Janet Jackson / Control: The Remixes

About a year after the original 1986 release Janet Jackson released a remix album called Control: The Remixes. This collection of re-workings is now being reissued on vinyl and CD.

This album features dub mixes, dance mixes, extended mixes, ‘extra beat’ versions of the hit singles, including ‘When I Think Of You’, ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ and ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’. Originally, there were a confusing amount of variations across formats and territories, but this new CD edition appears to include everything on the original UK CD release – except for the ‘dub edit’ of the Shep Pettibone Mix of ‘The Pleasure Principle’ – and then adds five further mixes:

  • ‘When I Think Of You’ (Extra Beats)
  • ‘Control’ (Extended Version)
  • ‘Nasty’ (Extended Mix)
  • ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ (Dub Version)
  • ‘Control’ (Acapella)

This makes the new CD a 12-track affair. A 2LP gatefold vinyl set features the very same selection across four sides. It’s not clear yet if these have all been remastered, although one assumes they probably have.

Control: The Remixes will be released on 26 July 2019

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Janet Jackson

Control: The Remixes - CD


Compare prices and pre-order

Janet Jackson

Control: The Remixes 2LP vinyl


CD edition

1. Control (Video Mix)
2. When I Think of You (Dance Mix)
3. The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – Shep Pettibone Mix)
4. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix)
5. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 2)
6. When I Think of You (Extra Beats)
7. Control (Extended Version)
8. Nasty (Extended Mix)
9. Let’s Wait Awhile (Remix)
10. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 1)
11. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version)
12. Control (Acapella)

2LP vinyl

Side A

1. Control – The Video Mix
2. When I Think of You – Dance Remix
3. The Pleasure Principle – Long Vocal Remix (The Step Pettibone Mix)

Side B

1. What Have You Done For Me Lately – Extended Mix
2. Nasty – Cool Summer Mix Part 2
3. When I Think of You – Extra Beats

Side C

1. Control – Extended Version
2. Nasty – Extended Mix
3. Let’s Wait Awhile – Remix

Side D

1. Nasty – Cool Summer Mix Part 1
2. The Pleasure Principle – Dub Edit (The Step Pettibone Mix) [Side D]
3. Control – Acapella [Side D]

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Neil Kelly

How about an update on this, Paul.
I have the CD and the final track is The pleasure principle (Dub edit) (The Shep Pettibone remix) 6:58. It isn’t missing.
Also people are stating tracks are cut and some tracks possibly not included due to that now famous fire…


Using the track durations of my own compilation CDR’s I can say there should be still enough space/time to leave the mixes/tracks untouched/full length/unedited. So no excuse for the early fade outs. I don’t have my copy yet. But I have my regret now for ordering & supporting record label for butchering mixes that we wanted. I have all the CD released mixes already. But for other Janet fans who doesn’t: it a shame record label didn’t include all of most of the “more exclusive” tracks & butchering cold ending tracks by fade-out. What they could have done, for example omitting WITOY-Extra Beats to include WHYDFML-Dub Version by fading out 1-3 secs of other tracks if possible (not the cold ending tracks but only fade out ending tracks). That’s why I prefer to do my own compilations instead of buying those from the record labels.

1. Control (Video Mix) 6:00
2. When I Think of You (Dance Mix) 6:24
3. The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – Shep Pettibone Mix) 7:25 UK ONLY
4. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix) 6:55
5. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 2) 10:08
6. When I Think of You (Extra Beats) 2:01 EU ONLY
7. Control (Extended Version) 7:32 JP ONLY
8. Nasty (Extended Mix) 6:05
9. Let’s Wait Awhile (Remix) 4:37
10. Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 1) 7:56
11. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version) 6:33 JP ONLY
11. The Pleasure Principle (Dub Edit – Shep Pettibone Mix) 6:58 UK ONLY
12. Control (Acapella) 3:54 EU ONLY

Anthony Grice

I have the CD now. Sounds fantastic. As on the Spotify edition, Let’s Wait Awhile fades a few seconds early. You can tell it stops short. Shame. Great set otherwise.


I’ve received my 2019 CD of Janet Jackson’s Control: The Remixes. Track 11, the dub edit of The Pleasure Principle (6:38), fades 20 seconds before the cold ending of the actual dub edit. Why would this have happened? Is there any word of a replacement program? iTunes also shows the track time of 6:38.

Martin Kilroy

Does everyone’s copy have 11. as The Pleasure Principle – Dub Edit (The Shep Pettibone Mix) or has anyone received one with 11. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version)?
Not sure if the promotional track listing was wrong or amazon have sent me the wrong one.


