JARV IS / Beyond The Pale

Jarvis Cocker returns with an album of new music.

JARV IS, the new-ish band featuring Jarvis Cocker, release their debut album Beyond The Pale in July.

Amazingly, this represents the first album of original music from Cocker since way back in 2009 and the Further Complications album.

The band was formed to play a show at the Sigur Ros “Norður og Niður” festival in Iceland at the very end of 2017. Personnel is as follows: Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar, percussion), Serafina Steer (harp, keyboards, vocals), Emma Smith (violin, guitar vocals), Andrew McKinney (bass, vocals), Jason Buckle (synthesiser & electronic treatments) & Adam Betts (drums, percussion, vocals).

Indies-only gatefold orange vinyl can be ordered via Rough Trade

The songwriting process is an interesting one, since JARV IS have been recording their live shows and using those recordings as a foundation for creating new songs. So that material is then overdubbed with vocals added to create something new and different. The excellent single Must I Evolve? was released last year.

Beyond The Pale will be released on 17 July 2020 (was 1 May, then 4 September). Rough Trade in the UK is the place to get this since all pre-orders come with a bonus CD, Live at the Barbican (other pre-order links will be added when they come through).

Save The Whale
Am I Missing Something
House Music All Night Long
Sometimes I Am Pharoah
Swanky Modes
Children of the Echo

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Did anyone get the extradisc? What actually was on it


This has been moved forward now to mid-July.


Release has been delayed until September. Google Jarv Is delayed


whoops, didn’t see that. sorry


Jarvis Cocker (with his new band / project JARV IS) will play at the Roundhouse in London (Camden) may 9. Tickets (£30) publicly available since this morning. Go for it!

Phil Wilson

Does anyone know the setlist from the Barbican gig that is on the bonus CD? Do we think it will be the full gig or a limited number of tracks? The Ryan Adams live one they did with Prisoner was good, and that was a Rough Trade exclusive so hoping for the whole show

David Blaydes

Record store strike again 500 only oh hold on now its 750! They did the same with mark lanegan said 350 signed prints they just lie to get a sale.

Alan Mitchell

I added the standard black version to an existing Norman Records order (free postage if order over £50). I then spoke with, Daoud, who works there and he said that for new music the truly limited editions are CD. Asked him if he was joking, as they can always just print a load more, and he replied that, yes, they could… but they don’t.

So as collectors are we REALLY being taken for mugs with limited edition vinyl releases?

Al ;)

Ian Gair

Monorail – not necessarily the actual record getting signed, might be postcard or print instead so watch this space!
So my thought is it’s just a postcard, as it was for JC sunday service album. Personally I’m looking forward to my signed Gregory Porter Print :)

Alan B

So much for the Record Store yellow vinyl version being 500 copies. The email flyer I got from them yesterday said it was “strictly limited to 500 copies”. Now 24 hours later they are going to make another 250. The day cannot be far away when one of these retailers are going to get prosecuted under The Trade Descriptions Act. They are not the first to advertise an edition of x copies and using it as a prominent selling point only to produce more. I’m old enough to remember back in 92 when the Smiths reissue campaign was in full swing and they brought out those limited edition 10 inch LPs and advertised them in the music press as being the last time Smiths LPs would ever be issued on vinyl.


You can just cancel your Recordstore order if you feel aggrieved, you ain’t locked in to it.


Re: Craig…. I think I have grasped the fact I can cancel an order if I want to after 40 years of buying music thank you, the point is if it’s LTD to 500 you can not increase it just because of demand ! If they advertised it as a LTD Edition and not state the number then we are all aware on this site it can be a very open statement


Recordstore Ltd edition of 500 has been increased to 750 because it sold out ???? I thought LTD editions were ….limited…. I’m obviously wrong in my assumption!

Peter Muscutt

Recordstore site now says they’ve managed to increase the limited yellow version to 750 worldwide. Not sure where the extras came from! The additional 250 aren’t valid for the lucky dip signed card either.

Peter Muscutt

Am I right in thinking the bonus live CD doesn’t come with the ‘glow in the dark’ vinyl version? Was holding out for that, but I quite like clear vinyl and so getting the live disc was a bonus!

It’s a good day indeed when the new Luke Haines/Peter Buck album is almost upon us and Jarvis announces the release of new material…


Been waiting on the release date for this. Almost ordered the CD from Rough Trade records but then saw Rough Trade shop have the bonus live CD (confusing that the label don’t). Not sure when they started charging £3.50 P&P for one order – seems excessive.


