INXS / Kick 25 Super Deluxe Edition

INXS / Kick 25 / Super Deluxe Edition

As if it wasn’t enough to have Michael Jackson‘s Bad (Sony),  Peter Gabriel‘s So (EMI) and the Sex Pistol’s Never Mind The Bollocks.. box sets released on the same day (Sep 17th), Mercury Records have decided they want a piece of that particular action and have scheduled the long-rumoured INXS Kick Super Deluxe Edition for the very same Monday in September.

Although we would have preferred the superior Welcome To Wherever You Are to get a 20th anniversary reissue, the labels will always ensure they have squeezed every dollar out of the big popular releases before moving on to less commercially successful fare.

INXS - Kick 25 / StickerTo that end Kick 25, the Super Deluxe Edition, will be a 3CD+DVD set  featuring two bonus discs of remixes, demos, and unheard tracks.

The DVD will feature a documentary, unseen band home footage and promo videos

Also included in the set is a ‘Story of Kick’ hard back book, a poster and a sticker sheet.

Released in 1987, Kick (the band’s sixth album) sold over six million units in the US alone that year. The album spawned four hit singles in New Sensation, Never Tear Us Apart, Devil Inside and Need You Tonight. All went top ten in the US on the Billboard Hot 100 with Need You Tonight hitting the top spot.

Kick 25 will also come as a two-disc cheaper variant, although as the specs and track listings are still to be officially announced it is not clear if this is a 2CD or CD+DVD set. At the time of writing this release has only appeared on UK retail sites.

Track listing

Disc 1

1. Guns In The Sky 2. New Sensation 3. Devil Inside 4. Need You Tonight 5. Mediate 6. The Loved One 7. Wildlife 8. Never Tear Us Apart 9. Mystify 10. Kick 11. Calling All Nations 12. Tiny Daggers

Disc 2

1. Move On Guitar Version 2. I’m Coming (Home) 3. Mediate Live From America 4. Never Tear Us Apart Live From America 5. Kick Live From America 6. On The Rocks 7. Do Wot You Do (B Side to New Sensation) 8. Mystify Chicago Demo 9. Jesus Was A Man Demo/Outtakes 10. The Trap Demo 11. Guns In The Sky Kick Ass Remix 12. Need You Tonight Mendelson Extended Mix 13. Move On

Disc 3

1. Never Tear Us Apart Soul Version 2. New Sensation Nick 12″ Mix 3. New Sensation Nick 7″ 4. Devil Inside Extended Remix 5. Devil Inside 7″ 6. Different World 7″ 7. Calling All Nations Kids On Bridges Remix

Disc 4 – DVD

1. -14 Track Baby Track Documentary  15 Kick World Tour Exclusive Band Footage 16. Chapter 2 Kick World Tour Exclusive Band Footage 17. Mystify 18. Guns In The Sky 19. Need You Tonight Video

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Move On guitar version, is a shortened version (delete a few verses etc) where the banjo like rif has been replaced with more solid guitar (available on US Rhino reissue of 2002?!).

Calling all Nations on the other hand is a remix by perhaps Nile Rodgers, as Calling all Nations was intended as the 5th single from the Kick album in the United States, given the albums sales at that point, a single remix seemed sensible. Female Backing vocals some brass added and a bit more of a dance rhythm. However in no way is it superior to the original. And the record company concurred as the idea was shelved (no fifth single). Part speculation on my part obviously…


The tracklisting can be found at the link below.


I’ll be giving it a miss. I own 98% of the extra tracks from the original releases. The only tracks i’m unfamiliar with are ‘Move On (guitar version)’ and the remix of ‘Calling All Nations’.


i remember going to see movies at the Odeon in Middlesbrough back in the early to mid 80s and for some reason we always got an INXS music video mixed in with the trailers and adverts! i am not 100% certain, but i am sure it was always either What You Need or Listen Like Thieves. did any or all other areas experience the same, or was it just their way of gaining market in Middlesbrough?

fantastic news that this album is getting revisited with the deluxe treatment – an amazing recording giving them, at last, the international recognition and interest they truly deserved.


Seems a bit soon after the previous 2CD edition! Still, it’s reminded me that I need to look for the 1988 single remix of Need You Tonight.

Listen Like Thieves has always been my preferred INXS album.


How many times are they going to reissue this album ? it’s getting beyond a joke seriously. What should be released is a box set with all their b sides and remixes and £46 for this is taking the proverbial.


Hmm I got the remastered box set some time ago with the first 10 albums and havent listened to them a lot I must say except for Kick. I think I will pass on this set :)

Real Gone

Sounds lovely. Let’s hope everything from the previous ‘Kick’ 2CD set is included.

Speaking of INXS, where’s that overdue DVD reissue of ‘In Search of Excellence’? That’s what I *really* want!