I wish “Diamonds” had made it onto this collection…. oh well, something is always missing from nearly every re-release or deluxe edition.

Anthony Grice

I listened to this on Spotify today. Let’s Wait Awhile fades a few seconds early. I hope this won’t be the same when the cd is released.

Anthony Grice

Let’s Wait Awhile fades early on the CD. Shame, great set otherwise and sounds great.


Hahaha…I was on vacation. So I didn’t visit SDE the last couple of weeks. First when I saw the picture of Janet I thought: it must be another joke/prank by Paul S. like Wham or others before. Then I started reading about it I knew it wasn’t. But as a big fan of Janet from that Era I must have own all the Control-Remixes (DE/UK/JP: More Control) already. I also have the Diamonds remixes from JP/US promo CD’s. I’m not sure whether I will buy it as I have everything from that era already. Too bad about the news that mastertapes were destroyed by fire. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see any remastered, expanded, deluxe editions from Janet of that era. But like someone mentioned producers, remixers, vaults from record labels around the globe, someone must still have a saftey copy, 1:1 copy, pre-production copy, etc. Otherwise they could buy the CD’s from around the world or ask fans/collectors to help obtaining tracks/mixes. So they can enhance/compile them. So we still can get the best possible quality of those true gems. The following are my own CDR’s made ages ago with tracks/mixes only from that era (not the Design Of A Decade remixes) from CD source only.

Janet Jackson-Control-CD Maxi-Singles Collection 1 (76:46)

01 What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Steve Hodge-7” Version Without Intro] 3:32
02 What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Steve Hodge-Album Version With Intro] 5:02
03 What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Steve Hodge-Extended Mix] 6:55
04 What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Steve Hodge-Dub Version] 6:33
05 What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Ben Liebrand-DMC Remix] 116 BPM 6:24

06 Nasty [Steve Hodge-7” Version] 3:44
07 Nasty [Steve Hodge-Album Version] 4:03
08 Nasty [Steve Hodge-Extended Mix] 6:05
09 Nasty [Steve Hodge-Cool Summer Mix-Part 1] Featuring Herb Alpert 7:56
10 Nasty [Steve Hodge-Cool Summer Mix-Part 2] Featuring Herb Alpert 10:08

11 When I Think Of You [Steve Hodge-Album Version=7” Version] 3:54
12 When I Think Of You [Steve Hodge-Dance Remix] 6:24
13 When I Think Of You [Steve Hodge-Dance Remix-Instrumental] 3:57
14 When I Think Of You [Steve Hodge-Extra Beats] 2:01

Janet Jackson-Control-CD Maxi-Singles Collection 2 (78:22)

01 Control [Steve Hodge-7” Version Without Intro] 3:26
02 Control [Steve Hodge-Album Version With Intro] 5:52
03 Control [Steve Hodge-Extended Version] 7:32
04 Control [Steve Hodge-A Cappella] 3:54
05 Control [Steve Hodge-The Video Mix] 6:00

06 Let’s Wait Awhile [Steve Hodge-Album Version] 4:37
07 Let’s Wait Awhile [Steve Hodge-Single Remix] 4:37
08 Let’s Wait Awhile [Ben Liebrand-DMC Remix=Late Nite Mix=Sax Version] 80 BPM 5:47

09 The Pleasure Principle [Steve Wiese-7” Version] 4:12
10 The Pleasure Principle [Steve Wiese-Album Version] 4:57
11 The Pleasure Principle [Shep Pettibone-7” Vocal Remix] 4:20
12 The Pleasure Principle [Shep Pettibone-Long Vocal Remix] 7:25
13 The Pleasure Principle [Shep Pettibone-Dub Edit] 6:58
14 The Pleasure Principle [Bradley D Hinkle-Ultimix] 8:41

Michael Gribben

Wow. Wld seriously love these


Other albums on coloured vinyl/PD inc this have just been announced on SOV website.
£26.99 each limited run.
Shythm Nation – Silver (Double)
Velvet Rope – Red (Double)
Janet – Clear (Double)
All For You – Picture Disc (Double)
Control Remixed – Multi coloured 1/2 & 1/2 (Double)



I saw this shared on social media but without a link and was quite difficult to locate on the SOV website, so thank you so much for providing the information on here.


