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All The Colours of You / James a big super deluxe edition

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James will release their new album, All The Colours Of You in June.

The band’s 16th studio album was partly recorded pre-pandemic and was produced by Jacknife Lee, who ended up working remotely from his studio and liaising with Tim Booth and Jim Glennie when lockdown hit.

This is a foot note.

You can preview the title track, ‘All The Colours Of You’, above.

The 11-track album is being issued as a 2LP vinyl set and on CD. The deluxe CD offers DVD-sized packaging with “additional images and artwork” but no bonus tracks. James’ official store has exclusive ‘splatter’ coloured vinyl and a picture disc edition. Rough Trade in the UK are offering a red/purple/black edition.

All The Colours Of You is released on 4 June 2021.

James official store exclusives:

track listingAll The Colours of You – 2LP vinyl

Side A

2. All The Colours Of You
3. Recover

Side B

4. Beautiful Beaches
5. Wherever It Takes Us
6. Hush

Side C

7. Getting Myself Into
8. Magic Bus
9. Miss America

Side D

10. Isabella
11. XYST

All The Colours of You – deluxe CD edition

2. All The Colours Of You
3. Recover
4. Beautiful Beaches
5. Wherever It Takes Us
6. Hush
7. Miss America
8. Getting Myself Into
9. Magic Bus
10. Isabella
11. XYST

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SDE Reader

Been waiting for this release forever.

Matt Thurston

Huge fan of James, both past and present (especially Hey Ma and La Petite Mort). Splatter 2LP vinyl for me in Los Angeles, no brainer, regardless of shipping costs. New single sounds great, and love the album cover.


Was tempted with the splatter vinyl from their store… but $28 to ship to the USA. Gulp.


One again it’s getting tough to be a US fan of some of these bands with no pre-order options. Crazy shipping charges. Recently Weller posted an option for US fans to order which I appreciated. Most bands official pages act like we don’t exist.


I’m a long time fan – have been to see them loads. However, I have struggled a bit with their last few albums – they are ok (like the new single) but, to me, they are not a patch on their prime work. I miss Larry Gott’s involvement.


The perils of cd collecting/ purchasing is that their exist at about 4 different sizes of packaging above that of the common bog-standard issues.The DVD size being one of them!So if you build up a CD collection you are bound to arrive at different package sizes.A real bummer for storage alas!Especially if you store/ display by artist and you have one or two that are a different size to all the rest.Not much you can do if the non-standard size has the better content or presentation and is simply better than the bog-standard issue!


I will be getting this, without doubt. Everything James does these days is great, the postage overseas is a bit of a killer at the moment, but they’re just so good that I can’t pass it up. We’re lucky to have bands like them still pushing things forward. Long may they reign.


I wish Tim and the boys would revisit their legacy.
Vinyl remasters of Stutter, Strip Mine, Gold Mother, Seven, Laid and Whiplash would be a start.


A “deluxe” CD with no extra content that you have to store with your movie collection instead of your music?



Again. I’ve said it before, that’s not a deluxe. At least other artists make an effort. Look at Weller, his deluxe for his new album includes 3CDs. That’s value, not extra money for essentially nothing.


It is only lucky that Macca did not have this idea first with around 40 colours on the spine of the CD / gatefold of the vinyl. He would have had 40 different coloured vinyls not just 20 ;-)


A pity because James were one of my favourite bands in the mid to late 80s: I admit I’ve given up a long time ago…