James / Justhipper: Complete Sire & Blanc Y Negro Recordings 1986-1988

Early years, newly remastered, on good value 2CD set

Later this month, Cherry Red are to release Justhipper, a two-CD compilation that brings together earlier recordings of James.

Before the Manchester band signed to Fontana and enjoyed success with Gold Mother, Seven and the albums that followed, they released two records via Sire/Blanc Y Negro – 1986’s Stutter and 1988’s Strip-mine.

This new package effectively contains expanded editions of both those albums (both of which have been newly remastered). Appended to these are non-album singles (A and B-sides) and some different mixes. Disc two ends with a rare, promotional-only interview from the era.

This set will come packaged as a digipak and is released on 28 July 2017.

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Justhipper ~ The Complete Sire & Blanco Y Negro Recordings 1986-1988 (Digipack)


CD 1 / Stutter: Remastered and Expanded
1. Skullduggery
2. Scarecrow
3. So Many Ways
4. Just Hip
5. Johnny Yen
6. Summer Song
7. Really Hard
8. Billy’s Shirts
9. Why So Close
10. Withdrawn
11. Black Hole

Bonus tracks

12. Chain Mail (Single version)
13. Uprising (Single version)
14. Hup-Springs (Single version)
15. Justhipper

CD 2 / Strip-mine: Remastered and expanded 
1. What For
2. Charlie Dance
3. Fairground
4. Are You Ready
5. Medieval
6. Not There
7. Ya Ho
8. Riders
9. Vulture
10. Stripmining
11. Refrain

Bonus tracks

12. Ya Ho (Single version)
13. Mosquito (Single version)
14. Left Out Of Her Will (Single version)
15. New Nature (Single version)
16. What For (Climax Mix)
17. Island Swing (Single version)
18. James Who? A Talk With… (Interview) [Single version]

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Fair point the ep was a factory release, the James back catalogue including the self funded one man clapping is an interesting & complex one, I have the super deluxe box which was issued a few years back & that has things missing which would be nice to see released.


I don’t know why you would expect something called The Complete Sire and Blanco Y Negro recordings to have the Factory singles on it.
Anyway, I would have preferred seperate reissues of the albums instead of lumping them together.


@Ex-Oligarch I agree it says complete recordings but village fire eps is missing which contains different versions of why so close & has hymn from a village which is one of James best song, but I’ve ordered anyway even though I own the vinyls


Pity they didn’t include the 5 tracks issued by the Factory label prior to the band’s debut album. Their total running time is less than 14 minutes. Surely they would have fit.

Stuart Ralston

The 5 Village Fire tracks were released on Factory and reissued on the 2 disc version of the Fresh As A Daisy compilation.

Not Available

When I first heard Johnny Yen, from Stutter, 30 years ago, I knew there was something worth paying attention to here. And they are still very much a working band! I made my own 4-disc CDR set of CD single non-album tracks, so there’s still much compilation work to be done!

Matthew Langhorn

I ordered this 2 weeks ago, it will nicely replace my early James that was STOLEN by my ex!


Looked good but there are a ton of peel sessions from this era that need to be released at some point.
Am still amazed that the Rough Trade era singles are still not reissued after all this time, there must be some serious legal issues with those for whatever!


This comp was originally trailed as early as 2001 with the title “Strange Dancing” and then later as “Lost Innocence” – the latter even made it to the pre-order stage on Amazon, Play etc around 2007 IIRC. Those were set to have radio session and unreleased material but both were scrapped. Cherry Red appear to have simply licenced everything James released for Sire and bless ’em for doing so cos my LPs are well worn. Will definitely be having this.

Iain McCarthy

Regarding ‘One Man Clapping’, it would be great to get a re-issue of that, perhaps with the original Rough Trade versions of ‘Sit Down’ and ‘Come Home’ added to it.


I might re-visit these albums in the new format, but I only tend to play the live ‘One Man Clapping’ CD, which I always preferred to the studio versions.


Hmm, I`m in for that. Nice cover art in this age of naff art work.