Pretty awesome that they are re-releasing this with more remixes on hit. I’ve been wanting to buy the original, but the price was always more than I wanted to pay for it.

boogie tonight

This set never was issued Stateside…


Very disappointing that two tracks from the previous CD editions are missing. This could have easily been a 2-disc set with the remaining remixes and single versions. (Well, maybe not easily, if the masters were destroyed in the Universal fire…) But this is all classic material that deserves to be heard, particularly the shamefully hard-to-find original single mixes.

As far as I can tell, the only official 1980s versions not on any CD, or on YouTube, are:
– Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part One, 4:10 Edit) – from Let’s Wait Awhile 7″ European singles
– The Pleasure Principle (Dub, 5:10 Edit) – from The Pleasure Principle 7″ UK/Spain/Germany singles

I hope the true single mixes get compiled at some point; it was quite a challenge to track them all down on CD!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i am very happy to have all janet jackson japan import cds from this era. especially the rare “diamonds” promo cd. a 3 cd “deluxe edition” of “control” would be so good. it seems impossible to make a complete “rhythm nation” deluxe set. they are so many remixes out there. most remixes are on all japan import ep’s – but sadly not all.
that ought to be a 6 or 7 cd box set with only the released mixes. i’m sure that there are many other remixes there are still unreleased. i like the “control” album, but the “rhythm nation” album is nearly perfect.


There should be 3 disc deluxe version of the key albums (Control, Rhythm Nation, Janet & Velvet Rope), with a disc of remixes and a DVD/blu-ray for the videos. There were many singles/remixes off each albums so more than enough material. I think the albums on double vinyl is suffice, and seems to be where they’ve gone for the wax. Just hoping it all sounds good sonically.


Yes buying it. Writing in the hopes that record company person (with Control) sees that yes there is a market for Janet reissues a does a similar CD for the Rhythm Nation remixes.


Where are you guys finding the colored vinyl version of this album? I see it at Merchbar, but nowhere else…..


Thanks. And FYI, 25% off all titles on this site today with code DAD25. So score!!!


Couldn’t this have easily been a 2 disc set? Initially I was excited for this, now… not so much.


It is nice the remixes are getting a re-issue… besides the fact some important original remixes are missing

I cringe at what the dynamic range levels will be now?

More than likely it will cause the original CD prices to rise.

Glenn Roger

I bought this cd way back in the day and I wore it out. This is the Janet Jackson I love. It was a total jam! I just bought my copy of the colored vinyl version as it looks awesome yet will probably be very hard to come by but I will also get the cd version because of the additional tracks. What a fun time to be a collector!


So I see ALL all of her albums are now being released on vinyl. Yippee!


Shame that Janet hasn’t done any remasters of her early work and the original masters have likely been destroyed along with a lot of other masters from other great artists. https://www.spin.com/2019/06/universal-fire-masters-recordings-lost/


I remember when this happended but I thought it may be just film material that was destroyed.

With regards productions by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, I am sure they have copies of all their work in theor own studio archive. Particularly as for a long time they have been recording digitally.

In fact surely all producers keep copies of their work so I would hope anything ‘lost’ could be gathered again.


I love the enthusiasm and research here around the various mixes from Control. So much so that I’ve pre-ordered an album I’d probably not be that excited about – remixes don’t have the same appeal to me that the original work does.

As for the actual album Control, it’s an amazing album from JJ and Jam and Lewis. It was the coolest, hottest, funkiest album filled with killer tracks. And then Prince releases Kiss and the coolest, hottest, funkiest vibe went up another notch. 1986 feels like yesterday, not 33 years ago.


You’re in for a treat then Quante, there were some great mixes done in the late 80’/early 90’s on the singles from Janet’s Control and Rhythm Nation albums. My personal favourite being the Shep Pettibone mixes of The Pleasure Principle. Enjoy!!

Stephen K

Whether it is the Dub of “What Have You Done for Me Lately” or “The Pleasure Principle” that’s missing, both should be included (and “Nasty (Extended Remix)” dropped). It’s possible that, while working fine as a CD track list, the timing wouldn’t work across 2 vinyl LPs?

I had assembled together my own CD playlist from the various versions of Control – The Remixes and More Control which went as follows:

What Have You Done for Me Lately (Extended Mix)
What Have You Done for Me Lately (Dub Version)
When I Think of You (Dance Remix)
When I Think of You (Extra Beats)
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part I)
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part II)
Control (Extended Version)
Control (A Cappella)
The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal)
The Pleasure Principle (12″ Dub)

Mix titles might differ, but they’re all available from the various Control CDs.


