiting. Agree that Listen like Thieves is the album to get.


I first saw this in the 80’s from an ex girlfriend who had this and original sin on vinyl, it would have been a Canadian release, she recently lost both when her basement got flooded, even I was gutted for her.


Confusingly, “Dekadance” actually HAS been on vinyl before, but only in the US/Canada and only with 4 tracks. So this is the first time this configuration has been on vinyl outside of the original Australian promos.

But like others have said, I have no interest in this on vinyl. I’d rather see these tracks appear on an expanded 2CD release of “The Swing.” Come on Universal!

Ken Moore

Yes it has in the US. I had a copy way back when.


The Dekadance 12″ single you speak of is actually an entirely different release to this featuring mixes from 1983’s Shabooh Shoobah. This cassette only release was a 7-track remix album promoting “The Swing”


According to Discogs, this was released back in June of this year as some people have it for sale.


…also, the remix of Melting In The Sun was released on the U.S. 12″ of What You Need in 1985, and the (Mark Opitz) remix of Love Is (What I Say) was the version used on the John Hillcoat directed promo video from 1985.


Hey Paul, this is great news, hope it gets a CD release too.

The six tracks aren’t all remixed by Nick Launey though. Original Sin is the standard full length version released in 1983 or 1984 (depending on whichever country in the world) and Love Is (What I Say) is remixed by Mark Opitz who also produced their previous 1982 album Shabooh Shoobah…and his mix is so much better than the Nick Launey version from The Swing.

The original promo 12″ was literally the standard 7 tracks. The cassettes however (released in March 1985, not in 1984) had additional “dialogue” before the beginning of Original Sin and a huge amount of recordings the band members made walking through airports sequeing Love Is (What I Say) to Jackson. I wonder which will be pressed.

Hmmm…with the bewildering sudden popularity in cassettes, will they also be reissued…jeez they were awful. I’ve all six cassettes from 1985, horrendous reproduction with drop out in all random directions. Rare as though. Hoping this will (finally) be the start of resissuing the missing early INXS back catalogue of remixes and b-sides from Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing and Listen Like Thieves. (And Max Q) (And Dogs In Space)



Jenny Morris was a highly successful artist in her own right ,releasing many solo albums and having many hits in Australia.
The band QED were a short lived precursor to her solo career who released 3 singles and 1 album.


Her 1989 album “Shiver” (produced by INXS’ Andrew Farriss) has just been given a 30th Anniversary treatment/re-master/re-issue with 8 bonus tracks.

Disappointingly, it only seems to be vinyl and streaming (GRRR!) – and the vinyl is just the original album. The bonus tracks are only on the digital.


Does the new version contain those additional sound effects you mention. I have the original promo vinyl and miss hearing the cassette version ?


This is somewhat disappointing. While I’m glad these mixes are seeing the light of day, I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for a proper super deluxe edition of THE SWING (which, to me, is their masterpiece) on CD. Oh well…

Don Balfour

AND NOT IN Australia…….


As you probably know there was a U.S. & Canadian release called “Dekadance” released in 1983. It was just remixed tracks from “Shabooh Shoobah”.


Two of those tracks are available on the “Shine Like It Does” compilation CD released by Rhino.


CD please!

Seth Hollander

As a comitted non-vinylist, I hope this is a prelude to a CD collection of both Dekadance EPs and 12″ single content from the 83-87 period. Started buying INXS with Shabooh Shoobah, saw them on the Listen Like Thieves US tour (with the Del Fuegos opening- got their records immediately!), and got almost completely cured of them by Kick’s radio domination. Still think Kick is just a weaker rehash of the two preceeding albums. I liked the Achtung Baby-style sound they came up with for the early 90s albums, but didn’t really like the actual songs….

So give me my remixes/B-sides golden era comp now please!


My thoughts exactly.

Listen Like Thieves was excellent. Kick was OK. X was terrible

Would like to see this on CD as well


Welcome was great, New Moon was excellent and their best album all round. Hurry up Giles and get on with these deluxe/remastered sets.


Sounds like a good plan to me–sign me up for the Dekadance EP+1983-87 remix release also!

DJ Control

And still we wait for this on CD…