Japan offers CD version of Bruce Springsteen ‘volume 2’ albums box set

Columbia/Legacy’s second Bruce Springsteen vinyl box – The Album Collection Vol 2. 1987-1996 is released at the end of next week, and while no CD version has yet been announced, Japan is in on the act and are issuing their own exclusive version in June.

A seven-disc mini-LP CD edition will be issued, with the initial pressing available via CD Japan with a special “Bruce Springsteen” tin badge collection.

CD Japan have a first pressing bonus of a tin badge collection

SDE expects a standard euro/US CD version of the set to be announced at some point this year, but if you want this remastered edition now, with the bonus of high-quality vinyl replica packaging, then this is currently your only option.

The 10LP vinyl box will be released on 18 May, while this exclusive Japanese CD edition will be issued on 27 June 2018

Compare prices and pre-order

Springsteen, Bruce

The Album Collection Vol 2, 1987-1996 [VINYL]


Albums included:

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)
Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)
Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)
In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)
* expanded across two LPs to maximize audio quality

12” EPs included:

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)
Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)
** first-ever vinyl release

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)

Side 1
1. Ain’t Got You
2. Tougher Than the Rest
3. All That Heaven Will Allow

Side: 2
1. Spare Parts
2. Cautious Man
3. Walk Like A Man

Side: 3
1. Tunnel of Love
2. Two Faces
3. Brilliant Disguise

Side: 4
1. One Step Up
2. When You’re Alone
3. Valentine’s Day

Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)

Side: 5
1. Human Touch
2. Soul Driver
3. 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

Side: 6
1. Cross My Heart
2. Gloria’s Eyes
3. With Every Wish
4. Roll of the Dice

Side: 7
1. Real World
2. All Or Nothin’ At All
3. Man’s Job

Side: 8
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. The Long Goodbye
3. Real Man
4. Pony Boy

Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)

Side: 9
1. Better Days
2. Lucky Town
3. Local Hero
4. If I Should Fall Behind
5. Leap Of Faith

Side: 10
1. The Big Muddy
2. Living Proof
3. Book Of Dreams
4. Souls Of The Departed
5. My Beautiful Reward

In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)

Side: 11
1. Red Headed Woman
2. Better Days
3. Atlantic City
4. Darkness On the Edge of Town

Side: 12
1. Man’s Job
2. Human Touch
3. Lucky Town

Side: 13
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. Thunder Road
3. Light of Day

Side: 14
1. If I Should Fall Behind
2. Living Proof
3. My Beautiful Reward

The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)

Side: 15
1. The Ghost of Tom Joad
2. Straight Time
3. Highway 29
4. Youngstown
5. Sinaloa Cowboys
6. The Line

Side: 16
1. Balboa Park
2. Dry Lightning
3. The New Timer
4. Across The Border
5. Galveston Bay
6. My Best Was Never Good Enough

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)

Side: 17
1. Tougher Than The Rest
2. Be True

Side: 18
1. Chimes of Freedom
2. Born to Run

Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)

Side: 19
1. Blood Brothers
2. High Hopes

Side: 20
1. Murder Incorporated
2. Secret Garden
3. Without You

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Emilio Lafarga

Cd Japanese edition now available to order on amazon.jp. I have just preordered it for about 150€ including 2-3 day delivery shipping cost and all duty and import expenses. I cancelled my cdjapan order which was 133€ with registered airmail but no import deposit fees so it might end costing me more money if it was stopped at customs.



now available but without tin badge collection…

wayne klein

I’d be in for a U.S. release but that’s about it.


CD Japan has changed the description from “Japan exclusive” to “limited release”, so this makes me hope for a European release.


Does anyone know how much this will cost to deliver to uk.total price please

CJ Feeney

About £20, so £110 all in. At that price it’s also likely to attract customs charges and handling fee.
Now I’m having second thoughts!

Paul English

I bought a load of Japanese Springsteen mini LPs about 10 years ago.
The 12 LPs from Greetings –> The Rising.
+ Live 1975-1985 (5 CDs), Live In NYC, MTV Unplugged, Greatest Hits, 18 Tracks.
Not expensive and good sound – anyone else get them?


Its nice to see the Japanese cd release. I bought the first volume way back in the late 1990’s and the quality was the usual outstanding from Japan.
Looking forward to this

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Back again on stock at cdjapan.co.jp.
Bagged in.

Simon Stokes

CD Jappan has it on sale again. That happens a lot.

Just pays to keep checking.


HMV Japan still has it in stock. CDJAPAN & Amazon Japan sold out.

Henrik K

I simply dont understand the missing cd realease from the beginning
Poor management

CJ Feeney

Now showing as sold out at CD Japan. Let’s hope there is a wider release, then.

The first CD box had really good mini-lp covers, and it would be nice to have matching sets. If the only Japanese exclusive is an obi-strip and a box of badges, then I don’t think most fans will be bothered so long as they can get a well packaged set locally.

CJ Feeney

I did put in an order as soon as this appeared in my inbox this morning on the basis that I could cancel if it became widely available. Also CD Japan don’t charge before despatch, so I’m not out of pocket in any way. However I’m suprised there is no word of this on the Bruce Springsteen website. It’s obvious from feedback here since the LP box was announced that fans want a CD version.


I’ll hang fire and wait until a CD set is officially announced. I want to get volume one aswell!

eric Slangen

cd version from Japan is already sold out.

DJ Control

Now sold out


The original vinyl tunnel of love is excellent and most recent cd issue sounded fine
Can’t understand everyone saying they want it remastered


I have an original pressing from late 80s, so that may be the issue in my case.


Agreed. I have a 30 year old CD of Tunnel of Love and it sounds fine.


I’m glad this is coming, and hope it is indicative of other territories following suit. I still haven’t picked up the first one as I’m more of a mid-career and /recent Springsteen fan, so all I bought for the last round was the individual release of Born in the USA, but if they put Vol. 2 out on CD, I’ll pick of Vol. 1 as well to have the matched sets.

I’ve been especially waiting for Tunnel of Love in a good remaster. That one, Magic, and Born in the USA are my favorite Springsteen releases. (At least of studio albums, I also love the Ultimate Collection with the bonus third disc of rarities and Tracks was amazingly solid for a career spanning outtakes collection.)


Agreed with Tunnel of Love – great album. I will buy that if a stand alone remaster is available. The title track sounds and a couple others sound poorly mastered to me. I can hear edits and volume problems.

Well spotted SDE, though the package is sold out!

Michael Fortin

I’m in for this set if it’s released on CD in the USA. I’m not a hardcore fan enough where I need to order from Japan though.