My 12 would be:

Control (The Video Mix)
Nasty (Extended Mix)
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix)
The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone Long Vocal Remix)
When I Think Of You (Dance Remix)
Let’s Wait Awhile (Remix)
Control (Extended Version)
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 1)
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version)
The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone 7″ Vocal Mix)
When I Think Of You (Dub/Acapella)
Control (Acapella)

I guess as the old saying goes you can’t please all of the people all of the time. ☺ All in all, the main mixes are there so one to look forward to.


All of the Diamonds remixes are in fact available on CD, but only on a rare Japanese release that goes for big bucks:


And the promo version which is basically the same:



“What Have You Done For Me Lately (dub mix)” HAS to be included! Been waiting for that on CD for over 30 yrs. If only for 2 words: “Golden Burg”.


It’s “Golden BIRD” a fast food fried chicken joint.


I’d love to have The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone 7″ Vocal Mix) included on this. I appreciate the 7″ version wasn’t included on the original remixes album but it was a single release around the same time and deserves an inclusion now.


As Janet’s CONTROL era is simply phenomenal, and in the spirit of SDE, I have compiled a list the remixes from this era that could be used if a Super Deluxe Edition was ever considered.

It’s evident the principle remixes have been used for this release as the left over remixes are merely edits, instrumentsla or a cappellas – which are certainly important to us collectors!

* Denotes featured on the 2019 digital release of Control the Remixes.
+ Denotes unconfirmed if this is actually included on the CD or a track listing error.

What Have You Done For Me Lately (LP Edit) 3:28
* What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix) 7:00
+ What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version) 6:35
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Omits spoken intro) 4:41
What Have You Done For Me Lately (A Cappella) 2:19

Nasty (LP Edit) 3:45
Nasty (Edit Of Remix) 3:40
* Nasty (Extended) 6:07
Nasty (Instrumental) 4:02
* Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 1) 7:57
* Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 2) 10:19
Nasty (A Cappella) 2:55
Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part One Edit – FADE) 4:10

* When I Think Of You (Dance Remix) 6:25
When I Think Of You (Instrumental A Cappella Extra Beats) 9:17
Cuando Pienso En Ti (When I Think Of You) (Album Edit – from Mexico 7inch) 3:00
When I Think Of You (Dance Remix) 6:25
When I Think Of You (Instrumental) 4:00
* When I Think Of You (Extra Beats) 2:00
When I Think Of You (Dub) 3:15
When I Think Of You (Morales House Mix ’95) 7:41
When I Think Of You (Drum Mix) 5:04
When I Think Of You (Jazzy Mix) 10:15
When I Think Of You (Crazy Love Mix) 8:44
When I Think Of You (Classic Club Mix) 6:54
When I Think Of You (Incredible Boss Dub) 7:08
When I Think Of You (Deep Dish Chocolate City Mix) 9:38
When I Think Of You (Deep Dish Quiet Storm Dub) 7:52
When I Think Of You (Dished Out Bums) 11:22
When I Think Of You (Heller And Farley Project Mix) 10:45
When I Think Of You (Junior Trackhead Joint) 7:09

Control (LP version without intro) 5:16
* Control (Extended Version) 7:33
Control (Edit) 3:26
Control (Dub Version) 5:55
* Control (Out Of Control Video Mix) 6:02
* Control (A Cappella) 3:55
Control (Edited Video Mix) 4:35

* Let’s Wait A While (Single Remix) 4:30
Esperemos Un Rato (Let’s Wait Awhile) (Album Edit – from Mexico 7inch) 3:30

The Pleasure Principle (LP Edit) 4:14
The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone Remix) 4:19
The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone Dub Edit) 4:19
* The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix) 7:23
* The Pleasure Principle (Dub Edit / 12inch Dub) 6:58
The Pleasure Principle (A Cappella) 4:23
The Pleasure Principle (Shep Pettibone Mix – Dub Edit) 5:10


You forgot the ’96 Remixes of The Pleasure Principle!


Doh! I didn’t copy n’paste the last few lines of my list.

Here they are:

The Pleasure Principle (Legendary Club Mix) 8:16
The Pleasure Principle (NuFlava Vocal Dub) 7:21
The Pleasure Principle (Banji Dub) 7:10
The Pleasure Principle (D.T.’s Twilo Dub) 9:04


For fans who are completists, such as myself, I checked my collection and found some further Control related remixes from the Design Of A Decade era.

These are from the Runaway formats from 1995.