I noticed that too – went to order the CD and decided against it when the postage came to £3.50!


Swanky Modes was a fashion shop in Camden back in the 80s – I think Toyah and Steve Strange were visitors. Alas, I still at school and could only drool from the 29 bus as my pocket money didn’t stretch that far!


Ha…yes, I think its possibly the best song he’s written in twenty years. Can’t wait to hear the recorded version.


I jumped the gun at the Recordstore yellow version, with the off chance at getting a signed card. Also, the most limited run?

Versions available:
Black Vinyl -probably will sound the best, cheapest!
Glow in the dark Vinyl -Jarvis Rough Trade webstore, comes with badges, card etc.
Rough trade clear -different colour to the Jarvis webstore? Bonus cd, 1500 copies.
Indies Orange -bonus cd at Rough Trade, Signed something at Monorail.
Yellow vinyl -Recordstore, with card, maybe signed card, 500 run.

Am i missing any?


Also, Jarvis webstore is £7.99 for postage!

Michael Race

There is now a clear vinyl of 1500 limited to Roughtrade


Thanks, Paul! I Ordered the transparent version at Roughtrade. Would rather have a live cd than a JC signature.

The 2017 JC – Chilly Gonzalez collaboration Room 29 is fantastic. I highly recommend it!

Alan Mitchell

Jarvis. What a rockstar :) Intelligent, funny, quirky, oozes confidence on stage, writes pretty good tunes and he’s modest to boot. He also laughs at cock jokes.


Yes, it was. Highly underrated too. A sequel to This Is Hardcore of sorts.

Delighted this album has finally been announced. I saw the first Jarv Is UK show almost exactly two years ago in Brighton. He’s still one of the best frontmen Britain has ever produced.
In fact I’ve seen this new project a few times but I’m puzzled as to when they played the Barbican (as per the extra live disc).

Only slight disappointment in the tracklisting is that it’s so short (although the overall running time will be normal – over 40 minutes I imagine, the songs are just quite long) but it means there is only one song on the record that hasn’t yet been played live (and I’ve just checked a setlist for the show he played tonight and they did indeed perform the one remaining new song!).
Ironically, at that Brighton concert they played two songs that aren’t on the album so I don’t think they were too short of material.


I have always had a good experience with Recordstore, and that 500 limited run clear vinyl was a no brainer. It would only be sweeter if I got one of the signed cards.


The Record Store yellow version sound the most tempting, but they want $45.15 to ship to the USA… ouch. Ordered the clear Rough Trade one as they only wanted $15 for shipping.

Jorje Chica

Huh? I ordered it and the shipping to me in California is just $7.39.


Also a Jarvis Webstore exclusive which is a transparent glow in the dark version. Assuming this is different from the Rough Trade exclusive


The transparent Rough Trade transparent version appears to be the glow in the dark one. Well it is on my order anyway.


Good Luck if you order from Recordstore! They are Next to useless – messed me around so much i didn’t use them for 18 months… I thought i would give them another chance with the recent Signed Halsey – Manic Release…. Messed me around yet again, and they cancelled my order last week – it was supposed to be delivered in January!!
And there random signed trick…. so hes probably signed 1 card in 500 !

So good luck with Recordstore!


I thought 2017’s album with Chilly Gonzales ‘Room 29’ was his last album?

Jorje Chica

True, that was the last record he made but technically Further Complications is the last “”Jarvis Cocker” record.

Alan Fenwick

So many options already to pick from, I’m still pondering:

Rough trade exclusives (as above with bonus Live CD and exclusive colour vinyl options, Orange or Clear)
Monorail Glasgow (Signed element guaranteed, but details not shared yet)
Recordstore.co.uk. (Another Colour Vinyl Exclusive Clear Yellow with Limited Art Card – Random Art Cards come signed – Only 500 of these ones, so the most limited vinyl run so far)


„ Recordstore.co.uk. (Another Colour Vinyl Exclusive Clear Yellow with Limited Art Card – Random Art Cards come signed – Only 500 of these ones, so the most limited vinyl run so far)“
Randomly(!) signed…not all of them are signed just SOME of them ;) I just instantly bought it believing all of them were signed just random cards…


I bet my Mortgage you wont get a signed Card From Recordstore

I 100% Guarantee you will get a Signed Element from Monorail – They are a Great company!