This now concludes everything I have:

When I Think Of You (David Morales House Mix ’95 Edit) 3:31
When I Think Of You (David Morales House Mix ’95 12″ UK Edit) 6:22
When I Think Of You (David Morales Crazy Love Mix UK Edit) 7:07
When I Think Of You (Heller & Farley Project Mix UK Edit) 6:58


I love an audit so here is one I made showing where the tracks are from.

I have followed the track listing for the digital release as track 11 on the CD cannot yet be confirmed if it is an error or not.

It is interesting to state this was never released in the USA until now.

1 – Control (The Video Mix) 6:01 – UK – DE – JP – JPMC
2 – When I Think Of You (Dance Remix) 6:25 – UK – DE – JP – JPMC
3 – The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – The Shep Pettibone Mix) 7:23 – UK – JP
4 – What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix) 7:00 – UK – DE – JP – JPMC
5 – Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 2) 10:09 – UK – JP – JPMC
6 – When I Think Of You (Extra Beats) 2:01 – DE
7 – Control (Extended Version) 7:33 – JPMC
8 – Nasty (Extended Version) 6:04 – DE – JPMC
9 – Let’s Wait Awhile (Remix) 4:30 – UK – DE – JP – JPMC
10 – Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Pt. 1) 7:57 – UK – DE – JP
11 – The Pleasure Principle Dub Edit (The Shep Pettibone Mix) 6:58 – UK – JP
12 – Control (A Cappella) 3:54 – DE

* DE = Germany
* JP = Japan
* JPMC = Japan More Control

The following tracks from the Japanese More Control CD have been omitted from this release:

Track 5 What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version) 6:35 *
Track 7 When I Think Of You (Instrumental) 3:59

*this may be on the CD release, but it is not on the digital release.


Yes, it’s been remastered. It’s WAAAAAY louder now.


I have all the different variations of “Control: The Remixes” (“More Control” in Japan), but I’m still going to buy this in case they’re remastered.

If she’s re-issuing this remix album, I hope she reissues “janet. Remixed” too. And I hope it’s a complete 2-CD edition featuring ALL the tracks. There were 14/15 track cassette and vinyl editions – I have it on cassette but due to poor sequencing, one side was much longer than the other and required so much tape that I couldn’t actually play the damn thing! Sure, most of the cassette/vinyl only tracks can be found on the CD singles, but I think there were a couple exclusive remixes.


Some confusion about the tracklisting. Seems that “What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub)” is not on the release but “The Pleasure Principle Dub” is. It’s a shame they don’t do a 2xCD with ALL the remixes including “Diamonds”. The remix of “Diamonds” is nowhere to be found on CD, especially the Cool Summer mixes are outstanding. I know that is more or less a Herb Alpert song but still, that should be on here. When you release a bunch of remixes why not release them all? I’ll settle for a good vinyl rip if the master tapes or lost. Better than nothing.


FYI, the only CD version of a Diamonds remix that I’ve found is the 2CD European version of Design of a Decade. It contains the Cool Summer Edit, if you care to track that down. https://www.discogs.com/Janet-Jackson-Design-Of-A-Decade-1986-1996/release/776069

Eoin Hall

The 12” Cool Summer Mix of Herb Alpert`s Diamonds is on this cd.


Yes I have that 2xCD. It is a great mix but it is an edit, so it’s short. I’m looking for the “Diamonds” remixes that are longer, like these:

1 Diamonds (Cool Summer Mix) 6:18
2 Diamonds (Cool Summer Dance Mix) 5:53
3 Diamonds (Cool Summer Instrumental) 5:25
4 Diamonds (Cool Summer Dub Version 4:21
5 Diamonds (Dance Mix) 6:46
6 Diamonds (Instrumental) 5:13


would have been good if it was a 2cd set with all the remixes but at least they’ve added a few that weren’t on the original uk version.

control as an SDE would also be great. i wonder if they do a rhythm nation reissue. there were piles of remixes for that too

Michel Banen

This is the first USA CD release of Control the remixes and it combines the tracks from the various international editions so this time there will be no other variants besides this 12 track CD.

I pre-ordered the colored vinyl as it looks almighty cool ! I also have all Japan Rhythm Nation Japan CD maxi singles which is enough content to fill a boxset along with the several home video releases that would be cool to have transferred to blu-ray…. however, all albums are set for release as double albums in the USA with Control already released as a single LP and there’s also a red vinyl exclusive of 1000 copies that already sold out.

Expecially Control and Rhythm Nation should get the ‘deluxe treatment’ as those are iconic albums.


There is also a Control Red Translucent vinyl available from the offical JJ store for the bargain price of $24.99. It’s a pity the record company isn’t making a bigger deal of these re issues as the amount of remixes and even some b-sides available would be enough to fill SDE box sets and also most of the albums before “nipple gate” were massive sellers.

Paul English

Might be of use re the various Control remix albums.

Control (Video Mix),
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix),
When I Think Of You (Dance Mix),
Lets Wait Awhile (Remix)

Nasty (Extended)

Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 1)

Nasty (Cool Summer Mix Part 2)

When I Think Of You (Extra Beats),
Control (A Cappella)

The Pleasure Principle (Long Vocal Remix – Shep Pettibone Mix),
The Pleasure Principle (Dub Edit – Shep Pettibone Mix)

Control (Extended Version),
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Dub Version),
When I Think Of You (Instrumental)

Graham Turner

I had to draw a Venn diagram of these a while back when I was trying to track them all down! I’ve never had to do that for any other music release before!


I only have a really early German release that a guy in my local record store sold me as his only copy. It was before the far superior UK version came out. I never bought the latter but may get this one.


Great news but as far as I’m aware there’s still been no SDE of Control. Also, being the 30th anniversary of Rhythm Nation this year, let’s have an SDE of that too please Universal!! Lots of great 7″ and 12″ mixes to do a 2cd set (or more!!) for each.

Johnny Kalifornia

Re: the remastering – there was a depressing article in the NY Times this week about a fire at Universal a decade ago that wiped out hundreds of thousands of master tapes – the true extent is only now surfacing…Janet is listed as one of the artists affected, so not sure what the deal is with these :(


Thanks for the link to that article Johnny. It’s a depressingly brilliant read and devastating to hear that so many of the original masters (175K is the estimated number) were destroyed. We’re not just talking about well-known artists like Nirvana, Janet Jackson, New Edition, etc. but obscure acts whose recordings will more than likely never see the light of day. Given how old music gets “discovered” every day, this story is so sad. I’m with you – :-(.

Johnny Kalifornia

It’s shocking, isn’t it?

Steven Moors

This was released on iTunes a few weeks ago and the sound quality is very good so I suspect it has been remastered.


yup. i streamed it on Spotify and the quality is pristine. will get the CD. keeping my fingers crossed for proper, complete SDEs of Control, Rhythm Nation and Janet.

Graham Turner

There’s a coloured vinyl version of this available from udiscover. I haven’t found any UK stores listing this yet:

Also, it seems there’s a number of Janet releases all getting a 2LP vinyl release in July:
Control – The Remixes, Rhythm Nation, janet, The Velvet Rope, All For You


There’s a discount DAD25 available for this US$18 rather than US$25. The double LP of Rhythm Nation with all the spoken bits added is good to see. Sorely tempted…


That’s annoying as I’ve just picked a ‘cheap’ original cd.
Thanks for the info tho Paul


Brilliant – being a long-time Janet fan I am hoping that after reissuing ‘Control’, and now ‘Control – The Remixes’ I am hoping they continue with her whole catalogue. Although some ‘special editions’ would be great too?


Paul, the Dub Mix of The Pleasure Principle is on the CD, too!

You can find the coloured vinyl of the Remix Album here!

Graham Turner

Originally, there were a 14 different mixes spread across the 1987 releases (UK, EU and JPN) in varying configurations.

Since the udiscover link is for the US reissue and Paul’s is presumably for the UK release it’s possible different territories are getting slightly different versions of the re-release too?


@Graham Turner
Do you know which other remix apart from ‘The Pleasure Principle Dub Edit (The Shep Pettibone Mix)’ is missing from this new release?

Auntie Sabrina

I don’t mean to jump Graham!s gun, details are here:-


Graham Turner

It’s the Instrumental of When I Think Of You, which was on the the original Japanese release.

Paul English has listed the different mixes here:
although it should probably be noted that there are a number of remixes, dubs, acapellas, edits from ’86/’87 that weren’t featured on any configuration of ‘The Remixes’ and haven’t been released on CD. Would be great if they appeared on a Deluxe Control at some point, although I suspect that is unlikely.


Nice. Hopefully this means we’re close to re-releases of „Janet“ and „Velvet Rope“

Johnny Kalifornia

Hi Marco, looks like we are – on vinyl, at least – they’re listed on Amazon for release in the next month / 6 weeks. Fingers crossed!


Yes, just saw it, awesome!


The 12 track digital version was already released on 17th May 2019.

It’s great to see this now actually get a CD release.

I will be buying this for sure!